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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Miraidon
Miraidon is one of the Legendary Pokemon the player can meet in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Learn more about its type, evolutions, abilities, and its newly discovered ability to change forms to help traverse the environment!

Miraidon - Type and Abilities

Miraidon - Possibly Dragon/Electric Type


Although Miraidon has already been announced in the second trailer of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, its typing and abilities are still unknown. The official site did mention that this Legendary Pokemon has powers that surpass those of other Pokemon.

We speculate that Miraidon's types is Dragon/Electric type due to the Pokemon's futuristic design consisting of blue lighting bolts on its head and the electric stripes on its body.

Miraidon is on the box art of Pokemon Violet so players will be able to catch the Legendary Pokemon when they buy the Pokemon Violet version of the game.

Miraidon Name Origin

SD - Miraidon Side View.png
Miraidon's name has several roots including mirai (未来) which can mean future or the world to come to refer to the future and the suffix -don which is a common suffix for dinosaur-like creatures).

It also includes raidon which is a homonym for ride on, which could allude to the idea that trainers will be able to ride these legendaries across the region. The hover-bike inspired design also supports this idea.

Miraidon Alternate Forms

Miraidon Alternate Form.png
Miraidon, and its counterpart Koraidon, have been discovered to have forms that allow them to traverse different types of terrain. It appears that they can adjust their forms to better suit the environment they have to traverse.

Form Description
Drive Mode Miraidon Miraidon accelerates by generating energy in its tail and throat, which transform into wheel-like rings.
Aquatic Mode Miraidon Miraidon propels itself by rotating its rings, but it also uses the jet engines on its legs to move forward on the water.
Glide Mode Miraidon The antennae on Miraidon’s head extend and spread a membrane of energy to glide through the skies.
Unnamed Climbing Form This form has been shown to scale cliffs, although an official name nor distinction for the form has not been confirmed.

Miraidon Evolution

Likely Evolves from Cyclizar


Based on Cyclizar's similarities to Koraidon and Miraidon, especially the wheel on its chest, and its categorization as the “Mount Pokemon”, Cyclizar seems highly likely to be a pre-evolution of the two box legendaries.

Cyclizar will likely evolve into Koraidon in Pokemon Scarlet and Miraidon in Pokemon Violet, similar to Cosmog in Pokemon Sun and Moon, which evolved into either Solgaleo or Lunala in its final form depending on the version.
Cyclizar: Everything We Know

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