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Welcome to Game8's guide and walkthrough wiki for Elden Ring! Rise, Tarnished, and take up your arms as you adventure through the Lands Between on a journey to become an Elden Lord!

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Elden Ring Story Walkthrough

Elden Ring - Story Walkthrough.jpg
Unsure on where to go next in Elden Ring? Our story walkthrough guide will show you exactly where you need to go next and fill you in on important points of interest you won't want to miss!
Complete Walthrough & Progression Guide

Elden Ring Maps and Locations

Maps and Locations

List of Maps and Locations

The Overworld

Maps and Locations of The Lands Between
Elden Ring - Limgrave MapLimgrave Elden Ring - Liurnia of the Lakes MapLiurnia of the Lakes
Elden Ring - Caelid MapCaelid Elden Ring - Altus Plateau MapAltus Plateau
Elden Ring - Mountaintops of the Giants MapMountaintops of the Giants -

The Underground

Maps and Locations of The Underground
Elden Ring - Siofra River MapSiofra River Elden Ring - Ainsel River MapAinsel River
Elden Ring - Deeproot Depths MapDeeproot Depths -

Special Areas

Maps and Locations of Special Areas
Elden Ring - Crumbling Farum Azula MapCrumbling Farum Azula -

Elden Ring Starting Classes

Elden Ring Classes Partial Banner.png

All Starting Classes Best Starting Class

List of Classes

All Classes
VagabondVagabond WarriorWarrior
HeroHero BanditBandit
AstrologerAstrologer ProphetProphet
SamuraiSamurai PrisonerPrisoner
ConfessorConfessor WretchWretch

Elden Ring Tips and Tricks

Elden Ring Tips and Tricks Partial Banner.png

All Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks Articles

Tips for Beginners
Character Creation Guide How to Increase Your Health
Stats Explained What is Dexterity?
All Status Effects How to Heal
How to Level Up Rune Farming Guide
What Happens When You Die? How to Upgrade Flasks
What is Arcane? Where to Find Melina
How to Remove Skills -
Best Guides
Best Starting Keepsakes Best Starting Classes
Best Early Game Weapons Best Spirit Ashes
Best Builds Best PvP Builds
Best Equipment Best Ashes of War
Best Talismans Best Sorceries
Best Incantations Best Weapons
Exploration Tips
Rest at Sites of Grace Day and Night Cyle Differences
How to Change Time How to Get the Mount and Use It
Fast Travel Summon Pool Stakes
Illusory Wall Guide All Scarab Locations
How to Use Stakes of Marika How to Sprint
How to Get Into the Academy of Raya Lucaria How to Get to Nokron
All Painting Locations and Rewards -
Combat Tips
How to Parry How to Use Ashes of War (Weapon Arts)
How to Summon Spirits How to Guard Counter
How to Backstab How to Two-Hand
Power Stance Guide How to Upgrade Weapons
Hidden Combat Mechanics Stat Scaling Explained
General Tips and Tricks
All Boss Remembrances Trophies and Achievements List
Gestures and How to Unlock How Long to Beat Elden Ring
How to Unlock New Game Plus How to Increase Memory Slots
How to Get to The Roundtable Hold How to Alter Garments
How to Strengthen Spirits How to Respec
How to Equip Great Runes All Whetblades Locations
All Walking Mausoleum Locations All Buffs and Debuffs
How to Write Messages What To Do When You Can't Summon (Co-Op)
List of Weather Effects How to Leave a Boss Fight
How to Pause the Game All Bell Bearings and How to Get Them
How to Make Hostile NPCs Friendly Elden Ring Lore
Farming Guides
Sacred Tears Golden Seeds
Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone
Somber Smithing Stones Smithing Stones
Ghost Gloveworts Grave Gloveworts
Elden Ring Endings
How to Get All Endings Elden Lord
Age of the Stars Lord of Frenzied Flame

