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Welcome to Game8's Wuthering Waves walkthrough and guide. Check out everything there is to know about Wuthering Waves, which includes the latest news, tier lists, playable characters, and tips and tricks here!

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Wuthering Waves Tier Lists

Wuthering Waves - Tier Lists
Character Tier List

All Tier Lists

Wuthering Waves Tier Lists
Wuthering Waves - Reroll Tier List Reroll Tier List Wuthering Waves - Weapon Tier List Weapon Tier List
Wuthering Waves - Best Team Compositions Best Team Comps Wuthering Waves - Echo Tier List Echo Tier List
Wuthering Waves - Tier ListsAll Tier Lists -

Wuthering Waves Characters

Wuthering Waves - Characters

List of All Characters

Character Lists and Types

Characters by Rarity
5-Star Characters5-Star Characters 4-Star Characters4-Star Characters
Characters by Gender
Male Characters Female Characters
Characters by Element
Aero CharactersAero Electro CharactersElectro Fusion CharactersFusion
Glacio CharactersGlacio Havoc CharactersHavoc Spectro CharactersSpectro
Characters by Weapon
Gauntlet CharactersGauntlets Pistol CharactersPistol Rectifier CharactersRectifier
Sword CharactersSword Broadblade CharactersBroadblade
Other Lists
All Voice Actors All Free Characters
All Healers All Factions

Playable Characters

All Playable Characters
Wuthering Waves - AaltoAalto Wuthering Waves - BaizhiBaizhi Wuthering Waves - CalcharoCalcharo
Wuthering Waves - ChixiaChixia Wuthering Waves - DanjinDanjin Wuthering Waves - EncoreEncore
Wuthering Waves - JianxinJianxin Wuthering Waves - JiyanJiyan Wuthering Waves - LingyangLingyang
Wuthering Waves - MortefiMortefi Wuthering Waves - Rover (Havoc)Rover (Havoc) Wuthering Waves - Rover (Spectro)Rover (Spectro)
Wuthering Waves - SanhuaSanhua Wuthering Waves - TaoqiTaoqi Wuthering Waves - VerinaVerina
Wuthering Waves - YangyangYangyang Wuthering Waves - YinlinYinlin Wuthering Waves - YuanwuYuanwu

Upcoming Characters

All Upcoming Characters
Wuthering Waves - JinhsiJinhsi Wuthering Waves - ChangliChangli

All New and Upcoming Characters

Wuthering Waves News

New Redeem Code for Free Gifts

WUTHERINGGIFT is a new promo code that players can redeem for freebies. See how to redeem some Astrite and other valuable gifts with our guide below!
All Codes and How to Redeem

Wuthering Waves is Live!

Wuthering Waves - Release Date
You can now play Wuthering Waves on PC, iOS, and Andriod! The game released on May 22, 2024 (PT).

Wuthering Waves Release Date

Other Wuthering Waves News

Wuthering Waves - News and Updates
Latest News and Updates

Version 1.0.2 Updates

1.0.2 Characters
Wuthering Waves - YinlinYinlin
1.0.2 Banners
When Thunder Pours (Yinlin) Absolute Pulsation
1.0.2 Weapons
1.0.2 Quests
Yinlin Story Quest
1.0.2 Events
Chord Cleansing Wuthering Exploration
Alloy Smelt -

List of Version Updates

Version Updates
Version 1.0 Launch Version 1.1

List of News and Updates

News and Updates
Available Platforms Console Release Date
System Requirements and File Size How to Download
Controller Support for PC and Mobile Pre-Registration Guide and Rewards
Differences from Punishing: Gray Raven Differences From Genshin Impact
May 19 Reveal Livestream Summary Age Verification Bug
All Codes and How to Redeem Free 5-Star Resonator Selector
Scar Voice Actor and Profile

Wuthering Waves Banners

Wuthering Waves - Gacha (Convene)

All Current and Upcoming Convene Banners

All Current Limited Convenes

Banners Featured Units / Weapons
Prevail the Lasting Night IconPrevail the Lasting Night
Wuthering Waves - JiyanJiyan (5★, Aero)

