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Ogre Oustin' Guide and Rewards

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SV Teal Mask - Ogre Oustin Guide

Ogre Oustin' is a new minigame in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV) Teal Mask DLC. It allows players to earn Mochi for adjusting their Pokemon's EVs. This guide provides details on the Ogre Oustin' minigame, including difficulty differences, solo vs. multiplayer, strategies, and rewards.

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Ogre Oustin' Rewards

Difficulty One-Time Rewards Repeating Rewards
3 Rounds
EXP. Charm
Air Balloon
Nugget x3
・EV Feathers
・EV-Reducing Berries
・EXP. Candy
・Tera Shards
・Misc Berries
・Evolution Items
6 Rounds
Fairy Feather
Big Nugget
10 Rounds
Shiny Munchlax

Exp. Charm Reward During the Story

The Exp. Charm makes its return as a reward for clearing Ogre Oustin' for the first time during the Story.

Exp. earned from battle will be 1.5 times more than it was before. You don't need to have Pokemon hold it, it's in your Key Items pocket and affects your whole team.

Exp. Charm Location and How to Get

Clear Normal Difficulty to get the Fairy Feather

The Fairy Feather is a new item that can be obtained as a reward after completing all 6 Normal difficulty rounds of Ogre Oustin'. This item is a held item that boosts the power of the holder's Fairy-type moves.

You must first clear Easy Difficulty to obtain the Fairy Feather from clearing Normal Difficulty in multiplayer. Failing to do so before joining and completing Normal Mode in someone else's game will result in you not receiving the Fairy Feather.

Clear Hard Difficulty to get a Shiny Munchlax

The Crafty Mark that grants the Opportunist Title
Munchlax Image Shiny Munchlax
Tera Type: Normal
Ability: Gluttony [Hidden]
Level: 1
Nature: Impish
- Tackle
- Lick

Note: Nature and Gender seem to be fixed.

If you are lucky and/or skilled enough to beat all 10 rounds of Ogre Oustin' on Hard Difficulty, the lady will reward you with a Shiny Munchlax that has the Crafty Mark. Applying this mark grants Munchlax the Opportunist title. It also sports its Hidden Ability, Gluttony.

You must clear both Easy and Normal Difficulty Levels and claim their rewards in your own game to be eligible for the Shiny Munchlax reward. If you join someone else's Hard Difficulty game before doing so, you won't receive the Shiny Munchlax upon winning.

Shiny Munchlax Gift Teal Mask

Only Way to Get Mochi

Pokemon SV DLC Ogre Oustin
Ogre Oustin' is the only way to get mochi, a new item which increases EVs for one stat by 10 akin to Vitamins.

One of the types of mochi you can earn is the Fresh-Start Mochi, which resets the base points for all stats of a Pokemon.
Mochi Effects and Types

Farming Battle Items

Evolution Items available, even on Easy!

For every run you complete, you'll receive an assortment of rewards that could include various types of Mochi, EV Reducing Berries, Mints, Feathers, EXP. Candies, and Tera Shards.

However, the Treasures, Rare Berries, and Evolution Item rewards appear to draw from a pool of possible items. Here's a list of rewards our team has confirmed to be obtainable from Ogre Oustin'.

Ogre Oustin' Pool of Rewards
Common Rewards
Fresh-Start MochiVarious Mochi
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - MintsVarious Mints
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - FeathersVarious Feathers
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - EXP CandyVarious EXP Candy
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - EXP CandyVarious Tera Shards
Treasure Rewards
Rare Berry Rewards
Evolution Item Rewards

Maximize Rewards By Playing on the Highest Difficulty Available

50+ Mochi in one go!

We recommend always playing on the highest available difficulty to maximize your chances of obtaining a wider variety of items in greater quantities. Higher scores yield more rewards. Higher difficulty rounds, lasting longer, naturally offer more stages to clear, balloons to pop, and berries to collect, resulting in higher scores.

Ogre Oustin' Tips and Strategies

The rules of Ogre Oustin' are simple: pop balloons, collect berries, and protect them from wild Pokemon. To improve your chances of success, our team has prepared tips for you to consider.

  1. Play Multiplayer as Much as Possible
  2. Don't Deposit Berries Until You Carry 30
  3. After Depositing, Have One Person Defend the Tables
  4. Head to the Edges of the Course and Work Your Way In
  5. A Good Course Can Make the Difference

Play Multiplayer as Much as Possible

The number of berries required per player gets halved if you play with four players, so it is easier to complete in multiplayer instead of playing alone. By playing with other trainers, you are you need to collect lesser berries than if you went solo. As such, if you are able to play Ogre Oustin with others, you should! As the game only gets easier with more people.

