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Monster Hunter Rise Latest News

Update 3.6 Patch Notes and Event Quests

MH Rise - Update 3.6 Partial Banner

Monster Hunter Rise dropped its latest update with Update 3.6 on November 25, 2021! This provides additional weekly event quests and new DLCs that can be purchased and/or downloaded through the Nintendo eShop.

Update 3.6: Sonic Collab, Event Quests,
and Patch Notes

List of Quests (Update 3.6)

Quest Name Monster/Special Reward
MH Rise - Gotta Hoard Fast Event Quest Icon Gotta Hoard Fast
Released: Nov. 26th
No Target Monster (Deliver 200 Rings)
Special Rewards:
Sonic Costume Palico layered armor
Canyne Tails Palamute layered armor
Figurines (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles)
MH Rise - Super Shady Look-alike Event Quest Icon Super Shady Look-alike
Released: Nov. 26th

Special Reward: Sonic Wear layered armor
MH Rise - Troubled Waters Event Quest Icon Troubled Waters
Released: Nov. 26th

Special Reward: Diver layered armor
MH Rise - Apex Rathian Emergency Event Quest Icon Apex Rathian Emergency
Released: Nov. 26th
MH Rise - Challenge Quest 06 Icon Challenge Quest 06
Released: Nov. 26th

PC Demo Now Live on Steam!

MH Rise - PC Demo Release Date

The much-anticipated Monster Hunter Rise PC demo is now out on Steam, starting from 9 AM PDT, October 13, 2021! Have fun hunters, and good luck!

PC and Switch Demo Guide
and Features

PC Release Date Announced

MH Rise - PC Release Date

The recent CAPCOM TGS 2021 confirmed the PC release date for Monster Hunter Rise.

PC Release Date January 12, 2022

Monster Hunter Rise PC Port
Release Date and Specs

Sunbreak Expansion Coming Summer 2022

MH Rise - Sunbreak Expansion New Monster

Sharpen your weapons and load your guns, hunters! The expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, Sunbreak, will be coming this Summer 2022, along with new monsters like Malzeno and Shogun Ceanataur, new maps, and a new quest rank!

Sunbreak Expansion:
Release Date and Features

Monster Hunter Rise Update 3.0 Guide

MH Rise - Update 3.0 Partial Banner

Checkmark3 New Monsters Added
  └Narwa the Allmother, Crimson Glow Valstrax
  └Apex Zinogre
CheckmarkApex Monsters Appear in Standard Quests
  └Apex Diablos, Apex Rathalos, Apex Zinogre
Additional Story Progression
CheckmarkNew Story Ending

CheckmarkNew Quests Unlocked
  └New monsters included in the Rampage quests
CheckmarkNew Combat Locale Added

CheckmarkNew Weapons, Armor Sets, Layered Armor Added

CheckmarkNew Skills and Rampage Skills Introduced

CheckmarkAppearance of Rampage Weapons Can Be Changed
Other Update Contents
CheckmarkNew Guild Card Awards Added

CheckmarkPaid DLC Pack 3 Available in Nintendo eShop
  └Iori and Yomogi Hunter Voices
  └Layered Armor for Hunter and Buddies
  └New Poses and Stickers

Update 3.0 Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Site Map

Hunting & Equipment
Monsters.pngMonsters Weapons.pngWeapons Armor Icon.pngArmor
Petalace Icon.pngPetalaces Layered Armor Icon.pngLayered Armor Quests.pngQuests
Talismans.pngTalismans Skills.pngSkills Dango Icon.pngDango
Decorations.pngDecorations Best Armor.pngBest Builds Buddies Icon.pngBuddies
Gathering & Exploring
Maps Icon (Main Links).pngMaps and Locations Materials.pngItems and Materials Endemic Life Icon.pngEndemic Life
Cohoot Icon.pngStory Walkthrough Updates.pngNews and Game Info Game Mechanics.pngGame Mechanics
Characters Icon.pngCharacters and Voice Actors Discussion Board.pngMessage Boards Spiribird Icon.pngTips & Tricks

Monster Hunter Rise Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough Partial Banner.png

Complete Story Walkthrough
How to Unlock High Rank
How to Break Hunter Rank Caps
Endgame Guide (100% Clear)
Game Length

