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Pokemon UNITE is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) which is changing the nature of Pokemon Battles. Engage in exciting 5v5 online battles, where your Pokemon gain levels during the battle and power up to take out the other team! Learn about all the Pokemon, gameplay, builds, tier lists, items, and everything you need to know for Pokemon UNITE here at Game8.

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Pokemon UNITE Site Map

Pokemon Unite Logo.png

Pokemon UNITE Categories

Pokemon UNITE Hot Articles

Pokemon UNITE News

Pokemon Unite Latest News

Latest News

Miraidon Gets Nerfed in Version Balance Patch!

Pokemon UNITE - Version Banner.png

Version brings a lot of Pokemon buffs, nerfs, and bugfixes, with the most notable one being Miraidon!

Check out the details in the link below:
Version Patch Notes

Falinks and Ceruledge Revealed!

Pokemon UNITE - Pokemon Presents Upcoming Pokemon.png

In the Pokemon Presents 2024 that aired on February 27, 2024, it was revelead that Falinks and Ceruldege are set to join Pokemon UNITE!

Falinks will be releasing on April 25, 2024 while Ceruledge's release date is yet to be announced!

Release Dates
Pokemon UNITE - Falinks Icon.pngFalinks Pokemon UNITE - Ceruledge Icon.pngCeruledge

Miraidon Travels Back From the Future on Pokemon Day!

Pokemon UNITE - Miraidon Guide Builds Best Items and Moveset

The Legendary Pokemon Miraidon has descended in the Pokemon UNITE battlefield! Wield its electrifying powers and dominate the UNITE battle arena!

Miraidon Guide: Best Builds and Moveset

Version Balance Patch Drops on Pokemon Day!

Pokemon UNITE - Pokemon Day Balance Patch

A Pokemon Day 2024 Balance Patch releases on February 27, 2024 in time for Pokemon Day! The patch covers a bunch of Pokemon in the roster, so take a peek in the patch notes!

Version Balance Patch

Ranked Season 18 is Under Way!

Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 18 Banner.png

Ranked Season 18 has begun on February 27, 2024! It's time to grind once again and climb the ranks! Check out the details in the link below.

Ranked Season 18: End Date and Rewards

New Season 22 Battle Pass has Begun!

Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Season 22 Banner.png

The new Season 22 Battle Pass has started on February 27, 2024! Check out the details in the link below

Season 22 Battle Pass: End Date and Rewards

April UNITE Club Membership is Here!

Pokemon UNITE - Explorer Style (Mamoswine) Preview.png

The Pokemon UNITE Club Membership service rewards for April 2024 is out now!

It costs $9.99 monthly and will provide subscribers Holowears, Trainer Skins, and Aeos Gems!

UNITE Club Membership:
How to Join and Benefits

Pokemon UNITE All Pokemon Roster and Builds

Pokemon Partial Banner

List of All Pokemon

All Pokemon Guides and Builds

Best Build for Each Pokemon

Pokemon Roster
Pokemon UNITE - AbsolAbsol Pokemon UNITE - Aegislash IconAegislash Pokemon UNITE - Alolan NinetalesAlolan Ninetales Pokemon UNITE - Azumarill IconAzumarill
Pokemon UNITE - BlastoiseBlastoise Pokemon UNITE - Blaziken IconBlaziken Pokemon UNITE - BlisseyBlissey Pokemon UNITE - Buzzwole IconBuzzwole
Pokemon UNITE - Chandelure IconChandelure Pokemon UNITE - CharizardCharizard Pokemon UNITE - CinderaceCinderace Pokemon UNITE - Clefable IconClefable
Pokemon UNITE - Comfey IconComfey Pokemon UNITE - CramorantCramorant Pokemon UNITE - CrustleCrustle Pokemon UNITE - Decidueye IconDecidueye
Pokemon UNITE - Delphox Icon Delphox Pokemon UNITE - Dodrio Speedster IconDodrio Pokemon UNITE - Dragapult IconDragapult Pokemon UNITE - Dragonite IconDragonite
Pokemon UNITE - Duraludon IconDuraludon Pokemon UNITE - EldegossEldegoss Pokemon UNITE - Espeon IconEspeon Pokemon UNITE - GarchompGarchomp
Pokemon UNITE - GardevoirGardevoir Pokemon UNITE - GengarGengar Pokemon UNITE - Glaceon IconGlaceon Pokemon UNITE - Goodra IconGoodra
Pokemon UNITE - GreedentGreedent Pokemon UNITE - GreninjaGreninja Pokemon UNITE - Gyarados Icon.pngGyarados Pokemon UNITE - Hoopa IconHoopa
Pokemon UNITE - Inteleon IconInteleon Pokemon UNITE - Lapras IconLapras Pokemon UNITE - Leafeon IconLeafeon Pokemon UNITE - LucarioLucario
Pokemon UNITE - MachampMachamp Pokemon UNITE - MamoswineMamoswine Pokemon UNITE - MeowscaradaMeowscarada Pokemon UNITE - Metagross IconMetagross
Pokemon UNITE - Mew IconMew Pokemon UNITE - Mimikyu IconMimikyu Pokemon UNITE - Mr. MimeMr. Mime Pokemon UNITE - PikachuPikachu
Pokemon UNITE - Sableye IconSableye Pokemon UNITE - Scizor IconScizor Pokemon UNITE - SlowbroSlowbro Pokemon UNITE - SnorlaxSnorlax
Pokemon UNITE - SylveonSylveon Pokemon UNITE - TalonflameTalonflame Pokemon UNITE - Tsareena IconTsareena Pokemon UNITE - Tyranitar IconTyranitar
Pokemon UNITE - Umbreon IconUmbreon Pokemon UNITE - Trevenant IconTrevenant Pokemon UNITE - Urshifu IconUrshifu Pokemon UNITE - WigglytuffWigglytuff
Pokemon UNITE - VenusaurVenusaur Pokemon UNITE - ZeraoraZeraora Pokemon UNITE - ZoroarkZoroark -