Elden Ring Bosses

Elden Ring List Of Bosses Partial Banner

List of All Bosses

Main Bosses

All Bosses in Elden Ring
Elden Ring - Margit the Fell Omen BannerMargit the Fell Omen Elden Ring - Godrick the GraftedGodrick the Grafted
Elden Ring - Red Wolf of RadagonRed Wolf of Radagon Elden Ring - Rennala, Queen of the Full MoonRennala, Queen of the Full Moon
Elden Ring - Royal Knight LorettaRoyal Knight Loretta Elden Ring - Starscourge RadahnStarscourge Radahn
Elden Ring - Godfrey, First Elden LordGodfrey, First Elden Lord Elden Ring - Morgott, the Omen KingMorgott, the Omen King
Elden Ring - Rykard, Lord of BlasphemyRykard, Lord of Blasphemy Elden Ring - Fire GiantFire Giant
Elden Ring - Malenia, Blade of MiquellaMalenia, Blade of Miquella Elden Ring - Mohg Lord of BloodMohg Lord of Blood
Elden Ring - Regal Ancestor SpiritRegal Ancestor Spirit Elden Ring - Astel, Naturalborn of the VoidAstel, Naturalborn of the Void
Elden Ring - Lichdragon FortissaxLichdragon Fortissax Elden Ring - Godskin DuoGodskin Duo
Elden Ring - Dragonlord PlacidusaxDragonlord Placidusax Elden Ring - Maliketh, The Black BladeMaliketh, the Black Blade
Elden Ring - Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-KnowingSir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing Elden Ring - Hoarah Loux, WarriorHoarah Loux, Warrior
Elden Ring - Radagon of the Golden OrderRadagon of the Golden Order Elden Ring - Elden BeastElden Beast

