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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the newest Generation 9 Pokemon games announced for the Nintendo Switch. Learn everything we know about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, including the Starter Pokemon, region, new features, and all confirmed Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Release Date

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the newest additions to the Pokemon series, have been confirmed for a release in Late 2022. Based on the release of previous Pokemon games, a release date in November 2022 is considered to be highly likely.

Release Date: When Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Come Out?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starter Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Sprigatito.pngSprigatito
(JP: Nyaoha ニャオハ)
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fuecoco.pngFuecoco
(JP: Hogator ホゲータ)
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Quaxly.pngQuaxly
(JP: Quassa クワッサ)

The three Starter Pokemon for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been officially announced. Like previous Pokemon games, a Grass, Fire, and Water-type Starter will be available.

Starter Pokemon: Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet New Region

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Spain Region.jpeg

The name of the region for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has not been confirmed, nor what country it is based on, but it seems likely that the region will be based on Spain considering the appearance of the areas seen in the game.

New Region: What Country is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Based On?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Main Characters


Art of the male and female protagonists from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been shown with adorable matching uniforms. The names of the characters are yet to be confirmed, however.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet All Confirmed Pokemon

Pokémon Presents _ 2.27.2022 12-29 screenshot.png

A variety of Pokemon from all previous Generations have been confirmed to appear in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Learn about all the Pokemon confirmed for the game in our full Pokedex list.

Pokedex: All Confirmed Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Version Exclusives

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Scarlet Version Exclusive Outfit.png Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Violet Version Exclusive Outfit.png

Version Exclusives are confirmed in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, with the player character donning different outfits that match the color of their respective version. Although no version exclusive Pokemon have been shown yet, it's very likely that the two games will have game-specific Pokemon as is tradition in mainline Pokemon games.

Version Exclusives and Differences

Pokemon HOME Support and Release Date

Pokemon SV - Pokemon HOME.png

The Japanese Site has confirmed that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will receive Pokemon HOME support after its release. Although no official date has been announced, the two games' likely release date of November means that Pokemon HOME support may come in early 2023.

Pokemon HOME Support and Release Date

Is the National Dex in the Game?

Pokemon SV - Pelipper

While there's no official announcement yet, it's very likely that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have the National Dex in the game. Several returning Pokemon featured in the trailer are from different regions and the official site also states that players can transfer Pokemon using Pokemon HOME.

Is the National Dex in the Game?

Will There be Mega Evolution?

Pokemon Mega Evolutions.jpg

Image from Pokemon X and Y

Although a reoccuring feature since its introduction in Generation VI's Pokemon X and Y, there are currently no announcements or hints yet regarding the possibility of Mega Evolutions appearing in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Will There Be Mega Evolution?

About Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Logo.png

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is confirmed to be an open world game unlike previous games in the series, building on predecessors like Pokemon Legends: Arceus and the Wild Area from Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Possible Name Connections

Pokemon SV - Orange and Grapes Symbol.png
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet returns the tradition of naming Pokemon games after colors; the two colors appear to be a reference to a Oranges and Grapes, which appear several times in the trailer and even feature as heraldic symbols.

The colors may also be a reference to the Flag of the Second Spanish Republic, which features the colors Red and Dark Purple very prominently.

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