Pokemon Presents August 3rd: Everything We Learned | Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet Violet - Koraidon Miraidon Bike Forms.png

The Pokemon Presents on August 3rd introduced the new Terastal forms and features, new regional forms and Pokemon, new forms for Koraidon and Miraidon, and more!

Pokemon Presents: Everything We Learned

New Terastal Feature

Pokemon Scarlet Violet - Terastal Forms.png

The new Terastal feature is the latest in a line of Pokemon battle gimmicks, similar to Dynamax which appeared in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Similar to Dynamax, Terastallizing allows Pokemon to change form in the middle of battle. Instead of increasing HP and using Max moves, Terastal Pokemon can gain a new type and have increased power for moves of the associated type.

All Terastal Forms and Types

Tera Raid Battles

Pokemon SV - Tera Raid Battles.png

The Raid Battle system from Pokemon Sword and Shield is back as new and improved Tera Raid Battles. Unlike the strict turn-by-turn playstyle of the previous generation, Tera Raid Battles allow players to choose their actions without waiting for each others' turns.

Tera Raid Battles

Paldean Region Name Confirmed

Pokemon SV - Paldea Region Map.png

The name of the main stage of Scarlet and Violet, the Paldea Region, has finally been revealed together with a gorgeous map of the region.

Paldea Region: Map and Locations

Paldean Forms Confirmed

Paldean Wooper.pngPaldean Wooper
Pokemon Poison Type Icon Pokemon Ground Type Icon

Along with the name of the Paldea Region, Regional Variants have been confirmed to return to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with a new Poison/Ground-type Wooper making his appearance!

All Paldean Form Pokemon

New Pokemon: Cetitan and Fidough Revealed

More New Pokemon
Cetitan.png Cetitan Fidough.pngFidough
Pokemon Ice Type Icon Pokemon Fairy Type Icon

The Fairy-type Fidough, and the Ice-type Cetitan are two of the newest revealed Pokemon for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

New Pokemon

New Bike Forms for Koraidon and Miraidon

New Forms for Koraidon and Miraidon.png

Koraidon and Miraidon have finally been shown in their true glory, rolling on two wheels across the plains and mountains of Paldea. Each of the Bike Forms has various builds allowing them to traverse each of the various climates found in the region!

Koraidon and Miraidon Bike Forms Revealed

A Game Unfolding in Three Stories

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Three Stories From Gyms to Gems.png

New light was shed on the open world nature of the game; not only can players approach the Gyms in any order, there are two other main stories, allowing players to choose to eschew Gyms and take on each of the three stories in any order they wish.

Three Stories: From Gyms to Gems

New Characters

Pokemon Scarlet Violet - Penny Icon.pngPenny Pokemon Scarlet Violet - Jacq Icon.pngJacq Pokemon Scarlet Violet - Grusha Icon.pngGrusha
Pokemon Scarlet Violet - Clavell Icon.pngClavell Pokemon Scarlet Violet - Arven Icon.pngArven

The cast of characters has ballooned with a host of new faces from the academy which the player character attends.

List of Characters

Version Exclusive Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet Pokemon Violet
Pokemon Scarlet Violet - Scarlet Version Exclusives.pngLarvitar, Stonjourner Pokemon Scarlet Violet - Violet Version Exclusives.pngBagon, Eiscue

Version Exclusive Pokemon have also been confirmed for Scarlet and Violet, with Larvitar and Stonjourner appearing in Pokemon Scarlet, and Bagon and Eiscue appearing in Pokemon Violet.

Version Exclusives and Differences

Pokemon Presents Start Time and Date

The Pokemon Presents started at 6 AM Pacific Time on August 3rd, and is viewable through the video above.

Check the chart below to see what that corresponds to in your local region.

Region Start Time
US West Coast 6 AM
US East Coast 9 AM
Brazil 10 AM
United Kingdom 2 PM
South Africa 3 PM
Philippines 9 PM
Australian West Coast 9 PM
Japan 10 PM
Australian East Coast 11 PM
New Zealand 1 AM (Aug. 4)

What Do We Expect To See?

Similar Content to the Third Sword & Shield Trailer

The first and second trailers have followed closely in the footsteps of the trailers for Pokemon Sword and Shield in both release dates and contents revealed. Based on this pattern, it's likely that we'll get similar info in the third Scarlet and Violet trailer to that shown in the trailer above.

Expected Content
  • Regional Forms (and Region Name)
  • New Pokemon
  • New Rivals
  • New Villain Team

Regional Forms and Region Name

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - New Pokemon Regional Forms.png

We're likely to get our first glimpse of new regional forms in the third trailer. Surprisingly, the name of the region itself still has not been announced, so we think this is a good time for both of these to be revealed in one go.

Region: What Country is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Based On?

New Pokemon

As Morpeko was revealed in the third Sword and Shield trailer, we're expecting to get a look at a few new Pokemon, and perhaps one with a gimmick following in Morpeko's footsteps.

New Pokemon

New Rivals

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Nemona.png

Although Nemona was already revealed in the second trailer, she seems to be more of a friend than a true threat. It's possible that we'll see a more menacing rival emerge this time around.

List of Characters

New Villain Team

We still haven't gotten a look at a villainous team like Team Rocket in Scarlet and Violet yet. After the comical Team Yell downplayed the focus in the story on the villain team in Sword and Shield, it's possible that this aspect will be removed altogether in Scarlet and Violet, but it's also possible that a resurgence in their role is around the corner.

What do you think is waiting in the third trailer? Let us know in the comments!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet News

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - News
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List of Trailers

Title Date
September 7 Trailer September 7, 2022
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June 1 Trailer June 1, 2022
Announcement Trailer February 27, 2022

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