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This is a guide to Character Ascension, or going past the max level, in Genshin Impact. Learn how to level up your charcter past the level cap and the bonuses obtained from Ascending.

What is Character Ascension?

Effects of Ascension

Ascension is a feature which allows a Character to go past their initial level cap, as well as providing additional bonuses in itself.

  • Raises a character's max level cap
  • Raises a character's base stats
  • Raises a character's Ascension Bonus Stat
  • Unlocks new Talents

Not a Gacha Feature

Players aren't able to roll for Ascension-related items, or pay money to obtain more of them. Currently, Ascension can be achieved only through in-game leveling up and item collection.
How to Level Up

Cannot Unlock Constellations

Constellation Slot.jpg

When you obtain the same character multiple times from Wish rolls, you will obtain materials needed to unlock a Character's Constellations. These items are unrelated to Ascension, so you will not be able to unlock Constellations through Character Ascension. You'll need to roll a lot of Wishes if you want to open up all of these!

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How to Ascend

Adventure Rank and Materials Required

Ascension Level Required Character Level Required Adventure Level
1 20 15
2 40 25
3 50 30
4 60 35
5 70 40

Ascending a Character requires unique Materials obtained in Abyssal Domains and by exploring the map. It's also required to raise your Adventure Rank first before Ascending to the next level.

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

Steps for Character Ascension

Step Explanation
1 Raise the Character of your choice to their max level
2 Ascension 1.png
Select the Character screen from the Menu
Ascension 2.png
Select Ascend from the bottom right, or press the indicated Ascend button
Ascension 3.png
Confirm the required ingredients, then select Ascend
Ascension 4.png

Should You Ascend?

Necessary for Breaking Level Cap

In order to break past the level cap on each character, Ascension is a necessary aspect of play. To proceed through the story, Ascension becomes necessary as enemies grow more powerful, so keep Ascension in mind as you play and collect the listed Ascension Materials for your characters whenever you have the opportunity.
Best Characters to Level Up Early

Raises Characters' Base Stats

Not only is Ascension necessary for breaking the level cap, but it also raises the Character's base stats and unlocks a new Talent for them.

Ascension Bonus Stat Increase

Each character has a specific stat that increases at each Ascension Rank past Rank 2. Diluc, for instance, will gain more CRIT Rate as his Ascension Rank increases.

How to Get Ascension Materials

Since Adventure Rank will go up as you complete Quests and continue playing the game, collecting Materials is the only real hurdle for Ascension.

Methods for Collecting Ascension Materials
  • Searching the Map
  • Abyssal Domains
  • Purchase them in Shops
  • Defeat Bosses
  • Dropped by Enemies
  • Adventure Rank Rewards (Main Character)

Checkable From the Menu

Fortunately, it's easy to check in-game where the required Ascension Materials for your Character are located, even before they hit max level.

Ascension Materials 1.pngEnlarge
Navigate to the Level Up screen and click the indicated icon (or press the indicated button)
Ascension Materials 2.pngEnlarge
You'll be able to see the required Materials and check details of where to find them.

You won't need to scavenge randomly to find the required Ascension Materials, so be sure to check the Ascension Materials for your favorite Characters in advance, and take advantage of chances to collect them.

Note that after your character has already reached the max level, the Level Up option will change to Ascend, and you'll be able to check the Materials more easily from the right side of the screen.

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