EX Pokemon List

EX Pokemon Roster
Pokemon UNITE - Mewtwo X IconMega Mewtwo X Pokemon UNITE - Mewtwo Y IconMega Mewtwo Y
Pokemon UNITE - ZacianZacian Pokemon UNITE - Miraidon Icon EXMiraidon

EX Pokemon Meaning: List and Mechanics

Upcoming Pokemon

Upcoming Pokemon
Pokemon UNITE - Falinks Icon.pngFalinks
(April 25, 2024)
Pokemon UNITE - Ceruledge Icon.pngCeruledge

Top 5 Master Rank Picks & Win Rate

All data is based on Season 18 Master Rank Top 100.
Last Updated: April 2, 2024
Pokemon Tier Most Played % Average Win %
Pokemon UNITE - ZoroarkZoroark SS Tier 14% 70.25%
Pokemon UNITE - MeowscaradaMeowscarada S Tier 12.3% 70.43%
Pokemon UNITE - Miraidon Icon EXMiraidon OP Tier 10.5% 78.33%
Pokemon UNITE - Inteleon IconInteleon SS Tier 10.5% 70.50%
Pokemon UNITE - Blaziken IconBlaziken S Tier 5.3% 76.33%

Top Picked Pokemon Per Role

Attacker All-
Supporter Defender Speedster
Pokemon UNITE - Miraidon Icon EXMiraidon Pokemon UNITE - Blaziken IconBlaziken Pokemon UNITE - EldegossEldegoss Pokemon UNITE - CrustleCrustle Pokemon UNITE - ZoroarkZoroark

Master Rank: Top Ranked Win Rates

Pokemon by Role

All Pokemon Roles
Attacker IconAttackers All-Rounder IconAll-Rounders Defender IconDefenders
Speedster IconSpeedsters Supporter IconSupporters

Pokemon by Characteristics

Attack Type
Pokemon UNITE - Melee Type Partial BannerMelee Pokemon Pokemon UNITE - Ranged Type Partial BannerRanged Pokemon
Pokemon UNITE - Physical Type Partial BannerPhysical Pokemon Pokemon UNITE - Special Type Partial BannerSpecial Pokemon
Stat Rankings
Pokemon UNITE - HP Ranking Partial BannerHP Ranking Pokemon UNITE - Defense Ranking Partial BannerDefense Ranking
Pokemon UNITE - Special Defense Ranking Partial BannerSp. Def. Ranking Pokemon UNITE - Basic Attack Ranking Partial BannerBasic Attack Ranking

Pokemon UNITE Items

Pokemon UNITE - List of Items

List of All Items

Item Pages
Pokemon UNITE - Item Enhancers Navigation Banner.pngItem Enhancers Pokemon UNITE - Super Item Enhancers Navigation Banner.pngSuper Item Enhancers Pokemon UNITE - Holowear Effect Spray Navigation Banner.pngHolowear Effect Spray Pokemon UNITE - Unite License Navigation Banner.pngUnite Licenses
Pokemon UNITE - Held Items Navigation Banner.pngHeld Items Pokemon UNITE - Battle Items Navigation Banner.pngBattle Items Pokemon UNITE - Account Items Navigation Banner.pngAccount Items

Held Items

Pokemon UNITE - Aeos CookieAeos Cookie Pokemon UNITE - Assault VestAssault Vest Pokemon UNITE - Attack WeightAttack Weight
Pokemon UNITE - Buddy BarrierBuddy Barrier Pokemon UNITE - Charging CharmCharging Charm
Pokemon UNITE - Choice SpecsChoice Specs
Pokemon UNITE - Curse Bangle IconCurse Bangle Pokemon UNITE - Curse Incense IconCurse Incense Pokemon UNITE - Drain Crown IconDrain Crown
Pokemon UNITE - Energy AmplifierEnergy Amplifier Pokemon UNITE - Exp. ShareExp. Share Pokemon UNITE - Float StoneFloat Stone
Pokemon UNITE - Focus BandFocus Band Pokemon UNITE - LeftoversLeftovers Pokemon UNITE - Muscle BandMuscle Band
Pokemon UNITE - Rapid Fire ScarfRapid-Fire Scarf Pokemon UNITE - Razor ClawRazor Claw Pokemon UNITE - Rescue Hood IconRescue Hood
Pokemon UNITE - Resonant GuardResonant GuardNEW Pokemon UNITE - Rocky Helmet Rocky Helmet Pokemon UNITE - Rusted Sword IconRusted Sword
Pokemon UNITE - Scope LensScope Lens Pokemon UNITE - Score ShieldScore Shield Pokemon UNITE - Shell BellShell Bell
Pokemon UNITE - Slick Spoon IconSlick Spoon Pokemon UNITE - Sp. Atk. SpecsSp. Atk. Specs Pokemon UNITE - Weakness PolicyWeakness Policy
Pokemon UNITE - Wise GlassesWise Glasses -

