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Welcome to Game8's walkthrough wiki of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the new open-world Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch. Learn how to complete Hisui's first ever Pokedex and complete Research Tasks with our Pokedex info, detailed Maps, Item and Move data, Beginner's Tips and Guides, Mission and Request guides, Story Walkthroughs, and more!

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus Site Map

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Guides
PLA - Pokedex Partial Banner.pngPokedex Story Walkthrough BannerStory Walkthrough
Request Walkthroughs Banner.pngRequests Boss Battles Banner.pngBosses
Pokemon Legends Arceus Maps & LocationsMap and Locations Alpha Pokemon.pngAlpha Pokemon
Pokemon Legends Arceus ItemsItems Tips and Tricks Banner.pngBeginner's Tips & Guides
Pokemon Legends Arceus MovesMoves PLA - News and Game Info Banner.pngNews and Game Info
PLA - Message Boards Partial Banner.pngMessage Boards Characters.pngCharacters
Legends Arceus - Tier List and Movesets.pngBest Pokemon Tier List and Movesets -

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Hot Articles

Pokemon HOME Support Now Available

Pokemon Legends Arceus - Pokemon HOME Now Available for Legends ArceusPokemon HOME Guide Legends Arceus Pokemon That Can Be Transferred to BDSPPokemon Transferrable to BDSP

Daybreak 1.1.0 Update New Content

PLA - Daybreak Ver. 1.1.0 Update and Patch Notes.pngDaybreak Walkthrough and 1.1.0 Patch Notes Legends Arceus Massive Mass Outbreaks.pngMassive Mass Outbreaks Guide and Pokemon List
PLA Eternal Battle Reverie.pngEternal Battle Reverie Guide and Rewards PLA Path of Solitude.pngPath of Solitude Guide and Rewards

Popular Guides

PLA - Shiny Pokemon.pngShiny Farming Space-Time Distortions Banner.pngSpace-Time Distortions Guide
How to Catch Pokemon.pngHow to Catch Pokemon Easily How to Get Research Points Fast Banner.pngHow to Farm Research Points
Pokemon Legends Arceus Mystery GiftsHow to Get Mystery Gifts and List of Codes All Wisp Locations Banner.pngAll Wisp Locations: Guide & Maps

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pokedex

Pokemon Legends Arceus - Pokedex Partial Banner
Hisui Pokedex: List of All Pokemon

Special Pokemon

Special Pokemon
Arceus - Starter PokemonStarter Pokemon Arceus - Alpha PokemonAlpha Pokemon Arceus - Noble PokemonNoble Pokemon

Pokemon by Generation

Pokemon Generations
Arceus - Generation 1 PokemonGen 1 Arceus - Generation 2 PokemonGen 2 Arceus - Generation 3 PokemonGen 3 Arceus - Generation 4 PokemonGen 4
Arceus - Generation 5 PokemonGen 5 Arceus - Generation 6 PokemonGen 6 Arceus - Generation 7 PokemonGen 7 Arceus - Generation 8 PokemonGen 8

All Pokemon by Generation

Pokemon by Type

Arceus - Bug Type PokemonBug Arceus - Dark Type PokemonDark Arceus - Dragon Type PokemonDragon
Arceus - Electric Type PokemonElectric Arceus - Fairy Type PokemonFairy Arceus - Fighting Type PokemonFighting
Arceus - Fire Type PokemonFire Arceus - Flying Type PokemonFlying Arceus - Ghost Type PokemonGhost
Arceus - Grass Type PokemonGrass Arceus - Ground Type PokemonGround Arceus - Ice Type PokemonIce
Arceus - Normal Type PokemonNormal Arceus - Poison Type PokemonPoison Arceus - Psychic Type PokemonPsychic
Arceus - Rock Type PokemonRock Arceus - Steel Type PokemonSteel Arceus - Water Type PokemonWater

Pokemon by Stats

Pokemon by Locations

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough Banner

Complete Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough Guides

All Trainer Battles

Other Story Walkthrough Guides

Other Story Guides
Arezu Location in Mission 8 How to Get to Brava Arena
Snowpoint Temple Door Puzzle Solution Story Summary and Ending Explained

