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Interlude Chapter: Act 1 Story Walkthroughs | The Crane Returns on the Wind Archon Quest

Genshin Impact - The Crane Returns on the Wind Archon Quest Guide

''The Crane Returns on the Wind'' is the first Act of the Interlude Archon Quest set in Liyue, released in Version 2.4 of Genshin Impact. Learn how to unlock the Archon Quests, and see walkthrough summaries of each subquest in this guide!

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Full Quest Walkthroughs

All The Crane Returns on the Wind Quests
1 Jade Chamber Rising 2 Seagaze Sunset
3 Bygones Times Like Dust Passing 4 Where the Heart Finds Rest

How to Unlock the 2.4 Archon Quest

Quest Unlock Requirements

How to Unlock Reach Adventure Rank 30+
Complete Archon Quest Chapter 1: Act 3, A New Star Approaches

Complete Liyue Archon Quest

Genshin - Chapter 1 Act 3
Travelers must complete at least Chapter 1: Act 3 - A New Star Approaches to unlock the Archon Quest Interlude Chapter Act 1: ''The Crane Returns on the Wind.''

Archon Quest Chapter 1: Act 3 Guide

Jade Chamber Rising

Quest Summary

1 Teleport to Liyue and head to Yujing Terrace.
2 Catch the peddlers bothering Shenhe outside Yujing Terrace.
3 Go to Bubu Pharmacy.

Jade Chamber Rising Quest Guide

Seagaze Sunset

Quest Summary

1 Go to the Feiyun Commerce Guild in Liyue.
2 Teleport to Mt. Tianheng near Liyue Harbor.
3 Open the Sea Gazer's Abode domain by following the Seelie.
4 Complete the puzzles inside the domain until you reach the end.
5 Go around the Jade Chamber worksite then talk to Shenhe.
6 Talk to the hotel owner east of the worksite.
7 Climb up and talk to Cloud Retainer.
8 Change the time to 08:00 - 12:00 Tomorrow.

Seagaze Sunset Quest Guide

Guide for Sea Gazer's Domain

1 Guide the Geograna to their lamps.
2 Destroy the first and second Ancient Array Core.
3 Move the blocks until you see the final Ancient Array Core.
4 Destroy the last Ancient Array Core.

Bygones Times Like Dust Passing

Quest Summary

1 Go back to the Jade Chamber Worksite.
2 Teleport to Liyue Harbor and talk with the Blacksmith.
3 Find the Starsplinter Irons on Mt. Tianheng.
4 Go south on the abandoned village and look for the records.
5 Stand on the rock in the middle of the lake in Lisha and change the time to 17:30.
6 Pick up the Subrosium.
7 Talk again with the Blacksmith in Liyue Harbor.

Bygones Times Like Dust Passing Quest Guide

Where the Heart Finds Rest

Quest Walkthrough

1 Talk to the Secretary of the Chamber. This will also transport you atop the Jade Chamber.
2 Talk to Ningguang.
3 Defeat the Beisht boss fight.
4 Return to the Jade Chamber and talk to Ningguang.

Where the Heart Finds Rest Quest Guide

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