List of Held Items

Battle Items

Pokemon UNITE - Eject ButtonEject Button Pokemon UNITE - Fluffy TailFluffy Tail Pokemon UNITE - Full HealFull Heal
Pokemon UNITE - Goal-GetterGoal-Getter Pokemon UNITE - PotionPotion PokemoN UNITE - Shedinja Doll IconShedinja Doll
Pokemon UNITE - Slow SmokeSlow Smoke Pokemon UNITE - X AttackX Attack Pokemon UNITE - X SpeedX Speed

List of Battle Items

Pokemon UNITE Boost Emblems

Pokemon UNITE - Boost Emblems Partial Banner

Boost Emblem Pages
Pokemon UNITE - Boost Emblems Guide Navigation BannerBoost Emblem Guide Pokemon UNITE - List of All Boost Emblems Navigation BannerList of All Boost Emblems
Pokemon UNITE - Best Boost Emblems Navigation Banner Best Boost Emblems Pokemon UNITE - Platinum Boost Emblems PartialPlatinum Boost Emblems

Boost Emblems by Color

Emblems By Color
Red Emblem IconRed Blue Emblem IconBlue Green Emblem IconGreen Yellow Emblem IconYellow
Brown Emblem IconBrown Purple Emblem IconPurple Pink Emblem IconPink White Emblem IconWhite
Black Emblem IconBlack Navy Emblem IconNavy Pokemon UNITE - Gray Boost Emblem IconGray

Boost Emblems by Stats

Emblems by Stats
HP Attack Sp. Atk
Defense Sp. Def Movement Speed
Critical-Hit Rate Cooldown

Pokemon UNITE Skins

Skins Focus Banner.png

List of All Skins: Fashion Sets and Holowear

All Skin Types

Pokemon UNITE - Holowear Banner.pngHolowear: Pokemon Skins and Costumes Pokemon UNITE - Fashion Sets Banner.pngFashion Sets: Trainer Skins and Clothing

All Types of Trainer Skins

Pokemon UNITE - Unite Ranked Set Icon.pngFull Sets
All Hats Trainer Skins. Hats All Tops and Bottoms (Overalls) Trainer Skins Tops and Bottoms All Jackets Trainer Skins Jackets
All Tops Trainer Skins. Tops All Bottoms Trainer Skins. Bottoms All Shoes Trainer Skins Shoes
All Socks Trainer Skins Socks All Accessories Trainer Skins Accessories All Backpacks Trainer SkinsBackpacks

Pokemon UNITE Tier Lists

Pokemon UNITE - Tier Lists Partial Banner.png
Pokemon UNITE Tier Lists

Character and Item Tier Lists

Pokemon UNITE Main Tier Lists
Pokemon UNITE - Pokemon Tier List Focus Banner.pngPokemon Tier List Pokemon UNITE - Free Character Tier List Focus Banner.pngFree Character Tier List
Pokemon UNITE - Battle Item Tier List Focus Banner.pngBattle Items Tier List Pokemon UNITE - Held Item Tier List Focus Banner.pngHeld Items Tier List
Pokemon UNITE - Low-Elo Tier List Focus Banner.pngLow-Elo Tier List Pokemon UNITE - Solo-Queue Tier List Focus Banner.pngSolo-Queue Tier List

Role Tier Lists

Pokemon UNITE Tier Lists per Role
Pokemon UNITE - Attacker Tier List Focus BannerAttacker Tier List Pokemon UNITE - Speedster Tier List Focus BannerSpeedster Tier List
Pokemon UNITE - All-Rounder Tier List Focus BannerAll-Rounder Tier List Pokemon UNITE - Defender Tier List Focus BannerDefender Tier List
Pokemon UNITE - Supporter Tier List Focus BannerSupporter Tier List

Pokemon UNITE Tournaments

Pokemon UNITE - Tournaments Partial Banner

All Pokemon UNITE Tournament and Analysis

World Championship Series

Pokemon World Championships
2022 UNITE World Championships Partial Banner2022 UNITE World Championships 2023 UNITE World Championships Partial Banner2023 UNITE World Championships
2024 UNITE World Championships Partial Banner2024 UNITE World Championships -

Asia Champions League

Asia Champions League
Pokemon UNITE - Asia Champions League 2023 Partial Banner2023 Asia Champions League -

Winter Tournament Series

Winter Tournament Series 2022
Pokemon UNITE - Winter Tournament FinalsWinter Tournament Finals Summary Pokemon UNITE - 3rd Winter Tournament3rd Winter Tournament Summary

Pokemon UNITE Ranked Seasons

Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Seasons Partial Banner

All Ranked Seasons and Rewards

Current Ranked Season
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked 18 Navigation BannerRanked Season 18

Ranked Season Rewards

Ranked Season Rewards
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 1 RewardSeason 01 Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 2 RewardSeason 02
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 3 Rewards Partial Banner.pngSeason 03 Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Season 04Season 04
Pokemon UNITE - Season 5 Rank Reward Partial Banner.pngSeason 05 Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 6 Rewards Focus Banner.pngSeason 06
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 7 Partial Banner.pngSeason 7 Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 8 Partial Banner.pngSeason 8
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 9 Rewards Partial BannerSeason 9 Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 10 Partial Banner.Season 10
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 11 Partial BannerSeason 11 Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 12 Partial BannerSeason 12
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 13 Partial Banner.pngSeason 13 Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 14 Partial Banner.pngSeason 14
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 15 Partial BannerSeason 15 Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 16 Partial Banner.pngSeason 16
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 17 Partial BannerSeason 17 Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 18 Partial Banner.pngSeason 18
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 19 Partial Banner.pngSeason 19 -