Optional Bosses

Limgrave Optional Bosses
Elden Ring - Beastman of Farum AzulaBeastman of Farum Azula Elden Ring - Bloodhound Knight DarriwilBloodhound Knight Darriwil
Elden Ring - Demi-Human ChiefsDemi-Human Chiefs Elden Ring - Flying Dragon AgheelFlying Dragon Agheel
Elden Ring - Guardian GolemGuardian Golem Elden Ring - Leonine MisbegottenLeonine Misbegotten
Elden Ring - Mad Pumpkin HeadMad Pumpkin Head Elden Ring - Miranda the Blighted BloomMiranda the Blighted Bloom
Patches .pngPatches Elden Ring - RunebearRunebear
Elden Ring - Scaly MisbegottenScaly Misbegotten Elden Ring - Soldier of GodrickSoldier of Godrick
Elden Ring - Stonedigger TrollStonedigger Troll Elden Ring - Tree SentinelTree Sentinel
Liurnia of the Lakes Optional Bosses
Adan.pngAdan, Thief of Fire Elden Ring - Alabaster LordAlabaster Lord
Elden Ring - Alecto, Black Knife RingleaderAlecto, Black Knife Ringleader Elden Ring - Bols, Carian KnightBols, Carian Knight
Elden Ring - Bloodhound KnightBloodhound Knight Elden Ring - Glintstone Dragon SmaragGlintstone Dragon Smarag
Elden Ring - Glintstone Dragon Adula partial.pngGlintstone Dragon Adula Elden Ring - Magma Wyrm MakarMagma Wyrm Makar
Elden Ring - Royal RevenantRoyal Revenant Elden Ring - Spirit-Caller SnailSpirit-Caller Snail
Caelid Optional Bosses
Elden Ring - Battlemage Hugues Partial ImageBattlemage Hugues Elden Ring - Black Blade KindredBlack Blade Kindred (Caelid)
Elden Ring - Commander OCommander O'Neil Elden Ring - Decaying Ekzykes Partial ImageDecaying Ekzykes
Elden Ring - Fallingstar Beast Partial Image.pngFallingstar Beast Elden Ring - Flying Dragon Greyll Partial ImageFlying Dragon Greyll
Elden Ring - Frenzied DuelistFrenzied Duelist Elden Ring - Magma WyrmMagma Wyrm
Elden Ring - Nox Swordstress & Nox Priest.pngNox Swordstress & Nox Priest Elden Ring - Putrid Tree SpiritPutrid Tree Spirit
Altus Plateau Optional Bosses
Elden Ring - Ancient Dragon Lansseax Partial ImageAncient Dragon Lansseax Elden Ring - Crucible Knight Odovis.pngCrucible Knight Ordovis
Elden Ring - Demi-Human Queen GilikaDemi-Human Queen Gilika Elden Ring - Demi-Human Queen MaggieDemi-Human Queen Maggie
Elden Ring - Demi-Human Queen MargotDemi-Human Queen Margot Elden Ring - Draconic Tree SentinelDraconic Tree Sentinel
Elden Ring - Elemer of the BriarElemer of the Briar Elden Ring - Esgar, Priest of Blood Partial ImageEsgar, Priest of Blood
Elden Ring - Fell TwinsFell Twins Elden Ring - Full-Grown Fallingstar BeastFull-Grown Fallingstar Beast
Elden Ring - Godefroy the GraftedGodefroy the Grafted Elden Ring - Kindred of Rot.pngKindred of Rot
Elden Ring - Mohg, The OmenMohg, The Omen Elden Ring - Necromancer Garris Partial ImageNecromancer Garris
Elden Ring -Onyx LordOnyx Lord Elden Ring - Perfumer Tricia Partial ImagePerfumer Tricia
Elden Ring - Red Wolf of the ChampionRed Wolf of the Champion Elden Ring - Sanguine Noble Partial ImageSanguine Noble
Elden Ring - Virgin Abductors BossVirgin Abductors Elden Ring - Wormface Partial ImageWormface
Mountaintops of the Giants Optional Bosses
Elden Ring - Astel, Stars of Darkness Close UpAstel, Stars of Darkness Elden Ring - Beat Black Blade Kindred (Mountaintops of the Giants)Black Blade Kindred (Mountaintops of the Giants)
Elden Ring - Borealis the Freezing FogBorealis the Freezing Fog Elden Ring - Commander NiallCommander Niall
Elden Ring - Misbegotten CrusaderMisbegotten Crusader Elden Ring - Putrid Grave Warden DuelistPutrid Grave Warden Duelist
Elden Ring - Great Wyrm TheodorixGreat Wyrm Theodorix Elden Ring - Vyke, Knight of the Roundtable Partial ImageVyke, Knight of the Roundtable
Siofra River Optional Bosses
Elden Ring - Ancestor SpiritAncestor Spirit Elden Ring - Valiant Gargoyles Boss FightValiant Gargoyles
Elden Ring - Mimic Tear Bordered Image.pngMimic Tear
Ainsel River Optional Bosses
Elden Ring - Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella Image Partial.pngDragonkin Soldier of Nokstella -
Deeproot Depths Optional Bosses
Elden Ring - Crucible Knight SiluriaCrucible Knight Siluria -
Multiple Location Optional Bosses
Elden Ring - Ancient Hero of ZamorAncient Hero of Zamor Elden Ring - Black Knife AssassinBlack Knife Assassin
Elden Ring - Bell Bearing HunterBell Bearing Hunter Elden Ring - Cemetery ShadeCemetery Shade
Elden Ring - Cleanrot KnightsCleanrot Knights Elden Ring - Crucible KnightCrucible Knight
Elden Ring - CrystalianCrystalian Elden Ring - Death Rite BirdDeath Rite Bird
Elden Ring - DeathbirdDeathbird Elden Ring - Erdtree AvatarErdtree Avatar
Elden Ring - Erdtree Burial WatchdogErdtree Burial Watchdog Elden Ring - Godskin ApostleGodskin Apostle
Elden Ring - Godskin NobleGodskin Noble Elden Ring - Grafted ScionGrafted Scion
Elden Ring - Grave Warden DuelistGrave Warden Duelist Elden Ring - Mad Pumpkin HeadMad Pumpkin Head
Elden Ring - Misbegotten WarriorMisbegotten Warrior NightNight's Cavalry
Elden Ring - OmenkillerOmenkiller Elden Ring - Tibia MarinerTibia Mariner
Elden Ring - Dragonkin Soldier Partial ImageDragonkin Soldier -


