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Everything New in Honkai: Star Rail

Version 2.0 Release Date and News

Version 2.0 Release Date
Honkai Star Rail - If One Dreams At Midnight Version 2.0
Release Date February 06, 2024

Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.0 released on February 06, 2024! The version 2.0 patch featured a new world called Penacony, the Planet of Festivities. Version 2.0 also featured three new characters, Black Swan and Misha for Phase 1 and Sparkle for Phase 2.

New 5-Star Light Cones, Reforged Remembrance catered for Black Swan, and Earthly Escapade for Sparkle are also available in the patch. Rerun banners of Imbibitor Lunae and Jing Yuan with their respective Light Cones are also available!

Unlike the previous versions for Honkai: Star Rail, Version 2.0 will last for 7 weeks, starting on February 06, 2024, ending on March 27, 2024.

Version 2.0 Summary and Banners Guide

Summary of Version 2.0 Content

Honkai Star Rail - Version 2.0 Banner

Version 2.0 New Guides
2.0 Version Update 2.0 Livestream
Black Swan Banner Sparkle Banner
Imbibitor Lunae Rerun Jing Yuan Rerun Banner
2.0 Livestream Codes All Redeem Codes
Version 2.0 Characters
Version 2.0 Light Cones
Version 2.0 New Map
Penacony Map Guide
Version 2.0 Missions
Long Day's Journey Into.. Masquerade Duet
Version 2.0 Cavern Relics
Pioneer Diver of Dead... Watchmaker, Master of...
Version 2.0 Cavern of Corrosion
Path of Dreamdive
Version 2.0 Stagnant Shadows
Shape of Nectar Shape of Roast
Version 2.0 Bosses and Enemies
Stellaron Hunter Sam Boss Something Unto Death
Lordly Trashcan Sweet Gorilla
Mr. Domescreen Allseer
Version 2.0 All Events
Gift of Stellarium Gift of Odyssey 2.0
Penacony Food Fest Hanu's Prison Break
Dreamjolt TV Dreamchaser Bulletin
Planar Fissure Garden of Plenty

Version 2.0 Livestream on January 26

Honkai Star Rail - Version 2.0 Livestream Guide
Honkai: Star Rail's Version 2.0 Special Program was available on January 26, 2024. The livestream featured Black Swan, Sparkle, Misha, Penacony, and many more!

2.0 Livestream Release Date

Honkai: Star Rail Tier Lists

Honkai Star Rail - Tier Lists
Want to know who the best characters are and the best Light Cones to use? Check out our Tier List rankings for Light Cones and all playable characters in Honkai: Star Rail!

All Tier Lists

Honkai: Star Rail Tier List Guides

Tier List Guides
Honkai Star Rail - Character Tier List
Current Version Tier List
Best Characters
We rank the best DPS and Support characters here. This list is updated often, so check out who's currently top tier.
Honkai Star Rail - Reroll Tier List
Reroll Tier List
Reroll Tier List
If you're starting out and unsure of how who to aim for, then we've got you covered in our Reroll Tier List.
Honkai Star Rail - Best Team Comps
Best Team Comps
Best Team Comps
Check out our Team Composition guide to speed through content.
Honkai Star Rail - Best Light Cones
Best Light Cones
Best Light Cones
Check out our Light Cones tier list to find out the best ones to equip for each path!.

Honkai: Star Rail Character Guides

Honkai: Star Rail - Character Guides

All Characters & Guides

Character Lists and Types

Characters by Rarity
4-Star Characters 5-Star Characters
Characters by Element
Honkai Star Rail Fire CharactersFire Honkai Star Rail Ice CharactersIce Honkai Star Rail Characters ElementLightning Honkai Star Rail Wind CharactersWind
Honkai Star Rail Quantum CharactersQuantum Honkai Star Rail Imaginary CharactersImaginary Honkai Star Rail Physical CharactersPhysical