Game8 Ranked Season Recap

Game8 Ranked Season Recap
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 1 Recap Focus BannerSeason 01 Recap Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 2 Recap Focus BannerSeason 02 Recap
Pokemon UNITE - Season 03 Recap Focus BannerSeason 03 Recap Pokemon UNITE - Season 04 Recap Focus BannerSeason 04 Recap
Pokemon UNITE - Season 05 Recap Partial BannerSeason 05 Recap Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 6 Partial Banner.pngSeason 06 Recap
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 7 Recap Partial Banner.pngSeason 07 Recap Pokemon UNITE - Season 8 Recap Partial BannerSeason 8 Recap
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 9 Partial Banner.pngSeason 09 Recap Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 10 Recap Partial Banner.pngSeason 10 Recap
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 11 Recap Partial Banner.pngSeason 11 Recap Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 12 Partial Banner.pngSeason 12 Recap
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 13 Recap Partial Banner.pngSeason 13 Recap Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 14 Recap Partial Banner.pngSeason 14 Recap
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 15 Recap Partial Banner.pngSeason 15 Recap Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 16 Recap Partial Banner.pngSeason 16 Recap
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 17 Recap Partial Banner.pngSeason 17 Recap -

Pokemon UNITE Battle Pass

Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Partial Banner

Battle Pass Guide

Current Battle Pass Season

Current Season
Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Guide (Season 22) Top Banner.pngSeason 22

All Battle Pass Seasons

All Battle Pass Seasons
Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Partial Season 01Season 01 Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Partial Season 02Season 02
Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Season 03 Partial BannerSeason 03 Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Season 04 Partial BannerSeason 04
Pokemon UNITE - Season 5 Battle Pass Partial BannerSeason 05 Pokemon UNITE - Season 6 Battle Pass Partial Banner.pngSeason 06
Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Season 07 Partial Banner.pngSeason 07 Pokemon UNITE - Season 8 Partials Banner.pngSeason 08
Pokemon UNITE - Season 9 Battle Pass Partial BannerSeason 09 Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Season 10 Partial BannerSeason 10
Pokemon UNITE - Season 11 Battle Pass PartialSeason 11 Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Season 12 Partial BannerSeason 12
Pokemon UNITE - Season 13 Battle Pass Partial BannerSeason 13 Pokemon UNITE - Season 14 Battle Pass Partial BannerSeason 14
Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Season 15 Partial Banner.pngSeason 15 Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Season 16 Partial BannerSeason 16
Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Season 17 Partial Banner.pngSeason 17 Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Season 18 Partial Banner.pngSeason 18
Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Season 19 Partial BannerSeason 19 Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass S20 Partial Banner.pngSeason 20
Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Season 21 Partial Banner.pngSeason 21 Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Season 22 Partial Banner.pngSeason 22
Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Season 23 Partial Banner.pngSeason 23 -

Pokemon UNITE Events

List of Events Partial Banner

List of Events

Dancer Events

Event Name End Date
Pokemon UNITE - Dancer Log-In Bonus Partial.pngDancer Log-In Bonus April 17, 2024
12:00AM UTC
Pokemon UNITE - Dancer Challenge Missions Partial Banner (Delphox).pngDancer Challenge Missions April 17, 2024
12:00AM UTC
Pokemon UNITE - Dancer Score Challenge Partial Banner.pngDancer Score Challenge April 17, 2024
12:00AM UTC

Solo Challenge Events

Event Name End Date
Pokemon UNITE - Solo Challenge Event Partial.pngSolo Challenge April 17, 2024
12:00AM UTC

Current Ranked and Battle Pass Seasons

Event Name End Date
Pokemon UNITE - Ranked Season 18 Partial Banner.pngRanked Season 18 April 16, 2024
12:00AM UTC
Pokemon UNITE - Battle Pass Season 22 Partial Banner.pngSeason 22 Battle Pass April 16, 2024
12:00AM UTC

Repeating Events

Event Name Duration
Daily Missions Event GuideDaily Missions Resets daily.
Available everyday.
Score Challenge BannerScore Challenge Available during weekends from Saturday to Monday.
Intense Battle Training BannerIntense Battle Training Available This Week
Pokemon UNITE - Total Score Challenge - Wigglytuff Partial BannerTotal Score Challenge Available in 2 Weeks
Assist Crash Course! BannerAssist Crash Course! Available Next Week
Pokemon UNITE - Pokemon UNITE Weekend PartialUNITE Day Weekend Available every first wekeend of the month