All Bosses in Elden Ring
Elden Ring - Elder Dragon GreyollElder Dragon Greyoll Elden Ring - Lion GuardianLion Guardian
Elden Ring - Valiant Gargoyle (Leyndell)Valiant Gargoyle (Leyndell) -

Hostile NPCs and Invaders

Limgrave Invaders and Hostile NPCs
Bloody Finger Nerijus.pngBloody Finger Nerijus Elden Ring - Old Knight IstvanOld Knight Istvan
Elden Ring - Recusant HenricusRecusant Henricus -
Liurnia of the Lakes Invaders and Hostile NPCs
Elden Ring - Great Horned Tragoth Close UpGreat Horned Tragoth Festering Fingerprint Vyke .pngFestering Fingerprint Vyke
Altus Plateau Invaders and Hostile NPCs
Elden Ring - Eleonora, Violet Bloody FingerEleonora, Violet Bloody Finger Elden Ring - Inquisitor GhizaInquisitor Ghiza
Elden Ring - Maleigh Marais, Shaded Castle Castellan Partial ImageMaleigh Marais, Shaded Castle Castellan Elden Ring - Rileigh the Idle Close UpRileigh the Idle
Elden Ring - Vargram the Raging Wolf & Errant Sorcerer WilhelmVargram the Raging Wolf & Errant Sorcerer Wilhelm Magnus the Beast Claw Partial.png Magnus the Beast Claw
Mountaintops of the Giants Invaders and Hostile NPCs
Elden Ring - Juno HoslowlJuno Hoslow, Knight of Blood -
The Roundtable Hold Invaders and Hostile NPCs
Elden Ring - Mad Tongue Alberich Partial ImageMad Tongue Alberich -
Multiple Location Invaders and Hostile NPCs
Anastasia, Tarnished-Eater.pngAnastasia, Tarnished-Eater -

These sections are currently under construction. Check back later for updates!

Elden Ring NPCs

List of NPCs

List of All NPCs

All Elden Ring NPCs

NPC List
Elden Ring - AlbusAlbus Elden Ring - AlexanderAlexander Elden Ring - BernahlBernahl
Elden Ring - Blackguard Big BoggartBlackguard Big Boggart Elden Ring - Blaidd the Half-Wolf BannerBlaidd the Half-Wolf Elden Ring - Bloody Finger Hunter YuraBloody Finger Hunter Yura
Elden Ring - BocBoc Elden Ring - CorhynCorhyn Elden Ring - D The Hunter of the DeadD, Hunter of the Dead
Elden Ring - DiallosDiallos Elden Ring - Dung EaterDung Eater Elden Ring - EdgarEdgar
Elden Ring - Enia the Finger ReaderEnia, the Finger Reader Elden Ring - EnshaEnsha Elden Ring - FiaFia
Gatekeeper GostocGatekeep Gostoc Elden Ring - Gideon Ofnir BannerGideon Ofnir Elden Ring - GoldmaskGoldmask
Elden Ring - GowryGowry Elden Ring - Great Horned TragothGreat Horned Tragoth Elden Ring - Gurranq the Beast ClergymanGurranq the Beast Clergyman
Elden Ring - HyettaHyetta Elden Ring - IjiIji Elden Ring - IrinaIrina
Elden Ring - Jar-BairnJar-Bairn Elden Ring - JerrenJerren Elden Ring - Kenneth Haight BannerKenneth Haight
Elden Ring - LatennaLatenna Elden Ring - Master LusatMaster Lusat Elden Ring - MelinaMelina
Elden Ring - Merchant KaleMerchant Kale Elden Ring - MillicentMillicent Elden Ring - Miriel Pastor of VowsMiriel, Pastor of Vows
Elden Ring - Nepheli LouxNepheli Loux Elden Ring - PatchesPatches Elden Ring - Pidia Carian ServantPidia, Carian Servant
Elden Ring - AzurPrimeval Sorcerer Azur Elden Ring - Ranni the Witch BannerRanni the Witch (Renna) Elden Ring - Roderika BannerRoderika
Elden Ring - RogierRogier Elden Ring - RyaRya Elden Ring - SeluvisSeluvis
Elden Ring - ShabririShabriri Elden Ring - Smithing Master HewgSmithing Master Hewg Elden Ring - Sorceress SellenSorceress Sellen
Elden Ring - TanithTanith Elden Ring - The Great Jar BannerThe Great Jar Elden Ring - ThopsThops
Elden Ring - Three Fingers BannerThree Fingers Elden Ring - Twin Maiden HusksTwin Maiden Husks Elden Ring - Two FingersTwo Fingers
Elden Ring - White-Faced Varre BannerWhite Mask Varre Elden Ring - Who is MiquellaMiquella -

