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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Main Quests

There are 23 Main Quests in Tears of the Kingdom, which revolves around Link traveling across Hyrule, the sky islands above, and the murky Depths below to deal with the mysterious Gloom that has consumed the land.

TOTK - Main Quests Partial Banner
List of All Main Quests

List of All Main Quests

All Quest Walkthrough Guides
Prologue Find Princess Zelda
The Closed Door To the Kingdom of Hyrule
Crisis at Hyrule Castle Regional Phenomena
Camera Work in the Depths Impa and the Geoglyphs
Tulin of Rito Village A Mystery in the Depths
Riju of Gerudo Town Yunobo of Goron City
The Sludge-Covered Statue Sidon of the Zora
The Broken Slate Clues to the Sky
Restoring the Zora Armor The Dragon's Tears
Find the Fifth Sage Secret of the Ring Ruins
Guidance from Ages Past Trail of the Master Sword
Recovering the Hero's Sword Destroy Ganondorf

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Side Adventures

Side Adventures are story-related missions that tell more about several NPCs and locations in Hyrule. There are 60 Side Adventures in total, and you will meet an interesting cast of characters along the way!

TOTK - Side Adventures Partial Banner

List of All Side Adventures

List of All Side Adventures

Side Adventures
by Story Arc
All Side Adventures
TOTK - Robbie Side AdventuresRobbie Side Adventures 1. Hateno Village Research Lab
2. Filling Out the Compendium
3. Presenting: The Travel Medallion
4. Presenting: Hero's Path Mode
5. Presenting: Sensor +
TOTK - Hateno Side AdventuresHateno Side Adventures 6. A Letter to Koyin
7. A New Signature Food
8. Reede's Secret
9. Team Cece or Team Reede
10. Cece's Secret
11. The Mayoral Election
TOTK - Lurelin Side AdventuresLurelin Side Adventures 12. Ruffian-Infested Village
13. Lurelin Village Restoration Project
TOTK - Lucky Clover Gazette Side AdventuresLucky Clover Gazette Side Adventures 14. Potential Princess Sightings
15. The Beckoning Woman
16. Gourmets Gone Missing
17. The Beast and the Princess
18. Zelda's Golden Horse
19. White Goats Gone Missing
20. For Our Princess
21. The All-Clucking Cucco
22. The Missing Farming Tools
23. Princess Zelda Kidnapped
24. An Eerie Voice
25. The Blocked Well
26. Serenade to a Great Fairy
TOTK - Great Fairy Side AdventuresGreat Fairy Side Adventures 27. The Hornist's Dramatic Escape
28. Serenade to Mija
29. The Flute Player's Plan
30. Serenade to Kaysa
31. Honey, Bee Mine
32. Serenade to Cotera
TOTK - Monster Control Crew Side AdventuresMonster-Control Crew Side Adventures 33. Bring Peace to Hyrule Field
34. Bring Peace to Necluda
35. Bring Peace to Eldin
36. Bring Peace to Akkala
37. Bring Peace to Faron
38. Bring Peace to Hebra
TOTK - Lookout Landing Side AdventuresLookout Landing Side Adventures 39. Hestu's Concern
40. A Deal With the Statue
41. Who Goes There?
TOTK - Koltin Side AdventuresKoltin Side Adventures 42. The Hunt for Bubbul Gems
43. The Search for Koltin
TOTK - Tarrey Town Side AdventuresTarrey Town Side Adventures 44. Mattison's Independence
45-49. A Monstrous Collection
TOTK - Typhlo Ruins Side AdventuresThyphlo Ruins Side Adventures 50. Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins
51. The Owl Protected by Dragons
52. The Corridor Between Two Dragons
53. The Six Dragons
54. The Long Dragon
TOTK - Sky and Depths Side AdventuresSky and Depths Side Adventures 55. Legend of the Great Sky Island
56. Messages from an Ancient Era
57. A Call from the Depths
TOTK - Yiga Side AdventuresYiga Side Adventures 58. Infiltrating the Yiga Clan
59. The Yiga Clan Exam
60. Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Side Quests

Side Quests are minor missions which you can find all across Hyrule's regions. These quests are widely-varied but will net you awesome rewards once you complete them.