Permanent Events

Event Name Duration
Pokemon UNITE - Gift Code Exchange Partial BannerGift Code Exchange Available on all platforms.
Codes can be redeemed.
Pokemon UNITE - Returning Players Event Partial BannerReturning Player Event Available for 14 days after returning from a 14 days or more absence from UNITE
Pokemon UNITE - 14-Day Welcome Gifts14-Day Welcome Gifts Log in for 14 days after account creation.
Pokemon UNITE - Beginner ChallengeBeginner Challenge Activates after Trainer level 3 for only 30 days.
Pokemon UNITE - Super Item Enhancement Missions Event GuideSuper Item Enhancement Missions Event Guide Available from
September 22, 2021
(no deadline)
Pokemon UNITE - Zeraora MissionZeraora Mission Available from
September 22, 2021
(no deadline)
Pokemon UNITE - Held Item Enhancement Support MissionsHeld Item Enhancement Support Missions Available from
September 22, 2021
(no deadline)
Pokemon UNITE - Max-Grade Trial Campaign GuideMax-Grade Trial Campaign Guide Available from
September 22, 2021
(no deadline)
You can link your account and claim a reward!You can link your account and claim a reward! Available from
November 16, 2021
(no deadline)

Pokemon UNITE Calendar

Times displayed here are in UTC.
Last Updated: August 8, 2023

Pokemon UNITE - Calendar Colors - Pokemon Release.png - Pokemon Release
Pokemon UNITE - Calendar Colors - Battle Pass.png - Battle Pass Start/End
Pokemon UNITE - Calendar Colors - Ranked Season.png - Ranked Season Start/End
Pokemon UNITE - Calendar Colors - Event.png - Event Start/End

Pokemon UNITE Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks Focus Banner.png

Tips and Tricks Guides

Strategy Guides

All Strategy Guides
11 - BeginnerBeginner's Guide 12 - Things to Do First.pngThings To Do First
13- Things to Avoid Doing.pngThings To Avoid Doing 31 - Best Starter Pokemon.pngBest Starter Pokemon
32 - Best Pokemon For Beginners.pngBest Pokemon for Beginners 14 - Best Team Comps.pngBest Team Comps
15 - List of Settings.pngList of Settings and Best Settings 16 - How to Unlock All Pokemon.pngHow to Unlock All Pokemon
17 - When to Score Goals.pngBest Goal Timing: When to Score Pokemon UNITE - Regieleki Vs Three Regis Partial BannerRotom Vs. Drednaw
Pokemon UNITE - Rotom Vs. Drednaw Partial BannerRegieleki Vs. The Three Regis 19 - EXP Farming Guide.pngHow to Level Up Your Pokemon: EXP Farming
20 - Country and Region Guide.pngCountry and Region Guide 21 - Unchangeable Features.pngUnchangeable Features
22 - Energy Rewards.pngEnergy Rewards Gacha 23 - How to Defend Goals.pngHow to Defend Goals
24 - Targeting and Aim Assist.pngTargeting and Aim Assist 25 - Best Farming Routes.pngBest Farming Routes
26 - Things to Do Everyday.pngThings to Do Everyday 27 - How to Win.pngHow to Win: Tips and Strategies
28 - Solo Queue Guide.pngReach Master Rank: Solo Queue Guide 29 - How to Gank.pngGanking Guide: How to Gank
30 - Tri Lane Guide.pngTri-Lane Guide Pokemon UNITE - Pumpkin Box Guide.pngPumpkin Box Guide
(Event Only)
Pokemon UNITE - Max Grade Trial Card Partial Banner.png7-Day Max Grade Trial Card Guide Pokemon UNITE - Beginner Support Box Partial Banner.pngBeginner Support Box
Pokemon UNITE - Emblem Boxes PartialEmblem Boxes Guide Pokemon UNITE - License Redraw Partial Banner.pngLicense Redraw Guide
(Event Only)
Pokemon UNITE - Rank Protection Card Partial Banner.pngRank Protection Card Guide Pokemon UNITE - Unite License Puzzle Piece Selection Box Partial Banner.pngUnite License Puzzle Piece Selection Box

Farming and Currency Guides

Farming and Currency Guides
01 - How to Farm Aeos CoinsHow to Farm Aeos Coins 02 - How to Get Aeos TicketsHow to Get Aeos Tickets
03 - How to Get Fashion Tickets.pngHow to Get Fashion Tickets 04 - How to Get Holowear Tickets.pngHow to Get Holowear Tickets
05 - How to Farm Aeos Energy.pngHow to Farm Aeos Energy 06 - Best Purchases in the Shop.pngBest Purchases in the Shop
07 - Raise Trainer Level Fast.pngHow to Raise Trainer Level Fast 08 - What to Spend Aeos Coins On.pngWhat to Spend Aeos Coins On
09 - What to Spend Aeos Tickets On.pngWhat to Spend Aeos Tickets On 10 - What to Spend Aeos Gems On.pngWhat to Spend Aeos Gems On
How to Get Battle Pass Special Ticket Partial Banner.pngBattle Pass Special Tickets Pokemon UNITE - How to Enter Codes PartialHow to Enter Codes

Pokemon UNITE Game Mechanics

Pokemon UNITE - Game Mechanics Partial Banner

List of Game Mechanics

Game Modes and Rules

Game Modes and Rules
Game Modes Explanation banner.pngGame Modes Explanation Match Types Explanation banner.pngMatch Types Explanation
Unite Battle Guide.pngUnite Battle Guide Ranked Match Guide.pngRanked Match Guide
Quick Battle.pngQuick Battle Guide How to Use Training Mode.pngHow to Use Training Mode
Fair Play Points Guide.pngFair Play Points Guide Can Players Use the Same Pokemon.pngCan Players Use the Same Pokemon?
Pokemon UNITE - Tournament Mode Partial Banner.pngTournament Mode Guide Pokemon UNITE - Custom Battle Partial Banner.pngCustom Battle Guide
Pokemon UNITE - Draft Pick Guide Partial Banner.pngDraft Pick Guide Pokemon UNITE - Full Fury Battle Partial BannerFull-Fury Battles Guide

