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Scaramouche Boss Fight Location and How to Defeat Guide | Shouki no Kami

Genshin Impact - Scaramouche Boss Fight Guide

Scaramouche (also known as the Balladeer or Shouki no Kami) is a weekly boss in Genshin Impact. See where to find and how to unlock the boss domain, Scaramouche's elemental weaknesses, best team and characters, how to defeat it, achievements, and material drops here!

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Scaramouche Boss Fight Domain Location

Shouki no Kami Location in Avidya Forest, Sumeru

Genshin - Shouki no Kami Nirvana Location

The Scaramouche Boss Fight domain is located in Chinvat Ravine, Sumeru in the Avidya Forest area.

Sumeru Map and Unlock Guide

How to Unlock Scaramouche Boss Fight

Complete Where the Boat of Consciousness Lies

Genshin - Chapter 3 Act 5 Archon Quest
Scaramouche can be unlocked as a weekly boss fight after completing the Where the Boat of Consciousness Lies quest during Archon Quest Chapter III: Act V.

Chapter 3: Act 5 Guide

Scaramouche Boss Fight Weaknesses

Resistant to Electro

Elemental Resistance Normal Resistance
Electro Image
Geo ImageCryo ImageAnemo ImageDendro ImageHydro ImagePyro Image

While Scaramouche doesn't have any Elemental Weaknesses, he is resistant to the Electro element! We recommend using any DPS character that does not use the Electro element as their main source of DMG.

Elemental Bomb Weaknesses

Pyro Bomb Hydro Bomb Cryo Bomb
Genshin - Scaramouche Pyro Bomb
Weak to Hydro
Genshin - Scaramouche Hydro Bomb
Weak to Dendro
Genshin - Scaramouche Cryo Bomb
Weak to Pyro

During the second phase, Scaramouche can launch an attack that summons multiple elemental bombs that will eventually explode. Use the element each bomb is weak against to destroy it quickly and collect an Energy Block.

Nirvana Engine Weaknesses

Elemental Resistance Elemental Weakness
Electro ImageHydro Image
Cryo ImageDendro ImagePyro Image

Scaramouche's Nirvana Engines in the second phase are resistant to the Electro and Hydro elements. Use Pyro, Cryo, or Dendro Elemental Attacks to fill up the Neo Akasha Terminal and avoid the one hit knockout move: Setsuna Shoumetsu.

Best Team to Fight Scaramouche

Best Party for Scaramouche Boss Fight

Best Party for Scaramouche Boss
Genshin Impact - Ganyu ImageGanyu Genshin Impact - Nahida ImageNahida Genshin Impact - Bennett ImageBennett Genshin Impact - Zhongli ImageZhongli

Use Ranged Elemental Characters in the party

We recommend using characters who can use ranged elemental attacks. Ganyu is an excellent option as her Charged Attacks can deal tons of single target DMG from a distance.

Nahida can easily attack the obstacles that provide Energy Blocks while Bennett and Zhongli can protect you from taking huge hits.

All the Best Characters to Fight Scaramouche

Character Merits
Genshin Impact - Tighnari ImageTighnari ・High single target DMG through Charged Attacks.
・High Elemental Burst DMG.
Genshin Impact - Yoimiya ImageYoimiya ・High single target DMG.
・Able to deal consistent ranged damage.
Genshin Impact - Kokomi ImageKokomi ・Able to heal the entire party and do decent damage.
Genshin Impact - Yanfei ImageYanfei ・Can deal Pyro DMG from a distance and destroy second phase obstacles easily.
Genshin Impact - Diona ImageDiona ・Can shield party members and destroy second phase obstacles easily.

How to Defeat Scaramouche

Charge Up the Neo Akasha Terminal using Energy Blocks

Genshin - Shouki no Kami Energy Blocks

To defeat Scaramouche, you must collect Energy Blocks generated from his attacks to charge up the Neo Akasha Terminal.

