Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV)

Low Sweep TM Location (TM039) and Pokemon That Learn It

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TM039 contains the move Low Sweep in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Read on to learn about TM039's location and how to unlock Low Sweep in the TM Machine, the move's type, power, accuracy, PP, and effect, as well as what Pokemon learn Low Sweep.

Low Sweep TM Location (TM039)

Can Be Crafted After Defeating Team Star Fire Crew Leader

TM039 Low Sweep is added to your craftable TM list in the TM Machine after beating the Team Star Fire Crew.

Starfall Street Walkthrough: Team Star Order and Levels

TM039 Location (Map)

Overworld Location Location on the Map
Open Map in New Window

Location: Available for Crafting through TM Machine after defeating Team Star's Fire Crew

Other Overworld Locations

Map How to Find
Next to a rock by the mountain wayside in West Province Area 1.

Craft Additional Copies at the TM Machine

TM039 Low Sweep Crafting Materials
・800 LP
Mankey Fur x3
Croagunk Poison x3

Once you've obtained a copy of TM039 - Low Sweep, you will be able to craft more copies of it at any Pokemon Center's TM Machine. Make sure you've collected enough League Points and Pokemon Materials!

TM Machines and How to Use Them

TM039 Low Sweep Effect

Low Sweep Effect

Effect Lowers the opponent's Speed by one stage.
Type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet SV - Fighting Type Moves Category Pokemon Scarlet and Violet SV - Physical Moves
Power 65 Accuracy 100
PP (Max PP) 20 (32) Target Single opponent
Priority 0 Contact?
Special Groups Moves Affected by Sheer Force
Moves that Decrease Speed

Low Sweep Type Effectiveness

Super Effective
Pokemon Normal Type Icon Pokemon Ice Type Icon Pokemon Rock Type Icon Pokemon Dark Type Icon Pokemon Steel Type Icon
Not Very Effective (x0.5)
Pokemon Poison Type Icon Pokemon Flying Type Icon Pokemon Psychic Type Icon Pokemon Bug Type Icon Pokemon Fairy Type Icon
No Effect
Pokemon Ghost Type Icon

Pokemon That Learn Low Sweep

By Default

Hitmonlee ImageHitmonlee

By Level Up

Quaxwell ImageQuaxwell (19) Quaquaval ImageQuaquaval (17) Slither Wing ImageSlither Wing (28)
Ogerpon ImageOgerpon (24) Ogerpon (Wellspring Mask) ImageOgerpon (Wellspring Mask) (24) Ogerpon (Hearthflame Mask) ImageOgerpon (Hearthflame Mask) (24)
Ogerpon (Cornerstone Mask) ImageOgerpon (Cornerstone Mask) (24)

By Evolution

No Pokemon currently learn this move via this method.


