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Honkai: Star Rail News

Honkai Star Rail - News and Game Information
▶︎ Latest News and Information

Release Date is Potentially April 26th

Release Date TBA
Possible Release April 26, 2023 (?)

Honkai: Star Rail's official release date is yet to be announced. While the iOS' App Store has mentioned it to be April 26, 2023, HoYoverse has yet to make an official statement regarding its release.

News and Game Info Guides
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Honkai: Star Rail Characters


▶︎ All Playable Characters

Characters by Rarity

Character Rarity
★★★★ ★★★★★

Characters by Element

Character Elements
Honkai Star Rail Fire ElementFire Honkai Star Rail Ice ElementIce Honkai Star Rail Lightning ElementLightning Honkai Star Rail Wind ElementWind Honkai Star Rail Physical ElementPhysical
Honkai Star Rail Quantum ElementQuantum Honkai Star Rail Imaginary ElementImaginary

All Characters

List of All Characters
Star Rail - BladeBlade Star Rail - BronyaBronya Star Rail - Dan HengDan Heng Star Rail - SampoSampo
Star Rail - Fu XuanFu Xuan Star Rail - QingqueQingque Star Rail - SeeleSeele Star Rail - Silver WolfSilver Wolf
Star Rail - ClaraClara Star Rail - NatashaNatasha Star Rail - SushangSushang Star Rail - TrailblazerTrailblazer
Star Rail - ArlanArlan Star Rail - BailuBailu Star Rail - Jing YuanJing Yuan Star Rail - KafkaKafka
Star Rail - ServalServal Star Rail - TingyunTingyun Star Rail - LuochaLuocha Star Rail - WeltWelt
Star Rail - GepardGepard Star Rail - HertaHerta Star Rail - March 7thMarch 7th Star Rail - PelaPela
Star Rail - YanqingYanqing Star Rail - AstaAsta Star Rail - HimekoHimeko Star Rail - HookHook
Star Rail - Trailblazer (Fire)Trailblazer (Fire)

Honkai: Star Rail Light Cones

Honkai Star Rail - Light Cones

▶︎ All Light Cones

Light Cones by Rarity

Light Cone Rarity
★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★

Light Cones by Path

Light Cone Paths
Star Rail - The Destruction PathDestruction Star Rail - The Hunt PathHunt Star Rail - The Erudition PathErudition Star Rail - The Harmony PathHarmony
Star Rail - The Nihility PathNihility Star Rail - The Preservation PathPreservation Star Rail - The Abundance PathAbundance

Honkai: Star Rail Tips and Tricks

Honkai Star Rail - Tips and Tricks
▶︎ All Tips and Tricks

Game Mechanics Tips and Tricks
All Paths Explained Trailblaze Power Guide

Honkai: Star Rail Relics

Honkai Star Rail - Relics Slim Partial.png
▶︎ All Relics Guide

Honkai: Star Rail Gacha (Warps)

Honkai Star Rail - Warps
▶︎ All Gacha (Warp) Banners

About Honkai: Star Rail

Game Information

Release Date TBD
Full Title Honkai: Star Rail
Developer HoYoverse
Price Free-to-play with in-game purchases
Genre Turn-Based RPG
Platforms ・PC
Website Official Website
Twitter Official Twitter Account
YouTube Official YouTube Account


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