All NPC Merchants

Elden Ring - All Merchant LocationsAll Merchant Locations Elden Ring - All Nomadic and Isolated MerchantsAll Nomadic & Isolated Merchants

Elden Ring Items

Elden Ring - Items Partial Banner
List of Items

List of Item Categories

Spirit Ashes IconSpirit Ashes Key Item IconKey Items Crafting Material IconCrafting Materials
Arrow and Bolt IconArrows and Bolts Bolstering Material IconBolstering Materials Tool IconTools
Talisman IconTalismans

Item Guides

Elden Ring - Best Talismans List.pngBest Talismans Best Spirit Summons Elden Ring.pngBest Spirit Summons

Elden Ring Magic Spells

Magic Spells partial.png

List of All Magic Spells


Best Sorceries All Legendary Sorceries
AdulaAdula's Moonblade Ambush ShardAmbush Shard Ancient Death RancorAncient Death Rancor
Briars of PunishmentBriars of Punishment Briars of SinBriars of Sin Cannon of Haima Elden Ring.pngCannon of Haima
Carian GreatswordCarian Greatsword Carian PhalanxCarian Phalanx Carian PiercerCarian Piercer
Carian RetaliationCarian Retaliation Carian SlicerCarian Slicer Collapsing StarsCollapsing Stars
CometComet Comet AzurComet Azur Crystal BarrageCrystal Barrage
Crystal BurstCrystal Burst Crystal ReleaseCrystal Release Crystal TorrentsCrystal Torrent
Eternal DarknessEternal Darkness Explosive GhostflameExplosive Ghostflame FiaFia's Mist
Founding Rain of StarsFounding Rain of Stars Freezing MistFreezing Mist Frozen ArmamentFrozen Armament
Gavel of HaimaGavel of Haima GelmirGelmir's Fury Glintblade PhalanxGlintblade Phalanx
Glintstone ArcGlintstone Arc Glintstone CometshardGlintstone Cometshard Glintstone IcecragGlintstone Icecrag
Glintstone PebbleGlintstone Pebble Glintstone StarsGlintstone Stars Gravity WellGravity Well
Great Glintstone ShardGreat Glintstone Shard Great Oracular BubbleGreat Oracular Bubble Greatblade PhalanxGreatblade Phalanx
LorettaLoretta's Greatbow LorettaLoretta's Mastery LucidityLucidity
Magic DownpourMagic Downpour Magic GlintbladeMagic Glintblade Magma ShotMagma Shot
MeteoriteMeteorite Meteorite of AsteMeteorite of Astel Night CometNight Comet
Night MaidenNight Maiden's Mist Night ShardNight Shard Oracle BubblesOracle Bubbles
RancorcallRancorcall RanniRanni's Dark Moon RennalaRennala's Full Moon
Rock BlasterRock Blaster Rock SlingRock Sling Roiling MagmaRoiling Magma
RykardRykard's Rancor ScholarScholar's Armament ScholarScholar's Shield
Shard SpiralShard Spiral Shatter EarthShatter Eartht Shattering CrystalShattering Crystal
Star ShowerStar Shower StarlightStarlight Stars of RuinStars of Ruin
Swift Glintstone ShardSwift Glintstone Shard Terra MagicusTerra Magicus ThopsThops's Barrier
TibiaTibia's Summons Unseen BladeUnseen Blade Unseen FormUnseen Form
Zamor Ice StormZamor Ice Storm

