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What Happens on Your Birthday?

Genshin Impact - What Happens on Your Birthday

This is a guide about the player's birthday in Genshin Impact. Learn how to set your birthday and the reward you'll obtain from Genshin Impact's team.

How to Set your Birthday

Genshin - Set your Birthday

On the Summon Paimon Menu, you can select your Birthday to find that it's empty. You can then set a date and have it be your Genshin Impact profile's birthdate!

Note that this is irreversible! Once you set the date, you cannot change it later on.

Rewards From Your Birthday

A Birthday Cake for Traveler

Year 1 Birthday Cake

Any accounts made during Genshin's release up until its first anniversary (September 21, 2020 - 28, 2021) and has its birthday between those days received the Year one version of the Traveler Cake.

Year 2 Birthday Cake

Any accounts made after Genshin's first anniversary (September 28, 2021) and have their birthdays at any point after will receive the year two version of the Cake for Traveler!

Consume to get a Fragile Resin

Using birthday cake will grant you with a free replica of the item in your inventory for you to keep and a Fragile Resin, which is a usable item that restores your Original Resin by 60. The Fragile Resin is a valuable item, so make sure to use it well!

How to Use and Restore Original Resin

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