Monster Hunter Rise Monsters

Monsters Partial Banner
All Monster Guides

New Monsters

New Monsters List
Magnamalo.jpegMagnamalo Somnacanth.jpegSomnacanth Bishaten.jpegBishaten
Aksonom.jpegAksonom Great Izuchi.jpegGreat Izuchi Tetranadon.jpegTetranadon
Goss Harag.pngGoss Harag almudron partial.pngAlmudron rakna-kadaki partial.pngRakna-Kadaki
Wind Serpent Ibushi.pngWind Serpent Ibushi Narwa No Text.pngThunder Serpent Narwa Monster Hunter Rise - Crimson Glow Valstrax.pngCrimson Glow Valstrax
Narwa the Allmother Border.pngNarwa the Allmother

All New Monsters

Returning Monsters

Returning Monsters
Arzuros.jpegArzuros Royal Ludroth.jpegRoyal Ludroth Great Wroggi.jpegGreat Wroggi
Tobi-Kadachi.jpegTobi-Kadachi Rathalos.jpegRathalos Pukei-Pukei.jpegPukei-Pukei
Rathian.jpegRathian Anjanath.jpegAnjanath Kulu-Ya-Ku.jpegKulu-Ya-Ku
Jyuratodus.jpegJyuratodus Mizutsune Partial IMGMizutsune Khezu Icon.pngKhezu
Lagombi.pngLagombi Tigrex PartialTigrex Great Baggi PartialGreat Baggi
Barioth.pngBarioth Basarios partial.pngBasarios Volvidon Partial.pngVolvidon
Diablos partial.pngDiablos Rajang.pngRajang Barroth.pngBarroth
nargacuga partial.pngNargacuga Zinogre Monster BorderZinogre chameleos partial.pngChameleos
Bazelgeuse Border.pngBazelgeuse Kushala Daora Border.pngKushala Daora Teostra Border.pngTeostra

All Returning Monsters

Apex Monsters

Apex Monsters
Apex Arzuros with Border.pngApex Arzuros Apex Rathian Border.pngApex Rathian Monster Hunter Rise - Apex Mizutsune with Border.pngApex Mizutsune
Apex Rathalos with Border.pngApex Rathalos Apex Diablos with Border.pngApex Diablos Monster Hunter Rise - Apex Zinogre.pngApex Zinogre

All Apex Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise Weapons

Weapons Partial Banner.png

Weapon Type Guides
Weapons Page Banner.pngWeapons and Weapon Types Weapon Tier ListWeapon Type Tier List Builds for Each Weapon.pngBuilds for Each Weapon Type

Melee Weapon Guides

Melee Weapons
Great Sword Icon.jpegGreat Sword Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Long Sword Icon.jpegLong Sword Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Sword & Shield Icon.jpegSword and Shield Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Dual Blades Icon.jpegDual Blades Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Lance Icon.jpegLance Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Gunlance Icon.jpegGunlance Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Hammer Icon.jpegHammer Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Hunting Horn Icon.jpegHunting Horn Trees & Full List How to Use (Melodies and Effects) Best Builds
Switch Axe Icon.jpegSwitch Axe Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Charge Blade Icon.jpegCharge Blade Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Insect Glaive Icon.jpegInsect Glaive Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Kinsect Icon.pngKinsects Kinsect Tree and Complete Kinsect List

Ranged Weapon Guides

Ranged Weapons
Light Bowgun Icon.jpegLight Bowguns Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Heavy Bowgun Icon.jpegHeavy Bowguns Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds
Bow Icon.jpegBows Trees & Full List How to Use Best Builds

