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Genshin Impact - What is Error Code 31-4302 and How to Fix It
Error Code 31-4302 occurs in Genshin Impact when the game encounters a problem with the game files, preventing players from logging in. Find out all ways to fix this bug and restart the game in this guide!

What is Genshin Error Code 31-4302?

Genshin - Error Code

Error Code 31-4302 on Mobile and Other Devices

Genshin's Error Code 31-4302 happens when the game encounters a problem with the game data or files. Players attempting to log in will encounter this error and will be asked to log in again.

This means your game client is either outdated, corrupted, or confused by an extra file.

Error Codes and Bug Fixes

How Do I Fix Error Code 31-4302?

All Ways to Fix Error Code 31-4302

Ways to Fix Error Code 31-4302
1 Before anything: try restarting your device
2 Go to Program Files and run the game client
3 Make sure your game client is updated
4 Turn off your VPN (Virtual Private Network)
5 Re-install Genshin Impact

Run Genshin's ".exe" File to Fix Error Code 31-4302

If the game still does not open normally after restarting your device, you can try opening it through its .exe file.

  1. Go to your Program Files
  2. Find the Genshin Impact game client or .exe file there
  3. Open Genshin Impact through this file

Update Genshin Impact to Fix Error Code 31-4302

Genshin - Update Notice
Make sure that you have the updated version of Genshin Impact on your device. You can check if there are pending updates through the Launcher on PC, Google Play for Android, and through the App Store for iOS devices.

It's best to Pre-Install updates whenever you can to avoid this error!

How to Pre-Install Updates

Turn off your VPN to Fix Error Code 31-4302

The error may also be caused by an interruption from your device's active VPN. In this case, simply turning off your VPN and restarting the game would fix the problem.

Re-Install Genshin Impact to Fix Error Code 31-4302

Genshin - Download Genshin Impact

Download Genshin Impact from the Official Website or Mobile Store

When all else fails, you can uninstall Genshin Impact through the Apps list in your device's Settings before downloading it again from either the official Website, the App Store, or Google Play, to make sure all necessary game files are downloaded properly.

How to Download Genshin Impact

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