There are a total of 139 Side Quests in the game, so keep an eye out!

TOTK - Side Quests Partial Banner

List of All Side Quests

List of All Side Quests

All Quest Walkthrough Guides
The Captured Tent Codgers' Quarrel
Feathered Fugitives The Lomei Labyrinth Island Prophecy
A Picture for Woodland Stable Rattled Ralera
Lurelin Resort Project Follow the Cuccos
The Shrine Explorer The Great Tumbleweed Purge
Manny's Beloved Legacy of the Rito
Gerudo's Colossal Fossil Master the Vehicle Prototype
The Tarrey Town Race is On A Picture for Foothill Stable
To the Ruins Kaneli's Flight Training
Strongest in the World A Way to Trade, Washed Away
Horse-Drawn Dreams Disaster in Gerudo Canyon
A Picture for South Akkala Stable Mine-Cart Land: Quickshot Course
Misko's Treasure: Twins Manuscript Secrets Within
Treasure of the Gerudo Desert Open the Door
Treasure of the Secret Springs A Picture for East Akkala Stable
A Picture for Wetland Stable Secret Treasure under the Great Fish
The Abandoned Laborer A Picture for Lakeside Stable
Mine-Cart Land: Death Mountain Home on Arrange
Simmerstone Springs Supply-Eyeing Fliers
The Duchess Who Disappeared Ancient Blades Below
One-Hit Wonder The Fort at Ja'Abu Ridge
Cave Mushrooms That Glow The Ultimate Dish
The North Lomei Prophecy The Missing Owner
Pride of the Gerudo Ousting the Giants
The Iceless Icehouse Decorate with Passion
Cold-Endurance Contest Where Are the Wells
A Picture for New Serenne Stable A Picture for Outskirt Stable
Rock Roast or Dust The Treasure Hunters
A Picture for Dueling Peaks Stable Heat-Endurance Contest
Photographing a Chuchu A Picture for Highland Stable
Meat for Meat The Secret Room
Uma's Garden Walton's Treasure Hunt
A Crabulous Deal A New Champion's Tunic
A Token of Friendship The Horse Guard's Request
Misko's Treasure: Heroines Manuscript Teach Me a Lesson
Out of the Inn Seeking the Pirate Hideout
Wanted Stone Talus A Picture for Riverside Stable
Goddess Statue of Courage Wanted Hinox
Goddess Statue of Wisdom Wanted Molduga
Goddess Statue of Power The Mother Goddess Statue
True Treasure Misko's Treasure of Awakening
The Rito Rope Bridge Mine-Cart Land: Open For Business!
Misko's Treasure: The Fierce Deity Fell Into a Well
Eldin's Colossal Fossil Dantz's Prize Cows
The Heroines' Secret The Never-Ending Lecture
An Uninvited Guest Today's Menu
A Picture for the Closed Stable A Picture for Tabantha Bridge Stable
Whirly Swirly Things Who Finds the Haven
Village Attacked by Pirates Gleeok Guts
Piaffe, Packed Away The Blue Stone
Genli's Home Cooking Misko's Cave of Chests
Misko's Treasure: Pirate Manuscript Unknown Sky Giant
Unknown Three-Headed Monster Unknown Huge Silhouette
The Blocked Cave The Incomplete Stable
Gloom-Borne Illness The Mysterious Eighth
A Bottled Cry for Help Dalia's Game
Lost in the Dunes Dad's Blue Shirt
Moon-Gazing Gorons Amber Dealer
Cash In on Ripened Flint Molli the Fletcher's Quest
Fish for Fletching Glory of the Zora
Crossing the Cold Pool Soul of the Gorons
Hebra's Colossal Fossil Homegrown in Hateno
A Wife Wafted Away The Moonlit Princess
Mired in Muck A Trip through History
The Ancient City Gorondia Spotting Spot
The South Lomei Prophecy A Picture for Snowfield Stable
The Gathering Pirates The Hidden Treasure at Lizard Lakes

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Tips and Tricks

It is dangerous to explore Hyrule if you are unprepared, so here are several tips and tricks to help you in your grand adventure!

