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Fontaine Interactive Map and Location

Genshin Impact - Fontaine Interactive Map and Location Guide
Fontaine is the fifth map region ruled by the Hydro Archon in Genshin Impact. See its Interactive Map, how to get there, its puzzles, regional features, characters, quests, and all known info about it here!

Fontaine Interactive Map

Note: You can toggle the Area drop down menu to see other Fontaine map areas!

How to Get to Fontaine

Finish Prologue: Act 3 First to Unlock Fontaine

Genshin - The Song of the Dragon and Freedom Archon Quest Guide
The teleport waypoint by the Aquabus unlocks automatically once you've completed The Song of the Dragon and Freedom. It's the minimum requirement for unlocking Fontaine.

The Song of the Dragon and Freedom Guide

Take the Aquabus to Get to Fontaine

After updating to Version 4.0, you can get to the city of Fontaine by boarding the Aquabus in Romaritime Harbor. The aquabus' closest teleport waypoint is located near the border of Fontaine and Sumeru, and should automatically unlock once you've finished Prologue: Act 3.

How to Get to Fontaine's Aquabus

Genshin - Romaritime Harbor Talk to Aeval
Teleport to the waypoint in the middle of Fontaine and Sumeru, summon your Waverider, and head to Romaritime Harbor. Ride the lift to the upper level and look for the aquabus.

Talking to the Aeval the Melusine will start your journey to Fontaine's main city!

What to Do if the Aquabus is Missing

Genshin - Romaritime Harbor Aquebus Waiting
If your Aquabus is missing, just interact with the nearby bench and "wait for the aquabus". The Aquabus should come back after the loading screen!

Fontaine Areas and Locations

4.6 Fontaine Map Expansion

4.6 Fontaine Locations

Nostoi Region

Sea of Bygone Eras

Nostoi Region and Sea of Bygone Eras were added to the Fontaine Map in Version 4.6. Both are on the south side of Fontaine, where the historical town of Petrichor can be found, as well as the long-forgotten remains of the Kingdom of Remuria lie!

4.2 Fontaine New Areas and Locations

4.2 Fontaine Locations

Erinnyes Forest

Morte Region

The Erinnyes Forest and Morte Region were added in Version 4.2! Both regions are part of the world quests, The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes, and the Search in Algae Sea!

4.1 Fontaine Areas and Locations

4.1 Fontaine Locations

Fortress of Meropide

Fontaine Research Institute

New regions have recently been added to Fontaine. This area is located north of the present Court of Fontaine region, and it features the Old Fontaine Research Institute as well as the Fortress of Meropide, which can be found in the Liffey Region.

Fontaine Research Institute Region

Genshin - Allogravity Condensed Water Bodies 3

The old Fontaine Research Institute makes it appearance in Version 4.1, alluding the catastrophe that the insitute experienced because of a failed experiment. The ruins are now composed of Allogravity-Condensed Water Bodies as a result.

Fontaine Research Institute Guide

Fortress of Meropide

Genshin - Meropide Showcase

The underwater Fortress of Meropide featured in the Archon Quest Chapter 4 Act 2 quest is also unlocked in Version 4.1! You can reach the Fortress by getting inside on your own to trigger Unfinished Comedy, or you can progress thru Act 3 of the Archon Quest!

Fortress of Meropide Guide

Fontaine Surface

4.2 Surface Map 4.6 Nostoi Region

See full image in new tab

See full image in new tab

Fontaine is located northeast of the Hills of Barsom in the Sumeru Desert. You will need to use a Waverider to reach the Romaritime Harbor where you can find an Aquabus to the Court of Fontaine.

At the time of writing, the Fontaine map is updated as of Version 4.6.

Fontaine Underwater

4.2 Fontaine Underwater Map

See full image in new tab

See full image in new tab

See full image in new tab

With the new diving mechanic in Version 4.0, players can explore Fontaine's underwater landscapes. This underwater map has been updated for Version 4.6!

Fontaine Underwater Map Guide

Fontaine's Unique Features

Diving and Underwater Mechanic

Because of Fontaine's Blessing, Transoceanic Sourcewater, you can explore the underwater areas of Fontaine through the Diving Mechanic!

