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This is a guide on how to best make use of Mora, the currency in Genshin Impact. Check out our tips below for how to get money and what to spend it on!

Best Way to Farm Money (Mora)

  1. Finish your Daily Commissions Most Effective!
  2. Open a Money Flower in the field
  3. Clear Abyssal Domains (Dungeons)

Finish Your Daily Commissions


Potential Profit 3,925~5,950 per Commission

Every day you'll get a new set of 4 Commissions that will give you Mora as a reward for completion. Clearing all 4 of these can net you about 20,000 Mora a day.

Open a Ley Line Blossom in the Field

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Potential Profit 20,000

As you explore the world of Teyvat you'll come across Ley Line Blossoms after completing a brief trial that have Mora inside. The Blue Leyline Outcrop contains character EXP materials while the gold Leyline Outcrops contains Mora.

Clear Abyssal Domains

abyssal domains.jpeg

Domain Name Potential Profit
Midsummer Courtyard 850~1,700
Cecilia Garden 750~1,500
Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula 750~1,500
Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula 1,250~1,700

Upon clearing an Abyssal Domain you'receive Mora as one of the rewards. Depending on the difficulty of the Abyssal Domain the amount of Mora you get will differ. Be aware, however, that the available Abyssal Domains are based on your current Adventure Rank, so prioritize the 2 above methods before farming Abyssal Domains.

Other Ways to Get Money

  • Raise your Adventure Rank
  • Complete Investigations
  • Kill monsters
  • Exchange Stardust

Raise Your Adventure Rank

Adventure Rank.jpeg

Adventure Rank Mora Reward
2~3,5~10 10,000 Each
11, 13~16 15,000 Each
17~19 20,000 Each
21~25 25,000 Each

Every time you go up an Adventuer Rank you'll receive Mora. Don't forget to stop by the Adventurer's Guild to claim your reward for ranking up!

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

Complete Investigations


Total Mora
Chapter 1 20,000
Chapter 2 25,000
Chapter 3 35,000
Chapter 4 65,000
Chapter 5 105,000

As you unlock more features of the game you'll be able to complete various Investigations that reward you with mora. Keep up with these to unlock more Investigations and increase your Mora intake.

Kill Monsters


Potential Profit
Slimes 15~25
Hilichurls 15~30
Hilichurls (Bosses) 198

The amount of Mora monsters drop is dependent on their level

You can get a bit of Mora for killing monsters out in the field. They'll always drop some so go wild. This is not the best way to farm Mora but it is a method. We highly suggest opting for the other methods instead of farming enemies for Mora.

Exchange Stardust

Stardust Exchange.jpeg

Necessary Stardust
Limited to 30 a Month 10
No Limit 15

Stardust obtained from Wishes can be exchanged for Mora. This is split into a limit of 30 times a month exchange as well as an unlimited exchange with the difference being the amount of Stardust required. However, both will give you 10,000 Mora per exchange, so if you find yourself low on money go ahead and toss some Stardust at the exchange.

Stardust and What to Trade it For

Best Ways to Use Money

  • Leveling Artifacts and Weapons Recommended!
  • Leveling characters
  • Using the Forge

Level Up Weapons and Artifacts


Blame your artifacts and weapond when your wallet runs out of Mora during the endgame. Every upgrade will cost a hefty amount of Mora which is relative to the amount of EXP of materials used for the process.

Leveling and Ascending Characters


Wanderer's Wit 150
Adventurer's Experience 750
Hero's Wit 3000

Leveling your character will also cost Mora. Depending on the experience book you use the amount of Mora increases.

▼Necessary Mora to Raise Level Caps

Level Cap.jpeg

Star Level Cap Mora
40 20000
★★ 50 40000
★★★ Under investigation Under investigation

Alongside leveling you will also have to increase your character's level caps as well. This will require both Mora and other materials.

Using the Forge


Required Mora
Enhancement Ore 5
Fine Enhancement Ore 10
Mystic Enhancement Ore 50
Weapons 500

At the Forge you can purchase new weapons or upgrade existing ones using Mora. There is a limit to how many weapons can be purchased in a day but they're cheap.

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