Zelda TOTK - Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks
A Beginner's Guide to Tears of the Kingdom

All Tips and Tricks Guides

New Features
How to Confuse Enemies How to Cure Gloom
How to Blind Enemies -
Combat Guides
Flurry Rush, Sneakstrike, and Deal Critical Damage Weapon Modifiers Explained
How to Raise Defense Passive Abilities for Weapons Explained
How to Upgrade Armor How to Defeat Shielded Enemies
How to Throw Items and Materials How to Repair Weapons
How to Get Earthwake Technique How to Increase Weapon Durability
How to Parry How to Sneakstrike
How to Perfect Dodge and Flurry Rush Stealth Mechanics Explained
Exploration Guides
How to Dive How to Shield Surf
How to Break Cracked Rocks How to Use Minecarts
How to Cross the Freezing Water Fast Travel Guide
How to Change the Weather How to Get Heat Resistance
How to Make an Axe How to Tame Wild Horses
How to Chop Down and Use Fallen Trees How to Pass Time
How to Light Up Dark Areas How to Get Epona
What to Do During a Thunderstorm How to Get Cold Resistance
How to Check Coordinates How to Climb Efficiently
How to Break Wooden Boxes How to Make a Fire
How to Make a Raft How to Make a Hover Bike
How to Use Rocket Shields -
General Tips and Tricks
Zonai Dispenser Guide How to Expand Inventory
Best Settings to Use Pony Points Guide
How to Increase Health and Stamina How to Swap Hearts for Stamina
How to Get the Paraglider and All Paraglider Designs amiibo Unlocks and List of Compatible amiibo
Blood Moon Explained Missables and One-Time Events Guide
Whistle Effects and How to Use How to Farm Crops
How to Heal Post Game Content Guide: Is There a New Game Plus?
Kochi Dye Shop Guide: How to Recolor Armor Ending Explained: How to Watch the True Ending
List of Unlockables How to Get Ganon's Horse
Farming Guides
How to Farm Arrows Bubbul Gem Guide
How to Get More Energy Cells and Increase Energy Early Game Rupee Farming
How to Farm Weapons Dragon Part Farming Guide
How to Get Pristine Weapons -
Notable Item Location Guides
How to Get the Travel Medallion How to Get the Champion's Leathers Early
How to Get the Hylian Shield Early How to Get the Master Sword
How to Get the Classic Green Tunic Where to Find Wild Greens
How to Get Ring Garland Misko's Treasure Locations
How to Get Monster Medals How to Get All Champion Weapons
Puzzle Solution Guides
How to Solve the Water Temple Spinning Tower Where to Find King Dorephan
How to Solve the Gerudo Light Puzzle Voe and You Class Solutions
Map Location Guides
All Stable Locations All Sage's Will Locations
How to Get to Hyrule Castle How to Get to Lost Woods and Enter Korok Forest
Great Fairy Locations and How to Unlock How to Find the Light Dragon: Location and Drops
How to Find Farosh: Location and Drops How to Find Naydra: Location and Drops
How to Find Dinraal: Location and Drops How to Reach Abandoned Hebra Mine
Satori Cherry Blossom Tree Locations and Guide How to Unlock Royal Hidden Passage
All Addison Sign Locations All Forge Construct Locations
How to Get into Gerudo Secret Club All Coliseum Locations and Rewards
Koltin Locations and List of Rewards Satori (King of the Mountain) Locations
Where to Find Dondons How to Get to Toto Lake
All Goddess Statue Locations -
Tier List Guides
Best Early Game Armor Best Armor Sets (Equipment)
Best Weapons and Shields Best Horses
Best Equipment for Exploration Best Fuse Materials and Weapon Combinations
Best Modes of Travel -
Glitches and Exploits
List of Glitches and Exploits How to Duplicate Weapons, Bows, and Shields
How to Duplicate Materials -
Can You Pet the Dogs? Does Saved Data Carry Over?
Should You Play BotW First? What Happens When You Die?
How Does Autosave Work? What Happened to Link's House?
Do Materials Respawn? How to Lower and Raise Hylian Hood
How to Change the Difficulty When Do Shops Restock?
Is There a Master Mode? -

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Shrines

Shrines are found all across Hyrule's surface and sky map and offer challenging puzzles that test your mind and might. There are 152 Shrines in the game, so keep a sharp eye out for these mysterious structures!

