Leaf Blade Effect and Pokemon That Learn It | Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV)

Leaf Blade is a Grass-type Physical Move in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (SV). Learn about the move's type, power, accuracy, PP, and effect, as well as what Pokemon learn it.

Leaf Blade Effect and Type Effectiveness

Leaf Blade Effect

Effect This attack has a 1-stage increased Critical Hit ratio.
Type Pokemon Scarlet and Violet SV - Grass Type Moves Category Pokemon Scarlet and Violet SV - Physical Moves
Power 90 Accuracy 100
PP (Max PP) 15 (24) Target Single opponent
Priority 0 Contact?
Special Groups Moves Affected by Sharpness (Slicing Moves)
Moves with High Critical Hit Rate

Leaf Blade Effectiveness

Super Effective
Pokemon Water Type Icon Pokemon Ground Type Icon Pokemon Rock Type Icon
Not Very Effective (x0.5)
Pokemon Fire Type Icon Pokemon Grass Type Icon Pokemon Poison Type Icon Pokemon Flying Type Icon Pokemon Bug Type Icon Pokemon Dragon Type Icon Pokemon Steel Type Icon
No Effect

Pokemon that Learn Leaf Blade

By Default

Gallade ImageGallade

By Level Up

Iron Leaves ImageIron Leaves (49) Leafeon ImageLeafeon (50) Skiddo ImageSkiddo (45)
Gogoat ImageGogoat (55) Fomantis ImageFomantis (40) Lurantis ImageLurantis (44)
Iron Valiant ImageIron Valiant (49)

By Evolution

No Pokemon currently learn this move via this method.


No Pokemon currently learn this move via this method.

By Egg Move

Tropius ImageTropius

By Move Tutor

No Pokemon currently learn this move via this method.

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