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Spirit Carp Locations and How to Use

Genshin Impact - Spirit Carp Locations and How to Use

Spirit Carp are collectible items used to upgrade Rainjade Oblation in Chenyu Vale for Genshin Impact 4.4. See how to get all 50 Spirit Carps, what to do with them, and where to turn them in right here!

Spirit Carp Locations

Spirit Carp Interactive Map

Found in Chenyu Vale Region

There are 50 Spirit Carps floating across the mountains of Chenyu Vale. The majority of this concentrated adeptal energy is found on the southern mountain and upper vale.

Chenyu Vale Map Guide

How to Collect Spirit Carp

Genshin - How to Collect Spirit Carp

To gather Spirit Carp, approach them in the same way you would collect oculi on the Overworld.

Most of them are high above the area, and you might need a Golden Carp's Leap or Flighty Simulacrum to reach them. Some of these are also locked behind quests and puzzles, so you may need to complete those first to get them.

How to Get Each Spirit Carp

All 50 Spirit Carp Individual Locations

Hint: Use your browser's search function and type the Spirit Carp number you wish to jump to!
No. Image How to Get
1 Can be found high above a cliff east of Teatree Slope and northeast of Yaodie valley. There are four Anemo Slimes and a Common Chest beneath it; clearing the slimes and opening the chest creates a wind current that allows you to glide upward to the Spirit Carp.
2 Found just north of Spirit Carp #1, floating high above a waterfall. Travelers can simply glide down and get it.
3 Found sitting on top of a boat, north of the Teatree Slope.
4 Can be found on top of a small pavilion at the southwest teleport waypoint in Qiaoying Village. Players can teleport there and glide.
5 The spirit carp can be found within Qiaoying Village, on a tree at the center of the village.
6 Located within Qiaoying Village, on top of the Chunming Teaworks. You must climb the top of the building.
7 Located west of Qiaoying Village, among the ruins and spiderwebs.
8 The spirit carp is found west of Qiaoying Village, just inside the cave entrance. The Ruin Machine Core can be collected from a pair of ruin machines protecting a chest shortly up the road.
9 Located between Qiaoying Village and Mt. Lingmeng, high above a small pavilion. Players must utilize the Golden Carp Fish to fly up there by gathering energy orbs from the pavilion's top.
10 Located near the previous Spirit Carp, but this time faces southwest. It's also high up, so it requires a Golden Carp to fly up there.
11 Located on top of a tall tree north of Mount Lingmeng. There is a Wrathful Simulacrum nearby that can assist you get there via Golden Carp.
12 Can be obtained by completing the A Wangshan Walk to Remember quest.
13 Found near a floating platform by several waterfalls, near Mount Lingmeng's northern teleport waypoint. Players can use the Simulacra at the bottom of the falls to jump to the floating platform and then grab the spirit carp.
14 Can be seen in a tree near the East exit of Yilong Wharf.
15 Can be found on top of a stone gate overlooking Yilong Wharf from the east.
16 The spirit carp sits on a little island a bit northeast of Yilong Wharf, on top of an ancient stone tablet.
17 Can be spotted on top of a ship's mast docked in Yilong Wharf.
18 Found on top of the Lighthouse, which overlooks Yilong Wharf. You may need to utilize the neighboring mountains to glide down.
19 Located west of Yilong Wharf. Find all three seelies to open the Golden Carp portal, which will send you to the top of the platform.
20 Found floating over a rock overlooking Yilong Wharf. Players can either utilize a nearby Golden Carp to get up or use the Teleport Waypoint on top of Mt. Mingyuan to glide down and collect the Spirit Carp.
21 Situated on top of a watchtower on Mt. Mingyuan.
22 Located west of a waypoint south of Mt. Mingyuan, hidden by a tree near a Treasure Hoarders camp.
23 Found on top of a mountain west of Jademouth. Players must use the Flighty Simulacrum to improve their jumping ability in order to reach the Spirit Carp.
24 Found on Mt. Lingmeng, high above the summit. The Golden Carp nearby is not enough to climb up and reach it. Players must first complete the Carefree Simulacrum puzzle to acquire another Golden Carp that can take the Traveler up there.
25 Can be found inside the hole at the top of the large jade arch along the river between Jademouth and Teatrea Slope.
26 Located in Yaodie Valley, concealed within a rather torn down structure.
27 Can be found in Lingshu Courtyard, immediately south of Spirit Carp #26 and hidden underneath a tunnel. There is an opening in the ground near the cave's entrance.
28 Found down the river south of Yaodie Valley, exactly at the entrance to Mt. Xuanlian. It is high up in the air, so use the Wrathful Simulacrum to jump into the Golden Carp Leap.
29 Found on top of one of the floating stalagmites southwest of Spirit Carp #28 on Mt. Xuanlian. There are golden Carps nearby that allow travelers to ascend, and this way also leads to the Teleport Waypoint, which is immediately above this Spirit Carp. Once unlocked, players can simply glide down from the Waypoint to the Spirit Carp.
30 Can be found from the Teleport Waypoint near #29, directly above the small pavilion. Travelers can easily use the Gold Carp Leap there.
31 Can be seen west of Mt Xuanlian, high in the sky. Using a nearby Wrathful Simulacrum, summon a Gold Carp Leap and use it to go to the spirit carp.
32 Located on the highest point of the island leftmost of Mt. Xuanlian; use the Simulacrum to summon carps high in the air to reach the spirit carp.
33 Located to the left of Mt. Xuanlian; there should be a Simulacra nearby that can be used to obtain carp's leap! Aim high and beware of the Xuanwen Beasts down below.
34 Can be seen drifting beneath a stone archway north of Mt. Xuanlian. You can glide down to it from the closest teleport waypoint.
35 Located inside a massive hanging pot deep in an underground cave with an entrance in Yaodie Valley. Climb the surrounding stone structure to reach the pot.
36 Located west of the Chizang Wall; a platform is buried under a destroyed structure, and beneath it is an Anemo fan similar to those found in other places of Liyue and Mondstadt. Hit it with Anemo, and the platform will ascend to the sky, transporting you to the Spirit Carp high above and unlocking an Exquisite Chest.
37 Can be found in the far end of the Lingshu Courtyard cave, which has an entrance in Yaodie Valley. Destroy the spider and webs that are obstructing the path to the spirit carp.
38 Located high above a hill a little north of the ruins. There is a Flighty Simulacrum beneath it, so utilize it to boost your jump and obtain the Spirit Carp.
39 Buried in a destroyed tower structure south of the Chizang Wall, surrounded by destructible debris.
40 Located high in the skies above the Solitary Suanni. You can use the Wrathful Simulacrum to make a Gold Carp Leap towards it.
41 Can be found near the Solitary Suanni Boss' location.
42 Located from where you obtained the #40. You can travel all the way to the mountain on the opposite side, where another Spirit Carp and Simulacrum can be found.
43 Located just north of #42, behind a gate that requires a key. To find the key, remove the rubble from ancient ruins with adeptal energy.
44 Situated between a gate in the center of the plaza at Chizang Wall.
46 Found in a highly secluded cave; keep a look out for a cave on the edge of the mountains near Jademouth. The cave can be seen from the arc nearby, and it is already open, so Travelers can just glide or climb to enter.
47 To obtain this Spirit Carp, complete the challenge by using the Golden Carp's Leap located on one of the arcs in Jademouth. When you interact with the glowing marker, you will be taken immediately to the location of the spirit carp.
48 Located on top of a floating teapot by the roadway, just north of the Statue of the Seven.
49 The spirit carp is found floating high up off the mountain on the east side of Chiwang Terrace; utilize the Flighty Simulacrum to gain a jumping buff that will generate a bridge immediately after landing on top of the floating island.
This place can only be accessed by completing the last quest in Chenyu's Blessing of Sunken Jade main questline.
50 Drop down from the leftmost waypoint on Chiwang Terrace to find the Spirit Carp on a small floating island.
This place can only be accessed by completing the last task in Chenyu's Blessing of Sunken Jade main questline.