List of All Sorceries



Best Incantations All Legendary Incantations

List of All Incantations

Elden Ring Weapons

List of Weapons

List of Weapons

Weapon Guides

Best Early Game Weapons Best Weapons
All Whetblades Locations How to Upgrade Weapons

List of Weapons by Damage Types

StandardStandard StrikeStrike
SlashSlash PiercePierce
MagicMagic Weapons FireFire Weapons
HolyHoly Weapons LightningLightning Weapons

List of Weapons by Status Effects

BleedBleed FrostFrost
RotScarlet Rot SleepSleep
PoisonPoison MadnessMadness

List of Weapon Types

Melee Weapons
AxesAxes ClawsClaws Colossal SwordsColossal Swords
Colossal WeaponColossal Weapons Curved GreatswordsCurved Greatsword Curved SwordsCurved Swords
DaggersDaggers FistsFists FlailsFlails
Glintstone StavesGlintstone Staves GreataxeGreataxe GreatswordGreatswords
Great HammersGreat Hammers Great SpearGreat Spears HalberdHalberd
HammerHammers Heavy Thrusting SwordsHeavy Thrusting Swords KatanaKatanas
ReaperReaper Sacred SealsSacred Seals SpearsSpears
Straight SwordsStraight Swords Thrusting SwordsThrusting Sword TorchesTorches
TwinbladesTwinblades WhipsWhips -
Ranged Weapons
Light BowsLight Bows BowsBows Great BowsGreatbows
CrossbowsCrossbows BallistaBallista -
Small ShieldsSmall Shields Medium ShieldsMedium Shields GreatshieldsGreatshields

