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This is a story walkthrough guide for Prologue: Act 2 in Genshin Impact. Here you can learn what you need to do to progress and what you should be doing during Act 2.

Prologue Act 2

Meeting with Venti

1 Head back to Mondstadt and meet up with Jean after you have reached Adventure Rank 10.
2 Go and meet with Jean at the Knight's of Farvonius headquarters..
3 After leaving the headquarters you will need to chase down the green guy you saw speaking to Stormterror.
4 Head to the big tree behind the Statue of the Seven in Windrise to meet with Venti.
5 .After speaking to Venti and learning more about Dvalin, Eye of the Storm will appear. Defeat it..

Boss Type Enemies Appear

Eye of the Storm Fight
Act 2 is going to have Boss type enemies you will need to defeat. They can be much tougher and stronger than normal enemies so watch out! it is a good idea to level up your characters and equipment before tackling these Boss enemies.

Character Progression Guides
Leveling Guide Best Characters to Level Up Early

The Heist in Mondstadt

1 Meet with Venti in front of the cathedral back in Mondstadt and head inside and follow his plan.
2 Enter the cathedral at nigh (18:00-06:00) and head into the basement.
3 Sneak past the guards to the Holy Lyre.
4 Escape from the guards by getting to the tavern before the time runs out.
5 Encounter Diluc for the first time. Hide from the guards on the second floor.
6 Leave the tavern. Return to the tavern when it is closed (0:00-6:00).
7 Travel to the Fatui hideout. Go inside and Retrive the Holy Lyre der Himmel.
8 Head back to Diluc's tavern with the Holy Lyre.

Recommended Level for the Domain is Lv. 17

When entering the Fatui hideout to retrieve the Holy Lyre is Lv. 17. It can be a challenge getting through and completing this Domain when your party is underleveled. It is best to prepare for the Domain and level up your character for the best chance at completing it.

Retrieving the Dvalin's Tears

1 Head to the Thousand Winds Temple and defeat the Ruin Guard to obtain a Teardrop Crystal
2 Head to Daduapa Gorge and defeat the enemies to open the chest to obtain another Teardrop Crystal.
3 Go to the Ruins in the Woods and complete the Hidden Teardrop in the Heart of the Jungle Domain for the final Teardrop Crystal.
4 Head to Dawn Winery and speak with Jean there.
5 Head to Starsnatch Cliff.

You can Retreive the Tears in any Order

Just like the temples in the first act you can obtain the Teardrop Crystals in any order. You can start and end with whichever challenge you want.

Aim for the Ruin Guard's Weakpoint

Amber Fighting Ruin Guard
The Ruin Guard has weak points that you can hit to deal massive damage against it. It is the spot on its head and back. Using Amber's ranged attacks to hit those weak spots will deal tons of damage against it.

What You Should Do in Act 2

Get to Adventure Rank 18

Just like for this act, you will need to be a certain Adventure Rank to be able to continue to Act 3. This can be done before or after you complete Act 2 in a variety of ways.

Ways to Increase your Rank

Ways to Increase Rank
  • Opening Treasure Chests
  • Unlocking Warp Points
  • Clearing Dungeons
  • Quest Achievement Rewards (Story Quests and Dailies)
  • Reward for Unexplored Discoveries
  • Defeating Bosses
  • Gaining Adventure Rank rewards

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

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