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Palworld is an all-new monster-catching, survival shooter game from Packet Pair, Inc, described by many as Pokemon with guns! Check out Game8's wiki and walkthrough for a list of all Pals in the Paldeck, Tier Lists, maps, tips and tricks, and guides for everything you need to know about Palworld!

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Palworld Breeding Calculator

Use Game8's Breeding Calculator for Every Breeding Combo!

Breeding Calculator.png

Use our Palworld Breeding Calculator to easily find which Parents to breed to make the Pal you are looking for! Every Pal Combo is included, making it easier than ever to work out which pals to breed!

NEW 2/9: Chain Breeding Calculator Added!

We've added a Chain Breeding Calculator for breeding Passive Skills and IVs from any Pal to any other Pal! Check it out at the link below!

Palworld Breeding Calculator

Pass Stats and Passive Skills via Breeding

Palworld - Breeding Guides
Breed powerful Pals by passing down high stats and great passive skills from Pal parents to their children!

Breeding Guides
Passive Skills Breeding Guide IV Breeding Guide

Palworld IV Stat Calculator

Use Game8's IV Stat Calculator to Find Pals With Perfect Talent Values!

Palworld IV Stat Calculator - Game8

Use our Palworld IV Calculator to calculate the IVs of your Pals Attack, Defense and HP Stats in Palworld!

Our IV Checker will allow you to check the individual value of each of your Pal's Stats with both Passive Skills applied or just the base values to see which of your Pals are the strongest of their species!

Palworld IV Stat Calculator

Pal IVs, Stats, Talent Value Explained

Hidden Stat Bonuses for Pals

Base Values Palworld IV Calculator

IVs, or Individual Values (also know as Talent Values), are hidden stats that all Pals have in the game which grant HP, Attack, and Defense stat bonuses when leveling up.

IVs can range from 0 IVs , where the Pal does not have any bonus stats, or up to a maximum of 100 IVs, where the Pal can get a 30% stat bonus.

IVs are determined randomly for Pals and are generally uncontrollable by players, but can be bred down to influence an offspring's IVs.

Stats and IVs Explained

Palworld Paldeck and Pal Guides

Palworld - Paldeck Banner.png

Complete Paldeck and List of All Pals

All Pals by Element Types

All Pal Element Types
Fire Type Water Type Grass Type
Ice Type Electric Type Ground Type
Dark Type Dragon Type Neutral

All Pals by Work Suitability

All Pal Work Suitabilities
Palworld - Kindling Diamond IconKindling Palworld - Watering Diamond IconWatering Palworld - Planting Diamond IconPlanting
Palworld - Generating Electricity Diamond IconElectricity Palworld - Handiwork Diamond IconHandiwork Palworld - Gathering Diamond IconGathering
Palworld - Lumbering Diamond IconLumbering Palworld - Mining Diamond IconMining Palworld - Medicine Production Diamond IconMedicine
Palworld - Cooling Diamond IconCooling Palworld - Transporting Diamond IconTransporting Palworld - Farming Diamond IconFarming

All Pals by Stats

All Pal Stats
List of Pals by HP List of Pals by Attack
List of Pals by Defense All Pals by Max IV Stats

Pal Lists

All Pal Lists
All Pals by Work Suitability All Night Exclusive Pals
All Fusion Pals All Alpha Bosses and Locations
All Mount Pals All Legendary Pals
All Mineshaft Field Bosses All Wildlife Sanctuary Pals
List of Rare Pals All Dungeon Exclusive Pals
Upcoming Pals List of Pals that Improve Carry Capacity

Pal Egg Lists

All Pal Egg Lists
Normal Egg Pals Large Egg Pals Huge Egg Pals
Pal Eggs by Element
Palworld - Scorching EggScorching Egg Palworld - Damp EggDamp Egg Palworld - Verdant EggVerdant Egg
Palworld - Frozen EggFrozen Egg Palworld - Electric EggElectric Egg Palworld - Rocky EggRocky Egg
Palworld - Dark EggDark Egg Palworld - Dragon EggDragon Egg Palworld - Common EggCommon Egg

Palworld Tier Lists

Palworld - Tier Lists Banner

Best Pals Tier List

Tier Lists by Role

Best Pals Tier Lists
Best Pals for Combat Best Base Pals Best Pals for Mounting

Pal Mount Speed Tier Lists

List of All Mount Pals Tier Lists
Palworld - Fastest Flying Pals Top Banner Flying Mounts Tier List Palworld - Fastest Ground Pals Top BannerGround Mounts Tier List
Palworld - Fastest Swimming Pals Top BannerSwimming Mounts Tier List Palworld - Best Glider Pals BannerGlider Pals Tier List