All Characters and Builds

List of All Characters
Star Rail - BladeBlade Star Rail - BronyaBronya Star Rail - Dan HengDan Heng Star Rail - SampoSampo
Star Rail - Black SwanBlack Swan Star Rail - HuohuoHuohuo Star Rail - Fu XuanFu Xuan Star Rail - QingqueQingque
Star Rail - SeeleSeele Star Rail - Silver WolfSilver Wolf Star Rail - LynxLynx Star Rail - SparkleSparkle
Star Rail - XueyiXueyi Star Rail - ClaraClara Star Rail - NatashaNatasha Star Rail - SushangSushang
Star Rail - TrailblazerTrailblazer Star Rail - ArgentiArgenti Star Rail - HanyaHanya Star Rail - LukaLuka
Star Rail - ArlanArlan Star Rail - BailuBailu Star Rail - Jing YuanJing Yuan Star Rail - KafkaKafka
Star Rail - ServalServal Star Rail - TingyunTingyun Star Rail - AcheronAcheron Star Rail - LuochaLuocha
Star Rail - WeltWelt Star Rail - YukongYukong Star Rail - AventurineAventurine Star Rail - Imbibitor LunaeImbibitor Lunae
Star Rail - Dr. RatioDr. Ratio Star Rail - GepardGepard Star Rail - HertaHerta Star Rail - March 7thMarch 7th
Star Rail - PelaPela Star Rail - YanqingYanqing Star Rail - JingliuJingliu Star Rail - MishaMisha
Star Rail - Ruan MeiRuan Mei Star Rail - AstaAsta Star Rail - HimekoHimeko Star Rail - HookHook
Star Rail - TopazTopaz Star Rail - Trailblazer (Fire)Trailblazer (Fire) Star Rail - GallagherGallagher Star Rail - GuinaifenGuinaifen

Honkai: Star Rail News

Sparkle in Phase 2 of Version 2.0

Honkai Star Rail - Sparkle Banner
Sparkle is the second 5-star character to be released in Version 2.0. She is currently available in the second phase of Version 2.0.

Sparkle Release Date and Character Info

Acheron in Phase 1 of Version 2.1

Honkai Star Rail - Acheron Character Banner

Acheron was recently revealed in a Twitter Post by Honkai: Star Rail's official media account! Knowing how HSR handles its Marketing Drip, we can expect Acheron in Phase 1 of Version 2.1.

Acheron Release Date and Character Info

Aventurine in Phase 2 of Version 2.1

Honkai Star Rail - Aventurine Character Banner

Aventurine is the second 5-star character to be revealed after Acheron on Honkai: Star Rail's official social media account. We can expect Aventurine to be an upcoming playable character for the second phase of Version 2.1.

Aventurine Release Date and Character Info

Gallagher For Version 2.1 Phase 2

Honkai Star Rail - Gallagher Character Banner

Gallagher is an upcoming 4-star character that was revealed after Aventurine. With this, Gallagher will likely be the featured 4-star under Aventurine's banner in Phase 2 of Version 2.1.

Gallagher Release Date and Character Info

Black Swan in Version 2.0 in Phase 1

Honkai Star Rail - Black Swan Banner
Black Swan was the featured playable character released in the first phase of Version 2.0.

Black Swan released on February 06, 2024, a day after Dr. Ratio's banner ended!

Black Swan Release Date and Character Info

Misha For Version 2.0 Phase 1

Honkai Star Rail - Misha Banner
Misha was a featured 4-star character released alongside Black Swan for the first phase of Version 2.0.

Misha Release Date and Character Info

Other Honkai: Star Rail News

Honkai Star Rail - News and Game Information
▶︎ Latest News and Information

Honkai: Star Rail Events

Honkai Star Rail - All Upcoming and Current Events

All Events and Schedules

Current Events

All Honkai: Star Rail Current Events
Honkai Star Rail - HanuHanu's Prison Break
02/08/2024 - 03/25/2024
Honkai Star Rail - Dreamjolt TV Event GuideDreamjolt TV
02/29/2024 - 03/25/2024
Honkai Star Rail - Dreamchaser Bulletin Event GuideDreamchaser Bulletin
02/06/2024 - 03/25/2024
Honkai Star Rail - Gift of Stellarium Event GuideGift of Stellarium
02/06/2024 - 03/27/2024
Honkai Star Rail - 2.0 Gift of Odyssey Daily Login Event Guide Gift of Odyssey 2.0
02/06/2024 - 03/26/2024
Honkai Star Rail - Aptitude Showcase 2.0 Event Guide Aptitude Showcase
02/29/2024 - 03/26/2024
Honkai Star Rail - Festival Invitation Web Event GuideFestival Invitation
02/06/2024 - 03/27/2024

Upcoming Events

All Honkai: Star Rail Upcoming Events
Honkai Star Rail - Penacony Food Fest Event GuidePenacony Food Fest
03/06/2024 - 03/18/2024
Honkai Star Rail - Garden of Plenty Event2.0 Garden of Plenty
03/16/2024 - 03/23/2024