Other than allowing you to dive into Fontaine's waters, this blessing also allows you to gain the abilities of Xenochromatic Creatures!

Diving Mechanic in Fontaine

Pneumosia Energy and Indemnitium

Genshin - Fontaine
Pneumosia Energy is comprised of both Pneuma and Ousia—two opposing energies utilized by residents of Fontaine as a source of sustainable energy called Indemnitium, to power up the nation, and all the Clockwork Meka!

Fusing these two energies together creates a Balanced energy that activates certain mechanisms in Fontaine—or "Annihilate" machine beings.

What are Pneuma and Ousia?

Arkhe System

Genshin - Fontaine
The Arkhe System refers to the inherent Pneumosia alignment of characters from Fontaine. This can help them interact with the Pneumosia Energy all over Fontaine and is separate from each Fontainian character's Vision!

Clockwork Meka

Clockwork Meka Previews

Clockwork Meka are machine beings that are primarily powered by Pneuma-Ousia Annihilation Reaction energy blocks invented by Alain Guillotin, founder of the Fontaine Research Institute.

These machine beings perform a number of functions, such as patrolling, defense, underwater exploration, among others. Be careful though, as not all Clockwork Meka are friendly!

Can Clockwork Mekas Operate Outside Fontaine?

Clockwork Mekas can still function even outside Fontaine, but can only do so through pre-prepared energy blocks that contain Pneumosia Energy!

Clockwork Meka Enemy Guide


Genshin - Melusine

Melusines are a race of beings characterized by their long and protruding ears, and whose place of residence is primarily in Beryl Region.

From the Ancient Colors World Quest, it was also revealed that their progenitor is Elynas, a felled-dragon whose blood had polluted the rivers of Fontaine for years!

Who are the Melusines?

Fountain of Lucine

Genshin - Fountain of Lucine
The Fountain of Lucine serves as the reward system in Fontaine where you can exchange collected Hydro Sigils with valuable items!

This system can be unlocked as soon as you reach Fontaine, but we recommend progressing through the region's Archon Quest: Act 1 for a better experience as it will point you to the fountain's location!

How to Unlock Fountain of Lucine

Fontaine Aquabus

Genshin - Fontaine Aquabus
Aquabuses are vehicles that you use to traverse the waterways that connect the Court of Fontaine and to other areas such as the Romaritime Harbor, Fountain of Lucine, and Opera Eclese.

Fontaine Aquabus Guide

Fontaine Regional Features


Genshin - Fontaine Hydroculus

In Version 4.6, 55 new Hydroculus were added to the new areas of Fontaine. In addition to the previous amount of Hydroculus, there are now 271 Hydroculi to be found both on the surface and underwater.

Hydroculus Locations and Interactive Map

Fontaine Material and Artifact Domains

Domain Domain Drops
Echoes of the Deep Tides
Genshin - Broken Goblet of the Pristine Sea ImageGenshin - Dross of Pure Sacred Dewdrop ImageGenshin - Fragment of an Ancient Chord Image
Pale Forgotten Glory
Genshin - Teachings of Equity ImageGenshin - Teachings of Order ImageGenshin - Teachings of Justice Image
Denouement of Sin
Golden Troupe ImageMarechaussee Hunter Image
Faded Theater
Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy ImageUnfinished Reverie Image

All Fontaine Domains and Locations

Fontaine Archon Quests

Fontaine Chapter 4 Archon Quests
Genshin - Archon Quest Chapter 4
Act 1: Prelude of Blancheur and Noirceur Act 2: As Light Rain Falls Without Reason
Genshin - Archon Quest Chapter 4 Act 3 and 4
Act 3: To the Stars Shining in the Depths Act 4: Cataclysm's Quickening
Genshin - Archon Quest Chapter 4 Act 5
Act 5: Masquerade of the Guilty