Gameplay Manual Guides

Gameplay Manual Guides
List of Status Effects.pngList of Status Effects Stats Explanation.pngStats Explanation
How to Upgrade Items.pngHow to Upgrade Items Unite Moves Guide.pngUnite Moves Guide
List of Berries and Effects.pngList of Berries and Effects How to Surrender.pngHow To Surrender
Recall Guide and Best Timing.pngRecall Guide and Best Timing Super Jump Guide.pngSuper Jump Guide
Visision Guide.pngVision Guide: How Does Vision Work? Evolution How to Evolve and Timing.pngEvolution: How to Evolve and Timing
Character Creation Guide.pngCharacter Creation Guide Free Rotation Guide.pngFree Rotation Guide
Microtransactions Guide.pngMicrotransactions Guide Attack Vs. Special Attack.pngAttack Vs. Special Attack
Badge Guide and Explanation.pngBadge Guide and Explanation How to Check Team Score.pngHow to Check Team Score
How to Check Leaderboard.pngHow to Check Leaderboard Tutorial Missions Access and Rewards.pngTutorial Missions: Access and Rewards
How to Increase Movement Speed.pngHow to Increase Movement Speed Critical Hit Guide.pngCritical Hit Guide
How to Use Quick Chat and Pings.pngHow to Use Quick Chat and Pings How to Use the Camera.pngHow to Use the Camera
How to Cancel Moves.pngHow to Cancel Moves Invincibility Guide.pngInvincibility Guide
Move Types and When to Use.pngMove Types and When to Use Grass Guide How Does Grass Work.pngGrass Guide: How Does Grass Work?
Boosted Attacks Guide.pngBoosted Attacks Guide How to Recover HP.pngHow to Recover HP
How to Check Player Levels and Kills.pngHow to Check Player Levels and Kills List of Hidden Mechanics Partial Banner.pngList of Hidden Mechanics
How to Chat with Friends Partial BannerHow to Chat with Friends Pokemon UNITE - Pokemon Points and Battle Ribbons Partial Banner.pngPokemon Points and Battle Ribbons
Pokemon UNITE - Season Points and Rewards Partial BannerSeason Points and Rewards Pokemon UNITE - Prize Machine Partial BannerPrize Machine

Game Setup Guides

Game Setup Guides
List of Controls.pngList of Controls List of Settings.pngList of Settings
How to Change Your Name.pngHow to Change Your Name How to Change Your Gender.pngHow to Change Your Gender
How to Play Online Multiplayer.pngHow to Play Online Multiplayer How to Add Friends.pngHow to Add Friends
Language Settings.pngLanguage Settings How to Use Voice Chat and Best Apps.pngHow to Use Voice Chat and Best Apps
Do You Need Nintendo Online.pngDo You Need Nintendo Online? Server Reset Time.pngServer Reset Time
How to Create a New Account.pngHow to Create a New Account Can You Delete an Account.pngCan You Delete an Account?
Player Count and Limit.pngPlayer Count and Limit Can You Play Offline.pngCan You Play Offline?
How to Reduce Lag.pngHow to Reduce Lag What Happens When You Go AFK.pngWhat Happens When You Go AFK
How to Play with Bots.pngHow to Play with Bots How to Check Match History.pngHow to Check Match History
Battle Screen and Menus Explanation.pngBattle Screen and Menus Explanation Spectator Mode.pngSpectator Mode
How to Update the Trainer Card.pngHow to Update the Trainer Card Squads Guide.pngSquads Guide
Friendship Points Guide Partial BannerFriendship Points Guide -