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Requests

Request Walkthroughs Banner.png

All Request Walkthroughs and How to Unlock

List of All Requests

No. Mission No. Mission
1 Wurmple Can Evolve 2 Adorable Starly
3 What Did Shinx's Ears Look Like? 4 Big Buizel, Little Buizel
5 What It Takes to Be Awesome 6 Mushroom Cake Marketing
7 Playing With Drifloon 8 Bothersome Bidoof
9 Zubat's Eyes 10 Wurmple's Evolved
11 The Timbre of the Fields 12 A Perfect Pickling Stone
13 Trees that Bear Berries 14 Berry Helpful
15 Balloon Race in the Fieldlands 16 Strange Happenings at Midnight
17 To Bloom or Not to Bloom 18 Please! Make Me a Pokeshi Doll!
19 A Peculiar Ponyta 20 The Mysterious Will-o'-the-Wisp
21 Back-Alley Mr. Mime 22 Eerie Apparitions in the Night
23 Getting Ahold of New Wares 24 Inspiration from Hippopotas
25 The Pokemon in the Woodland Photo 26 Aim for the Big Leagues
27 Help Wanted: Plowing the Fields 28 Measuring Your Compatibility
29 The Search for Bitter Leaves 30 A Beautiful Rose...
31 Setting Up the Bogbound Camp 32 The Headache-Stricken Psyduck
33 What a Massive Mushroom! 34 Croagunk's Curative Poison
35 Battling with Pachirisu 36 Watering with Care
37 The Fragrance of Nostalgic Herbs 38 Gone Astray...in the Mirelands
39 All about Magikarp 40 The Charm Lost in the Swamp
41 An Elegant Tail 42 Help Wanted: Watering the Fields
43 More New Wares 44 The Pokemon in the Nighttime Photo
45 Shellos of the East and West 46 Setting Up the Coastlands Camp
47 Balloon Race in the Coastlands 48 The Taste of Home
49 Keep an Eye Out for Aipom! 50 Double the Tails, Double the Fun
51 Coming Up Roses 52 Eevee's Evolutions
53 Octillery's Ink 54 Serving Up Swap Snacks
55 Poor, Peckish Piplup 56 Getting Help from Machoke
57 The Taste of Honey 58 Gone Astray...in the Coastlands
59 Misdreavus the Hairstyle Muse 60 Help Wanted: Rock Smashing in the Fields
61 Even More New Wares 62 The Pokemon in the River Photo
63 Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam 64 Getting to Know the Ghosts
65 Setting Up the Mountain Camp 66 The Sea's Legend
67 The Clefairy's Moonlit Dance 68 A Nosepass to Guide the Way
69 Gone Astray...in the Highlands 70 Colorful New Looks
71 New Wares Yet Again 72 Pesselle's Easy Errand
73 Which is the Real Burmy? 74 A Bit of Help from Blissey
75 Kirlia the Hairstyle Muse 76 Mushroom Hunting with Swinub
77 Gone Astray...in the Fieldlands 78 Setting Up the Icepeak Camp
79 Balloon Race in the Icelands 80 The Perfect Pickle Recipe
81 In Search of a Fiery Pokemon 82 Traces of a Lost Village
83 Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow 84 The Bergmite Enthusiast
85 At Home under the Eaves 86 Gone Astray...in the Icelands
87 Rolling with Spheal 88 Steely Lucario
89 The Diamond Clan's Treasure 90 The Pearl Clan's Treasure
91 On the Trail of Giratina 92 A Token of Gratitude
93 The Darksome Nightmare 94 Incarnate Forces of Hisui
95 A New Anomaly 96 Massive Mass Outbreak in the Fieldlands
97 Massive Mass Outbreak in the Mirelands 98 Massive Mass Outbreak in the Coastlands
99 Tricky Treat Strategy 100 Massive Mass Outbreak in the Highlands
101 Massive Mass Outbreak in the Icelands 102 Daybreak
103 Digging for Tomorrow 104 Battling the Security Corps' Secret Weapon
105 The Ultimate Balloon Race 106 Adaman's Hope
107 Irida's Wish 108 Bidoof's Path of Solitude
109 Eevee's Path of Solitude 110 Wormadam's Path of Solitude
111 Abra's Path of Solitude 112 Blissey's Path of Solitude
113 Sneasel's Path of Solitude 114 Rotom's Path of Solitude
115 Bastiodon's Path of Solitude 116 Roselia's Path of Solitude
117 Magikarp's Path of Solitude 118 Roserade's Path of Solitude
119 Kleavor's Path of Solitude 120 Lilligant's Path of Solitude
121 Wurmple's Path of Solitude 122 Kricketot's Path of Solitude