How to Get Spirit Carp #45 in Chizhang Wall

This Spirit Carp is located in Chizhang Wall and is hidden behind a puzzle. To start the puzzle, interact with the diffuser in the middle, which will reveal two spots for you to investigate. Each site will have a distinct puzzle to accomplish as well as different things to collect.

Chizhang Wall Puzzle and How to Solve

How to Solve the West-side Puzzle

The first pillar is found behind a locked metal gate beside a Time Trial challenge. Do the time trial challenge to get to the hole, or simply go around the wall and drop down to it. Place this piece on the green square on the lowest spot of the stairs.
The second pillar is found beneath a deactivated Ruin Hunter, in which you must interact to activate it. Defeat it to gain access to this piece, then place it on the middle spot.
The third pillar is found beyond the Ruin Hunter at the back of the area. Simply take and place the last pillar on the highest spot, which is behind the chest.

How to Solve the East-side Puzzle

Use the piece in the center of the area with your Adeptal Energy special button and put it on the green square just beside it. This unlocks the first metal door where you can find the second pillar piece.

After getting the second pillar, go on the opposite side to find two empty green slots and a second locked gate on top of the stairs. You will need two pillar pieces to unlock this, so collect the piece inside the first door you've just unlocked and place it on the lower spot. Then collect the very first debris you used and place it on the upper slot. This should open the locked door for the final pillar piece.
Use all the pillar pieces you've obtained and place it on the stairs where the locked Treasure Chest is. In order from lowest to highest, place the arch, flat-top pillar, and then the broken pillar to complete the puzzle and unlock the chest!

Offer the Woods to Unlock the Door

After completing all of the puzzles, return to the diffuser and offer all of the Fragrant Wood. This will unlock the door behind, granting you access to the Spirit Carp.

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What to Do With the Spirit Carp

Use the Spirit Carps to offer to the Rainjade Oblation

Use the Spirit Carp as offering to the Rainjade Oblation in exchange for rewards and blessings. The Rainjade Oblation is unlocked after completing The Cloud-Padded Path to the Chiwang Repose quest, which is a follow-up objective after completing the Chenyu's Blessing questline.

The Rainjade Oblation has ten levels and requires 5 Spirit Carps to advance each level. After sacrificing 40 Spirit Carp to the Rainjade Oblation, you can use its blessing to locate the remaining carps.

How to Unlock Rainjade Oblation

Spirit Carp Information

What are Spirit Carps?

Spirit Carp ImageSpirit Carp Rarity 1
Type Precious Items
Effect None

A Spirit Carp formed from the condesed adeptal energy, swimming freely amidst mountains and river valleys.

Part of the 4.4 Version Update

Genshin Impact Version 4.4
Genshin Impact - Version 4.4
Release Date January 31, 2024

Spirit Carp was released in the Version 4.4 update on January 31, 2024!

Version 4.4 Release Date, Banners, and Skins

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