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List of Story Quests

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This is a list of all available Story Quests in Genshin Impact. Check the links below for the quest walkthroughs, rewards, how to unlock, and which characters start the quest!

List of Story Quests

All Available Story Quests

Character Story Quests
Genshin - Klee Icon Klee Chapter: Trifolium
Act 1: True Treasure
Genshin - Amber Icon Amber Chapter: Lepus
Act 1: Wind, Courage and Wings
Genshin - Diluc Icon Diluc Chapter: Noctua
Act 1: Darknight Hero's Alibi
Genshin - Jean Icon Jean Chapter: Leo Minor
Act 1: Master's Day Off
Genshin - Kaeya Icon Kaeya Chapter: Pavo Ocellus
Act 1: Secret Pirate Treasure
Genshin - Lisa Icon Lisa Chapter: Tempus Fugit
Act 1: Troublesome Work
Genshin - Mona Icon Mona Chapter: Astrolabos
Act 1: Beyond This World's Stars
Genshin - Razor Icon Razor Chapter: Lupus Minor
Act 1: The Meaning of Lupical
Genshin - Venti Icon Venti Chapter: Carmen Dei
Act 1: Should You Be Trapped in a Windless Land
Genshin - Xiangling Icon Xiangling Chapter: Trulla
Act 1: Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip
Genshin - Xingqiu Icon Xingqiu Chapter: Fabulae Textile
Act 1: Bookworm Swordsman
Genshin - Tartaglia Icon Tartaglia Chapter: Monoceros Caeli
Act 1: Mighty Cyclops' Adventure
Genshin - Zhongli Icon Zhongli Chapter: Lapis Dei
Act 1: Sal Flore
Act 2: No Mere Stone
Genshin - Albedo Icon Albedo Chapter: Princeps Cretaceus
Act 1: Traveler Observation Report
Genshin - Ganyu Icon Ganyu Chapter: Sinae Unicornis
Act 1: Sea of Clouds, Sea of People
Genshin - Xiao Icon Xiao Chapter: Alatus Nemeseos
Act 1: Butterfly's Dream
Genshin - Hu Tao Icon Hu Tao Chapter: Papilio Charonitis
Act 1: Yet the Butterfly Flutters Away
Genshin - Eula Icon Eula Chapter: Aphros Delos
Act 1: The Spindrift Shall Never Return to the Sea
Genshin - Kazuha Icon Kazuha Chapter: Acer Palmatum
Act 1: A Strange and Friendless Road
Genshin - Yoimiya Icon Yoimiya Chapter: Carassius Auratus
Act 1: Dreamlike Timelessness
Act 2: Star-Pickers' Passage
Genshin - Ayaka Icon Ayaka Chapter: Grus Nivis
Act 1: The Whispers of the Crane and the White Rabbit
Genshin - Kokomi Icon Kokomi Chapter: Dracaena Somnolenta
Act 1: Warriors' Dreams Like Spring Grass Renewing
Genshin - Raiden Icon Raiden Chapter: Impeatrix Umbrosa
Act 1: Reflections of Mortality
Act 2: Transient Dreams
Genshin - Itto Icon Itto Chapter: Taurus Iracundus
Act 1: Rise Up, Golden Soul
Genshin - Yae Miko Icon Yae Miko Chapter: Divina Vulpes
Act 1: The Great Narukami Offering
Genshin - Ayato Icon Ayato Chapter: Cypressus Custos
Act 1: The Firmiana Leaf Falls
Genshin - Yelan Icon Yelan Chapter: Umbrabilis Orchis
Act 1: Calculated Gambit
Genshin - Tighnari Icon Tighnari Chapter: Vulpes Zerda
Act 1: The Unanswerable Problems
Genshin - Cyno Icon Cyno Chapter: Lupus Aureus
Act 1: Sands of Solitude
Act 2: Oathkeeper
Genshin - Nilou Icon Nilou Chapter: Lotos Somno
Act 1: To the Wise
Genshin - Nahida Icon Nahida Chapter: Sapientia Oromasdis
Act 1: Lingering Warmth
Act 2: Homecoming
Genshin - Alhaitham Icon Alhaitham Chapter: Vultur Volans
Act 1: Illusions of the Mob
Genshin - Dehya Icon Dehya Chapter: Mantichora
Act 1: Lionsblood
Genshin - Baizhu Icon Baizhu Chapter: Lagenaria
Act 1: The Heart of Healing
Genshin - Lyney Icon Lyney Chapter: Felis Fuscus
Act 1: The Forgotten Thief
Genshin - Wriothesley Icon Wriothesley Chapter: Cerberus
Act 1: Reborn in the Land of Grievances
Genshin - Neuvillette Icon Neuvillette Chapter: Leviathan Judicator
Act 1: The Remains of the Past Day
Genshin - Furina Icon Furina Chapter: Animula Choragi
Act 1: The Little Oceanid
Genshin - Navia Icon Navia Chapter: Rosa Multiflora
Act 1: Braving the Tides Together
Genshin - Xianyun Icon Xianyun Chapter: Grus Serena
Act 1: A Thousand Moonlit Miles
Genshin - Chiori Icon Chiori Chapter: Cisoria
Act 1: When They Talk About Tonight
Genshin - Arlecchino Icon Arlecchino Chapter: Ignis Purgatorius
Act 1: When the Hearth-Flame Goes Out
Genshin - Sigewinne Icon Sigewinne Chapter: Nereides
Nereides Act 1
Genshin - Clorinde Icon Clorinde Chapter: Rapperia
Rapperia Act 1

The list is sorted based on the character's version release.

What are Story Quests?

Focuses on Each Character's Stories

Genshin - Focuses on Each Character

Story Quests are a specialized category of Quests that delve deeper into the corresponding character's backstory. These quests give more insight and background to your favorite character!

List of All Characters

Optimizations from Version 4.2

Players Can Choose to Start Story Quests

Genshin - Story Quest - Players Can Unlock and Choose To Accept
After the Version 4.2 update, players can obtain a story quest while having the option to choose if they wish to start on the quest or not.

In previous versions, unlocking and obtaining a story quest automatically forces the players to clear the story or other related objectives since some characters or areas tend to overlap.

Shows Requirements for the Story Quest

In this update onwards, the list of requirements for the quest will appear to players should they want to pursue on completing the story quests they would like to see.

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All Quests and Quest Types

List of Quest Types

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