Zelda TOTK - Shrines Partial

List of All Shrines

Shrines Lists

Shrines Lists
All Shrines All Shrine Quests

All Great Sky Island Shrines

Great Sky Island Shrines
Ukouh Shrine In-isa Shrine Gutanbac Shrine
Nachoyah Shrine - -

All Hyrule Field Shrines

Hyrule Field Shrines
Ren-Iz Shrine Tsutsu-um Shrine Riogok Shrine
Kamizun Shrine Sepapa Shrine Taki-Ihaban Shrine
Ishodag Shrine Teniten Shrine Tajikats Shrine
Yamiyo Shrine Kyononis Shrine Jiosin Shrine
Jojon Shrine Serutabomac Shrine Tenmaten Shrine
Sonapan Shrine Usazum Shrine Kyokugon Shrine
Tadarok Shrine En-oma Shrine Susuyai Shrine
Mayachin Shrine Makurukis Shrine Runakit Shrine
Sinakawak Shrine Jinodok Shrine -

All Tabantha Shrines

Tabantha Shrines
Oromuwak Shrine Gatakis Shrine Nouda Shrine
Wao-os Shrine Iun-orok Shrine Turakawak Shrine
Gasas Shrine Mayausiy Shrine Ikatak Shrine
Ga-ahisas Shrine Ganos Shrine Taunhiy Shrine

All Hebra Shrines

Hebra Shrines
Sahirow Shrine Rutafu-um Shrine Otak Shrine
Eutoum Shrine Sisuran Shrine Oshozan-u Shrine
Mayaotaki Shrine Tauyosipun Shrine Orochium Shrine
Ijo-o Shrine Tenbez Shrine Taninoud Shrine
Mayaumekis Shrine Kahatanaum Shrine -

All Great Hyrule Forest Shrines

Great Hyrule Forest Shrines
Sakunbomar Shrine Pupunke Shrine Ninjis Shrine
Musanokir Shrine Kikakin Shrine Kiuyoyou Shrine
Ekochiu Shrine Mayam Shrine Simosiwak Shrine

All Akkala Shrines

Akkala Shrines
Rasiwak Shrine Jochi-iu Shrine Igashuk Shrine
Sinatanika Shrine Rasitakiwak Shrine Jochi-ihiga Shrine
Gatanisis Shrine Domizuin Shrine Kamatukis Shrine
Gemimik Shrine Gikaku Shrine Mogisari Shrine
Natak Shrine - -

All Eldin Shrines

Eldin Shrines
Kisinona Shrine Isisim Shrine Minetak Shrine
Mayak Shrine Jiotak Shrine Sibajitak Shrine
Kimayat Shrine Momosik Shrine Sikukuu Shrine
Timawak Shrine Moshapin Shrine Mayachideg Shrine
Sitsum Shrine Marakuguc Shrine Kadaunar Shrine

All Lanayru Shrines

Lanayru Shrines
Ihen-a Shrine Mogawak Shrine Jonsau Shrine
Maoikes Shrine Joniu Shrine Apogek Shrine
Yomizuk Shrine Kurakat Shrine Morok Shrine
O-ogim Shrine Jikais Shrine Tukarok Shrine
Zakusu Shrine Igoshon Shrine Mayanas Shrine
Jirutagumac Shrine Sihajog Shrine -

All Necluda Shrines

Necluda Shrines
Susub Shrine Zanmik Shrine Jochisiu Shrine
Jogou Shrine Anedamimik Shrine Tokiy Shrine
Utojis Shrine Sifumim Shrine Bamitok Shrine
Marari-in Shrine Eshos Shrine Makasura Shrine
Mayahisik Shrine Joju-u-u Shrine Josiu Shrine
Ukoojisi Shrine Yansamin Shrine Kumamayn Shrine