The Neo Akasha Terminal is a device used during battle to immobilize or deal DMG to Shouki no Kami.

Use the Elemental Matrix on the First Phase

Genshin Impact - Elemental Matrices
During the first phase, there will be circular pads on the floor you can step on called Elemental Matrices. Fully charge the Neo Akasha Terminal and use it on the pads to generate the following effects:

Element Effect
Pyro Image Pyro Clears the Raw Frost effect from the ground.
Cryo Image Cryo Clears the Remnant Flame effect from the ground.
Anemo Image Anemo Creates a wind current you can use to avoid Scaramouche's large scale attacks.
Hydro Image Hydro Creates a continous healing effect.
Electro Image Electro Immobilizes Shouki no Kami. You will have to activate two of them in order for it to work.

Deplete the Shield on the Second Phase

Using a fully charged Neo Akasha Terminal during the second phase will replace your Elemental Skill with a powerful attack that can deal a huge chunk of DMG.

Hold the Skill and aim it on the enemy to unleash a green blast.

Destroy the Nirvana Engines using Elemental Attacks

Genshin - Shouki no Kami Nirvana Engine

When Scaramouche's shield in the second phase has been destroyed, attack the Nirvana Engines using Pyro, Cryo, and Dendro to charge up the Akasha Terminal. Once charged up, use it to unleash a blast that can immobilize Shouki no Kami.

Failure to do so will have one of your party members killed by the Setsuna Shoumetsu attack.

Scaramouche Boss Attack Patterns

Scaramouche First Phase Attacks

Attack Patterns Attack Information
Genshin - Scaramouche Hydro Anemo Swirl
Hydro Anemo Swirl
Scaramouche summons three gusts of Anemo then swirls it with Hydro to to create a tornado.
Genshin - Scaramouche Left Pyro Slam
Left Pyro Slam
Scaramouche uses his left arm to smash the ground using Pyro energy then slaps to the right. The slam will leave off a Remnant Flame effect that can be removed using the Cryo Elemental Matrix!
Genshin - Scaramouche Right Cryo Slam
Right Cryo Slam
Scaramouche uses his right arm to smash the ground using Cryo energy then slaps to the left. The slam will leave off a Raw Frost effect that can be removed using the Pyro Elemental Matrix!
Genshin - Scaramouche Chest Laser
Chest Laser
Scaramouche fires off a giant laser affecting the ground with Electro AoE damage overtime. You can avoid this by activating the Anemo Elemental Matrix and glide off the wind current!
Genshin - Scaramouche Flamethrower
Scaramouche casts a flamethrower on its left arm, attacking on a wide range from its left side to the right! You can avoid this by activating the Anemo Elemental Matrix and glide off the wind current!
Genshin - Scaramouche Electro Rain
Electro Rain
Scaramouche fires off a rain of Electro energy!
Genshin - Scaramouche Laser Belt
Laser Belt
Scaramouche surrounds himself with lasers that attack at almost every angle! You can avoid this by activating the Anemo Elemental Matrix and glide off the wind current!

Scaramouche Second Phase Attacks

Attack Patterns Attack Information
Genshin - Scaramouche Stomp
Stomp and Punch
Scaramouche attacks twice using his limbs on a small AoE then launches a huge blast of Electro.
Genshin - Scaramouche Bot Rain
Elemental Bombs
Scaramouche summons a rain of tiny bombs of Pyro, Hydro, Cryo that eventually explode. You can destroy them using elemental attacks to collect Energy Blocks.
Genshin - Scaramouche Spear
Double Electro Spear
Scaramouche strikes two consecutive Electro lances on the ground on a wide area.
Genshin - Scaramouche Dash
Pyro and Cryo Dash
Scaramouche dashes around the stage, ramming with Pyro and Cryo energy respectively.
Genshin - Scaramouche Anemo Hydro Wave
Anemo and Hydro Waves
Scaramouche fires two coordinated waves of Hydro and Anemo. The ground can be an indicator on where the attack will land.
Genshin - Scaramouche Electro Barage
Electro Barrage
Scaramouche fires multiple blasts of Electro. The markers on the ground appear to signal when to sprint to perfectly avoid each attack!.
Genshin - Scaramouche Setsuna Shoumetsu
Setsuna Shoumetsu
One Hit-K.O. Move
Scaramouche charges up and prepares to launch a giant ball of energy towards you. Destroy the Nirvana Engines and use your Neo Akasha Terminal on Scaramouche to avoid getting hit.