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Bosses

Boss Battles Banner.png

All Boss Guides: How to Beat Frenzied Nobles

All Boss Battles (Frenzied Nobles)

# Boss Region
1 Kleavor Obsidian Fieldlands
2 Hisuian Lilligant Crimson Mirelands
3 Hisuian Arcanine Cobalt Coastlands
4 Hisuian Electrode Coronet Highlands
5 Hisuian Avalugg Alabaster Icelands
6 Dialga/Palkia Origin Form Coronet Highlands
7 Arceus Coronet Highlands

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Maps and Locations

Pokemon Legends Arceus Maps & Locations

Full Hisui Map: All Maps and Locations

Main Locations
Jubilife Village Obsidian Fieldlands
Crimson Mirelands Cobalt Coastlands
Coronet Highlands Alabaster Icelands

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Alpha Pokemon

Alpha Pokemon Banner Template.png

All Alpha Pokemon Locations and Maps

Obsidian Fieldlands Alpha Pokemon
Alpha Rapidash.png
Alpha Snorlax.png
Alpha Blissey.pngBlissey Alpha Magikarp.png
Alpha Heracross.pngHeracross Alpha Gyarados.png Gyarados Alpha Kricketune.png Kricketune Alpha Lopunny.png Lopunny
Alpha Infernape.png Infernape Alpha Scyther.png Scyther Alpha Alakazam.png Alakazam Alpha Floatzel.png Floatzel
Alpha Stantler.png Stantler Alpha Luxio.png Luxio Alpha Parasect Parasect Alpha Parasect Staravia
Alpha Bibarel.png Bibarel Alpha Graveler Graveler Alpha Golbat Golbat -
Crimson Mirelands Alpha Pokemon
Alpha Raichu.png
Alpha Hippowdon.pngHippowdon Alpha Roserade.png Roserade Alpha Honchkrow.png Honchkrow
Alpha Yanmega.png Yanmega Alpha Ursaring.png Ursaring Alpha Torterra.png Torterra Alpha Hisuian Sliggoo.png Hisuian Sliggoo
Alpha Onix.png Onix Alpha Carnivine Carnivine Alpha Vespiquen Vespiquen Alpha Pachirisu Pachirisu
Alpha Tangrowth Tangrowth Alpha Toxicroak Toxicroak Alpha Rhyhorn Rhyhorn Alpha Lickilicky Lickilicky
Alpha Skuntank Skuntank Alpha Whiscash Whiscash Alpha Overqwil Overqwil Alpha Unown Unown
Alpha Spiritomb Spiritomb - - -
Cobalt Coastlands Alpha Pokemon
Alpha Gyarados.png Gyarados Alpha Empoleon.png Empoleon Alpha Octillery Octillery Alpha Dusknoir Dusknoir
Alpha Gastrodon Gastrodon Alpha Ninetales Ninetales Alpha Golduck Golduck Alpha Drapion Drapion
Alpha Machoke Machoke Alpha Walrein Walrein Alpha Purugly Purugly Alpha Tentacruel Tentacruel
Alpha Ambipom Ambipom Alpha Mothim Mothim Alpha Chansey Chansey Alpha Lumineon Lumineon
Alpha Mantine Mantine Alpha Hisuian Qwilfish Hisuian Qwilfish - -
Coronet Highlands Alpha Pokemon
Hisuian Goodra.png Hisuian Goodra Alpha Gabite.png
Alpha Luxray.pngLuxray Electivire Electivire
Alpha Gliscor Gliscor Alpha Steelix Steelix Alpha Golem Golem Alpha Crobat Crobat
Alpha Mismagius Mismagius Alpha Rhyperior Rhyperior Alpha Clefable Clefable Alpha Bronzong Bronzong
Alpha Mothim Mothim Alpha Probopass Probopass Alpha Gligar Gligar -
Alabaster Icelands Alpha Pokemon
Alpha Garchomp.png
Alpha Lucario.png
Alpha Gallade.png Gallade Alpha Gardevoir.png
Alpha Froslass.pngFroslass Alpha Abomasnow.pngAbomasnow Alpha Machamp
Alpha Electabuzz
Alpha Hisuian Sneasel Hisuian Sneasel Alpha Mamoswine Mamoswine Alpha Chimecho Chimecho Alpha Piloswine Piloswine
Alpha Glalie Glalie Alpha Swinub Swinub Alpha Hisuian Zoroark Hisuian Zoroark -