Conventional Memoir Events

All Honkai: Star Rail Conventional Memoir Events
Honkai Star Rail - Boulder Town Super League Event GuideBoulder Town Super League Honkai Star Rail - Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities Event GuideEverwinter City Museum
Honkai Star Rail - Tales of the Fantastic Event GuideTales of the Fantastic Honkai Star Rail - Aurum AlleyAurum Alley Hustle & Bustle
Honkai Star Rail - Aetherium Wars Event GuideAetherium Wars Honkai Star Rail - A Foxian Tale of the Haunted Event GuideA Foxian Tale of the Haunted
Honkai Star Rail - Boulder Town Martial Exhibition Event GuideBoulder Town Martial Honkai Star Rail - Critter Pick Event GuideCritter Pick

Permanent Events

All Honkai: Star Rail Permanent Events
Honkai Star Rail - Trailblazing Will Event Guide Trailblazing Will Honkai Star Rail - Starlit Homecoming Event Guide.png Starlit Homecoming
Honkai Star Rail - Starkissed Synchrony Event GuideStarkissed Synchrony

Honkai: Star Rail Map Guides

Honkai Star Rail - Map Guides

List of All Maps

List of All Maps

List of Maps
Herta Space Station Jarilo-VI
The Xianzhou Luofu Penacony

Treasure Chest Locations

Herta Space Station Treasure Chests
Base Zone Storage Zone
Supply Zone Seclusion Zone
Jarilo-VI Treasure Chests
Administrative District Outlying Snow Plains
Backwater Pass Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone
Corridor of Fading Echoes Everwinter Hill
Boulder Town Great Mine
Rivet Town Robot Settlement
Pillars of Creation Old Weapon Testing Ground
The Xianzhou Luofu Treasure Chests
Central Starskiff Haven Cloudford
Stargazer Navalia Exalting Sanctum
Divination Commission Artisanship Commission
Alchemy Commission Scalegorge Waterscape
Aurum Alley Fyxestroll Garden
Penacony Treasure Chests
The Reverie (Reality) Golden Hour
Dream's Edge A Child's Dream
The Reverie (Dreamscape)

New 2.0 Maps in Penacony

New 2.0 Map - Penacony

Penacony, the Planet of Festivities, is the newest world added in the Version 2.0 patch for Honkai: Star Rail. It features 5 new areas, The Reverie - Reality, Golden Hour, Dream's Edge, A Child's Dream, and The Reverie - Dreamscape.

Honkai: Star Rail Tips and Tricks

Honkai Star Rail - Tips and Tricks

All Tips & Tricks

All Tips and Tricks Guides

Game Mechanics Tips and Tricks
All Paths Explained Trailblaze Power Guide
Forgotten Hall How to Farm Stellar Jades
Pity System Explained All Achievements Guide
Simulated Universe Guide Reroll Guide - Is It Worth It?
Livestream Codes Battle System Guide
Daily Check-In Guide How to Save Skill Points
How to Increase Your Trailblaze Level Daily Task List
How to Return to Herta Space Station How to Open Mailbox
How to Level Up Characters All Chest Locations
How to Increase Equilibrium Level How to Do Follow-Up Attacks
All Memory Bubble Locations Best Ways to Spend Currencies
World Shops Guide All Techniques and How to Use
How to Use Photo Mode Operation Briefing Guide
Easter Eggs and References Omni-Synthesizer Guide
Team Building Guide List of All Curios
How to Get Shadow of Destruction How to Get Shadow of Preservation
List of All Paths Recommended Assignments
How to Retreat How to Revive Characters
How to Purchase From the Store List of Elements and Effects
How to Unlock Daily Training How to Get Eidolons
How to Fast Travel Crimson and Golden Calyx Locations and Rewards
Healing and How to Recover HP How to Level Up Traces
How to Switch Characters How to Gain Energy for Ultimates
List of All Aeons Break Effect Guide
Enemy Tracking Guide List of All Shops and Locations
All Simulated Universe Events Reserved Trailblaze Power
Speed Breakpoints Guide How to Get Free Yukong
How to Get Free Lynx Clockie's Offering Rewards
Penacony Car Dealer Location
Is There Multiplayer or Co-Op? Can You Customize Your Character?
Is There Cross-Platform Play? How to Fix Connection Errors
Will There Be a Switch Version? Can You Change Gender?
How to Get Birthday Rewards What are Eidolons?
Can You Skip Cutscenes? Controller Support Guide
Should You Buy the Express Supply Pass? Daily Reset Time
How to Use Windowed or Full Screen Mode How to Change Main Character's Name
Best Warp (Gacha) Banners to Pull On How to Add Friends
Permanent Game Features Best Settings for PC
How to Download on All Platforms Battle Pass Guide
Starter Guide How to Get the Fire Trailblazer
How to Fix the Stuck on Train Loading Screen Bug Is Honkai: Star Rail Open World?
How to Use the Chat Function
How Many Trash Cans Are in Belobog? Rock, Paper, Scissors Guide
Real Treasure Map Guide Fool's Box Solutions
Magflow Link Solutions Mine Cart Test Guide
Unearthly Marvel Solutions Hexanexus Solutions
Navigation Compass Guide Triple Authentication Door Guide
Luminflux Pyxis Solutions Mutare Magnus Solutions
Origami Crane Locations Abacus Circuitry Locations
Phonograph Record Locations Obsequies Performed, A Long Road Ahead Character Locations
Origami Bird Locations in Penacony Clockwork Quests and Gear Locations
Lordly Trashcan Locations and Answers Dreamscape Pass Stickers
Dream Jigsaw Solutions Dream Ticker Solutions