All Faron Shrines

Faron Shrines
Jiukoum Shrine Ishokin Shrine Utsushok Shrine
Joku-u Shrine Joku-usin Shrine -

All Gerudo Shrines

Gerudo Shrines
Kudanisar Shrine Soryotanog Shrine Mayatat Shrine
Miryotanog Shrine Suariwak Shrine Otutsum Shrine
Mayamats Shrine Rakakudaj Shrine Irasak Shrine
Karahatag Shrine Chichim Shrine Siwakama Shrine
Motsusis Shrine Kitawak Shrine Turakamik Shrine
Rotsumamu Shrine Siyamotsus Shrine Mayasiar Shrine
Rakashog Shrine - -

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Maps

In Tears of the Kingdom, Hyrule's complete map is now split into three, namely the Surface, Sky, and Depths maps. Each map holds unique places, secrets, and treasures, waiting to be discovered!

Tears of the Kingdom - Map of Hyrule Partial Banner

Interactive Map of Hyrule:
All Locations and Map Icons

All Area Maps and Locations

Hyrule Map Locations
Tears of the Kingdom TOTK - Surface MapSurface Tears of the Kingdom TOTK - Sky MapSky Tears of the Kingdom TOTK - Depths MapDepths
Tears of the Kingdom - CaveCaves and Wells Tears of the Kingdom - Cave TownTowns and Settlements

Other Maps

Collectible and Area Maps
Tears of the Kingdom - Skyview TowerSkyview Towers Tears of the Kingdom - ShrineShrines Tears of the Kingdom - LightrootLightroots
Tears of the Kingdom - Korok SeedKorok Seeds Tears of the Kingdom - StableStables Tears of the Kingdom - ChasmChasms
Tears of the Kingdom - Zonai DispensersZonai Dispensers Tears of the Kingdom - SageSage's Wills Tears of the Kingdom - Hudson SignsHudson Boards
Tears of the Kingdom - Great Fairy FountainsGreat Fairy Fountains Tears of the Kingdom - Bargainer StatueBargainer Statues Tears of the Kingdom - Forge ConstructsForge Constructs
Tears of the Kingdom - ColiseumsColiseums Satori Cherry Blossom Trees -

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Towers

Skyview Towers are found along Hyrule's surface map and reveal certain sections of the surface map. They are also used to launch Link high in the sky, either to reach faraway places by paragliding or to simply look around the overworld.

There are 15 Skyview Towers in total. It is recommended to activate all Skyview Towers early on to fully reveal the surface map.

TOTK - Towers Partial Banner Image

All Tower Locations

List of All Towers

Lookout Landing Tower Hyrule Field Tower
Gerudo Highlands Tower Lindor's Brow Tower
Rospro Pass Tower Pikida Stonegrove Tower
Thyphlo Ruins Tower Eldin Canyon Tower
Ulri Mountain Tower Upland Zorana Tower
Mount Lanayru Tower Rabella Wetlands Tower
Sahasra Slope Tower Popla Foothills Tower
Gerudo Canyon Tower

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Caves

Since the Upheaval, Caves have appeared throughout Hyrule's Surface and Sky. These new caves contain materials, treasure chests, and the new Bubbulfrogs. See a list of all 147 Caves, their locations, how to find their entrances, and other tips for spelunking in Hyrule!
All Caves Partial Banner List of All 147 Caves

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Wells

Wells are hidden underground areas found in most settlements and stables across Hyrule's surface. These wells often contain materials, treasure chests, and even Fairies. Finding all 58 Wells contributes to 100% Map Completion.

TOTK - List of All Wells.png
All 58 Well Locations

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Stables

Register and use tamed wild horses in Stables which you find find all around Hyrule to ease up your adventure across this expansive land.

You can also find a variety of things to do at all 16 Stables, so take a look around!

Tears of the Kingdom TOTK - Stables Partial

Stables Map and All Stable Locations

All Stables

List of Stables
Dueling Peaks Stable Tabantha Bridge Stable Woodland Stable South Akkala Stable
Foothill Stable Snowfield Stable East Akkala Stable Wetland Stable
Outskirt Stable Riverside Stable Hyrule Field Mini Stable New Serenne Stable
Gerudo Canyon Stable Highland Stable Lakeside Stable Lookout Landing Mini Stable

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Abilities

Link has a few abilities that will help him in combat and when exploring, thanks to his handy Zonai arm.