Work Suitability Tier Lists

All Pal Work Suitabilities
Palworld - Kindling Diamond Icon.pngKindling Palworld - Watering Diamond Icon.pngWatering Palworld - Planting Diamond Icon.pngPlanting
Palworld - Handiwork Diamond Icon.pngHandiwork Palworld - Gathering Diamond Icon.pngGathering Palworld - Cooling Diamond Icon.pngCooling
Palworld - Lumbering Diamond Icon.pngLumbering Palworld - Mining Diamond Icon.pngMining Palworld - Transporting Diamond Icon.pngTransporting
Palworld - Generating Electricity Diamond Icon.pngGenerating Electricity Palworld - Medicine Production Diamond Icon.pngMedicine Production Palworld - Farming Diamond Icon.pngFarming

Palworld News and Events

Palworld - News and Events Partial Banner.png

News and Events

Palworld Roadmap and Future Updates

Palworld - Roadmap

Pocketpair has revealed its Early Access Roadmap for the future of Palworld, which promises to fix issues, improve existing systems, and bring new features to the game.

Find out more details of the roadmap in the article below.

Palworld Early Access Roadmap and Future Updates

Palworld Early Access Review

Palworld Review

Palworld is an open-world monster-collecting game that closely meshes its survival gameplay with the monsters you capture. Read our review to see what it did well, what it didn't do well, and if it's worth buying.

Palworld Early Access Review

Palworld is live on Steam and Xbox!
(Early Access)

Available Not Available
✔︎ Windows PC
✔︎ Xbox Series X
✔︎ Xbox Series S
✔︎ Xbox One
✖︎ PlayStation 4
✖︎ PlayStation 5
✖︎ Nintendo Switch
✖︎ iOS & Android

Palworld launched on PC via Steam, and on Consoles via Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One though Game Pass.

There currently isn't any word on releases for Sony, Nintendo, or Mobile devices, but it may be possible in the future.

Palworld Available Platforms

Palworld Crossplay in the Works

Crossplay Soon - Palworld
Palworld currently does not support crossplay between Game Pass and Steam (Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass are compatible, however not with Steam). Pocket Pair has stated that they are working on releasing full crossplay as a feature as soon as possible.

Does Palworld Have Crossplay?

Palworld Tips and Tricks

Palworld - Tips and Tricks Partial Banner

Tips and Tricks

General Palworld Tips

General Palworld Tips
Best Starter Pal How to Level Up Fast
Best Base Locations and How to Move Bases Best Stats to Upgrade
Best Ancient Technology Statue of Power Guide
How to Get a Gun Fast and Early in Palworld Day/Night Cycle
How to Get Ancient Technology Points Fast Pal Distillation Pod: How to Rank Up Pal
Base Building Guide Raid Guide
How to Remove Wanted Status List of Palworld Achievements
Best Palworld Team How to Destroy and Move Structures
When Do Items and Resources Respawn? Transferring Characters
Base Level Rewards and Requirements How to Attack Enemies on Water
Best Structures for Your Base How to Trade Pals
Best Type Combinations What to Do in Palworld
Can Pals Evolve in Palworld How to Mount and Ride Pals
How to Get More Base Storage When Do Bosses Respawn?
Benefits to Killing Syndicate Thugs All Black Marketeer Pals
How to Move Bases How to Create and Join a Guild
Story Walkthrough Guide Post Game Guide
Pal Buy and Sell Values Explained Post Game Raid Boss
Choices, Missables, and One-Time Events How to Fly
How to Handle Pals Not Working and Assign Pals to Jobs How to Get a Level 5 Work Suitability Pal
List of the Best Palworld Mods Rare Drops List and Best Rare Drops to Farm
How to Change Player and Pal Names Stats and IVs Explained
How to Change Your Character's Appearance How to Keep Items on Death
How Many Pals Are in Palworld -

Pal Catching Tips

Pal Catching Tips
How to Catch Pals How to Catch and Sell Humans
How to Get Lucky Pals Pal Sphere Farming Guide
How to Reroll Dungeon Bosses -

Survival and Exploration Tips

Survival and Exploration Tips
How to Cook Pals How to Farm Paldium Fragments
How to Heal Pals and Player HP How to Keep Pals Happy and Sane
How to Increase Carrying Capacity How to Increase Stamina
How to Upgrade Palbox How to Repair Tools
How to Fix Pal Injuries How to Revive Pals
How to Cancel Arrows How to Eat Food
How to Put Out and Avoid Fires How to Increase Movement Speed
How to Cure Depressed Pals How to Cure Weakened Pals
How to Cure Pals of Overfull How to Get Keys
Night Guide: How to Survive the Night How to Manage Food Expiration

Settings and Multiplayer Tips

Settings and Multiplayer Tips
How to Play Palworld on Mobile Devices Best World Settings for Palworld
How to Change World Settings Multiplayer Guide
Does Palworld Have Crossplay? Is There PvP in Palworld?
How to Save the Game How to Set Up Dedicated Server
Which Difficulty Settings to Choose How to Backup Save Data
All Controls and How to Change How to Drop Items and Pals
All Console Commands and Cheats Palworld PC System Requirements
How to Migrate Server Data How to Change Death Penalty Settings
Is There Splitscreen Local Co-Op in Palworld -

