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Welcome to Game8's Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) walkthrough and guide. Check out the latest news, playable characters, redeem codes, and everything there is to know about ZZZ here!

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Zenless Zone Zero News

Zenless Zone Zero Release

Zenless Zone Zero - Zenless Zone Zero Release Time and Countdown

Zenless Zone Zero is expected to release on July 04, 2024 as shown in the Apple App Store Zenless Zone Zero page!

Zeless Zone Zero Release Date Guide

3rd Closed Beta Test Now Out!

ZZZ - CBT3 Amplifying Test

Zenless Zone Zero's Third and Final Beta Test started on April 18, 2024 and ended on May 28, 2024! See the full guide here:

ZZZ Beta Test Guide

Other ZZZ News

Zenless Zone Zero - News and Game Info

Other News and Information

Zenless Zone Zero Redeem Codes

Zenless Zone Zero - Redeem Codes

All Redeem Codes Guide

Zenless Zone Zero Character Guides

Zenless Zone Zero - List of All Characters

All Character Guides

All Characters By Attribute

Agent Attributes
ZZZ - Ice Ice ZZZ - Electric Electric ZZZ - Fire Fire
ZZZ - Physical Physical ZZZ - EtherEther

All ZZZ Factions

Factions in New Eridu
ZZZ - Gentle House Gentle House ZZZ - Victoria Housekeeping Co. Victoria Housekeeping Co.
ZZZ - Belobog Heavy Industries Belobog Heavy Industries ZZZ - Section 6 Section 6

Playable Characters

List of All Characters
ZZZ - Zhu YuanZhu Yuan ZZZ - RinaRina ZZZ - EllenEllen
ZZZ - GraceGrace ZZZ - KoledaKoleda ZZZ - SoukakuSoukaku
ZZZ - Hoshimi MiyabiHoshimi Miyabi ZZZ - Soldier 11Soldier 11 ZZZ - Ben BiggerBen Bigger
ZZZ - LycaonLycaon ZZZ - CorinCorin ZZZ - AntonAnton
ZZZ - NekomataNekomata ZZZ - NicoleNicole ZZZ - BillyBilly
ZZZ - AnbyAnby

ZZZ Recommended Guides

Zenless Zone Zero - Tips and Tricks

Zenless Zone Zero Tips and Tricks

Gameplay Tips
Basic Combat Guide How to Daze and Stun
Chain Attack Guide Ultimate and Decibel Rating
Perfect Dodge and Counter Perfect Assists and Parries
Hollow Deep Dive Explained Attribute Anomaly

ZZZ W-Engines

Zenless Zone Zero - W-Engines

All W-Engines and Guides

All ZZZ W-Engines

List of All W-Engines
ZZZ - Riot Suppressor Mark VI Riot Suppressor Mark VI ZZZ - Deep Sea Visitor Deep Sea Visitor ZZZ - Hellfire Gears Hellfire Gears
ZZZ - The Restrained The Restrained ZZZ - Steel Cushion Steel Cushion ZZZ - The Brimstone The Brimstone
ZZZ - Weeping Cradle Weeping Cradle ZZZ - Fusion Compiler Fusion Compiler ZZZ - Big Cylinder Big Cylinder
ZZZ - Starlight Engine Replica Starlight Engine Replica ZZZ - Housekeeper Housekeeper ZZZ - The Vault The Vault
ZZZ - Demara Battery Mark II Demara Battery Mark II ZZZ - Drill Rig - Red Axis Drill Rig - Red Axis ZZZ - Street Superstar Street Superstar
ZZZ - Slice of Time Slice of Time ZZZ - Rainforest Gourmet Rainforest Gourmet ZZZ - Starlight Engine Starlight Engine
ZZZ - Steam Oven Steam Oven ZZZ - Precious Fossilized Core Precious Fossilized Core ZZZ - Original Transmorpher Original Transmorpher
ZZZ - Weeping Gemini Weeping Gemini ZZZ - Bunny Band Bunny Band ZZZ - Cannon Rotor Cannon Rotor
ZZZ - Six Shooter Six Shooter ZZZ - Electro-Lip Gloss Electro-Lip Gloss ZZZ - Unfettered Game Ball Unfettered Game Ball
ZZZ - Spring Embrace Spring Embrace ZZZ - Bashful Demon Bashful Demon ZZZ - Vortex - Revolver Vortex - Revolver
ZZZ - Vortex - Arrow Vortex - Arrow ZZZ - Magnetic Storm - Bravo Magnetic Storm - Bravo ZZZ - Reverb - Mark I Reverb - Mark I
ZZZ - Reverb - Mark II Reverb - Mark II ZZZ - Reverb - Mark III Reverb - Mark III ZZZ - Vortex - Hatchet Vortex - Hatchet
ZZZ - Lunar - Decresent Lunar - Decresent ZZZ - Lunar - Pleniluna Lunar - Pleniluna ZZZ - Lunar - Noviluna Lunar - Noviluna
ZZZ - Magnetic Storm - Alpha Magnetic Storm - Alpha ZZZ - Magnetic Storm - Charlie Magnetic Storm - Charlie ZZZ - Identity - Inflection Identity - Inflection
ZZZ - Identity - Base Identity - Base

ZZZ Drive Discs

Zenless Zone Zero - Drive Discs

All Drive Discs and Guides

Zenless Zone Zero Drive Discs

List of All Disc Drives
ZZZ - Assassin Assassin's Ballad ZZZ - Chaotic Metal Chaotic Metal ZZZ - Doom Grindcore Doom Grindcore
ZZZ - Ecstatic Punk Ecstatic Punk ZZZ - Fanged Metal Fanged Metal ZZZ - Freedom Blues Freedom Blues
ZZZ - Hormone Punk Hormone Punk ZZZ - Inferno Metal Inferno Metal ZZZ - Mammoth Electro Mammoth Electro
ZZZ - Monsoon Funk Monsoon Funk ZZZ - Noisy Pop Noisy Pop ZZZ - Polar Metal Polar Metal
ZZZ - Puffer Electro Puffer Electro ZZZ - Shockstar Disco Shockstar Disco ZZZ - Soul Rock Soul Rock
ZZZ - Swing Jazz Swing Jazz ZZZ - Thunder Metal Thunder Metal ZZZ - Twisted Grindcore Twisted Grindcore
ZZZ - Unicorn Electro Unicorn Electro ZZZ - Vagabond Folk Vagabond Folk ZZZ - Woodpecker Electro Woodpecker Electro

ZZZ Bangboos

Zenless Zone Zero - Bangboos

All Bangboos and Guides

ZZZ Signal Search

Zenless Zone Zero - Gacha (Signal Search)

Signal Search Guide

About Zenless Zone Zero

Game Information

Release Date 2024
Full Title Zenless Zone Zero
Developer HoYoverse
Price Free-to-play with in-game purchases
Genre Action RPG
Platforms ・ PC
Website Official Website
Twitter Official Twitter Acount
Youtube Official YouTube Account

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