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Genshin Impact - List of Bosses

This page lists all of the Bosses in Genshin Impact, with guides for beating each Boss. Read more to learn their locations and the drops available for each Boss.

Weekly Bosses

Weekly Bosses are enemies that you can only fight once a week, but drop rare Artifacts, Character Ascension Materials, and rare Crafting Materials. These bosses reset weekly.

Cost to Claim Rewards

All Weekly Bosses

Stormterror DvalinStormterror Dvalin Lupus BoreasLupus Boreas ChildeChilde

Field Bosses

Filed Bosses are large enemies that rewspawn slowly, but drop great rewards such as Artifacts and Character Ascension Materials, the rarity of which will depend on your World Level. Their locations are fixed on the map.

Cost to Claim Rewards


Geo HypostasisGeo Hypostasis Anemo HypostasisAnemo Hypostasis Electro HypostasisElectro Hypostasis


Cryo RegisvineCryo Regisvine Pyro RegisvinePyro Regisvine



Elite Monsters

Elite Bosses are enemies that drop Artifacts and Character Ascension Materials but do not cost resin to claim. They are found in various locations across Teyvat and respawn daily.


Stonehide LawachurlStonehide Lawachurl Blazing Axe MitachurlBlazing Axe Mitachurl Rock Shieldwall MitachurlRock Shieldwall Mitachurl
Wooden Shield MitachurlWooden Shield Mitachurl Hilichurl ChieftainHilichurl Chieftain Frostarm LawachurlFrostarm Lawachurl

Abyss Mages

Pyro Abyss MagePyro Abyss Mage Cryo Abyss MageCryo Abyss Mage Hydro Abyss MageHydro Abyss Mage


Fatui Pyro AgentFatui Pyro Agent Fatui Electro Cicin MageFatui Electro Cicin Mage Fatui Cryo Cicin MageFatui Cryo Cicin Mage

War Machines

Ruin GuardRuin Guard Ruin HunterRuin Hunter Ruin GraderRuin Grader


Geovishap HatchlingGeovishap Hatchling

Special Elite Monsters

Currently, there is only one monster that is not really a boss, nor a normal enemy: the Eye of the Storm. It has some mini-boss attack patterns, but doesn't drop materials.

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the StormEye of the Storm

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