Honkai: Star Rail Banner Guides

Honkai Star Rail - Banner Guides

All Banners and Guides

Sparkle is Available in Phase 2 of Version 2.0

Honkai Star Rail - Sparkle Banner

Sparkle's banner (Sparkling Splendor) is currently available in the second phase of Version 2.0. Running alongside her banner is the Earthly Escapade Light cone, which is currently being featured in the Brilliant Fixation banner.

Her banner will run from February 29, 2024 until March 26, 2024.

Sparkle Banner Schedule and Rates

Jing Yuan is Out in Phase 2 of Version 2.0

Honkai Star Rail - Jing Yuan 2.0 Banner
Jing Yuan's banner (Swirl of Heavenly Spear) is currently having its first rerun banner for Phase 2 of Version 2.0. His Light Cone, Before Dawn, is also available via the Bygone Reminiscence and will run at the same time.

His rerun banner will run from February 29, 2024 until March 26, 2024.

Jing Yuan Banner Schedule and Rates

Acheron Likely Releases in Version 2.1

Honkai Star Rail - Acheron Release Date and Character Info - Acheron Drip Marketing
HoYoverse has recently announced the official drip marketing for Acheron. Her banner will likely be available during Phase 1 in Version 2.1 of Honkai: Star Rail, alongside a Light Cone, catered towards her since she was announced first.

Acheron Banner Schedule and Rates

Aventurine Likely in Version 2.1 Part 2

Aventurine Likely in Version 2.1 Part 2
Aventurine's warp banner is likely going to be featured in the second phase of Version 2.1 as he was second to be announced in HoYoverse's official drip marketing.

Aventurine Banner Schedule and Rates

Gallagher Likely in 2.1 Phase 2 Banner

Honkai Star Rail - Gallagher Character Banner
Gallagher will likely be the featured 4-star character under Aventurine's warp banner based on HoYoverse's official drip marketing.

Gallagher Banner Schedule and Rates

Black Swan in Phase 1 of Version 2.0

Honkai Star Rail - Black Swan
Black Swan's Banner (Ripples in Reflection) was the first 5-star character banner available for Version 2.0. Her Light Cone, Reforged Remembrance, was available via the Brilliant Fixation.

Black Swan's banner release date went live on February 06, 2024, a day after Dr. Ratio's banner ended.

Black Swan Banner Schedule and Rates

Misha For Phase 1 of Version 2.0

Honkai Star Rail - Misha Banner
Misha had his debut in Black Swan's banner as the featured 4-star character.

His Light Cone, Indelible Promise, was also available in Black Swan and Imbibitor Lunae's Light Cone Warp Banner.

Misha Release Date and Character Info

Imbibitor Lunae for Phase 1 of Version 2.0

Honkai Star Rail - Imbibitor Lunae 2.0 Banner
Imbibitor Lunae's Banner (Epochal Spectrum) had its first rerun banner in Phase 1 of Version 2.0. Hish Light Cone, Brighter Than the Sun, was also available via the Bygone Reminiscence.

