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This is Game8's wiki for Pokemon Legends: Z-A, a new reimagining of X and Y in the Legends style coming to Nintendo Switch in 2025. Learn everything we know about this new entry in the Pokemon franchise, the release date, and all confirmed Pokemon in the game!

Pokemon Legends: Z-A Release Date

Releasing 2025

Pokemon Legends Z-A - Release Date

Pokemon Legends: Z-A will be released in 2025 for the Nintendo Switch. No specific date has been announced for the game.

Simultaneous Release Planned

Pokemon Legends: Z-A is announced to have a simultaneous release in 2025. No further details were shared, but it could mean that the game will go live at the same time around the world or it might launch for the Nintendo Switch and the long-rumored Switch 2 at the same time.

Pokemon Legends Z-A Release Date and Price

Pokemon Legends: Z-A News and Game Info

Reveal Trailer: Everything We Learned

Trailer Breakdown
・Redevelop Lumiose City
・Features Pokemon from Generation 1 to 6
・Mega Evolutions will Return

Pokemon Legends: Z-A Reveal Trailer

Mega Evolutions Return!

Pokemon Legends Z-A - Mega Evolution

At the end of the reveal trailer, the iconic symbol for Mega Evolution popped up. This could likely tease that Mega Evolution will not only be present in the game, but will have a major role in the game!

Mega Evolutions Return in Pokemon Legends Z-A

New Mega Evolution Pokemon in Legends: Z-A

Pokemon Legends: Z-A is likely to feature all new Mega Evolutions for returning fan favorites and starters!

New Mega Evolution Pokemon in Legends Z-A

Return to Lumiose City

Pokemon Legends Z-A - Lumiose City

The trailer also featured the Prism Tower from Lumiose City, which was a location in the Kalos region in Pokemon X and Y.

Lumiose City Region and Generation

Contained Within the City

A tweet from the Nintendo of America Twitter/X account has revealed that Pokemon Legends: Z-A is set within Lumiose City. No further details were mentioned, but it seems like the game will focus on developing the city itself.

All Latest News

List of Trailers & Details

Title Date
Announcement Trailer Feb. 27, 2024

Pokemon Legends: Z-A All Pokemon

All Confirmed Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Z-A - All Pokemon

Several Pokemon were revealed in the announcement trailer for Pokemon Legends: Z-A. Pokemon coming from Generation 1 to Generation 6 appeared in the trailer.

Starter Pokemon Speculations

Starter Pokemon Speculations
SnivySnivy CharmanderCharmander PiplupPiplup

Our team has speculated that Snivy, Charmander, and Piplup are the starter Pokemon for Legends: Z-A due to French inspirations in their final evolutions' designs, which is the country Kalos is based in. For Charmander, it may even receive another Mega Evolution: Mega Charizard Z!

Starter Pokemon Speculations

Is Zygarde in Legends: Z-A?

Pokemon Legends Z-A - Is Zygarde in Pokemon Legends Z-A

Although Zygarde doesn't appear in the Pokemon Legends: Z-A reveal trailer, it's likely that Zygarde will feature as the central character in the game due to the letter Z prominently featured in the logo.

Zygarde was not heavily involved in Pokemon X and Y's story, so this may be the Order Pokemon's time to take the center stage!

Is Zygarde in Pokemon Legends: Z-A?

Pokemon Articles

List of Articles
Is Zygarde in Pokemon Legends: Z-A? Starter Pokemon Speculations

Pokemon by Type

All Pokemon Types
Grass TypeGrass Water TypeWater Fire TypeFire
Electric TypeElectric Ice TypeIce Fighting TypeFighting
Ground TypeGround Poison TypePoison Flying TypeFlying
Psychic TypePsychic Bug TypeBug Rock TypeRock
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Steel TypeSteel Fairy TypeFairy Normal TypeNormal

All Pokemon by Generation

Pokemon Generations
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Pokemon Legends: Z-A Site Map

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About Pokemon Legends: Z-A

Developed by Game Freak

Pokemon Legends: Z-A will be developed by Game Freak, which handled previous mainline Pokemon games and, specifically, the previous Legends: game, Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The team seems to have learned from developing the first Legends game, so we're excited to see how much they have improved since then.

Game Information

Pokemon Legends Z-A

Game Title Pokemon Legends: Z-A
Release Date 2025 (Worldwide)
Available Platforms Nintendo Switch
Developer Game Freak
Official Site Pokemon Legends: Z-A

All Pokemon Wikis

All Pokemon Wikis
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