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Welcome to Game8's Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) walkthrough and guide. Check out the latest news, playable characters, redeem codes, and everything there is to know about ZZZ here!

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Zenless Zone Zero News

Zenless Zone Zero Release

Zenless Zone Zero - Release Date - Is Zenless Zone Zero Out

Zenless Zone Zero will release in 2024. While there is no exact date, we can expect it to go live early or later in the year!

Zeless Zone Zero Release Date Guide

Other ZZZ News

Zenless Zone Zero - News and Information Guides

Other News and Information

Zenless Zone Zero Redeem Codes

Zenless Zone Zero - Redeem Codes Slim Partial

All Redeem Codes Guide

Zenless Zone Zero Character Guides

Zenless Zone Zero - Character Guides

All Character Guides

All Characters

List of All Characters
ZZZ - AlexandrinaAlexandrina ZZZ - EllenEllen ZZZ - GraceGrace
ZZZ - KoledaKoleda ZZZ - SoukakuSoukaku ZZZ - Hoshimi MiyabiHoshimi Miyabi
ZZZ - Soldier 11Soldier 11 ZZZ - BenBen ZZZ - LycaonLycaon
ZZZ - CorinCorin ZZZ - AntonAnton ZZZ - NekomataNekomata
ZZZ - NicoleNicole ZZZ - BillyBilly ZZZ - AnbyAnby

All Factions

Factions in New Eridu
ZZZ - Gentle House Gentle House ZZZ - Victoria Housekeeping Co. Victoria Housekeeping Co.
ZZZ - Belobog Heavy Industries Belobog Heavy Industries ZZZ - Section 6 Section 6

ZZZ Recommended Guides

ZZZ - Tips and Tricks

Zenless Zone Zero Tips and Tricks

Gameplay Tips
Basic Combat Guide How to Daze and Stun
Chain Attack Guide Ultimate and Decibel Rating
Perfect Dodge and Counter Perfect Assists and Parries
Hollow Deep Dive Explained Attribute Anomaly

About Zenless Zone Zero

Game Information

Release Date 2024
Full Title Zenless Zone Zero
Developer HoYoverse
Price Free-to-play with in-game purchases
Genre Action RPG
Platforms ・ PC
Website Official Website
Twitter Official Twitter Acount
Youtube Official YouTube Account

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