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Items

Pokemon Legends Arceus Items

List of Items

List of Item Categories

Pokemon Legends Arceus Evolutionary ItemsEvolutionary Items Pokemon Legends Arceus Poke BallsPoke Balls Pokemon Legends Arceus BerriesBerries
Pokemon Legends Arceus Crafting MaterialsCrafting Materials Pokemon Legends Arceus Healing ItemsHealing Items Pokemon Legends Arceus FoodFood
Pokemon Legends Arceus ThrowablesThrowables Pokemon Legends Arceus CharmsCharms Pokemon Legends Arceus Training ItemsTraining Items
Pokemon Legends Arceus Battle ItemsBattle Items Pokemon Legends Arceus Valuable ItemsValuable Items MintsMints
Pokemon Legends Arceus BalmsBalms Key ItemsKey Items New ItemsNew Items

How to Get All Crafting Recipes

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Tips & Tricks

Pokemon Legends Arceus - Tips and Tricks Banner

Beginner's Tips & Guides

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Tips and Guides

Beginner's Tips and Guides
How to Trade Online How to Increase Satchel (Inventory) Size
How to Increase Survey Corps Rank How to Check Player HP
What Happens When You Lose? How to Run Away
What are Merit Points? How to Swim Longer and Surf on Water
How to Use Pastures Balloon Race Guide: How to Pop All Balloons
Space-Time Distortions: How to Find and List of Pokemon How to Take Pictures
How to Enter First-Person View Beginner's Guide: Tips to Get Started
How to Get More Pastures Eternal Battle Reverie Guide
Path of Solitude Guide Path of Tenacity Guide
How to Swap Items Double Battles and Multiple Battles Guide
Starting Out
Character Creation Guide Best Starter Pokemon
Bests Requests to Do First
Items and Gadgets
Item Crafting Shop Guide and Item Prices
Arc Phone Guide Lost & Found Guide: Lost Satchel Effects
Farm Guide: Harvest Requirements and Crop List All Ginter Items: Ginkgo Guide Shop List
All Arceus Plate Locations: Arceus Plates Guide Can You Get the Master Ball?
Pokemon Guides
How to Get All Legendary Pokemon How to Get Shiny Pokemon
Frenzied Noble Pokemon How to Tell if a Pokemon is Shiny
How to Catch Pokemon Preferred Foods Guide
Are There Walking Pokemon? How to Ride Pokemon: All Rideable Pokemon
How to Evolve Pokemon Pokemon Behavior and Effects
How to Change A Pokemon's Nickname How to Make Pokemon Obey You
How to Get All Starters Effort Levels: How to Increase Pokemon Stats
Respawn Time: When Do Wild Pokemon Reappear? Are Starters and Legendaries Shiny Locked?
How to Release Pokemon and Rewards How to Increase Friendship and Friendship Checker Location
How to Change Your Team List of Special Evolution Conditions
How to Catch Flying Pokemon Mass Outbreak Guide and List of Pokemon
Best Pokemon for Catching How to Change Rotom's Form: All Mechanical Items
Can You Cancel Evolution? Is Breeding in the Game?
Best Shiny Alpha Pokemon Hunting Routes Training Grounds Guide
Massive Mass Outbreaks Guide How to Catch Sleeping Pokemon
How to Catch Small and Large Pokemon
Battle Guides
Agile and Strong Styles How to Change Moves
Type Weakness Chart All Status Conditions and Effects
Nature Chart and How to Check Natures How to Change Natures
All Unown Locations: Unown Notes Guide Wisp Locations and Maps
Old Verse Locations and Maps -
Beating the Game
Best Story Team Post Game Content and 100 Percent Guide
Money Farming Guide How to Get Research Points Fast
EXP Farming Guide Survey Report Guide
Research Tasks Guide and Best Research Tasks to Complete How to Complete the Pokedex: Rare Pokemon Locations
Dialogue Choices and Consequences Should You Choose Adaman or Irida?
Missables and Unrepeatable Events -
Maps, Weather, and Traveling
Map Guide How to Fast Travel
Base Camps Features Player Home Features
All Weather Types and Effects Time of Day Effects and How to Change
Useful Characters and Their Locations How to Break Rocks and Get Through Obstacles
Ursaluna Treasure Maps and Best Farming Route Full Moon Guide: How to Check and Change the Moon Phase
System, Settings and Controls
How to Save the Game: Is Autosave Available? List of Controls: Can You Change the Controls?
Best Settings to Use Language Options and How to Change Language
Character Customization
List of Clothing List of Hairstyles
How to Change Your Appearance Best Character Names
How to Change Your Name and Gender Special Gifts: List of Save File Bonuses