List of Archon Quests

Fontaine Story Quests

Quest How to Unlock
Genshin - Lyney Lyney Quest • Reach Adventure Rank 40+
• Complete Chapter 4: Act 2
Genshin Impact - NeuviletteNeuvillette Story • Reach Adventure Rank 40+
• Complete Chapter 4: Act 4
Genshin Impact - WriothesleyWriothesley Story • Reach Adventure Rank 40+
• Complete Cataclysm's Quickening
Genshin Impact - Furina Furina Story • Reach Adventure Rank 40+
• Complete Masquerade of the Guilty
Genshin Impact - Furina Arlecchino Story • Reach Adventure Rank 40+
• Complete Masquerade of the Guilty

Fontaine World Quests

More World Quests are added in Version 4.6, along with the release of new Fontaine locations, including the major questline Canticles of Harmony.

Fontaine Quest Guides
A Certain Notice “Hey, This Isn’t Pumpkin Soup…” “If She No Longer Dreams of You...”
A Brush of Seafoam and Crimson A Certain Stamp A Certain Trifle
A Fontanian Message A Gradient of Dreams and Ochre A Letter
An Expected Lie An Expected Plan An Eye for An Eye
Ancient Colors Ann of the Narzissenkreuz Ann's Story: Prologue
Another Horizon of Adventure Aqueous Tidemarks Blue Longing of Heart and Moon
Book of Esoteric Revelations Both Brains and Brawn Canticles of Harmony
Cupid's Lover Danger Lurks Everywhere in Fontaine Daydreams Beyond Space and Time
Echoes of the Ancient World Fishing Game Foggy Forest Path
Fontaine Research Institute Chronicles For Yesterday and Tomorrow Fortune Plango Vulnera
Free Verse Furious Mouth of the Spring Game of the Rich
Good Stuff, but Terrible Taste Gradus ad Capitolium Happy Birthday
Hereafter... Impromptu Poem of the Crimson Dawn In Expert Company Part 1
In Expert Company Part 2 In Search of Lost Time In the Wake of Narcissus
Initial Facts Kingdom Through the Looking-Glass Latecoming Homecoming
Leroy Leroy: Beautiful Friends Leroy: Dying Flash
Leroy: Firing Squad Leroy: Hangman's Noose Leroy: High Noon
Leroy: Queen of the Night's Aria Leroy: Under Guard Meteoric Lance
Muse's Mother Pursuit Questioning Melusine and Answering Machine
Questions and Answers Road to the Singularity Rowboat's Wake
Savior's Wake Search in the Algae Sea Self-Automatic Foraging
Seymour's Story: Prologue Stagnating in the Rubble Steambird Interview
Still Mouthwatering! Strange Stone Chronicle Thalia and Melpomene
The Final Question The Fountain Flows Again The Last Day of Remuria
The Lone Phantom Sail The Narzissenkreuz Adventure The Red and the Black
The Shadow Over Petrichor The Three Primary Colors of Solar Corona The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes
Through the Looking Glass Treacherous Light of the Depths Truly Mouthwatering!
Underwater Nocturne Unfinished Comedy Unfinished Story
Upon a Flowery Field of Grass Vagrants and Scamps Villains
Waking from the Great Dream Were It So Easy Where His Life Lies
Wilting Weeping Willow Wish-Fulfilling Treasure Hunt Within the Depths of Erinnyes

Artifacts in Fontaine

Artifact Sets in Fontaine
Golden Troupe Golden Troupe Marechaussee Hunter Marechaussee Hunter
Unfinished Reverie Unfinished Reverie Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy

Golden Troupe and Marechaussee Hunter became available with the release of Fontaine in Version 4.0. Version 4.6 introduces two new artifacts as well; the Unfinished Reverie set and the Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy.