Find others to play with in our Official Pokemon Discord, or over in our message boards, right here on Game8.

Ogre Oustin' Online Multiplayer Codes Message Board

Number of Required Berries per Level

The total number of necessary Berries is determined by the level, and the number for each berry is randombly divided per color. The total number of necessary Berries also depends on the number of players playing together.

Level Solo Berry Requirements 4 Player Berry Requirements
1 10 20
2 20 40
3 30 60
4 40 80
5 50 100
6 60 120
7 70 140
8 80 160
9 90 180
10 100 200

Don't Deposit Berries Until You Carry 30

You can carry up to 30 Berries at once, and any extras will go to waste. Ensure you collect exactly 30 before promptly returning to the Berry Tables.

If you deposit Berries early and return for more, you'll face wild Pokemon attempting to steal from your tables. This is the most challenging aspect of the minigame, so it's crucial to minimize it whenever possible.

After Depositing, Have One Person Defend the Tables

The first player who deposits Berries can take on the role of defending the Berry Tables against invading Pokemon, while others can focus on collecting more. Only one defender is needed.

Be vigilant for Munchlax or Greedents attempting to sneak up and snatch the berries. When this happens, press R to roar and scare them away. The roar has a small area of effect, so it can scare off Pokemon even if they are behind you. In higher-level stages, watch out for Snorlax, which moves faster and consumes berries more rapidly.

Head to the Edges of the Course and Work Your Way In

Between stages, once you've deposited the necessary berries, a brief peaceful period occurs when the map resets and displays the new berry requirements. Use this time efficiently! Spread your team out to start from the course edges, so when the round begins, you can progress inward. This approach makes subsequent trips during the same round safer since you won't have to travel far from the tables. You can even begin a round directly on top of balloons to pop them instantly.

A Good Course Can Make the Difference

Various maps are available, and they can significantly impact gameplay. You'll remain on the same course for all stages, so you'll know early in stage 1 whether you have a favorable course or not. While you can't select the stage, it may be worthwhile to reset until you find a favorable course.

Our top recommendation is Paradise Barrens, a rocky course shaped like a big donut. This course allows players to zoom around in a lap grabbing everything without worrying about covering all the different areas of the course. On the other hand, if you stumble into the apple orchard course in Apple Hills, it'll be a pain to deal with all of the fences in your way.

How to Unlock Ogre Oustin'

Available in the Teal Mask DLC during the Festival

Pokemon SV DLC Teal Mask

The Ogre Oustin' minigame will be available in part 1 of the Hidden Treasures of Area Zero DLC, The Teal Mask, after clearing the Festival part of the story. This point should take about one hour to reach for most players.

The Teal Mask DLC Story Walkthrough

Located in Kitakami Hall

Map Location Overworld Location

You can partake in Ogre Oustin' alone or with your friends in Kitakami Hall. Once you reach the area, a fast travel point will become available so you can easily fly to the area.

Ogre Oustin' Rules

Pop Ogre Balloons

Pokemon SV Ogre Oustin

The goal of this minigame is to pop balloons and get a required number of Berries in each stage. While riding on either Koraidon or Miraidon, you have to pop Ogre Balloons scattered around the course.

Collect Berries and Yell to Scare Off Pokemon

Pokemon SV Ogre Oustin

After collecting Berries, you'll need to bring them to Berry Tables located at the start of the stage. Once you've placed Berries, Pokemon like Skwovet, Greedent, Munchlax, and even Snorlax will appear to steal your Berries, and players will need to press R to Roar and scare them off.

Ogre Oustin' Share Codes and Groups

Multiplayer Ogre Oustin' in the Game8 Discord

Game8 Pokemon Discord Community

Join our Pokemon Discord to share and find raid codes, form raid groups, decide roles and more to play Ogre Oustin' and farm Mochi as effectively as possible! This is also your one-stop shop find everything Pokemon related!

If you don't have a Discord account or don't feel like joining, you can always try the comments section to find other players.

Game8 Pokemon Discord

Multiplayer Ogre Oustin' on the Code Board

Alternatively, post and find codes for multiplayer Ogre Oustin' on our dedicated code forum! Be sure to change your settings to online and post both your code and difficulty in the comments.
Ogre Oustin' Online Multiplayer Codes Message Board

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