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Moves

Pokemon Legends Arceus Moves

List of Moves: All Confirmed Moves

List of Moves by Type

Moves By Type
PLA - GrassGrass PLA - WaterWater PLA - FireFire
PLA - ElectricElectric PLA - IceIce PLA - FightingFighting
PLA - GroundGround PLA - PoisonPoison PLA - FlyingFlying
PLA - PsychicPsychic PLA - BugBug RockRock
PLA - GhostGhost PLA - DragonDragon PLA - DarkDark
PLA - SteelSteel PLA - FairyFairy PLA - NormalNormal
Moves by Category
List of New Moves List of Physical Moves List of Special Moves
List of Status Moves List of Signature Moves List of Moves with Changed Effects

Pokemon Legends: Arceus News and Game Info

PLA - News and Game Info Banner.png

News and Game Info

Ver. 1.1.1 Update Dropped to Fix Shiny Charm Bug

Pokemon BDSP - Version 1.1.1 Update and Patch Notes.png

A new update dropped on March 18, 2022 to address some issues including the unobtainable Shiny Charm bug that plagued the game. Update now!

Version 1.1.1 Update and Patch Notes

Daybreak and Ver. 1.1.0 Software Update

New features and content to Pokemon Legends: Arceus are added during the Version 1.1.0 update to the game. Titled as the Daybreak update, new gameplay features are added, including the appearance of rare Pokemon in the new Massive Mass Outbreaks, as well as new battles in the Training Grounds.

Daybreak and Ver. 1.1.0 Update

Pokemon Presents: Pokemon Day 2022 Announcement

On February 21st, the Japanese Pokemon Twitter has announced a week-long celebration leading up to the Pokemon Day Celebration, finalizing with a Pokemon Presents at 2 PM GMT (9 AM EST) on February 27th, 2022. Event information for various Pokemon games will be announced, a day at a time! Whether or not Pokemon Legends: Arceus will have any new announcements for it remains to be seen, but we'll be monitoring the event!

Pokemon Day 2022: Pokemon Presents Summary and Details

February 19 Post-Release Trailer

Three weeks following the release of the game, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are now revealing some of the secrets they held back from before release.

February 19 Trailer: Everything We Learned

Version 1.0.2 Update Released on February 9

The follow-up to the day one patch for Pokemon Legends: Arceus was announced on February 9, 2022. It is recommended to update to this version as it addresses bugs from the day one patch. This includes bug fixes for game crashes and the bug surrounding Cherrim's capture.

Version 1.0.2 Patch Notes

Game Version History

All Latest News

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Characters


List of All Characters

Clans and Organizations in the Hisui Region

Clans and Organizations in the Hisui Region

List of Wardens

List of Wardens and What They Do

Galaxy Expedition Team

Galaxy Expedition Team
KamadoCommander Kamado
CylleneCaptain Cyllene Akari and ReiAkari and Rei LaventonProfessor Laventon

Galaxy Expedition Team Profile

Diamond Clan

Diamond Clan
Adaman ProfileAdaman
IscanIscan ArezuArezu MaiMai
MelliMelli SabiSabi -

Diamond Clan Profile

Pearl Clan

Pearl Clan
Irida ProfileIrida
LianLian CalabaCalaba PalinaPalina
IngoIngo GaericGaeric -