List of Artifacts and Stats

Fontaine Characters

Name Element Weapon Rarity

Fontaine Characters

Fontaine Puzzle Guides

4.6 Fontaine Puzzles and Features

4.6 Fontaine Features
Genshin Impact - Washer Octopus Puzzle GuideWasher Octopus Genshin Impact - Lost Grimoires and Bookshelf Puzzle GuideLost Grimoires and Mysterious Bookshelves
Genshin Impact Wonderchime Flowers and Allochromatic Anemones Puzzle GuideWonderchime Flowers and Allochromatic Anemones Genshin Impact - How to Summon Currents with ScyllaSummon Currents with Scylla
Genshin Impact - All Ancient Autoharmonic Music Box Score LocationsMusic Score Locations Genshin Impact - Auric Anglerfish Locations and Puzzle GuideAuric Anglerfish
Genshin Impact - How to break the Chains that Bind ScyllaBreak the Chains that Bind Scylla Genshin Impact - Portus AnticusPortus Anticus Luxurious Chest
Genshin Impact - The Flying Outlander Achievement GuideThe Flying Outlander Achievement Guide Juliano's Hidden Chests
Genshin Impact - How to Pet OsseHow to Pet Osse Genshin Impact - How to Take the Blank ScoreHow to Take the Blank Score
Genshin Impact - How to Return the Flying Bird PhantasmsHow to Return the Flying Bird Phantasms Genshin Impact - How to Rebuild the Golden AqueductsHow to Rebuild the Golden Aqueducts

4.2 Fontaine Puzzles and Features

4.2 Fontaine Features
Genshin Impact Humongous Hat JellyfishHumongous Hat Jellyfish Genshin Impact Potential Energy OrbsPotential Energy Orbs
Genshin Impact Operable MechanismsOperable Mechanisms Genshin Impact - How to Reveal the AltarReveal the Altar's Secrets
Genshin Impact - Pahsiv Shop LocationPahsiv Shop Genshin Impact - Decode This LevelDecode This Level's Puzzle
Genshin Impact - Search in the Algae Sea Brainstorm AnswersMary-Ann Brainstorming Answers Genshin - Salvage the Lost Items GuideSalvage the Lost Items
Genshin Impact - Looking Glass Locations GuideLooking Glass Locations Genshin Impact - PermingeatPermingeat's Questions and Answers
Genshin Impact - Contaminated Bacterial MatsContaminated Bacterial Mats Genshin Impact Dew BubblesDew Bubbles and Branches
Genshin Impact - How to Solve Dangerous AutocannonsOperate Dangerous Autocannons Genshin Impact - How to Solve Harmonious Reed PipesHarmonious Reed Pipes
Genshin Impact - How to Solve Floating Crystal Flowers and PlatformsFloating Crystal Flowers and Platforms

4.1 Fontaine Puzzles and Features

4.1 Puzzle and Features
Genshin Impact - How to Avoid Searchlight Detection BannerSearchlight's Detection Range Genshin Impact - Gear Drivetrains and Drain Valves Puzzle GuideGear Drain Valves
Genshin - How to Recover the Condensing ComponentsRecover the Condensing Components Genshin Impact - Central Laboratory Ruins Seelie Puzzle GuideCentral Laboratory Ruins Seelie Puzzle
Genshin Impact - How to Destroy the Thorny CystHow to Destroy the Thorny Cyst Genshin Impact - How to Go to the Abandoned Production ZoneHow to Go to the Abandoned Production Zone
Genshin - Forging Press Puzzle GuideHow to Solve the Forging Press Puzzle Genshin Impact - How to Unlock BravaisHow to Unlock Bravais' Secret Study
Genshin Impact - Strange Eels BannerStrange Eels Genshin Impact Allogravity Condensed Water BodiesAllogravity-Condensed Water Bodies
Genshin Impact - Meanies BannerMeanies Genshin Impact - Stabilizer Puzzle GuideStabilizer
Genshin Impact - How to Open the Drive Valve to Open Access to Supply Warehouse 1Drive Valve to Supply Warehouse 1 Genshin Impact - Flying Energy Thief Guide Flying Energy Thief
Genshin - How to Solve the Experimental Focusing Mirror Puzzle Experimental Focusing Mirror Puzzle Genshin Impact - Cipher Letter Puzzle and Locations Banner Cipher Letters
Genshin Impact - Energy Transfer Terminals Energy Transfer Terminals Genshin - Fixed Storage and Energy Transfer Device Fixed Storage and Energy Transfer Device
Genshin Impact - How to Retrieve All 4 Replica AnchorsHow to Retrieve All 4 Replica Anchors Genshin Impact - How to Start the Optical DeviceHow to Start the Optical Device