Monster Hunter Rise Armor

Armor Sets Partial Banner.png

List of Armor and Armor Skills

All Large Monster Armor Sets

aknosom icon.pngAknosom almudron icon.pngAlmudron anjanath icon.pngAnjanath arzuros icon.pngArzuros
barioth icon.pngBarioth barroth icon.pngBarroth basarios icon.pngBasarios bazelgeuse icon.pngBazelgeuse
bishaten icon.pngBishaten chameleos icon.pngChameleos crimson glow valstrax icon.pngCrimson Glow Valstrax diablos icon.pngDiablos
goss harag icon.pngGoss Harag great baggi icon.pngGreat Baggi great izuchi icon.pngGreat Izuchi great wroggi icon.pngGreat Wroggi
jyuratodus icon.pngJyuratodus khezu icon.pngKhezu kulu-ya-ku icon.pngKulu-Ya-Ku kushala daora icon.pngKushala Daora
lagombi icon.pngLagombi magnamalo icon.pngMagnamalo mizutsune icon.pngMizutsune nargacuga icon.pngNargacuga
pukei-pukei icon.pngPukei-Pukei rajang icon.pngRajang rakna-kadaki icon.pngRakna-Kadaki rathalos icon.pngRathalos
rathian icon.pngRathian royal ludroth icon.pngRoyal Ludroth somnacanth icon.pngSomnacanth teostra icon.pngTeostra
tetranadon icon.pngTetranadon thunder serpent narwa icon.pngThunder Serpent Narwa tigrex icon.pngTigrex tobi-kadachi icon.pngTobi-Kadachi
volvidon icon.pngVolvidon wind serpent ibushi icon.pngWind Serpent Ibushi zinogre icon.pngZinogre

All Small Monster Armor Sets

Bnahabra Icon.pngBnahabra Bullfango Icon.pngBullfango Gargwa Icon.pngGargwa Jaggi Icon.pngJaggi
Ludroth Icon.pngLudroth Remobra Icon.pngRemobra Rhenoplos Icon.pngRhenoplos Slagtoth Icon.pngSlagtoth
Uroktor Icon.pngUroktor

Other Armor Sets

Alloy Black Leather Bone
Bone Brigade Chainmail Chaos
Cunning Specs Damascus Death Stench Dober
Edel Feather of Mastery Flame Seal Hunter
Guild Cross Ingot Jelly Kamura
Leather Makluva Melahoa Mosgharl
Shadow Shades Shell-Studded Skalda/
Utsushi (Hidden)/
Utsushi (Visible)/

Monster Hunter Rise Items & Materials

Items and Materials Partial Banner.png

List of Items and Materials

List of Items and Materials by Type

Item and Material Types
Plants.pngPlants Medicine.pngFood and Medicine Fish.pngFish
Insects.pngInsects Traps and Bombs.pngTraps and Bombs Ammo and Phials.pngAmmo and Phials
Bones.pngBones Monster.pngMonster Materials Account Item.pngAccount Items
Tickets Icon.pngTickets and Coins Scraps Icon.pngScraps Monster Materials Icon.pngUpgrade Material Types
Other Items Other Materials

List of Hot Items

Account Items
Bauble Cactus Bismuth Prism Boatshell Coal
Divine Rhino Fabled Spice Firelantern Gargwa Egg
King Rhino Legendary Herb Monster Guts Popo Tongue
Pricey Shoot Quality Wyvern Egg Raftshell Rhenoplos Egg
Rock Rose Simple Prism Unique Mushroom Wisplantern
Other Items
Dragonite Ore Iron Ore Machalite Ore Well-done Steak
Monster Bone S Monster Bone M Monster Bone L Monster Bone+
Fertile Mud Jumbo Bone Monster Broth Sharp Fang
Warm Pelt Outfit Voucher Lazurite Jewel Wisdom Crystal
Wild Dark Leather Shady Crystal Satsui no Hado Broken Knight Armor

Monster Hunter Rise Builds

Builds Partial Banner.png

All Builds and Best Equipment

Builds for Each Weapon

All Weapon Build Guides
Great SwordGreat Sword Long SwordLong Sword Sword and ShieldSword and Shield Dual BladesDual Blades
HammerHammer Hunting HornHunting Horn LanceLance GunlanceGunlance
Switch AxeSwitch Axe Charge BladeCharge Blade Insect GlaiveInsect Glaive BowBow
Light BowgunLight Bowgun Heavy BowgunHeavy Bowgun

Best All-Purpose Builds

Best Builds for High Rank

Best Buddy Builds

All Buddy Build Guides
Palico Palamute

Monster Hunter Rise Tips & Tricks

MH Rise - Tips and Tricks Partial Banner

All Tips & Tricks

All Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks
Beginner's Guide Best Beginner Weapons
How to Climb Walls Best Dango Combinations
How to Raise Max Stamina How to Cook Well-Done Steaks
All Sub-Camp Locations All Relic Record Locations
Rampage Weapons Guide How to Unlock Weapon Trees
Rampage Guide: How to Get S-Rank How to Aim with the Bow: Manual Aim Vs. Gyroscrope
List of Awards and How to Unlock
Farming Guides
How to Farm Money How to Farm Kamura Points
Which Items to Sell Talisman Farming
Best Mining Spots: Where to Find Ore How to Farm Dango Tickets
How to Farm Kamura Tickets How to Farm Buddy Tickets
Combat Guides
How to Capture Monsters How to Avoid Attacks: Frame Dodge Guide
How to Beat Flying Monsters How to Beat Fish Monsters
How to Make Monsters Sleep Best Buddies to Bring
Best Item Loadouts

