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This is a guide to World Quests in Genshin Impact. In this article we'll be going over the benefits to completing World Quests, how to find them, and have a list with their rewards!

How to Accept World Quests

World Quest Requirements

Speak to a Specific NPC

List of Quests and How to Accept 1.png

World Quests can be found while exploring the map and speaking to NPCs that appear there. These NPCs don't appear any differently from regular NPCs so if you meet anyone out in the field you should try speaking to them!

Be the Necessary Adventure Rank

List of Quests and How to Accept 2.png

Some of these quests can actually raise your World Level so you'll want to be at the right Adventure Rank. These quests are known as Ascension Quests.

How to Raise Your World Level

Go to the Required Area

List of Quests and How to Accept 3.png

There are some World Quests that will begin just by being in the right area. These quests cannot be triggered at will, so if one shows up while you're around you should prioritize completing it.

Benefits of Completing World Quests

Receive Rewards

List of Quests and How to Accept 4.png

Just like Archon and Story Quests, World Quests will provide a variety of rewards for completing. These rewards can range from Adventure Experience to Original Resin so you should do as many as you can.

Increase Your World Level

Some World Quests will not only give you the typical rewards, but they can also increase your World Level by 1.

List of World Quests

Quest Name How to Unlock
Adventure Rank Ascension 1 ・Reach Adventure Rank 25
The Chi of Guyun ・Speak to Yan'er near the ruins south of Quingce Village
Break the Sword Cemetery Seal ・Talk to Dr. Livingstone at the lake in Dadaupa Gorge.
Livingstone and Edith ・Near Cape Oath's Teleport Waypoint
Big Business ・Speak to Landa at the top of Wangshu Inn
Every Day a New Adventure ・Speak to Katheryne after reaching Adventure Rank 12.
Solo Venture ・Talk to Jack at the Angel's Share tavern.
The Tree who Stands Alone ・Speak to the ghost of Yuan Hong in Mingyun Village.
Treasure Lost, Treasure Found ・Speak with Soraya outside of Guili Assembly in Guili Plains.
Time and the Wind ・Reach the Secret Island on the far east end of the map.
Share Not Your Treasures ・Interact with the Worn Letter guarded by a Ruin Hunter in Guili Plains.
Luhua Landscape ・Speak with Vermeer at the ruins south of Luhua Pool.
Question and Answer ・Speak with Swan at the gates of Mondstadt.
And This Treasure Goes To... ・To the far west of Linju Pass climb up to the top of the cliff where you will be attacked by Treasure Hoarders.
A Little Game ・Speak with Childish Jiang near the Teleport Waypoint north of Mt. Tianheng.
Flighty Flora... and Flora ・Talk to Flora after completing the prologue.
In the Aftermath ・Talk to Huffman after completing the prologue.
Equivalent Exchange ・After completing the Fatui Agent's commission quest inside the Cathedral, talk to him again.
Thief-Catcher ・Talk to Cyrus after completing the prologue.
After the Storm ・Talk to Wagner the blacksmith after completing the prologue.
Trails in Tianqiu ・Examine the ancient tablet in Tianqiu.
Cleanup at Dawn ・Speak with Adelinde outside of the Dawn Winery building.
Lingering Malady ・Speak to Aramis in front of the Cathedral after reaching AR 30.
Will of Stone ・Speak to Jiayi in Liyue Harbor after reaching AR 30.
Pressing Deadlines ・Speak to Clerk Zhao in Liyue Harbor after reaching AR 30.
A Quiet Day in Liyue Harbor ・Speak to Nervous An in Liyue Harbor after reaching AR 30.
The Ocean Pearl ・Get on the mysterious boat near Liyue Harbor.
The Yaksha's Wish ・Read the Ruin Tablet found in Minlin, Liyue.
A Lone Ship in Guyun ・Get onto the ship located on the east side of Guyun Stone Forest.

※We will add to this list as we find out more!

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6 Anonymous3 days

>>5 Thanks for the heads up!! I had the items just lying in my inventory, not knowing what to do with them.

5 Anonymous4 days

Not sure if this counts as a quest since theres no quest marker for it. When you obtain all 3 Nameless Treasure from Dunyu Pass, Lingju Pass, Qingxu pool, you bring it to LinLang (left of the souvenir shop in Liyue Harbor) at night anmd you get primo gems and exp

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