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How to Raise Your World Level

Genshin - How to Raise World Level

This article will teach you on how to raise your World Level in Genshin Impact, you can also learn the benefits of raising your World Level here.

How to Raise World Level

Required Adventure Rank Ascension Quest Requirement
World Level 1 20 ×
World Level 2 25 ✔︎
World Level 3 30 ×
World Level 4 35 ✔︎
World Level 5 40 ×
World Level 6 45 ✔︎
World Level 7 50 ✔︎
World Level 8 55 ×

Receive Rewards from Raising Adventure Rank

Genshin Impact - How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

To raise your World Level, you need to increase your Adventure Rank. Receiving a certain number of Adventure EXP increases your world level, allowing you to receive rewards. You can claim your rewards by going to the Adventurers' Guild and talking to the receptionist there.

How to Raise Adventure Rank

Complete Ascension Quest

In order to raise some World Levels, you need to complete an Ascension Quest. The quest will have you capturing designated ruins. In order to accept the quest however, you need to meet a certain Adventure Rank first.

Benefits of Raising World Level

Get Better Drops

Thundering Fury 5 Star Thundersoother 5 Star

As your World Level increases, you will get better rarity drops from enemies and bosses. This allows you to get better Artifacts that will improve your character's stats and skills.

Best Artifact Sets

Enemies and Bosses get Stronger too

Anemo Hypostasis 3.gif

With a higher World Level, your enemies and bosses levels increase too, making them stronger and tougher to fight.

It is recommended that you ascend your characters and weapons prior to raising your World Level.

Increased Max Adventurer Rank

unlock domain
As your World Level increases, so does the max level of your Adventurer Rank. The level cap will be raised every time you do so.

Higher Ranked Domains Become Available

Genshin Impact - List of Domains

Domains are one of the best places to farm Artifacts and the higher the level of the domain you tackle, the better rewards you can get.

List of Domains

How to Change World Level

Genshin Impact - How to Change World Level

As of Update 1.4, you can now adjust your current World Level. You can choose to lower your World Level after World Level 5.

How to Change Your World Level

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