Pearl Clan Profile

Ginkgo Guild

Ginkgo Guild
Ginter ProfileGinter
- Volo ProfileVolo -

Ginkgo Guild Profile

Ancient Retreat Residents

Ancient Retreat Resident
Cogita ProfileCogita

Jubilife Village Residents

Jubilife Village Residents
Legends Arceus - ZisuZisu Legends Arceus - LucilleLucille Legends Arceus - SimonaSimona
Legends Arceus - BonnBonn Legends Arceus - AnvinAnvin Legends Arceus - BeniBeni
Legends Arceus - ChoyChoy Legends Arceus - EdithEdith Legends Arceus - AntheAnthe
Legends Arceus - DageroDagero Legends Arceus - ColzaColza Legends Arceus - MarieMarie
Legends Arceus - BelamyBelamy Legends Arceus - TaggartTaggart

Pokemon Legends: Best Movesets and Tier List

Legends Arceus - Tier List and Movesets.png
Best Pokemon Tier List

Pokemon by Tier

S Tier
Garchomp Dialga Palkia -
A Tier
Gyarados Togekiss Hisuian Goodra Ursaluna
B Tier
Machamp Infernape Porygon-Z Rhyperior
Mamoswine Magnezone - -
C Tier
Snorlax Hisuian Typhlosion Lucario Electivire
Sylveon Basculegion Kleavor -

Message Boards

PLA - Message Boards Partial Banner.png
Message Boards

Trading Boards

Pokedex Completion (5483)
Shiny Trading (5668)
Alpha Trading (563)

Chat Boards

Discussion Board (58)
Questions Board (34)
Friend Request Board (30)

About Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Game Information

Game Title Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Box Art PLA - Box Art.png
Release Date January 28, 2022 (Worldwide)
Release Time and Countdown
Available Platforms Nintendo Switch
Genre Open-world RPG
Developer GameFreak
Official Site Pokemon Legends: Arceus Official Site

Explore the Hisui Region

Hisui Region

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set in the Hisui region, long before the events of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl take place. The player will encounter the old and new Pokemon but in more open and exciting new environments. The player will begin their adventure at a time when being a Pokemon Trainer was rare. They'll craft and wield Pokeballs made out of resources from the region, which promises a fresh new take on the staple mechanic.

New Gameplay Features

Discover New Pokemon

New Pokemon and Regional Variants

Players can encounter new Pokemon that makes Hisui Region their home. Expect to meet brand new evolutions of Pokemon from previous games and regional variants that are exclusive to Legends: Arceus.

New Pokemon
Wyrdeer ImageWyrdeer Basculegion ImageBasculegion Kleavor ImageKleavor
New Regional Variants
Hisuian Growlithe ImageHisuian Growlithe Hisuian Braviary ImageHisuian Braviary Hisuian Zorua ImageHisuian Zorua
Hisuian Zoroark ImageHisuian Zoroark Hisuian Voltorb ImageHisuian Voltorb -

New Pokemon and Regional Variants

Observe and Catch Pokemon

Legends Arceus Pokemon.jpg

The player will roam the wild, observing and studying the Pokemon before attempting to catch it. The player travels across the Hisui region with the goal of building the region's first Pokedex. As always, the player is accompanied by a Starter Pokemon of their choice, with the choices this go around being the Grass Pokemon Rowlet, the Fire Pokemon Cyndaquil, and the Water Pokemon Oshawott - all different Starters from different regions.

Battle in Strong and Agile Style

Battles are a little different in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Pokemon can still learn up to four moves, but this time its stats and Style will be a factor in the order moves are executed!

Strong Style Agile Style

Strong and Agile Styles

Uncover Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus.jpg

As the player progresses through their journey, they will uncover the legend of Arceus, the origin of the Sinnoh region, and perhaps even of the entire Pokemon world.

All Pokemon Wikis

Game8 Pokemon Walkthroughs

All Pokemon Wikis
Pokemon Legends Z-A LogoPLZ-A Pokemon Scarlet LogoSV Pokemon Sword and Shield IconSWSH
Pokemon Legends Arceus LogoPLA Pokemon Brilliant Diamond LogoBDSP Pokemon UNITEUNITE
Pokemon Sleep LogoSleep New Pokemon Snap LogoSnap Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DXPMD:DX

Walkthrough Menu

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