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Arven is one of the students you encounter at the academy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Read on to learn more about the rivals, and possible strategies when going into battle!

Arven's Story Role

Shiny Plant
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gives the player three grand stories to weave through throughout the game. One of these main stories will involve battling and becoming Champion, but the other two may involve other things outside of battling.

Guide To The Three Stories

Arven And The Terastallized Plant

Because one of the paths involves battling, and one of our rivals (Nemona) is a skilled battler, we can surmise that one of the other two storylines may involve Arven and finding this shiny plant, which might be an important ingredient for a recipe.

Its crystal-like appearance may mean that it could have some relation to the Terastal Phenomenon; a new game mechanic being introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Arven might be less involved with battling and may be more involved with finding ingredients for his healthy recipes, with his storyline likely involving this shiny plant. We could also see something much like Poffin Making from the Sinnoh region or making Curry in the Galar region.

Path of Legends Storyline

Path of Legends - Herba Mystica

Arven will be the main companion for the Path of Legends Storyline, where he is in search of the rare Herba Mystica that is said to restore heath immediately to anyone that consumes it, and plans to make healthy recipes based around it.

You and Arven will be traveling across Paldea in search of these rare herbs, which are guarded by Titan Pokemon; variants that are stronger and larger than regular Pokemon.

Path of Legends Storyline and New Features

Name Translation: Arven

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Arven's name could be derived from 'Mentha Arvensis', a type of mint. His name in other translations are also consistent with being variations on mint and peppermint.

Arven Background

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Arven is an upperclassman at the academy who specializes in cooking and researching healthy recipes that help Pokemon. He will frequently be asking for our help since he isn't very good at Pokemon battles.

Arven's backpack and hiking boots suggest that Arven likes to travel, researching his recipes.

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