Pokemon UNITE Moves

Moves Focus Banner.png

List of Moves and Effects

Moves by Classification

All Move Lists

Pokemon UNITE Passive Abilities

Passive Abilities Focus banner

List of Abilities and Effects

Pokemon UNITE - Adaptability Skill EeveeAdaptability
Espeon Move - AnticipationAnticipation
(Eevee - Espeon)
Umbreon Move - AnticipationAnticipation
(Eevee - Umbreon)
Beast Boost BuzzwoleBeast Boost
Pokemon UNITE - Blaze Icon (Blaziken)Blaze
Pokemon Unite - Blaze (Charizard)Blaze
Pokemon Unite - Blaze (Cinderace)Blaze
Pokemon Unite - Blaze (Delphox)Blaze
Pokemon UNITE - Cheek Pouch (Greedent)Cheek Pouch
Clear Body - DragapultClear Body
Clear Body - Metagross Ability IconClear Body
Pokemon Unite - Chlorophyll (Leafeon)Chlorophyll
Pokemon Unite - Cotton Down (Eldegoss)Cotton Down
Pokemon Unite - Cute Charm (Wigglytuff)Cute Charm
Pokemon UNITE - Disguise Icon (Meowscarada)Disguise
Pokemon Unite - Filter (Mr. Mime)Filter
(Mr. Mime)
Pokemon Unite - Gale Wings (Talonflame)Gale Wings
Pokemon Unite - Gluttony (Snorlax)Gluttony
Gooey - Goodra Move (Goodra)Gooey
Pokemon Unite - Gulp Missile (Cramorant)Gulp Missile
Pokemon Unite - Guts (Machamp)Guts
Gust TyranitarGuts
Pokemon Unite - Heavy Metal (Duraludon)Heavy Metal
Huge Power - Azumarill PassiveHuge Power
Pokemon UNITE - Inner FocusInner Focus
Pokemon Unite - Inner Focus (Umbreon)Inner Focus
Pokemon Unite - Levitate (Gengar)Levitate
Pokemon UNITE - Long Reach (Decidueye)Long Reach
Espeon Move - Magic BounceMagic Bounce
Pokemon UNITE - Clefable Magic GuardMagic Guard
Passive Magician - HoopaMagician
Pokemon UNITE - Marvel Scale Skill Dratini DragonairMarvel Scale
(Dratini & Dragonair)
Pokemon UNITE - Multiscale Skill DragoniteMultiscale
Pokemon UNITE - Moxie (Gyarados) Icon.pngMoxie
Pokemon Unite - Natural Cure (Blissey)Natural Cure
Natural Cure Trevenant MoveNatural Cure
Pokemon UNITE - No Guard Skill Honedge DoubladeNo Guard
(Honedge & Doublade)
Pokemon Unite - Oblivious (Slowbro)Oblivious
Pokemon UNITE - Oblivious Skill Bounsweet SteeneeOblivious
(Bounsweet & Steenee)
Pokemon UNITE - Meowscarada Overgrow Icon DefaultOvergrow
Pokemon Unite - Overgrow (Venusaur)Overgrow
Pokemon UNITE - Pixilate Skill SylveonPixilate
Pokemon UNITE - Mega Mewtwo X - Pressure IconPressure
(Mewtwo X)
Pokemon UNITE - Pressure Icon (Mewtwo Y)Pressure
(Mewtwo Y)
Pokemon UNITE - Queenly Majesty Skill TsareenaQueenly Majesty
Pokemon UNITE - Rattled (Gyarados) Icon.pngRattled
Pokemon Unite - Rough Skin (Garchomp)Rough Skin
Pokemon UNITE - Glaceon Run Away IconRun Away
(Eevee - Glaceon)
Pokemon UNITE - Leafeon Run Away IconRun Away
(Eevee - Leafeon)
Run Away Dodrio IconRun Away
Sand Stream Tyranitar IconSand Stream
Shed Skin Pupitar IconShed Skin
Sniper - Ability Icon InteleonSniper
Pokemon UNITE - Glaceon Snow Cloak IconSnow Cloak
Pokemon Unite - Snow Warning (Alolan Ninetales)Snow Warning
(Alolan Ninetales)
Pokemon UNITE - Stance Change Skill AegislashStance Change
Pokemon Unite - Static (Pikachu)Static
Pokemon Unite - Steadfast (Lucario)Steadfast
Pokemon Unite - Sturdy (Crustle)Sturdy
Pokemon Unite - Super Luck (Absol)Super Luck
Pokemon Unite - Synchronize (Gardevoir)Synchronize
Pokemon Unite - Synchronize (Mew)Syncronize
Pokemon UNITE - Scizor TechnicianTechnician
Pokemon Unite - Thick Fat (Mamoswine)Thick Fat
Pokemon Unite - Torrent (Blastoise)Torrent
Pokemon Unite - Torrent (Greninja)Torrent
Triage - Comfey Move Pokemon UNITETriage
Pokemon UNITE - Unseen Fist (Urshifu) IconUnseen Fist
Pokemon Unite - Volt Absorb (Zeraora)Volt Absorb

Pokemon UNITE Maps

List of Maps Partial Banner
List of Maps

5v5 Maps

Pokemon UNITE - Theia Sky Ruins Map Focus BannerTheia Sky Ruins
New Main Map from
September 2, 2022
Pokemon UNITE - Remoat Stadium Partial BannerRemoat Stadium
Phased Out from
September 2, 2022

Quick Battle Maps

Pokemon UNITE - Mer Stadium Partial BannerMer Stadium Pokemon UNITE - Shivre City Partial BannerShivre City
Pokemon UNITE - Auroma Park Partial Banner.pngAuroma Park Pokemon UNITE - Catch Em Partial Banner.pngCatch 'Em

Event-Only Maps

Pokemon UNITE - Boss Rush Map Focus BannerBoss Rush

Pokemon UNITE Wild Pokemon

Wild Pokemon Focus Banner.png
Wild Pokemon Guide

Theia Sky Ruins Wild Pokemon

Boss Pokemon
Rayquaza Wild Pokemon IconRayquaza Regieleki Wild Pokemon IconRegieleki
Regirock Wild Pokemon IconRegirock Regice Wild Pokemon IconRegice Registeel Wild Pokemon IconRegisteel
Jungle Buff Pokemon
Accelgor Wild Pokemon IconAccelgor Escavalier Wild Pokemon IconEscavalier
Normal Pokemon
Swablu Wild Pokemon Icon.Swablu Altaria Wild Pokemon IconAltaria Xatu Wild Pokemon IconXatu
Bunnelby Wild Pokemon IconBunnelby Pokemon UNITE - Indeedee Wild Pokemon IconIndeedee Baltoy Wild Pokemon IconBaltoy
Evolved Pokemon
Diggersby Wild Pokemon IconDiggersby
(from Bunnelby)
Claydol Wild Pokemon IconClaydol
(from Baltoy)

