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Clavell is the director of the Academy in the Pokémon 9th Generation games, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. Learn the meaning behind his name, and his possible impact into the story of the games as the Director of Naranja Academy or Uva Academy.

Clavell Name Meaning

Spanish Word: Clavell

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The name of Director Clavell is based off the Spanish word Clavel, which is translated into Carnation. The Carnation, most notably the Red Carnation, is known as the national flower of Spain, where the Paldea region is based on.

Clavell, while not a Professor by title, carries on the tradition of characters being named after plants starting from Professor Oak in Generation 1.

The Symbolism of Carnations

In the language of flowers, Carnations have different meanings based on their color. Going by the connetion with Spain's national flower, a dark red Carnation symbolizes love and affection; fitting for the director of the region's academy taking care of a new generation of Pokemon trainers, both in and out of the game.

Appearance Based on Game Version

Matching the game's thematic colors, Clavell changes the colors of his clothes fittingly on the game version.

Even the Academy's name fits the color scheme depending on game version: Naranja is a direct translation of the color Orange, which is the name of the Academy in Pokemon Scarlet. Meanwhile, Uva is Spanish for Grape, which fits the name of the Academy in Pokemon Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet Pokemon Violet
Naranja Academy Director Uva Academy Director

Language Choice Matches Region Name

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Spain Region.jpeg

As the region of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet seems to be based on Spain, it makes sense that Spanish words would serve as the origin for these characters' names.

New Region: What Country is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Based On?

The Name Tradition with a Twist

As many of the previous Pokemon Professors were named after trees, it's understandable to expect that Sada and Turo Trees might exist as well in connection to Professor Sada and Professor Turo. However, it seems like that ship has sailed for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Starting with Professor Laventon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it seems that Game Freak may be bucking the trend of naming Professors after trees. We speculate that Clavell could have been a Pokemon Professor himself before he became the Academy Director.

All Previous Pokemon Professors and Name Origins

Professor Appearing Games Name Origin
Professor Oak RBY Tree name
Professor Elm GSC Tree name
Professor Birch RSE Tree name
Professor Rowan DPP Tree name
Professor Juniper BW/B2W2 Tree name
Professor Sycamore XY Tree name
Professor Kukui SM/USUM Hawaiian word for “Candlenut tree”
Professor Bellis Masters From the Daisy flower
Professor Magnolia SwSh Tree name
Professor Laventon PLA From the Lavender plant

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