Wuthering Waves - MortefiMortefi (4★, Fusion)
Wuthering Waves - ChixiaChixia (4★, Fusion)
Wuthering Waves - DanjinDanjin (4★, Havoc)
Absolute Pulsation IconAbsolute Pulsation
Wuthering Waves - Verdant Summit Verdant Summit (5★, Broadblade)

Wuthering Waves - Augment Augment (4★, Rectifier)
Wuthering Waves - Hollow Mirage Hollow Mirage (4★, Gauntlets)
Wuthering Waves - Dauntless Evernight Dauntless Evernight (4★, Broadblade)
When Thunder Pours IconWhen Thunder Pours
Wuthering Waves - YinlinYinlin (5★, Electro)

Wuthering Waves - YuanwuYuanwu (4★, Electro)
Wuthering Waves - TaoqiTaoqi (4★, Havoc)
Wuthering Waves - AaltoAalto (4★, Aero)
Absolute Pulsation (Yinlin) IconAbsolute Pulsation (Yinlin)
Wuthering Waves - Stringmaster Stringmaster (5★, Rectifier)

Wuthering Waves - Lunar Cutter Lunar Cutter (4★, Sword)
Wuthering Waves - Cadenza Cadenza (4★, Pistol)
Wuthering Waves - Jinzhou Keeper Jinzhou Keeper (4★, Rectifier)

All Permanent Convenes

Upcoming Banners Description
Novice Convene:
Utterance of Marvels
• You are guaranteeed to obtain at least one 4-star or higher rarity item for every 10 Convenes.

• You are guaranteed at least one 5-star Resonator for every 50 Convenes.
Character Permanent Convene:
Tidal Chorus
• You are guaranteeed to obtain at least one 4-star or higher rarity item for every 10 Convenes.

• You are guaranteed at least one 5-star Resonator for every 80 Convenes.
Weapon Permanent Convene:
Winter Brume
• You are guaranteeed to obtain at least one 4-star or higher rarity item for every 10 Convenes.

• You are guaranteed at least one 5-star weapon for every 80 Convenes.

Wuthering Waves Echoes

Wuthering Waves - Echoes Guide

List of Echoes and Sonata Effects

All Echoes Guides

List of Echoes by Cost

Echoes by Cost
4-Cost 3-Cost 1-Cost

List of Echoes by Sonata Effect

Sonata Effects
Freezing Frost Freezing Frost Molten Rift Molten Rift Void Thunder Void Thunder
Sierra Gale Sierra Gale Celestial LightCelestial Light Sun-sinking Eclipse Sun-sinking Eclipse
Rejuvenation GlowRejuvenation Glow Moonlit CloudsMoonlit Clouds Lingering TunesLingering Tunes

List of Echoes by Class

Echo Classes
Calamity Overlord Elite Common

Wuthering Waves Weapons

Wuthering Waves - Weapons
List of All Weapons

List of Weapons by Rarity

Weapon Rarity
5 ★ 4 ★ 3 ★
2 ★ 1 ★

List of Weapons by Type

Weapons Types
Gauntlet CharactersGauntlets Pistol CharactersPistols Rectifier CharactersRectifiers
Sword CharactersSwords Broadblade CharactersBroadblades

Wuthering Waves Bosses and Enemies

All Boss Guides

Wuthering Waves - Bosses Related Guides

List of All Bosses

All Boss Guides

Boss Guides
All Boss Locations All Weekly Bosses
All World Bosses Tactical Hologram: Calamity

Weekly Bosses

List of Bosses
Wuthering Waves - ScarScar Wuthering Waves - Bell-Borne GeocheloneBell-Borne Geochelone Wuthering Waves - DreamlessDreamless

World Bosses

List of Bosses
Wuthering Waves - CrownlessCrownless Wuthering Waves - Feilian BeringalFeilian Beringal Wuthering Waves - Impermanence HeronImpermanence Heron
Wuthering Waves - Inferno RiderInferno Rider Wuthering Waves - Lampylumen MyriadLampylumen Myriad Wuthering Waves - Mech AbominationMech Abomination
Wuthering Waves - Mourning AixMourning Aix Wuthering Waves - Tempest MephisTempest Mephis Wuthering Waves - Thundering MephisThundering Mephis