4.0 Fontaine Puzzles and Features

4.0 Puzzles and Features
Genshin Impact - How to Avoid Searchlight Detection BannerSearchlight's Detection Range Genshin Impact - Gear Drivetrains and Drain Valves Puzzle GuideGear Drain Valves
Genshin Impact Allogravity Condensed Water BodiesAllogravity-Condensed Water Bodies Genshin Impact - Opera Epiclese Heart Plant Co-Op ChestHeart Plant Co-Op Hidden Chest
Genshin Impact - Berrypuff the Blubberbeast Location and Quest GuideBerrypuff Hidden Quest Location Genshin Impact - Fontaine Aquabus GuideFontaine Aquabus Guide
Genshin Impact - Court of Fontaine Underground Waypoint Unlock GuideCourt of Fontaine Waypoints Unlock Guide Genshin Impact - How to Forge Fontaine Craftable WeaponsFontaine Craftable Weapons
Genshin Impact - FontaineCurrents Genshin - High-Pressure Water VentHigh-Pressure Water Vents
Genshin - Recovery OrbRecovery Orb Genshin Impact How to Solve Fontaine Echoing ConchesFontaine Echoing Conch
Genshin Impact How to Solve Fantastical Floating BallsFantastical Floating Ball Genshin Impact How to Solve Pneumosia BlocksPneumosia Blocks
Genshin Impact - How to Clear Out the Boiling water BannerClear Out the Boiling Water Genshin Impact - Hydrograna Uses and DetailsMiraculous Hydrograna
Genshin Impact How to Adjust the Position of the Prism to Let it Resonate with the Ore Adjust the Prism Genshin Impact - Locked Underwater Dome in Fontaine Puzzle GuideLocked Underwater Dome
Genshin Impact - How to Destroy Bullet Barnacles BannerHow to Destroy Bullet Barnacles Genshin Impact - Fontaine Aircrafts GuideFontaine Aircrafts Guide
Genshin - The Prism in Elynas Puzzle GuideThe Prism in Elynas Puzzle Genshin - Water Volume Detection Crystal Puzzle GuideWater Volume Detection Crystal
Genshin - How to Break the Treasure Seal Puzzle GuideHow to Break the Treasure Seal Puzzle Genshin - How to Break the Bubble Formations Puzzle GuideHow to Break the Bubble Formations Puzzle
Genshin - Pneumousia Relay GuidePneumousia Relay Guide Genshin - Pneumousia Storage Box GuidePneumousia Storage Box
Genshin - Sonar Resonance Points GuideSonar Resonance Points Genshin Impact - Beastly Rift Guide and Details.pngBeastly Rifts
Genshin Impact - Sunken Object Locations GuideSunken Objects Genshin Impact - Scenic Attraction Locations GuideScenic Attractions

Enemies in Fontaine

The Knave

Genshin - The Knave

The Knave is the new weekly boss added in Version 4.6. After completing Arlecchino's story quest, Travelers will be able to face her with the added challenge of dealing with the bond of life mechanic!

The Knave (Arlecchino) Boss Guide

Statue of Marble and Brass

Genshin - Statue of Marble and Brass

Statue of Marble and Brass is a new world boss added in Version 4.6. This majestic colossus is said to be sleeping within the undersea kingdom, waiting for someone who dares to challenge it.

Statue of Marble and Brass Boss Guide

All-Devouring Narwhal

Genshin Impact - All-Devouring Narwhal - New Weekly Boss

All-Devouring Narwhal is the new weekly boss added in Version 4.2. It's humongous in size and its appearance remind us so much of Tartaglia's whale from the Golden House domain in Liyue!

All-Devouring Narwhal Boss Guide

Hydro Tulpa

Genshin - Hydro Tulpa

Hydro Tulpa is the new world boss added in Version 4.2. It's a gigantic humanoid monster formed out of many water droplets. It summon small Tulpas that it can absorb to become even more powerful.