Scaramouche Boss Fight Achievements

It All Comes Tumbling Down

Achievement Rank Primogem Reward
It All Comes Tumbling Down Completed AchievementIt All Comes Tumbling Down 5 Primogems
Objective: Use the Elemental Matrices to overload and paralyze Shouki no Kami.

To unlock this achievement, you must activate the Electro Elemental Matrices to immobilize the mech on the first phase of the boss fight.

Causality of Birth and Extinction

Achievement Rank Primogem Reward
Causality of Birth and Extinction Completed AchievementCausality of Birth and Extinction 5 Primogems
Objective: Even at the edge of obliteration, a comeback is still on the cards....

This achievement can be attained by having your active character party killed by the Setsuna Shoumetsu after destroying Scaramouche's shield on the second phase.

Achievement List & Rewards

Information on Scaramouche Boss Fight

Scaramouche's Boss Info and Rewards

Genshin Impact Scaramouche Boss Icon
Resin Cost 30 / 60 Original Resin
Scaramouche Material Drops
Other Reward Drops
Genshin - Adventure EXP ImageGenshin - Mora ImageGenshin - Companionship EXP Image
Genshin - Dream Solvent ImageGenshin - Midlander Sword Billet ImageGenshin - Midlander Polearm Billet ImageGenshin - Midlander Catalyst Billet ImageGenshin - Midlander Claymore Billet ImageGenshin - Midlander Bow Billet Image

Genshin - Varunada Lazurite Sliver ImageGenshin - Varunada Lazurite Fragment ImageGenshin - Varunada Lazurite Chunk ImageGenshin - Varunada Lazurite Gemstone ImageGenshin - Vajrada Amethyst Sliver ImageGenshin - Vajrada Amethyst Fragment ImageGenshin - Vajrada Amethyst Chunk ImageGenshin - Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone ImageGenshin - Vayuda Turquoise Sliver ImageGenshin - Vayuda Turquoise Fragment ImageGenshin - Vayuda Turquoise Chunk ImageGenshin - Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone Image

GladiatorWandererInstructor ImageThe Exile ImageBerserker Image
Reset Time Every Monday at 4 AM, Server Time

Resin Cost is halved for the first 3 Claims

If Scaramouche's rewards is one of the first three Weekly Boss rewards you claim that week, then you only need 30 Original Resin to claim the rewards. If you already claimed Weekly Boss rewards 3 times before challenging the title Domain, you need 60 Original Resin.

Note that you can't use Condensed Resin to claim the rewards.

Boss Drops Used for Character Talent Level Up

Character Element Weapon
Alhaitham Alhaitham (5★)
Dehya Dehya (5★)
Faruzan Faruzan (4★)
Layla Layla (4★)
Mika Mika (4★)
Nahida Nahida (5★)
Sethos Sethos (4★)
Wanderer Wanderer (5★)
Yaoyao Yaoyao (4★)

More Info on Scaramouche's Boss Fight in the Trounce Domain Guide

For other Trounce Domain information about Scaramouche's Domain Drops, and more, check out our Joururi Workshop Guide guide:

Joururi Workshop Guide

Scaramouche Boss Release Date

Genshin Impact Version 3.2
Genshin Impact - Version 3.2 - Akasha Pulses the Kalpa Flame Rises
Release Date November 02, 2022

The Shouki no Kami weekly boss was showcased alongside the Dendro Hypostasis and was released in Version 3.2 on November 2, 2022.

Version 3.2 Livestream Release Date

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