Elden Ring Skills

Weapon Skills

Elden RIng - Weapon Skills

All Weapon Skills

Weapon Skills
Alabaster Lords' Pull Ancient Lightning Spear Angel's Wings
Assassin's Gambit Barbaric Roar Barrage
Barricade Shield Bear Witness! Beast's Roar
Black Flame Tornado Blade of Death Blade of Gold
Blood Blade Blood Tax Bloodblade Dance
Bloodboon Ritual Bloodhound's Finesse Bloodhound's Step
Bloody Slash Braggart's Roar Bubble Shower
Buckler Parry Carian Grandeur Carian Greatsword
Carian Retaliation Charge Forth Chilling Mist
Claw Flick Contagious Fury Corpse Piler
Corpse Wax Cutter Cursed-Blood Slice Death Flare
Destined Death Determination Devourer of Worlds
Double Slash Dragon Halberd Spinning Slash Dynast's Finesse
Earthshaker Endure Eochaid's Dancing Blade
Erdtree Slam Eruption Establish Order
Familial Rancor Firebreather Fires of Slumber
Flame Dance Flame of the Redmanes Flame Spit
Flaming Strike Flowing Form Frenzyflame Thrust
Ghostflame Ignition Giant Hunt Glintblade Phalanx
Glintstone Dart Glintstone Pebble Gold Breaker
Golden Land Golden Parry Golden Slam
Golden Tempering Golden Vow Gravitas
Gravity Bolt Great Oracular Bubble Great-Serpent Hunt
Ground Slam Hailstorm Sword Hoarah Loux's Earthshaker
Hoarfrost Stomp Holy Ground I Command Thee, Kneel!
Ice Lightning Sword Ice Spear Impaling Thrust
Kick Knowledge Above All Last Rites
Lifesteal Fist Lightning Ram Lightning Slash
Lion's Claw Loretta's Slash Magma Guillotine
Magma Shower Mighty Shot Miquella's Ring of Light
Mists of Slumber Moonlight Greatsword Nebula
Night-and-Flame Stance No Skill Oath of Vengeance
Onyx Lord's Repulsion Oracular Bubble Ordovis' Vortex
Parry Phantom Slash Piercing Fang
Poison Moth Flight Poisonous Mist Prayerful Strike
Prelate's Charge Quickstep Radahn's Rain
Rain of Arrows Rallying Standard Raptor of the Mists
Reduvia Blood Blade Regal Beastclaw Regal Roar
Repeating Thrust Rosus' Summons Royal Knight's Resolve
Ruinous Ghostflame Sacred Blade Sacred Order
Sacred Phalanx Sacred Ring of Light Sea of Magma
Seppuku Shared Order Shield Bash
Shield Crash Shriek of Milos Siluria's Woe
Sorcery of the Crozier Soul Stifler Spearcall Ritual
Spectral Lance Spinning Chain Spinning Slash
Spinning Strikes Spinning Weapon Spinning Wheel
Square Off Stamp (Sweep) Stamp (Upward Cut)
Starcaller Cry Storm Assault Storm Blade
Storm Kick Storm Stomp Storm Wall
Stormcaller Surge of Faith Sword Dance
Taker's Flames The Queen's Black Flame Thops's Barrier
Through and Through Thunderbolt Thundercloud Form
Thunderstorm Tongues of Fire Torch Attack
Transient Moonlight Troll's Roar Unblockable Blade
Unsheathe Vacuum Slice Viper Bite
Vow of the Indomitable War Cry Waterfowl Dance
Wave of Destruction Wave of Gold Waves of Darkness
White Shadow's Lure Wild Strikes Wolf's Assault
Zamor Ice Storm

Ashes of War

Ashes of War

List of All Ashes of War

Ashes of War
AssassinAssassin's Gambit Barbaric RoarBarbaric Roar BarrageBarrage
Barricade ShieldBarricade Shield BeastBeast's Roar Blood BladeBlood Blade
BloodhoundBloodhound's Step Bloody SlashBloody Slash Carian GrandeurCarian Grandeur
Carian GreatswordCarian Greatsword Carian RetaliationCarian Retaliation Chilling MistChilling Mist
DeterminationDetermination Double SlashDouble Slash EarthshakerEarthshaker
EndureEndure EruptionEruption Flame of the RedmanesFlame of the Redmanes
Flaming StrikeFlaming Strike Giant HuntGiant Hunt Glintblade PhalanxGlintblade Phalanx
Glintstone PebbleGlintstone Pebble Golden LandGolden Land Golden ParryGolden Parry
Golden SlamGolden Slam Golden VowGolden Vow GravitasGravitas
Ground SlamGround Slam Hoarah LouxHoarah Loux's Earthshaker Hoarfrost StompHoarfrost Stomp
Holy GroundHoly Ground Ice SpearIce Spear Impaling ThrustImpaling Thrust
KickKick Lifesteal FistLifesteal Fist Lightning RamLightning Ram
Lightning SlashLightning Slash LionLion's Claw LorettaLoretta's Slash
Mighty ShotMighty Shot No SkillNo Skill ParryParry
Phantom SlashPhantom Slash Piercing FangPiercing Fang Poison Moth FlightPoison Moth Flight
Poisonous MistPoisonous Mist Prayerful StrikePrayerful Strike PrelatePrelate's Charge
QuickstepQuickstep Rain of ArrowsRain of Arrows Raptor of the MistsRaptor of the Mists
Repeating ThrustRepeating Thrust Royal KnightRoyal Knight's Resolve Sacred BladeSacred Blade
Sacred OrderSacred Order Sacred Ring of LightSacred Ring of Light SeppukuSeppuku
Shared OrderShared Order Shield BashShield Bash Shield CrashShield Crash
Spectral LanceSpectral Lance Spinning SlashSpinning Slash Spinning StrikesSpinning Strikes
Spinning WeaponSpinning Weapon Square OffSquare Off Stamp (Sweep)Stamp (Sweep)
Stamp (Upward Cut)Stamp (Upward Cut) Storm AssaultStorm Assault Storm BladeStorm Blade
Storm StompStorm Stomp Storm WallStorm Wall StormcallerStormcaller
Sword DanceSword Dance ThopsThops's Barrier Through and ThroughThrough and Through
ThunderboltThunderbolt UnsheatheUnsheathe Vacuum SliceVacuum Slice
Vow of the IndomitableVow of the Indomitable War CryWar Cry Waves of DarknessWaves of Darkness
White ShadowWhite Shadow's Lure Wild StrikesWild Strikes

