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At Game8 Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) we strive to protect the privacy of our users. Before using our website (, we ask that you please thoroughly read through our Privacy Policy.

1. Terms

The definitions of the terms used in the Privacy Policy are as follows.

Applicable Privacy LawGeneral Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and other related Privacy Policy Law
Personal DataInformation on the identified natural persons or identifiable natural persons (“users of this site") acquired by the Company as outlined in Section 3 of this Privacy Policy.

2. Management Contact Information

Name: Game8 Inc.

Address: Shibuya Property Tower 7F, 1-32-12, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo



3. Personal Data Collected

The Company may in collect the following personal data through our site:

(1) Information provided from services by allowing users to cooperate with other services when using this site.

If a user permits linkage with an external service such as a social network service when using this site, the following information is collected from the external service based on the content agreed upon at the time of permission.

・The user’s ID on the external service

・Other information that the user approved the disclosure of through the privacy settings of the external service (including name, birthdate, age, and gender).

(2) Information the Company collects when the user accesses our site

The Company may collect information regarding the user’s access and usage of our site. This includes the following information:

・OS Version Information

・Log information (server access log, access history, etc. are acquired when the application accesses the server)

・Anonymous user unique ID stored in the cookies of the web browser on the website

・Other usage conditions of the site

4. Purpose of Collecting Personal Data

Personal Data may be used only for the following purposes, not for any other purpose.

(1) To provide the users of our site with the most optimal information

(2) For surveying and analyzing usage on our site

(3) For improving the site, developing new services, etc.

(4) For placement of behavioral targeted ads

Behavioral targeted ads refer to user-optimized ads that are distributed by using behavioral history such as a user’s browsing history of our site and viewing history of ads placed on the site.

(5) For usage related to the above purposes

5. About Cookies

This site uses cookies in order to increase the usefulness of the service the Company provides and to deliver advertisements that we believe will benefit our users.

Cookies refer to small data files sent from a website to the user’s browser.

By using cookies, browsed internet sites and servers can identify the site’s user’s individual browser from other internet browsers with different cookies. Using a unique cookie ID, they can recognize and identify a specific Internet browser.

The Company uses cookies to check which pages a user has previously visited on our site, display appropriate content for returning visitors, and provide them with services.

If a user does not wish for their cookie information to be collected, they may disable the feature within their internet browser’s settings at any time. However, please be advised that by disabling the cookies feature you will lose access to some of our services. In addition, by changing browsers, deleting cookies, or changing to a new device, etc., the opt-out feature will be disabled, so please note that you may need to repeat the process if you wish to opt-out again.

6. External Transmissions, Third-Party Offers, Presence of Information Collection Module

The Company uses Google Analytics in order to survey usage conditions and gather statistical usage information. Google Analytics uses cookies to gather personal data. For more details about how this data is used, see the following link.

7. Legal Basis for Handling Personal Data

The legal basis for handling of personal data is as follows.

(1) When a user of the site agrees to the handling of their personal information.

(2) When it is required in order to fulfill a contract between this Company and a user of the site.

(3) When it is required in order for the Company to comply with a legal obligation.

(4) When it is required in order to protect the interests of a user of this site or other natural persons.

(5) When it is required to conduct work performed for the exercise of public interest or public authority given to a manager.

(6) When it is required for legal benefits sought by the Company or a third party.

8. User Rights

(1) The right to withdraw consent regarding personal data

(2) The right to demand access to personal data

(3) The right to demand corrections to personal data

(4) The right to demand personal data be deleted

(5) The right to object to the Company’s handling of personal data

(6) The right to demand a limit on the handling of personal information

(7) The right to complain to a supervisory authority (the user’s address, place of work, or the supervisory authority of the EU member country who is alleged to have violated the GDPR). However, we ask that you please contact us before making a complaint with the supervisory authority so that we can take care of any complaints.

9. Safety Control Measure

The company has taken adequate technical and organizational safety control measures regarding the protection of personal data. If the user of this site is concerned about the specific method of data transfer etc., we will take sufficient alternative measures.

10. Storing of Personal Data

The Company does not store personal data beyond the limit necessary for the purpose of usage, and personal data will be promptly and securely deleted after the end of the statutory retention period unless it is necessary for the purposes of the contract or other processing.

11. General Clause

This Privacy Policy was last amended on April 26th, 2019. The Company may alter this Privacy Policy based on laws and regulations or company policy. However, the Company will not use the user’s personal data in any type of new manner without obtaining consent from the user.

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