As you progress through the story, you will also receive the Purah Pad and Sage Abilities, which you can use to aid you in your adventure.

Zelda TOTK - Abilities
All Abilities and How to Unlock

List of All Abilities

All Abilities
Zelda TotK - Ultrahand IconZonai Arm Abilities Zelda TotK - MapPurah Pad Abilties Zelda TOTK - SageSage Abilities

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Bosses

You are not alone in Hyrule. Along with Ganondorf's underlings, you will also encounter fearsome bosses and minibosses as you make your way to save Zelda.

List of All Bosses

List of All Bosses

List of Bosses

Master Kohga Colgera Moragia
Marbled Gohma Sludge Like Mucktorok
Queen Gibdo Seized Construct Phantom Ganon
Demon King Ganondorf Demon King Ganondorf (2nd Form) Demon Dragon

List of Minibosses

Flux Construct I Flux Construct II Flux Construct III
Stone Talus Stone Talus (Luminous) Stone Talus (Rare)
Battle Talus Igneo Talus Frost Talus
Hinox Blue Hinox Black Hinox
Stalnox Molduga Flame Gleeok
Frost Gleeok Thunder Gleeok King Gleeok
Frox Obsidian Frox Blue-White Frox

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Weapons

You can find various weapons in Hyrule to help you in combat. These range from one-handed to two-handed weapons, spears, and bows.

You can also protect yourself with shields, which are useful for parrying attacks.

TOTK - Weapons and Equipment Partial Banner
List of All Weapons

Weapons and Equipment by Type

List of Weapons
TOTK - One Handed Weapon IconOne-Handed TOTK - Two Handed Weapon IconTwo-Handed TOTK - Spear IconSpear
TOTK - Bow IconBow TOTK - Shield IconShield
TOTK - ChampionChampion Weapons TOTK - amiibo Weapons Iconamiibo Weapons

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Armor

Armor sets and pieces offer Link protection against enemies, or from the environment. Some armor also aid him in exploration!

Tears of the Kingdom - Armor Partial Banner
List of All Armor

List of Armor By Type

Tears of the Kingdom Armor Types
Headgear Body Armor Legwear Armor Sets

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Schematics

You can build vehicles and other contraptions with Ultrahand and Autobuild, and Tears of the Kingdom offers build templates with Yiga Schematics and Schema Stones.

Zelda TotK - Schematics Partial.png

List of All Yiga Schematics and Schema Stones

All Yiga Schematics

Liftoff Glider Raiding Plane Fanboat
Fishing Trawler Headlight Raft All-Purpose Raft
Monocycle Three Wheeler Cargo Carrier
Big Rig Wagon Excavator
Assault Cart Tank Instant Scaffold
Instant Kitchen Icebreaker Charged Charger
Beam Turret Beam Spinner Whirling Basher
Flamethrower Baloon Shock Trap Bomb Boquet
Triple Cannon Aerial Cannon Scatter Trap
Smoke Rocket Super Spring Vertical Escape
Sprinkler System Rainmaker Water Freezer
Floodlights - -

Schema Stones

Fanplane Dirigible Hovercraft
Bolt Boat Beam Cycle Bridge
Instant Scaffold Rocket Platform Automated Ally
Instant Cannon Launch Pad Hot-Air Balloon

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Characters

As you play through the game, you're bound to meet Hyrule's colorful cast of characters. Some will help you, while others are out to get you!

TOTK - Characters Partial Banner

All New and Returning Characters

List of All Characters

TOTK - Link IconLink TOTK - Zelda IconZelda TOTK - Ganondorf Gerudo Form IconGanondorf TOTK - Rauru IconRauru
Tears of the Kingdom - Sidon IconSidon Tears of the Kingdom - Riju IconRiju Tears of the Kingdom - Tulin IconTulin YunoboYunobo
TOTK - Purah IconPurah TOTK - Robbie IconRobbie - -

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Items and Inventory

Hyrule is home to a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, Zonai devices, materials, and ores — even icky monster parts you can get from slain enemies!

