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This is Game8's Wiki for Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the new open-world Pokemon game coming to Nintendo Switch in January 2022. Learn everything we know about this new entry in the Pokemon franchise!

News and Game Info

Happiny Birth Month Distribution!

Happiny Birthday Distribution

From January 28, 2022 to October 31st, 2022, players from Japan are able to claim a Happiny Serial Code for Pokemon Legends: Arceus! Those visiting the store on their birth month will be able to receive this code.

Happiny Birth Month Event Info

Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark Revealed!

Pokemon revealed the follow up to the October 19th teaser. Here it was revealed that Zorua and Zoroark will both be returning as Normal/Ghost-type Hisuian forms!

October 21 Trailer Explanation and Meaning

15th Anniversary Trailer Released!

On the 15th anniversary of the original Diamond and Pearl's release in Japan, Pokemon unveiled a trailer with new features like Frenzied Noble Pokemon and Item Crafting!

New Gameplay Features

Release Date

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has been confirmed for release on January 28, 2022, following the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl release on November 19, 2021.

Release Date and Release Time

Available Platforms

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2022!

Available Platforms

Developed by GameFreak

Unlike the Diamond and Pearl Remakes, Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be developed by GameFreak directly. The team seems to be placing heavy resources into its development, so we're excited to see a new stage for the Pokemon franchise unfold with this new game.

All News and Game Info

About Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Game Information

Game Title Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Release Date January 28, 2022 (Worldwide)
Available Platforms Nintendo Switch
Genre Open-world RPG
Developer GameFreak
Official Site Pokemon Legends: Arceus Official Site

Explore the Hisui Region

Hisui Region

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set in the Hisui region, long before the events of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl take place. The player will encounter the old and new Pokemon but in more open and exciting new environments. The player will begin their adventure at a time when being a Pokemon Trainer was rare. They'll craft and wield Pokeballs made out of resources from the region, which promises a fresh new take on the staple mechanic.

New Gameplay Features

Discover New Pokemon

New Pokemon and Regional Variants

Players can encounter new Pokemon that makes Hisui Region their home. Expect to meet brand new evolutions of Pokemon from previous games and regional variants that are exclusive to Legends: Arceus.

New Pokemon
WyrdeerWyrdeer BasculegionBasculegion
Hisiuan BraviaryHisuian Braviary Hisuian GrowlitheHisuian Growlithe
Kleavor.png Kleavor

New Pokemon and Regional Variants

Observe and Catch Pokemon

Legends Arceus Pokemon.jpg

The player will roam the wild, observing and studying the Pokemon before attempting to catch it. The player travels across the Hisui region with the goal of building the region's first Pokedex. As always, the player is accompanied by a Starter Pokemon of their choice, with the choices this go around being the Grass Pokemon Rowlet, the Fire Pokemon Cyndaquil, and the Water Pokemon Oshawott - all different Starters from different regions.

Strong and Agile Style

Battles are a little different in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Pokemon can still learn up to four moves, but this time its stats and Style will be a factor in the order moves are executed!

Strong Style Agile Style

Strong and Agile Styles

Uncover Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus.jpg

As the player progresses through their journey, they will uncover the legend of Arceus, the origin of the Sinnoh region, and perhaps even of the entire Pokemon world.

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