Glitches and Exploits

All Glitches and Exploits
Infinite Pal Sphere Exploit Guild Save File Deletion Bug
Pal Pathfinding Bug Fix How to Catch Tower Bosses
Refresh Food Expiration Glitch Infinite Sweepa Boost Glitch
Carry Weight Glitch Pal Sphere Gliding Glitch
Egg Duplication Glitch Instant Pal Revive and Heal Glitch
Infinite Syndicate Thug Glitch Black Marketeer Gold Glitch
Item Duplication Glitch 2 Combat Pals at A Time Glitch
Unraidable Base Glitch Clipping Glitch
How to Fix World Save Bug Infinite Loot Glitch
Infinite XP Glitch Freeze and Rocket Launcher Glitch
Pal Skill Cooldown Reset Trick -

Palworld Game Mechanics Explained

Palworld - Game Mechanics

Game Mechanics

Game Mechanics

List of Game Mechanics Guides
Element Type Matchup Chart Combat Mechanics
Day and Night Cycle Crafting Guide and Best Crafting Pals
Rarity Explained List of Sicknesses and Injuries
Guilds Explained: Should You Join a Guild? Dungeon Guide
STAB Explained Attack Stat Explained
Super Effective and Resistance Mechanics Explained -

Palworld Maps and Locations

Palworld - Maps Partial Banner

Palworld Interactive Map

All Map Locations

All Map Locations
All Fast Travel Point Locations All Dungeon Locations Black Marketeer Locations
Wandering Merchant Locations All Lifmunk Effigy Locations All Egg Locations
All Skill Fruit Tree Locations All Chest Locations Resource Map
All Captured Pals Locations All Journal Locations All Pal Locations
Level Map All Pal Merchant Locations

All Dungeon Guides

All Dungeon Guides
Hillside Cavern Guide Isolated Island Cavern Guide Ravine Grotto Guide
Mountain Stream Grotto Guide Cavern of the Dunes Guide Volcanic Cavern Guide
Sacred Mountain Cavern Guide - -

Palworld Skills

Palworld - Skills Banner.png

List of All Skills

All Skill Types

All Skill Types
Partner Skills Active Skills Passive Skills

Best Skills per Type

All Skill Types
Best Partner Skills Best Active Skills Best Passive Skills

Skill Related Guides

Palworld Bosses

All Boss Locations and Guides

Palworld - Bosses Guide

All Bosses and Guides
Alpha Boss Locations Tower Bosses in Order

Tower Boss Guides

How to Beat Tower Bosses
Zoe and Grizzbolt Lily and Lyleen
Axel and Orserk Marcus and Faleris
Victor and Shadowbeak -

Palworld Materials (Inventory)

Palworld - Inventory Banner

List of All Materials, Consumables and Drops

All Materials, Consumables and Drops

List of Inventory Guides
How to Get Skill Fruits How to Get High Quality Pal Oil
List of All Pal Spheres and How to Farm List of All Food
How to Farm Pal Souls Best Food Tier List
All Craftable Items and How to Unlock All Materials and Locations
All Consumables and Locations -

Palworld Schematics

Palworld - Schematics Partial Banner

All Legendary Schematics

Legendary Schematics


List of All Legendary Weapon Schematics
Old Bow Crossbow Handgun
Assault Rifle Pump-Action Shotgun Rocket Launcher

Armor, Accessories, and Shields

List of All Legendary Weapon Schematics
Cloth Outfit Pelt Armor Metal Armor Feathered Hair Band
Cold Resistant Refined Metal Armor Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor Metal Helm Refined Metal Helm
Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor Pal Metal Helmet

Palworld Technology Guides

Palworld - Technology

Best Technology to Unlock First

All Technology Types

All Technology Types
Ancient Technology Clothes and Armor
Shields Headgear
Gliders Weapons
Accessories Pal Gear
Spheres Base Structures
Workbenches and Production Storage
Furniture -

Technology Related Guides

Palworld Builds

Palworld - Pal Builds Banner

Pal Min-Maxing and Meta Guides

Teams, Builds, and Meta Guides

Palworld Multiplayer Boards

Palworld - Message Board

All Palworld Message Boards

Message Board Links
Multiplayer Invite Codes Board Guilds Codes Board

About Palworld (Game Information)

Product Information and Official Site

About Palworld
Release Date
(Early Access)
January 19, 2024
Developer Pocket Pair
(Early Access)
29.99 USD
Game Pass Eligible? Yes
Genre Role-Playing, Shooter, Survival
Platforms XBox Series X and S, PC
Website Official Website
Twitter Official Twitter Account
YouTube Official YouTube Account

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