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Multiplayer Ogre Oustin

This is Game8's Ogre Oustin' Multiplayer Board for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV) The Teal Mask DLC. Use this message board to team up and take down the advanced levels for fast rewards and Mochi!

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Multiplayer Ogre Oustin' and Union Circle Discord

Game8 Pokemon Discord Community

Join our Pokemon Discord to do multiplayer Ogre Oustin', trade, join union circles, form raid groups and more! This is also your one-stop shop find everything Pokemon related!
Game8 Pokemon Discord -
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Multiplayer Ogre Oustin' Board Rules and Format

Posting Rules

  • No submissions that are offensive toward other users.
  • No slander or harassment.
  • No posting of images that violate public standards.
  • No posting submissions irrelevant to this board.
  • No posting of the same contents repeatedly.
  • No advertising for other sites or apps.
  • No posting for financial gain (via RMT, etc.)

Note: If you violate any of these conditions, your submission may be deleted and you may be banned from posting.

Posting Format

  • Include the Difficulty Setting in your post (Easy, Normal, Hard)
  • Include the code (Make sure you are online)
  • Feel free to include details of your strategy in the post.

Ogre Oustin' Tips and Strategies

The rules of Ogre Oustin' are simple: pop balloons, collect berries, and protect them from wild Pokemon. To improve your chances of success, our team has prepared tips for you to consider.

  1. Don't Deposit Berries Until You Carry 30
  2. After Depositing, Have One Person Defend the Tables
  3. Head to the Edges of the Course and Work Your Way In
  4. A Good Course Can Make the Difference

For a more detailed explanation of the mechanics and these strategies, check out our full guide below.

Ogre Oustin' Guide and Rewards

Message Board

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24606 Anonymousabout 6 hoursReport


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24604 Anonymous88about 11 hoursReport

Hard 8798

24603 Anonymous3 daysReport

if anyones tryna grind hardmode for munchlax lmk. ill send code

24602 Anonymous4 daysReport


24601 Anonymous4 daysReport

Two Players needed will post code when you're ready Hard mode Green and Blue focusers needed

24600 Anonymous6 daysReport

Hard Code:894JR9 Don't do anything if the goals aren't in a square shape P1:Red P2:Green P3:Blue P4:Grey

24599 Anonymous7 daysReport

Hard pknhd4

24598 Anonymous7 daysReport

On hard 1t4wph

24597 Anonymous7 daysReport


24596 Anonymous7 daysReport

are you playing, right now? I want to join

24595 Anonymous7 daysReport


24594 Anonymous8 daysReport


24593 Anonymous8 daysReport


24592 Anonymous8 daysReport

PD2PL1 Ogre Ousting

24591 Anonymous8 daysReport

Hard 1NQJ3X

24590 Anonymous9 daysReport

Frmcf7 hard

24589 Anonymous9 daysReport

Hardmode sj2tq9

24588 Anonymous19 daysReport

hard mode BB02HF

24587 Anonymous19 daysReport


24586 Anonymous19 daysReport


24585 Anonymous19 daysReport


24584 Anonymous19 daysReport


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