Monster Hunter Rise Game Mechanics

MH Rise - Game Mechanics Partial Banner
All Game Mechanics Guides

Village Facility Guides
Room Guide: Things To Do Inside Your Room Training Area Guide
Canteen and Food Skills Gathering Hub Guide
Getting Started
Character Creation Guide List of Controls
Palico Guide Palamute Guide
Cohoot Guide List of Settings
Can I Change My Name? Can I Change Gender?
Hunter and Monster Stats
Explanation of Hunter Stats Monster Stats Explained
Attack and Elemental Attack Defense and Elemental Defense
Affinity and Negative Affinity Monster Size and Effects
Weapon- and Armor-Related Guides
How to Rollback Weapons How to Forge Weapons and Armor
Damage Types: Difference Between Sever, Blunt, Projectile Damage How to Use Weapon and Armor Designs
How to Change Armor Pigment How to Hide Armor Pieces
How to Upgrade Kinsects How Does Sharpness Work?
Gameplay Features
Wirebug Moves and Controls Silkbind Attacks
How to Lock-On and Target Settings Switch Skills Guide
Wyvern Riding Guide Turf Wars
What is the Rampage? Hunter Rank (HR) Guide
Abnormal Status and Elemental Blight Guide How to Use Photo Mode
Unchangeable Appearance Features How to Fast Travel
Fishing Guide Quest Completion Rewards
How to Carry Eggs Respawn Timers
Melding Pot Guide Solo and Offline Play Guide
Crafting List
Online Play
Multiplayer and Co-op Guide Hunter Connect and Like Function
How to use the Chat Feature How to Use Gestures
Join Requests Guide How Does Difficulty Scaling Work?

Monster Hunter Rise Maps & Locations

Maps Locations Partial Banner.png

List of Maps and Locations

All Maps and Locations

Shrine Ruins.pngShrine Ruins Frost Islands.pngFrost Islands
Sandy Plains.pngSandy Plains Flooded Forest.pngFlooded Forest
Lava Caverns.pngLava Caverns
Other Locations
Kamura Village.pngKamura Village Monster Hunter Rise - Infernal Springs with Border.pngInfernal Springs

Monster Hunter Rise Quests

List of Quests

Quest Types and List of Quests

All Quest Guides by Type

Quest Types
Village Quests Banner.pngVillage Quests Urgent Quests Banner.pngUrgent Quests
Gathering Hub Quests Banner.pngGathering Hub Quests Arena Quests Banner.pngArena Quests
Side Quests Banner.pngSide Quests Requests Banner.jpgRequests
Event Quests Banner.pngEvent Quests List of Collab and Quest.pngCollabs and Quests
Challenge Quests.pngChallenge Quests

Monster Hunter Rise Endemic Life

Endemic Life Partial Banner.png

List of Endemic Life

Endemic Life

Endemic Life
Antidobra IconAntidobra Aurorturtle IconAurorturtle Blastoad IconBlastoad Boulder Lizard IconBoulder Lizard
Brewhare IconBrewhare Butterflame IconButterflame Clothfly IconClothfly Cutterfly IconCutterfly
Echobat IconEchobat Escuregot IconEscuregot Firebeetle IconFirebeetle Flashfly IconFlashfly
Giganha IconGiganha Golden Spiribug IconGolden Spiribug Great Wirebug IconGreat Wirebug Gustcrab IconGustcrab
Lampsquids IconLampsquids Lanternbug IconLanternbug Mudbeetle IconMudbeetle Paratoad IconParatoad
Peepersects IconPeepersects Pincercrab IconPincercrab Poisontoad IconPoisontoad Puppet Spider IconPuppet Spider
Rock Lizard IconRock Lizard Scale Lizard IconScale Lizard Sleeptoad IconSleeptoad Snowbeetle IconSnowbeetle
Spiribirds IconSpiribirds Stinkmink IconStinkmink Thunderbeetle IconThunderbeetle Trapbugs IconTrapbugs
Tricktoad IconTricktoad Vigorwasp IconVigorwasp Wailnard IconWailnard Wirebug IconWirebug

