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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet takes place in a brand new region called Paldea seemingly based on Spain. Learn everything we know about the Paldea Region, including speculation on the possible locations, the region's name and what country the region is based on!

Paldea Region Map and Locations

The full map of the Paldea Region was shown in the August 3 Trailer and while it didn't reveal anything particular each locale, we have speculated the possible cities and locations in the region and what they may contain.

Legend Location
1 Possible starting location and hometown. The hilly areas with multiple lakes may be the possible location of Artazon, home of the Grass-type gym leader Brassius.
2 Possible location of Mesagoza, the largest city in the region and home to the Naranja Academy or Uva Academy.
3 Possible location of the Glaseado Gym, home to the Ice-type gym leader Grusha.
4 Possible location of the snowy mountain location featured in the trailers.
5 Possible swamp or marshland location where you can catch Paldean Wooper.
6 Possible racing route location where you can race using Koraidon and Miraidon and may be the setting for the Racing Story in the Three Grand Stories.
7 Large crater with a structure built on the caldera. Possible location of the villainous team's headquarters.
8 Possible sea route location home to Water-type Pokemon.
9 Possible mountain region home to Rock and Ground-type Pokemon.
10 Possible post-game location that may connect to another region like Kalos.

Region Name

The Paldea Region

Pokemon SV - Paldea Region Map.png
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet takes place in the Paldea region, a large region filled with eclectic locations - from vast open fields dotted with lakes and towering peaks, to mountain ranges and even wastelands.

Previous Region Names and Real-World Locations

Region Name Appearing Games Real-World Basis
Kanto RBY (Gen 1) Tokyo, Japan
Johto GSC (Gen 2) Kyoto, Japan
Hoenn RSE (Gen 3) Kyushu, Japan
Sinnoh DPP (Gen 4) Hokkaido, Japan
Unova BW/B2W2 (Gen 5) New York, United States
Kalos XY (Gen 6) France
Alola SM/USUM (Gen 7) Hawaii
Galar SwSh (Gen 8) United Kingdom
Hisui PLA (Gen 8.5) Hokkaido, Japan

What Country is the New Region Based On?

Based on Spain

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - New Region

The Paldea Region appears to be based on Spain. Several locations in the trailer appear to be based on real-life locations in the country.

The Hub is Based on Park Güell and Plaza Mayor

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Park Güell
The large hub area featured in the trailer appears based on both Park Güell and Plaza Mayor, two famous locations in Barcelona and Madrid.

Famous for its gardens and architectural elements, the hub area also appear to feature the real-life locations prominent mosaic works.

The Large Building is Based on Sagrada Familia

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Sagrada Familia

Another noteworthy location featured in the trailer looks very similar to the Sagrada Familia, which is another iconic location in real-life Barcelona, Spain.

The Map Appears Based on the Iberian Peninsula

Pokemon SV - Region Map.png

A glimpse of the in-game map as shown in the game appears in the trailer and the region appears based on the Iberian Peninsula due to its generally rectangular shape. The peninsula, often shortened to Iberia, is principally divided between Spain and Portugal.

The Player House Gives Off Spanish Vibes

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Player Home

The player house appears to be a Spanish-Style House, feautring quintessential architectural elements such as an asymmetrical shape, a clay-tile roof, and double-hung windows to name a few.

The Starters are Based on Native Animals

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Starter Pokemon
The starter Pokemon appear based on animals native to Spain and the surrounding regions. Sprigatito, the Grass-type starter looks similar to the Iberian Lynx. Further evidence is in the name; gatito is Spanish for little cat or kitten.

Quaxly appear to be based on the Eurasian Teal, which is a widespread duck species found in the Iberian Peninsula.

Fuecoco doesn't have a real-world equivalent, but it appears to be a reference to the El Drac mosaic statue in Park Güell.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starter Pokemon

Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon SV - Orange and Grape.png

The color-themed names of the two games may also be a reference to the Flag of the Second Spanish Republic, which feature the colors Red and Dark Purple very prominently.

Gen 9 Region Features

The Region Features Diverse Biomes

Pokemon SV - Snowy Region.png
The new region features a plethora of different biomes and locations. While most of the region has a Mediterranean feel, dynamic locations such as snowy mountaintops and craggy mountain areas also appear.

Pokemon Centers Replaced by Kiosks

Pokemon SV - Pokemon Kiosks.png

As featured in the June 1 Trailer, it appears that the new region has kiosk-like buildings instead of Pokemon Centers.

June 1 Second Trailer: Everything We Learned

A Region to Explore with Friends

Pokemon SV - Explore with Friends.png

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gives players freedom to explore the new region at your own pace and not in an order dictated by the story. Additionally, you can connect with up to four other players to explore the new region!

List of Multiplayer Features

An Open World Adventure

Pokemon SV - A New Pokemon Adventure.png
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is an open-world adventure set in a brand new region filled with new Pokemon as well as familiar ones, and will release in Late 2022.

Is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Open World?

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