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Genshin Impact - Golden Apple Archipelago Guides
The Golden Apple Archipelago is a recurring limited-time area that's available for Genshin Impact 2.8. See the Golden Apple Archipelago's version history, latest news, and guides here!

What is the Golden Apple Archipelago?

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The Golden Apple Archipelago is a limited-time area in Genshin Impact. It was released during the first summer event in Version 1.6 and had a rerun in the summer event of Version 2.8.

The archipelago is home to unique islands, puzzles, and quests that will no longer be accessible when the area disappears.

Golden Apple Archipelago Guides

2.8 Archipelago Guides

Genshin Impact - 2.8 Golden Apple Archipelago
2.8 Archipelago Guide

2.8 Archipelago Quests
The Golden Apple Vacation Returns! As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared
Blazin' Trails Immernachtreich Apokalypse
A Misplaced Conch Bake-Danuki Wanderlust
Drama Phantasmagoria: Tale of the Sword-Wielding Princess! The Discarded Insignia
The Final Treasure The Misplaced Photo
The Treasure of the Four Skerries Thus Was the Work Done in Vain
Treasure Voyage -
2.8 Archipelago Items
Phantasmal Conches Old Insignia
Misplaced Conch Silver Pocket Watch
2.8 Archipelago Puzzles
Drum in Minacious Isle Platform in Minacious Isle
Maple Tree in Pudding Isle Mirror Maiden NPC
Hydrogunner NPC Electrohammer NPC
2.8 Archipelago Events
Summertime Odyssey Resonating Visions
Reminiscent Regimen

1.6 Archipelago Guides

Genshin Impact - 1.6 Golden Apple Archipelago
1.6 Archipelago Guide

1.6 Archipelago Puzzles
Water Dome Bubbles Guide
Water Level Puzzle Minacious Isle Torches
Dodo-King Walls Hymnal Rings
1.6 Archipelago Quests
Trip Through Fog and Wind The Other Side of Isle and Sea
From Outer Lands Who Wields the Wild Wind?
They Who Hear the Sea The Winding Homeward Way
Big Badaboom Battle
1.6 Archipelago Events
Midsummer Island Adventure Echoing Tales
Never-Ending Battle Kaboomball Kombat

Golden Apple Archipelago History

Version Map Guide Availability
2.8 2022 Map Guide Jul. 13, 2022 - Aug. 24, 2022
1.6 2021 Map Guide June 9, 2021 - Jul. 21, 2021

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