Rare Endemic Life

Rare Endemic Life
Hellbill IconHellbill Monksnail IconMonksnail Quetzalcobra IconQuetzalcobra
Regitrice IconRegitrice Snow-faced Fox IconSnow-faced Fox

Lucky Life

Lucky Life
Felicicrow IconFelicicrow Fortune Owl IconFortune Owl

Monster Hunter Rise Buddies

MH Rise - Buddies Partial Banner

Buddy Plaza Guide

All Buddy Guides
Palico Guide Builds Best Types Equipment
Palamute Guide Builds Best Gear Equipment
Skills All Buddy Skills
Buddy Plaza Facilities
Buddy Dojo Guide and Training Guide
Argosy and Trading Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Message Boards

Message Boards Partial Banner.png

All Message Boards

List of Message Boards

Discussion Board.pngDiscussion Board (50) Question Board.pngQuestions Board (13)
Friend Request Board.pngFriend Request Board (3) Multiplayer Board.pngMultiplayer Board (1)
Fashion Hunt Board.pngFashion Hunter Board (14) Suggestion Board.pngSuggestion Board (20)

Monster Hunter Rise News and Game Info

News and Game Info Partial Banner

All Latest News

All News Categories

All Other News

News and Info
Switch Release Time and Release Date All Game Editions and Bonuses
Preorder Bonuses Available Platforms
Switch Demo 2 Release Time and Release Date Switch Demo Review
All MH Rise Amiibo and Unlockable Rewards G Rank, Master Rank, and Expansions
How to Download the Game All Trailers and Pre-Release Videos
List of DLC and Prices Switch Lite Compatibility
Best Controllers to Use Switch and Pro Controller Bundle
Can You Use Voice Chat? Official Guidebook Details
MH Rise vs World:
New Features
Free Rewards: How to Get Free Gifts

Latest News and Game Info

About Monster Hunter Rise

Product Information

MH Rise - Release Information

Game Title Monster Hunter Rise
Developer CAPCOM
Release Date Nintendo Switch: March 26th, 2021
PC: January 12, 2021
(PC Demo Available: October 13, 2021)
Price Standard Edition: $59.99
Deluxe Edition: $69.99
Collector's Edition: $99.99
(All Game Edition Details)
No. of Players 1 (Online: 1-4)
Local + Online Play Supported
Platform Nintendo Switch
PC (Steam)
(Will other platforms be available?)
Genre Action
Rating ESRB Teen

Monster Hunter Rise Age Rating

Rated ESRB Teen in the US

Monster Hunter Rise ESRB Age Rating

In the United States, Monster Hunter Rise is rated ESRB Teen.

This means that its content may depict violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling and infrequent use of strong language.

Teens age thirteen (13) and up may enjoy this game.

Official Website and Social Media

Website Monster Hunter Rise Official Site
Twitter Monster Hunter Information
YouTube Monster Hunter Official Channel
Facebook Monster Hunter Official Page
Instagram Monster Hunter Official Account

A New Monster Hunter Game with a Japanese Theme

MH Rise - Game Explanation 1

The latest installment in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Rise introduces a world with traditional Japanese influence. The Japan-only release “Monster Hunter Portable 3rd” was also based on a Japan-esque setting, but Monster Hunter Rise brings the imagery of feudal Japan to new heights.

New Monsters Based on Japanese Demons

MH Rise - Game Explanation 2

Each of the new Monsters introduced is based on influence from Japanese demons of folklore known as “Yokai”. The developers have stated their intention to further characterize each Monster, leading to creative new designs never before seen in the series.

New Possibilities with the Wirebug

MH Rise - Game Explanation 3

New techniques are unlocked with the introduction of the Wirebug item. The Wirebug allows the hunter to soar through the air, making it easier than ever to traverse the map and get the drop on Monsters. The Wirebug also combines with each of the 14 weapons to yield Silkbind Attacks, each of which are unique to the associated weapon.

All Monster Hunter Wikis

All Monster Hunter Wikis
Monster Hunter World (MHW) LogoMonster Hunter World Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) LogoMonster Hunter Rise
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