Both banners were available at the same time from February 06, 2024 until February 29, 2024

Imbibitor Lunae Banner Release Date

Permanently Active Banners

Active Banners
Honkai Star Rail - Departure WarpDeparture Warp Honkai Star Rail - Stellar WarpStellar Warp

Warps are Honkai: Star Rail's gacha banners. Some Warp Banners are limited, but the game also has permanent ones. Learn more with our banner guides linked above.

Honkai: Star Rail Light Cone Guides

Honkai Star Rail - Light Cones

All Light Cones

Light Cone Lists and Types

Light Cones by Rarity
3-Star 4-Star 5-Star
Light Cones by Path
Star Rail - The Destruction Light ConesDestruction Star Rail - The Hunt Light ConesHunt Star Rail - The Erudition Light ConesErudition Star Rail - The Harmony Light ConesHarmony
Star Rail - The Nihility Light ConesNihility Star Rail - The Preservation Light ConesPreservation Star Rail - The Abundance Light ConesAbundance

New 2.0 Star Rail Warp Light Cones

Version 2.0 Light Cones
Honkai Star Rail - Reforged RemembranceReforged Remembrance Honkai Star Rail - Earthly EscapadeEarthly Escapade Honkai Star Rail - Indelible PromiseIndelible Promise

Reforged Remembrance and Earthly Escapade are the newest 5-Star Light Cone added to the game for version 2.0! Misha's Light Cone, Indelible Promise, is the newest 4-star light cone available during Phase 1 of Version 2.0 for Brilliant Fixation and Bygone Reminiscence.

All 5-Star Light Cones

New Light Cone Manifest Store Update

Honkai Star Rail - New Light Cones
The Light Cone Manifest store will be updated with new 4-star Light Cones during the Version 2.0 update for Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail Relic Guides

Honkai Star Rail - Relics
All Relics & Guides

List of All Relic Guides

Honkai Star Rail- Firmament Frontline GlamothFirmament Frontline Glamoth Honkai Star Rail- Penacony, Land of the DreamsPenacony, Land of the Dreams Honkai Star Rail- Rutilant ArenaRutilant Arena
Honkai Star Rail- Broken KeelBroken Keel Honkai Star Rail- Inert SalsottoInert Salsotto Honkai Star Rail- Belobog of the ArchitectsBelobog of the Architects
Honkai Star Rail- Celestial DifferentiatorCelestial Differentiator Honkai Star Rail- Pan-Cosmic Commercial EnterprisePan-Cosmic Commercial Enterprise Honkai Star Rail- Sprightly VonwacqSprightly Vonwacq
Honkai Star Rail- Talia: Kingdom of BanditryTalia: Kingdom of Banditry Honkai Star Rail- Fleet of the AgelessFleet of the Ageless Honkai Star Rail- Space Sealing StationSpace Sealing Station
Honkai Star Rail- Hunter of Glacial ForestHunter of Glacial Forest Honkai Star Rail- Musketeer of Wild WheatMusketeer of Wild Wheat Honkai Star Rail- Passerby of Wandering CloudPasserby of Wandering Cloud
Honkai Star Rail- The Ashblazing Grand DukeThe Ashblazing Grand Duke Honkai Star Rail- Prisoner in Deep ConfinementPrisoner in Deep Confinement Honkai Star Rail- Pioneer Diver of Dead WatersPioneer Diver of Dead Waters
Honkai Star Rail- Watchmaker, Master of Dream MachinationsWatchmaker, Master of Dream Machinations Honkai Star Rail- Longevous DiscipleLongevous Disciple Honkai Star Rail- Messenger Traversing HackerspaceMessenger Traversing Hackerspace
Honkai Star Rail- Wastelander of Banditry DesertWastelander of Banditry Desert Honkai Star Rail- Firesmith of Lava-ForgingFiresmith of Lava-Forging Honkai Star Rail- Eagle of Twilight LineEagle of Twilight Line
Honkai Star Rail- Genius of Brilliant StarsGenius of Brilliant Stars Honkai Star Rail- Guard of Wuthering SnowGuard of Wuthering Snow Honkai Star Rail- Thief of Shooting MeteorThief of Shooting Meteor
Honkai Star Rail- Champion of Streetwise BoxingChampion of Streetwise Boxing Honkai Star Rail- Band of Sizzling ThunderBand of Sizzling Thunder Honkai Star Rail- Knight of Purity PalaceKnight of Purity Palace

