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Nameless Treasure Locations, Rewards, and Where to Sell

Genshin Impact - Nameless Treasure Locations, Rewards, and Where to Sell
Nameless Treasure is a quest item you can sell in Liyue, found in Lingju Pass, Qingxu Pool, and Dunyu Ruins of Genshin Impact. Check out all locations and puzzle solutions for Nameless Treasures, how to get them, and where to sell it to Linlang for rewards in this guide!

Lingju Pass Nameless Treasure

Nameless Treasure Location

Note: This only becomes available once you have completed the ''And This Treasure Goes To...'' quest!

Buried by the Golden Tree in Lingju Pass

You can find the treasure under the golden tree in the middle of the lake after completing the quest. Circle the tree's roots until you see a dirt spot indicating someone has buried something there. Interact with the dirt spot to get the Nameless Treasure.

''And This Treasure Goes To...'' Quest Walkthrough

Quest Location Quest Giver

Head to the marked location to trigger the quest. The final objective of the quest is to mine the Nameless Treasure by the roots of the golden tree in Lingju Pass.

Defeat the Treasure Hoarders to unlock the nearby chest and get the Treasure Hoarder Key.
Use the key to open the nearby cage and speak with Alrani. She will ask you to collect the treasure.
Collect the treasure by mining a dirt patch near the golden tree. Open the treasure chest to complete the quest.

And This Treasure Goes To... Quest Guide

Qingxu Pool Nameless Treasure

Nameless Treasure Location

For this treasure to appear you will need to activate 5 seals with Geo attacks or abilities. The seals are marked on the ground with a Geo symbol and are located in towers around the area.

Qingxu Pool Seal Locations

Seal Locations
#1 — #3
Seals 1, 2, and 3 are close to each other. The first one is right next to the tablet, with the other 2 in the towers nearby.
Proceed to the character marker on the minimap and look for a taller tower. Seal 4 should be inside that tower.
This seal will be in the southernmost tower of Qingxu Pool, as shown in the image above.

A cutscene will be triggered after you light the fifth seal, showing you the location of Qingxu Pool's Nameless Treasure.

Dunyu Ruins Nameless Treasure

Nameless Treasure Location

Genshin - Dunyu Ruins Nameless Treasure
One of the Nameless Treasures can be found in the submerged area of Dunyu Ruins. To get Dunyu Ruins' Nameless Treasure, 1.) light 4 torches to unlock the Geo totem, 2.) activate the Geo totem to drain the lake, and 3.) guide 3 Seelies home to dispel the wind barrier.

Dunyu Ruins Torch Locations

To find the treasure you will first need to locate and light 4 torches to be able to activate the Geo pillar with a Geo attack.

Torch Locations
The easiest torch to spot, located right next to the locked Geo totem.
Hiding behind a broken pillar in the water, southwest and below the platform with the Geo totem.
On top of the pillar north of the Geo totem.
Hiding atop the stairs the stairs east of and below the Geo totem platform.

Dunyu Ruins Seelie Locations

After activating the Geo pillar, the lake will drain and you will be able to see the treasure. Unfortunately, it will be covered by a large wind barrier that can only be deactivated once the 3 Seelies are guided to their statues.

Seelie Locations
This Seelie can be found to the west of the area, inside a locked ruin. Complete the challenge nearby to unlock it!
This Seelie can be found to the east of the area, somewhere inside the ruins with a Ruin Guard. Defeating the Ruin Guard is not necessary.
You might have seen this Seelie while lighting the 4 torches. The Seelie will be beside Torch #4, the one atop the staircase.

Once all Seelies have been guided to their statues and the wind barrier has been lifted, you are free to collect the Nameless Treasure amongst other rewards of the Dunyu Ruins!

What to Do with the Nameless Treasures

Sell to Linlang's Antique Shop

Map Location Linlang's Antique Shop

You can sell the Nameless Treasures to Linlang at the Antique Shop after finding all three of them. It should be on the other side of the stairs next to Mingxing Jewelry.

Adjust time to 21:00 to talk to Linlang

Genshin - How to Sell to Linlang

To sell to Linlang, adjust your time to 21:00 and look for the antique shop in the marked location. Linlang only appears at night after 21:00, so you won't be able to see her during the day!

What are Nameless Treasures?

Three Treasures You Can Sell

Genshin - Nameless Treasures
There are three Nameless Treasures scattered in the Liyue region, with no specific order to finding them. The Nameless Treasures have no use other than to be sold to a Liyue merchant of your choice.

You can find the three Nameless Treasures in Lingju Pass, Qingxu Pool, and Dunyu Ruins.

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