Hydro Tulpa Boss Guide

Millennial Pearl Seahorse Boss

Genshin - Millennial Pearl Seahorse
The Millennial Pearl Seahorse is a Fontemer Aberrant that rose to the same status and power as the Emperor of Fire and Iron! This elegant seahorse claimed the northern waters of Fontaine as its territory.

Millennial Pearl Seahorse Boss Guide

Experimental Field Generator Boss

Genshin - Experimental Field Generator
The Experimental Field Generator is a large machine created by the Fontaine Research Institute before its unfortunate explosion. This machine was meant to defy gravity and elevate Fontaine to the skies, but now serves as a new field boss in Version 4.1!

Experimental Field Generator Boss Guide

Icewind Suite

Genshin - Icewind Suite
Icewind Suite is a type of Clockwork Meka Boss enemy comprised of two main parts: Dirge of Coppelia, and the Nemesis of Coppelius.

Icewind Suite has Anemo and Cryo attacks, which they cast by dancing gracefully all around!

Icewind Suite Boss Guide

Emperor of Fire and Iron

Genshin - Emperor of Fire and Iron
Emperor of Fire and Iron is an evolved type of Fontemer Aberrant Boss that shoots out fireballs from its back! This Fontemer Aberrant boss is highly reminiscent of a crab.

Emperor of Fire and Iron Boss Guide

Fontaine's Local Legends

Genshin - Fontaine Local Legends
Fontaine also features its Local Legends as mini-bosses! These enemies are tougher than regular ones and can surprise you with their unique attacks.

Fontaine's Local Legends
Genshin - Iron Viscount Iron Viscount Genshin - Vivianne of the LakeVivianne of the Lake Genshin - Ninianne of the LakeNinianne of the Lake
Genshin - Dobharcu Lord of the Hidden Dobharcu, Lord of the Hidden Genshin - Swords of the GorgeSwords of the Gorge Genshin - Fairy Knight TwinsFairy Knight Twins
Genshin - Ocean Circuit JudgeOcean Circuit Judge Genshin - Fading VeteranFading Veteran Genshin - Automated Supercomputing Field Generator Automated Supercomputing Field Generator
Genshin - YseutYseut Genshin - Luachra the BrilliantLuachra the Brilliant Genshin - CineasCineas

Local Legends of Fontaine and Locations

Praetorian Golem

Genshin - Praetorian Golem
In Version 4.6, Praetorian Golem enemies were added. These enemies are moving stone statues that guard certain locations, and will swing its sword at anyone who attempts to trespass!

Praetorian Golem Enemy Guide

Frost and Wind Operatives

Fatui Operatives

Frost Operative

Wind Operative

Fatui Operatives are elite enemies who work for Arlecchino. The Frost Operative controls Cryo, while the Wind Operative controls Anemo; both are strong warriors!

Fatui Operatives Enemy Guide

Clockwork Meka Enemies

Genshin - Fontaine Clockwork Meka Enemies

Clockwork Meka enemies are the same type of machine beings found in Fontaine, but these are the more hostile and aggressive variants.

Clockwork Meka enemies are powered by Pneumosia Energy, which means creating an Annihilation Reaction using their opposing alignment can help fighting them easier!

Clockwork Meka Enemy Guide

Fontemer Aberrants

Genshin - Fontemer Aberrant

Fontemer Aberrants refer to the vast expanse of living beings in the underwater area of Fontaine. Some of these wildlifes have inherent abiliites which you can absorb to gain additional abilities!

When they're above-water, Fontemer Aberrants can weild the power of the Elements, which they use to protect themselves from outside threat!

Fontemer Aberrants Enemy Guide

Wildlife and Animals in Fontaine

Animals in Fontaine

Leisurely Otters



List of Animals and Wildlife

Fontaine Release Date

Released in Version 4.0

Genshin Impact Version 4.0
Genshin - Version 4.0
Release Date August 16, 2023

Fontaine was first officially released on August 16, 2023, the same date as Version 4.0's release!

Version 4.0 Release Date and Banners

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