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Genshin Impact - How to Switch Characters

Switching Characters is a function that allows you to use different characters in Genshin Impact. Learn how to switch characters during battles, how to change your party members, and other information found in this guide.

How To Switch Characters

All Ways to Switch Characters

  1. Press 1-5 in keyboard or the D-Pad for controllers
  2. Change in Party Setup menu
  3. Arrange party before entering a domain

On-Field Switching

Genshin - Game UI Screen Mobile
Tap the character's icon on the upper right side of the screen for mobile, using the numbers 1-5 for PC, and using the directional pad for the PS4. You'll be able to see which characters are active by checking the upper right part of the screen.

In mobile, you can tap on the character's name or icon to switch to them immediately.

Changing Party Members

Genshin - Party Setup
The Party members can also be changed (out of combat) by going to the Pause Menu and selecting Party Setup from the menu. This will allow you to organize a 4 character party.

You can also hold on the character's icon while on-field in PC or Mobile to go to Party Setup quicker!
How to Get Characters

Before Entering Domains

Genshin - Character Select
When entering temples, you will be prompted to create a team before being able to enter the temple. There will also be restrictions as some dungeons require a certain element(s) in order for them to be completed. Make sure to have a variety of characters on your team!

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