All Enemy Guides

Wuthering Waves - Enemies Related Guides

List of All Enemies

All Enemy Guides

Enemy Guides
All Special Enemy Locations -

Wuthering Waves Events

Wuthering Waves - Events

List of Events and Schedule

Current Events

Event Guide Date
Alloy Smelt 06/06/2024 - 06/27/2024
Overdash Club 05/30/2024 - 06/17/2024
Ascendant Aces 05/23/2024 - 06/13/2024
Daybreak at Last 05/23/2024 - 06/13/2024
Echo Summon Web Event 04/29/2024 - 06/06/2024

Upcoming Events

Event Guide Date
Chord Cleansing TBD
Wuthering Exploration 06/13/2024 - 06/27/2024
"Intensive Training" LT EXP Material Double Drop 06/06/2024 - 06/13/2024

Permanent Events

Event Guide Date and Rewards
Gifts of Thawing Frost Permanently Available
Lustrous Tides, Radiant Tides, Free Sanhua
Awakening Journey Permanently Available
Lustrous Tides, Astrites, Crystal Solvent, Rank 5 Weapon Supply Chest: Winter Blume
Rumbling Hollows Permanently Available
Shell Credit, Premium Energy Cores, Premium Resonance Potions, Free Yuanwu
Depths of Illusive Realm Permanently Available
Astrite, Premium Tuners, Phantom: Impermanence Heron
Voyage's Beginning Permanently Available
Astrites, Lustrous Tides, Resonators
Echo Hunters Permanently Available

Wuthering Waves Quests

Wuthering Waves - Quests

List of Quests

List of Quest Types

All Quests Types
Main Quests Companion Stories
Exploration Quests Side Quests
Tutorial Quests Daily Quests

Wuthering Waves Depths of Illusive Realm

Wuthering Waves - Depths of Illusive Realm

Depths of Illusive Realm Guide

All Depth of Illusive Realm Guides

Depths of Illusive Realm Guides
List of Memory Doors and Illusia Encounters

List of Depths of Illusive Realm Upgrades

List of Upgrades
Metaphors Character Upgrades

All Depths of Illusive Realm Stages

Depths of Illusive Realm Difficulties
Difficulty 1 Difficulty 2 Difficulty 3
Difficulty 4 Difficulty 5

Wuthering Waves Maps

Wuthering Waves - Maps and Locations

Huanglong Interactive Map

All Regions in Huanglong

All Huanglong Regions
Jinzhou Central Plains Dim Forest
Gorges of Spirits Desorock Highland Port City of Guixu
Wuming Bay Norfall Barrens Tiger's Maw
Whining Aix's Mire

All Location Guides

Location Guides
Sonance Caskets Resonance Beacons
Blobfly Locations Resonance Nexus
Viewpoint Locations Supply Chest Locations

Wuthering Waves Items

Wuthering Waves - Items

List of Items

All Item Types

Types of Items and Materials
Supplies Development Materials Valuables
Resources Mission Items

Wuthering Waves Tower of Adversity

Wuthering Waves - Tower of Adversity

Tower of Adversity Guide

Stable Zone

Stable Zone Tower
Wuthering Waves - Stable Zone Resonant TowerResonant Tower

Experimental Zone

All Experimental Zone Towers
Wuthering Waves - Experimental Zone Resonant TowerResonant Tower Wuthering Waves - Experimental Zone Echoing TowerEchoing Tower

Experimental Zone Guide

Hazard Zone

All Hazard Zone Towers
Wuthering Waves - Hazard Zone Resonant TowerResonant Tower Wuthering Waves - Hazard Zone Tower of HazardTower of Hazard Wuthering Waves - Hazard Zone Echoing TowerEchoing Tower

Hazard Zone Guide

About Wuthering Waves

Game Information

Release Date May 22, 2024
Full Title Wuthering Waves
Developer Kuro Games
Price Free-to-play with in-game purchases
Genre Open World Action RPG
Platforms ・Epic Games Store
Website Official Website
Twitter Official Twitter Account
YouTube Official YouTube Account

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