Elden Ring Armor & Equipment

Elden Ring - Equipment Partial.png

List of All Equipment

List of Equipment Categories

Elden Ring - HelmetHelms Elden Ring - ArmorChest Armor
Elden Ring - GauntletsGauntlets Elden Ring - GreavesGreaves

Elden Ring News and Game Info

Elden Ring News and Game Info Partial Banner V2.png

Latest News and Game Info

The Latest Elden Ring News

Elden Ring Patch Notes

Patch Notes

List of Patch Notes

All Elden Ring Patch Notes
Version 1.06.png Version 1.06 Patch Notes
Version 1.05.png Version 1.05 Patch Notes Version 1.04.1Version 1.04.1 Patch Notes
Version 1.04Version 1.04 Patch Notes Version 1.03.3Version 1.03.3 Patch Notes
Version 1.03.2Version 1.03.2 Patch Notes Version 1.03Version 1.03 Patch Notes
Version 1.02.3Version 1.02.3 Patch Notes Version 1.02.2Version 1.02.2 Patch Notes
Version 1.02.1Version 1.02.1 Patch Notes Version 1.02Version 1.02 Patch Notes

Elden Ring Message Boards

All Message Boards

Elden Ring - Message Boards

All Message Boards

List of Message Boards

Build Sharing Board Co-Op Board
General Discussion Board Questions Board

About Elden Ring

The Latest Game By FromSoftware

elden ring poster image.jpg

Elden Ring is the latest game by director Hidetaka Miyazaki, creator of the popular Dark Souls series, and George R.R. Martin, author of one of New York Times best-selling fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire.

Elden Ring returns to a world of knights, dragons, and magic in the vast expanse of the Lands Between. Travel these lands as a Tarnished and search for the shards of the great Elden Ring, which has been shattered.

Product Information and Box Art

Game Cover.jpg
Title Elden Ring
Release Date February 25, 2022
Price $59.99 USD / $79.99 CAD
Platform PS4
Xbox One
Xbox Series X
Genre RPG
Developer / Publisher FromSoftware, Inc / BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT INC.
Official Site Elden Ring Official Site

Elden Ring Premium Collector's Edition

The Premium Edition Collector's Edition of Elden Ring contains content. which includes a life-sized replica of Malenia's Helmet, and a Malenia Statue. This edition also includes a steelbook, art book, game poster, art cards, and woven patches.

Premium Edition
Price $299.99 (US)
€259.99 (EU)
Where to Buy Bandai Namco Store
  • Elden Ring Physical Copy (Game Code for PC)
  • Sticker Set
  • Elden Ring Game Poster
  • Woven Patch
  • Art Cards
  • Exclusive Steelbook
  • 40-page Hardback Art Book
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Malenia - Blade of Miquella Statue
  • Malenia Helmet
  • Digital Adventure Guide (Pre-Order Bonus)
  • 'The Ring' Gesture (Pre-Order Bonus)

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