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How to Farm and Spend Mora (Money)

Genshin Impact - How to Farm and Spend Mora
Mora is the main currency in Genshin Impact. Find out all ways to get Mora, the best ways to farm Mora, and what to spend it on here!

Best Ways to Farm Mora (Money)

Best Ways to Get Mora
1 Farm Blossoms of Wealth.
2 Complete Daily Commissions.
3 Complete Reputation Requests and Bounties.
4 Complete All Types of Domains.

Farm Blossoms of Wealth

Genshin - Ley Line Outcrop - Blossom of Wealth

Potential Profit 20,000 ~ 60,000 Each

Once you reach a certain Adventure Rank, the Ley Line Outcrop icons will start appearing on your map. The blue Blossom of Revelation is unlocked at Adventure Rank 8, while the gold Blossom of Wealth is unlocked at Adventure Rank 12.

You can complete a Ley Line Blossom challenge and collect rewards by using Original Resin, or get double the amount of rewards using Condensed Resin. This is the most straightforward way of earning Mora within the game.

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Finish Your Daily Commissions

Genshin - Daily Commissions

Potential Profit 3,925 ~ 5,950 per Commission

Every day you'll get a new set of four Daily Commissions that will give you Mora as one of the rewards for completion. Clearing all 4 of these can net you about 20,000 Mora a day!

Complete Your Weekly Reputation Quests

Genshin - How to Get Mora from Reputation Quests

Reputation Type Potential Profit
Bounty 20,000 ~ 30,000 Each
Request 20,000 Each

Every week, you can complete three Reputation Requests and three Bounties for any of the available regions. Even after reaching the maximum Reputation level, you can still continue to complete these quests in order to collect BP Experience Points and Mora rewards!

City Reputation System

Clear Challenge Domains

Genshin - Talent Domains - Collect Rewards

Domain Type Potential Profit
Artifact Challenge Domains 1,525 ~ 2,525 per run
Talent Challenge Domains 1,575 ~ 2,375 per run
Weapon Challenge Domains 1,125 ~ 2,200 per run

Upon clearing any Challenge Domain, you'll receive Mora as one of the rewards. Depending on the difficulty of the Domain, the amount of Mora you get will differ. You will also get double the usual amount of rewards when using Condensed Resin as opposed to Original Resin.

However, it's better to clear Challenge Domains based on the Talent Level-Up Material, Weapon Enhancement Material, or Artifact that you need, instead of based on how much Mora you can get.

Challenge Domains and Rewards

Other Ways to Get Mora

Other Ways to Get Mora
1 Complete Quests.
2 Open Treasure Chests.
3 Raise your Adventure Rank.
4 Complete One-Time Domains.
5 Complete Handbook Achievements.
6 Complete Surveys.
7 Buy in the Stardust Exchange Shop.
8 Defeat Enemies.

Complete Story and World Quests

Genshin - How to Get Mora from Archon and World Quests
Teyvat is full of different types of quests that can reward Mora upon completion. Archon Quests, Character Story Quests, and World Quests all have different amounts of Mora rewards depending on the quest.

All Quests and Quest Types

Open Treasure Chests

Genshin - Treasure Chest
You can find various types of Treasure Chests in the open world of Genshin Impact. Depending on your Adventure Rank, World Level, and the Treasure Chest Type, you can get different amounts of Mora by opening and collecting these chests!

Treasure Chest Guide

Raise Your Adventure Rank

Genshin - Adventure Rank Rewards

Adventure Rank Mora Reward
2~3, 5~10 10,000 Each
11, 13~16 15,000 Each
17~19 20,000 Each
21~25 25,000 Each

Every time you achieve a certain Adventure Rank, you will receive Mora as one of the rewards. Don't forget to stop by the Adventurer's Guild to claim your reward for ranking up!

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

Complete One-Time Domains

Genshin - Get Mora from One-Time Domains
One-Time Domains also give generous amounts of Mora as part of their rewards. However, they are a type of domain that you can collect rewards from only once. Challenging the domain again will not give you any more rewards.

List of All One-Time Domains

Complete Handbook Achievements

Genshin Impact - Adventurers
The Adventurer's Handbook has several Investigation Chapters that you can complete achievements in to get various rewards, including Mora!

Adventurer Handbook Guide

Complete Genshin Impact Surveys

Genshin - How to Get Mora - Answer Surveys in Genshin Impact

Every now and then, Genshin Impact will send a survey to the players' in-game mail. This often happens soon after an event is completed or near the end of a patch, so that players can give feedback about the latest game content.

Simply completing the survey can give you up to 30,000 Mora as a reward!

Buy With Masterless Stardust

Genshin - How to Get Mora from the Stardust Exchange Shop

Limit Stardust Cost
Max. 30 per Month
No Limit

Stardust obtained from Wishes can be exchanged for Mora. This is split into a limit of 30 times a month exchange as well as an unlimited exchange with the difference being the amount of Stardust required.

However, both will give you 10,000 Mora per exchange, so if you find yourself low on money but high on Stardust, you can use this method.

Stardust and What to Trade it For

Defeat Enemies

Genshin - Defeat Enemies to Collect Mora

The amount of Mora monsters drop is dependent on their level

You can get a bit of Mora for killing monsters out in the field, though we highly suggest opting for the other methods instead of farming enemies for Mora.

List of Enemies and Enemy Walkthroughs

All Ways to Use Mora

How to Use Mora

Ways to Use Mora
1 Ascend Characters
2 Level Up Character Talents
3 Level Up Weapons
4 Level Up Artifacts
5 Craft and Forge Items and weapons
6 Buy Various Items and Souvenirs

Mora is used in nearly every part of the game, from leveling up characters to crafting new items and weapons.

Leveling and Ascending Characters

Genshin Impact - Level up
One of the main ways to use Mora is to level up your characters! Raising a character from Level 1 to the maximum Level 90 requires over two million Mora, so it's best to save up first or raise a character's levels slowly.

How to Level Up Characters

Level Up Character Talents

Genshin - Leveling Up Talents using Mora
After ascending a character to their maximum level, you can pay attention to their Talent levels! Each character has three talents that you can level up using Mora and Talent Level-Up Materials.

Leveling a single Talent from Level 1 to Level 10 costs 1,652,500 Mora and a lot of other Talent Level-Up Materials, so you have to prioritize which Talents your character needs the most!

How to Level Up Talents

Level Up Weapons

Genshin - Weapon Upgrade System
Mora is also required to level up and refine weapons! Once you've decided which weapon your character is going to use, it's best to level them up quickly.

Even if you decide to switch to a different weapon in the future, the weapon you've already raised can still be used on other characters, so there will be no losses!

Best Weapons of All Types

Level Up Artifacts

Artifact Level 4

We suggest leveling up Artifacts once you've leveled up your characters' talents and weapon first, since the stats from leveling up artifacts will depend entirely on luck. Getting the Artifact stats you desire can cost a lot of mora!

Artifact Farming Guide

Craft and Forge Items and Weapons



Crafting and Forging both cost mora, with the amount depending on what and how many items you will make. You can Craft by going to any Crafting Table in any of the regions' cities, while forging can be done by talking to a blacksmith in any of the regions' cities.

Buy From the NPC Shops

Genshin - Aoi
There are many NPCs found in each region that offer items for players to buy! Players can buy Weapons, Artifacts, Recipes, Cooking Ingredients, Books, Gadgets or Furnishing Blueprints depending on which shop you go to.

Mora Effects and Basic Information

Mora ImageMora Rarity 3
Type Currency and Experience
Effect None

Common currency. The one language everybody speaks

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