New 2.0 Cavern Relic Sets

Version 2.0 Cavern Relic Sets
Honkai Star Rail - Pioneer Diver of Dead WatersPioneer Diver of Dead Waters Honkai Star Rail - Watchmaker, Master of Dream MachinationsWatchmaker, Master of Dream Machinations

Two new cavern relic sets, Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters and Watchmaker, Master of Dream Machinations, have been added to the Version 2.0 of Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail Mission Guides

Honkai Star Rail - Missions

All Missions & Guides

List of Mission Types

All Mission Types
Honkai Star Rail - Trailblaze MissionsTrailblaze Missions Trailblaze Missions are the main missions that you will receive to progress the storyline and allow you to unlock new map sections and gameplay features.
Honkai Star Rail - Companion MissionsCompanion Missions Companion Missions are side missions that focus on certain characters you meet in the game.
Honkai Star Rail - Adventure MissionsAdventure Missions Adventure Missions are simply the side missions in Honkai: Star Rail. These missions have varying rewards, as some may even give you Stellar Jades!
Honkai Star Rail - Daily Missions Daily Missions Daily Missions are random quests that players can get after unlocking the Daily Training game mechanic.
Honkai Star Rail - Hidden QuestsHidden Quests Hidden Quests are special missions and interactions that players can discover and complete by exploring the world of Honkai: Star Rail.

New 2.0 Trailblaze mission

Honkai Star Rail - If One Dreams At Midnight Version 2.0
The new Trailblaze Mission, Long Day's Journey Into Night, was added in the Version 2.0 of Honkai: Star Rail! This mission features the world of Penacony, the Planet of Festivities!

How to Get The Sound and the Fury and Locations

New 2.0 Companion Mission

Star Rail - Companion Mission Masquerade Duet
Masquerade Duet is the new companion mission starring Sparkle and Black Swan available in Version 2.0 of Honkai: Star Rail.

Masquerade Duet - Sparkle Companion Mission Guide

Honkai: Star Rail Item Guides

Honkai Star Rail - Items

All Items & Guides

List of Item Types

All Item Types
Mission Items Valuable Items Consumables
Upgrade Materials Synthesis Materials

New Upgrade Materials for 2.0

Honkai Star Rail - New Materials
New Character Ascension Materials for both Black Swan and Sparkle have been added to the Version 2.0 update. There are 3 new Trace Materials available in 2.0: Borisin Teeth for Destruction characters, Fiery Spirit for Nihility characters, and Firmanent Note for Harmony characters.

Honkai: Star Rail Cavern Guides

Honkai Star Rail - Cavern of Corrosion
Caverns of Corrosion are repeatable dungeons that players can run to farm Relic Sets in Honkai: Star Rail.

All Caverns & Guides

List of Caverns in Honkai: Star Rail

All Caverns of Corrosion
Path of
Path of
Path of
Gelid Wind
Path of
Jabbing Punch
Path of
Holy Hymn
Path of
Path of
Elixir Seekers
Path of Darkness

Honkai: Star Rail Enemy Guides

Honkai Star Rail - Enemies
All Enemies & Weaknesses

List of Enemy Types

All Enemy Types
Normal Enemies Elite Enemies Bosses

2.0 New Boss - Something Unto Death

Honkai Star Rail - Something Unto Death
Trailblazers will be able to fight the new boss in Penacony for Version 2.0 named Something Unto Death!

Something Unto Death Enemy Guide

New Enemies in Version 2.0

Honkai Star Rail - New Enemies
A couple of new enemies have been added to the Version 2.0 Update for Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail Cosmetic Guides

Honkai Star Rail - Cosmetics

List of All Cosmetics

List of Cosmetic Types

All Cosmetics
Honkai Star Rail - Profile PicturesProfile Pictures Honkai Star Rail - Phone CasesPhone Cases Honkai Star Rail - Speech Bubbles Speech Bubbles

About Honkai: Star Rail

Game Information

Release Date April 26, 2023
Full Title Honkai: Star Rail
Developer HoYoverse
Price Free-to-play with in-game purchases
Genre Turn-Based RPG
Platforms ・Epic Games Store
Website Official Website
Twitter Official Twitter Account
YouTube Official YouTube Account

All HoYoverse Game Wikis

All HoYoverse Game Wikis and Walkthrough Guides
Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact Honkai Star RailHonkai: Star Rail Zenless Zone ZeroZenless Zone Zero

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