Mer Stadium Wild Pokemon

Boss Pokemon
Pokemon UNITE - Zapdos Icon.pngZapdos Pokemon UNITE - Drednaw Icon.pngDrednaw Pokemon UNITE - Rotom Icon.pngRotom
Jungle Buff Pokemon
Pokemon UNITE - Ludicolo Icon.pngLudicolo Pokemon UNITE - Bouffalant Icon.pngBouffalant
Normal Pokemon
Pokemon UNITE - Audino Icon.pngAudino Pokemon UNITE - Combee Icon.pngCombee Pokemon UNITE - Vespiquen Icon.pngVespiquen
Pokemon UNITE - Lillipup Icon.pngLillipup Pokemon UNITE - Corphish Icon.pngCorphish Pokemon UNITE - Aipom Icon.pngAipom
Evolved Pokemon
Pokemon UNITE - Herdier Icon.pngHerdier
(from Lillipup)
Pokemon UNITE - Crawdaunt Icon.pngCrawdaunt
(from Corphish)
Pokemon UNITE - Ambipom Icon.pngAmbipom
(from Aipom)

Auroma Park Wild Pokemon

Boss Pokemon
Pokemon UNITE - Regigigas Icon.pngRegigigas
Normal Pokemon
Pokemon UNITE - Abra Icon.pngAbra Pokemon UNITE - Dewpider Icon.pngDewpider Pokemon UNITE - Araquanid Icon.pngAraquanid
Pokemon UNITE - Ledyba Icon.pngLedyba Pokemon UNITE - Sunkern Icon.pngSunkern Pokemon UNITE - Venomoth Icon.pngVenomoth
Evolved Pokemon
Pokemon UNITE - Ledian Icon.pngLedian
(from Ledyba)
Pokemon UNITE - Sunflora Icon.pngSunflora
(from Sunkern)

Shivre City Wild Pokemon

Boss Pokemon
Pokemon UNITE - Avalugg Icon.pngAvalugg
Normal Pokemon
Pokemon UNITE - Snom Icon.pngSnom Pokemon UNITE - Alolan Meowth Icon.pngAlolan Meowth Pokemon UNITE - Electrode Icon.pngElectrode
Evolved Pokemon
Pokemon UNITE - Frosmoth Icon.pngFrosmoth
(from Snom)
Pokemon UNITE - Alolan Persian Icon.pngAlolan Persian
(from Alolan Meowth)

Pokemon UNITE Roles

Roles focus Banner.png

All Lane and Playstyle Roles

All Lane and Playstyle Roles

Lane Roles
Top Icon.pngTop Lane Top Icon.pngJungle Top Icon.pngBottom Lane
Playstyle Roles
Venusaur.pngAttacker Blastoise.pngDefender Blastoise.pngAll-Rounder
Gengar.pngSpeedster Blissey.pngSupport

Pokemon UNITE Achievements

Pokemon UNITE - Achievements Partial

List of All Achievements & How to Complete

List of Achievements by Type

Trainer Achievements
Pokemon UNITE - Trainer Achievements IconAll Trainer Achievements
Pokemon Achievements
Pokemon UNITE - Supporter Achievements IconSupporter Achievements Pokemon UNITE - All Rounder Achievements IconAll-Rounder Achievements Pokemon UNITE - Attacker Achievements IconAttacker Achievements
Pokemon UNITE - Defender Achievements IconDefender Achievements Pokemon UNITE - Speedster Achievements IconSpeedster Achievements

Pokemon UNITE Message Boards

Message Boards Focus Banner.png
All Message Boards

List of Message Boards

Pokemon UNITE - Final Friend Request Board Icon.pngFriend Request Board (1961) Pokemon UNITE - Final General Discussion Board Icon.pngGeneral Discussion Board (525)
Pokemon UNITE - Final Meta Discussion Board Icon.pngMeta Discussion Board (113) Pokemon UNITE - Final Question Board Icon.pngQuestions Board (200)

About Pokemon UNITE

Product Information and Official Site

Release Date Nintendo Switch: July 21st, 2021
Mobile/iOS: September 22nd, 2021
Price Free to play with in-game purchases
Developer The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Genre MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)
Supported Languages English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional)
French, Italian, Spanish to be added late 2021.
Number of Players 10 Players (5 vs. 5)
Japanese Title ポケモンユナイト(Pokemon UNITE)
Official Site Pokemon UNITE Official Website
Official Twitter Pokemon UNITE Official Twitter

Build Up Your Pokemon

Being ready is half the battle. Players can equip their Pokemon with up to four moves which they can acquire during the battle, as well as up to three Held Items suited to their strengths.

Pokemon do not come into battle at full power – rather, they must defeat opponents and wild Pokemon to level up and learn the selected moves, while strategizing on how to reach their max potential and overwhelm the opposing team.

Defeat Opponents to Score Points

Knocking out opposing players or wild Pokemon found around the map will yield Aeon Energy, which can be used to score points for your team. Reach the goal with Aeon Energy in hand to score points and seize the lead!

Earn Pokemon and Skins

Buy Items at Shop.jpeg
Rewards, including new Pokemon for your roster and additional skins for your Pokemon and player, can be earned both by playing the game or by using real-world money. Keep playing to unlock more Pokemon – you'll need them to move up the ranks in the competitive world of Pokemon UNITE!

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