Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV)

Expert Belt Location and How to Get

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Expert Belt is a Held Item in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV). See the effects of Expert Belt as well as how to find and obtain it.

Expert Belt Effect

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet SV - Expert Belt ImageExpert Belt
Effect An item to be held by a Pokemon. Increases the holder's super effective moves by 20%.
Buy Price 30,000
Sell Price 7,500

How to Get Expert Belt

Available at Delibird Presents Shop (Mesagoza)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet SV - Delibird Presents
Expert Belt can be bought at the Delibird Presents shop for ₽30,000. This item will be available once you get 4 Gym Badge/s.

Delibird Presents Locations

Delibird Presents Locations and All Items

Defeat 4 Trainers in Dalizapa Passage

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet SV - Dalizapa Passage Battle League Rep

Defeat 4 Trainers around Dalizapa Passage to receive an Expert Belt from the Battle League Rep at the Pokemon Center in the area.

Dalizapa Passage Location

Dalizapa Passage is the area at the foot of Glaseado Mountain.

Dalizapa Passage Map

Dalizapa Passage Trainer Locations

Trainer Locations
Red IconRed Icon Trainers who will engage in a Pokemon Battle when spoken to.
Blue IconBlue Icon Trainers located inside caves or caverns underground.

All Pokemon Trainer Locations

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List of All Items and Effects

List of All Item Categories

Item Categories
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet SV - Picnic Items.pngPicnic Items

Held Item List

Ability Shield Absorb Bulb Adrenaline Orb Air Balloon
Assault Vest Big Root Binding Band Black Belt
Black Glasses Black Sludge Blunder Policy Booster Energy
Bright Powder Cell Battery Charcoal Choice Band
Choice Scarf Choice Specs Clear Amulet Cornerstone Mask
Covert Cloak Damp Rock Draco Plate Dragon Fang
Dread Plate Earth Plate Eject Button Eject Pack
Electric Seed Eviolite Expert Belt Fairy Feather
Fist Plate Flame Orb Flame Plate Float Stone
Focus Band Focus Sash Grassy Seed Grip Claw
Hard Stone Hearthflame Mask Heat Rock Heavy-Duty Boots
Icicle Plate Icy Rock Insect Plate Iron Ball
Iron Plate Lagging Tail Leftovers Life Orb
Light Ball Light Clay Loaded Dice Luminous Moss
Magnet Meadow Plate Mental Herb Metronome
Mind Plate Miracle Seed Mirror Herb Misty Seed
Muscle Band Mystic Water Never-Melt Ice Normal Gem
Pixie Plate Poison Barb Power Herb Protective Pads
Psychic Seed Punching Glove Quick Claw Red Card
Ring Target Rocky Helmet Room Service Rusted Shield
Rusted Sword Safety Goggles Scope Lens Sharp Beak
Shed Shell Shell Bell Silk Scarf Silver Powder
Sky Plate Smooth Rock Snowball Soft Sand
Spell Tag Splash Plate Spooky Plate Sticky Barb
Stone Plate Terrain Extender Throat Spray Toxic Orb
Toxic Plate Twisted Spoon Utility Umbrella Weakness Policy
Wellspring Mask White Herb Wide Lens Wise Glasses
Zap Plate Zoom Lens

Other Item Lists


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