TOTK - Items Partial Banner

List of All Items

List of Item Types

Types of Items
TOTK - Materials IconMaterials TOTK - Zonai Devices IconZonai Devices TOTK - Key Items IconKey Items

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Cooking

Link's cooking skills make a return in Tears of the Kingdom, along with all the dishes and elixirs you can cook up during your adventure!

TOTK - Cooking Guide Partial

Cooking Guide and List of Recipes

Cooking Guides and Recipe Lists

Cooking Guides
Basic Cooking Guide:
Different Cooking Methods
Advanced Cooking Guide:
Adding Buffs to Dishes
Recipe Lists
TOTK - Cooked Dish Icon Cooked Recipes TOTK - Roasted Dish Icon Roasted Recipes TOTK - Frozen Dish IconFrozen Recipes TOTK - Elixir IconElixir Recipes

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Enemies

Hyrule is filled with dubious enemies and monsters who are out to get Link and pose a threat to the stalwart hero!

TOTK - All Enemies and Monsters Partial Banner

List of All Enemies

List of Enemies

Chuchu Fire Chuchu Ice Chuchu
Electric Chuchu Keese Fire Keese
Ice Keese Electric Keese Water Octorok
Forest Octorok Rock Octorok Snow Octorok
Treasure Octorok Fire Wizzrobe Ice Wizzrobe
Electric Wizzrobe Meteo Wizzrobe Blizzrobe
Thunder Wizzrobe Like Like Fire Like
Ice Like Shock Like Rock Like
Evermean Aerocuda Gibdo
Moth Gibdo Bokoblin Blue Bokoblin
Black Bokoblin Stalkoblin Silver Bokoblin
Boss Bokoblin Blue Boss Bokoblin Black Boss Bokoblin
Silver Boss Bokoblin Moblin Blue Moblin
Black Moblin Stalmoblin Silver Moblin
Lizalfos Blue Lizalfos Black Lizalfos
Stalizalfos Fire-Breath Lizalfos Ice-Breath Lizalfos
Electric Lizalfos Silver Lizalfos Horriblin
Blue Horriblin Black Horriblin Silver Horriblin
Lynel Blue-Maned Lynel White-Maned Lynel
Silver Lynel Soldier Construct I Soldier Construct II
Soldier Construct III Soldier Construct IV Captain Construct I
Captain Construct II Captain Construct III Captain Construct IV
Training Construct Yiga Footsoldier Yiga Blademaster
Stone Pebblit Igneo Pebblit Frost Pebblit
Little Frox Dinraal Naydra
Farosh Light Dragon Gloom Hands

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Temples and Dungeons

Classic dungeons are back in the form of Temples and offer puzzles and treasures to those who dare explore!

Tears of the Kingdom TOTK - Temple and Dungeons

All Temple Locations and Dungeon Guides

All Temple Guides

List of All Temples
Tears of the Kingdom TOTK - Wind TempleWind Temple Tears of the Kingdom TOTK - Lightning TempleLightning Temple
Tears of the Kingdom TOTK - Fire TempleFire Temple Tears of the Kingdom TOTK - Water TempleWater Temple
Tears of the Kingdom TOTK - Hyrule CastleHyrule Castle Tears of the Kingdom TOTK - Spirit TempleSpirit Temple

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Message Boards

TOTK - Message Boards Partial Banner

Message Boards

List of All Message Boards

All Message Boards
TOTK - Game Help and Questions Partial Banner.pngGame Help & Questions (10) TOTK - Discussions and Review Partial Banner.pngDiscussion & Review Board (6)
TOTK - Fan Theory Sharing Partial Banner.pngFan Theory Sharing Board (7)

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Latest News

TOTK - News Partial Banner

Latest News and Updates

Related News for Tears of the Kingdom

About The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Product Info

Sky Temple Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Release Date May 12th, 2023
Price $59.99 USD (Plus Tax)
Release Versions Physical Copy / Downloadable Version
Genre Adventure, Action

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