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This is Game8's Guide & Walkthrough wiki for the remake of the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for Nintendo Switch. Read on for our complete guide to the Story and info about Pokemon, Dungeons, Items and more!

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Story Guide & Walkthrough Post-Game Content Strategy & Walkthrough
All Wonder Mail Codes Best Starter Pokemon
Best Pokemon for the Story Best Equipment Ranking
How to Evolve Pokemon List of Strong Foes and Rewards
Best Moves Tier List -

Mystery Dungeon DX Story Walkthrough

Story Guide Banner.png

List of Missions
1. Caterpie 2. Magnemite 3. Diglett 4. Metapod
5. Jumpluff 6. Zapdos 7. Xatu 8. Moltres
9. Articuno 10. Ninetales 11. Mankeys 12. Groudon
13. Rayquaza
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Main Story Post-Game 100% Clear

Story Guide & Walkthrough

Gameplay Guides and Strategies

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Beginner's Tips

List of Beginner's Tips

Best Starter Pokemon Unrepeatable One-time Events
All Wonder Mail Codes What Happens On Game Over?
List of Strong Foes and Rewards List of Shiny Pokemon and How to Get Them
How to Use Felicity Bank Leveling Up at Makuhita Dojo
How to Evolve Pokemon How to Mega Evolve

100% Completion and Best Strategies

How to Level Up Fast How to Get Money Fast
How to Raise Your Rank and Rewards -

Before Starting the Game

How Long is the Demo? Differences and New Features
What is Mystery Dungeon? Game Review and Impressions

Pokemon in Mystery Dungeon DX

Pikachu Banner.png
List of Pokemon

Pokemon by Type

Pokemon by Type
Fire.jpegFire Water.jpegWater Grass.jpegGrass
Electric.jpegElectric Ice.jpegIce Fighting.jpegFighting
Poison.jpegPoison Ground.jpegGround Flying.jpegFlying
Psychic.jpegPsychic Bug.jpegBug Rock.jpegRock
Ghost.jpegGhost Dragon.jpegDragon Dark.jpegDark
Fairy.jpegFairy Steel.jpegSteel Normal.jpegNormal

Pokemon Lists

Mega Evolution Pokemon Legendary Pokemon Shiny Pokemon

Starter and Partner Pokemon

Cyndaquil ImageCyndaquil Totodile ImageTotodile Pikachu ImagePikachu Mudkip ImageMudkip
Treecko ImageTreecko Psyduck ImagePsyduck Chikorita ImageChikorita Charmander ImageCharmander
Bulbasaur ImageBulbasaur Torchic ImageTorchic Cubone ImageCubone Machop ImageMachop
Eevee ImageEevee Squirtle ImageSquirtle Skitty ImageSkitty Meowth ImageMeowth

Starter and Partner Guides

Best Starter Pokemon
Best Starter Pokemon
Best Partner Pokemon
Best Partner Pokemon

Complete Mystery Dungeon DX Database

List of Pokemon List of Items
List of Moves List of Abilities
List of Rescue Camps List of Rare Qualities
List of Traps and Tiles List of Status Conditions

Mystery Dungeon DX Message Boards

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Discussion Board Friend Rescue Board
Pokemon Memes Board

All Message Boards

About the Game

Release Information

Box Art.png
Release Date Demo Version: January 10th, 2020
Full Version: March 6th, 2020
Price $59.99
Producer The Pokemon Company
Spike Chunsoft
Genre Dungeon-crawler RPG
Platform Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch Lite
Availability Physical Purchase
Downloadable Purchase
Homepage Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Official Website


Trailer - Adventure as a Pokemon
One day you, a human, wake up as a Pokemon in a world seemingly only inhabited by Pokemon. The mystery of how you became a Pokemon and how you are able to understand and talk with all the Pokemon you meet is something you work towards solving with the friends you meet along the way.

Story Teams Cooperate
The world you wake up in has its own share of problems, like an increasing amount of natural disasters and the appearance of the so-called Mystery Dungeons. The Pokemon you first meet when you wake up will become your partner, and the two of you will form your very own Rescue Team to help Pokemon in trouble and solve the many mysteries surrounding you.

Trailer - Bulletin Board
The Mystery Dungeons change whenever you enter them, so every adventure is unique and endless rewards are waiting for you. As your Rescue Team grows, more Pokemon will rely on you, and some of them may even join you in your adventures!

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