Psyduck ImagePsyduck Golduck ImageGolduck Mankey ImageMankey
Primeape ImagePrimeape Poliwhirl ImagePoliwhirl Poliwrath ImagePoliwrath
Drowzee ImageDrowzee Hypno ImageHypno Hitmonlee ImageHitmonlee
Hitmonchan ImageHitmonchan Electabuzz ImageElectabuzz Magmar ImageMagmar
Galarian Zapdos ImageGalarian Zapdos Mewtwo ImageMewtwo Mew ImageMew
Sudowoodo ImageSudowoodo Politoed ImagePolitoed Aipom ImageAipom
Galarian Slowking ImageGalarian Slowking Granbull ImageGranbull Sneasel ImageSneasel
Hisuian Sneasel ImageHisuian Sneasel Tyrogue ImageTyrogue Hitmontop ImageHitmontop
Grovyle ImageGrovyle Sceptile ImageSceptile Combusken ImageCombusken
Blaziken ImageBlaziken Nuzleaf ImageNuzleaf Shiftry ImageShiftry
Breloom ImageBreloom Vigoroth ImageVigoroth Slaking ImageSlaking
Makuhita ImageMakuhita Hariyama ImageHariyama Sableye ImageSableye
Meditite ImageMeditite Medicham ImageMedicham Grumpig ImageGrumpig
Zangoose ImageZangoose Deoxys (Normal Forme) ImageDeoxys (Normal Forme) Chimchar ImageChimchar
Monferno ImageMonferno Infernape ImageInfernape Buizel ImageBuizel
Floatzel ImageFloatzel Ambipom ImageAmbipom Riolu ImageRiolu
Lucario ImageLucario Croagunk ImageCroagunk Toxicroak ImageToxicroak
Weavile ImageWeavile Electivire ImageElectivire Magmortar ImageMagmortar
Gallade ImageGallade Pignite ImagePignite Emboar ImageEmboar
Timburr ImageTimburr Gurdurr ImageGurdurr Conkeldurr ImageConkeldurr
Hisuian Lilligant ImageHisuian Lilligant Krokorok ImageKrokorok Krookodile ImageKrookodile
Scraggy ImageScraggy Scrafty ImageScrafty Zoroark ImageZoroark
Hisuian Zoroark ImageHisuian Zoroark Gothitelle ImageGothitelle Haxorus ImageHaxorus
Mienfoo ImageMienfoo Mienshao ImageMienshao Golett ImageGolett
Golurk ImageGolurk Pawniard ImagePawniard Bisharp ImageBisharp
Meloetta (Aria Forme) ImageMeloetta (Aria Forme) Meloetta (Pirouette Forme) ImageMeloetta (Pirouette Forme) Quilladin ImageQuilladin
Chesnaught ImageChesnaught Greninja ImageGreninja Hawlucha ImageHawlucha
Decidueye ImageDecidueye Hisuian Decidueye ImageHisuian Decidueye Incineroar ImageIncineroar
Gumshoos ImageGumshoos Lycanroc (Midnight Form) ImageLycanroc (Midnight Form) Mudbray ImageMudbray
Mudsdale ImageMudsdale Lurantis ImageLurantis Steenee ImageSteenee
Tsareena ImageTsareena Passimian ImagePassimian Komala ImageKomala
Rillaboom ImageRillaboom Scorbunny ImageScorbunny Raboot ImageRaboot
Cinderace ImageCinderace Grimmsnarl ImageGrimmsnarl Stonjourner ImageStonjourner
Kubfu ImageKubfu Urshifu Single-Strike Style ImageUrshifu Single-Strike Style Urshifu Rapid-Strike Style ImageUrshifu Rapid-Strike Style
Zarude ImageZarude Sneasler ImageSneasler Floragato ImageFloragato
Meowscarada ImageMeowscarada Quaxwell ImageQuaxwell Quaquaval ImageQuaquaval
Lokix ImageLokix Pawmo ImagePawmo Pawmot ImagePawmot
Tandemaus ImageTandemaus Maushold ImageMaushold Grafaiai ImageGrafaiai
Flamigo ImageFlamigo Annihilape ImageAnnihilape Kingambit ImageKingambit
Slither Wing ImageSlither Wing Iron Hands ImageIron Hands Gholdengo ImageGholdengo
Koraidon ImageKoraidon Okidogi ImageOkidogi Ogerpon ImageOgerpon
Ogerpon (Wellspring Mask) ImageOgerpon (Wellspring Mask) Ogerpon (Hearthflame Mask) ImageOgerpon (Hearthflame Mask) Ogerpon (Cornerstone Mask) ImageOgerpon (Cornerstone Mask)

By Egg Move

No Pokemon currently learn this move via this method.

By Move Tutor

No Pokemon currently learn this move via this method.

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TM225 - Hard PressSteel
TM226 - Dragon CheerDragon
TM227 - Alluring VoiceFairy
TM228 - Psychic NoisePsychic
TM229 - Upper HandFighting

List of TMs and Locations

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Grass TypeGrass Water TypeWater Fire TypeFire
Electric TypeElectric Ice TypeIce Fighting TypeFighting
Ground TypeGround Poison TypePoison Flying TypeFlying
Psychic TypePsychic Bug TypeBug Rock TypeRock
Ghost Type,Ghost Dragon TypeDragon Dark TypeDark
Steel TypeSteel Fairy TypeFairy Normal TypeNormal
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