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For a Tomorrow Without Tears | Prologue: Act 2 Archon Quest Guide

Genshin Impact - Archon Quest Chapter 2 Act 2 - Stillness Sublimination of Shadow Guide

For a Tomorrow Without Tears is Act 2 of the Archon Quest Prologue Chapter in Genshin Impact. See how to unlock the quest, and the walkthrough guides here!

Prologue: Act 2 Quest Guides
Shadow Over Mondstadt Unexpected Encounter That Green Fellow
Let the Wind Lead Venti's Plan Venti's New Plan
Wild Escape Behind the Scenes Chasing Shadows
State of the Holy Lyre Der Himmel Dvalin's Tears Quests Reunion With the Dragon

How to Unlock For A Tomorrow Without Tears

Complete Prologue Chapter: Act 1

Genshin - Prologue Chapter Act 2 Archon Quest

How to Unlock Reach Adventure Rank 10+
Complete The Outlander Who Caught the Wind

Complete Prerequisite Quests

Unlock For a Tomorrow Without Tears after completing the Archon Quest Prologue Chapter, Act 1, The Outlander Who Caught the Wind!

For A Tomorrow Without Tears Walkthrough

Chapter 2: Act 2 Walkthrough Summary

For a Tomorrow Without Tears
1 Shadow Over Mondstadt
• Return to Mondstadt.
• Listen to Jean's conversation.
• Return to Knights of Favonius headquarters.
• Talk to Jean.
2 Unexpected Encounter
• Leave the Knights of Favonius headquarters.
• Look for the suspicious person.
• Look for the suspicious person using Elemental Sight.
3 That Green Fellow
• Find the Green Fellow.
• Listen to the bard's performance.
• Talk to the Mysterious Bard.
4 Let the Wind Lead
• Go to Windrise.
• Talk to Venti.
• Defeat the creature.
• Talk to Venti.
5 Venti's Plan
• Talk to Venti
• Go to the Cathedral with Venti.
• Talk to Venti.
• Talk to the Sister.
6 Venti's New Plan
• Talk to Venti.
• Enter the Cathedral at night.
• Infiltrate the basement.
7 Wild Escape
• Escape the Cathedral.
• Use the wind currents.
• Hide in the tavern.
• Hide on the second floor of the tavern.
• Answer Diluc's questions.
8 Behind the Scenes
• Leave the Tavern.
• Wait till the Tavern is closed.
• Go back to the Tavern.
• Talk to Diluc.
9 Chasing Shadows
• Enter the Fatui Hideout.
• Interrogate the guard.
• Scour the Fatui Hideout to find the key.
• Open the door using the key.
• Enter the area where the lyre is stored.
• Defeat the agent.
• Talk to Paimon.
10 State of the Holy Lyre der Himmel
• Bring the Holy Lyre back to the tavern.
• Talk to Venti.
• Use Dvalin's Teardrop crystal.
11 Fallen Tears
• Go to the Thousand Winds Temple.
• Obtain Dvalin's Tear.
Hidden Tears
• Go to the ruins in the Woods.
• Enter the ruins in the woods.
Stolen Tears
• Go to the Eclipse tribe.
• Open the chest to obtain the tear.
12 Crystal Tears
• Go to Dawn Winery.
• Talk to Jean.
• Use Dvalin's Tear on the Holy Lyre.
13 Reunion With the Dragon
• Go to Starsnatch Cliff.
• Talk to Venti.

Mondstadt Archon Quest Prologue Chapter: Act 2 Information

Control of the Abyss Over Dvalin

Genshin - Mondstadt Archon Quest

The Act 2 of this Prologue Chapter of the Archon quests revolve around one of the Four-Winds of Mondstadt, Dvalin, being controlled by the Abyss Order. Embark on a journey with the bard, Venti, to cleanse Dvalin and save Mondstadt!

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For a Tomorrow Without Tears Image

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02 Unexpected Encounter
03 That Green Fellow
04 Let the Wind Lead
05 Venti's Plan
06 Venti's New Plan
07 Wild Escape
08 Behind the Scenes
09 Chasing Shadows
10 State of the Holy Lyre der Himmel
11 Fallen Tears
12 Hidden Tears
13 Stolen Tears
14 Crystal Tears
15 Reunion with the Dragon

Complete Story Walkthrough

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1 The Outlander Who Caught the Wind 2 For a Tomorrow Without Tears
3 The Song of the Dragon and Freedom
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3 A New Star Approaches - Prelude: Bough Keeper: Dainsleif
4 We Will Be Reunited
Chapter 2
0 Prologue: Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves 1 The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia
2 Stillness, Sublimination of Shadow 3 Omnipresence Over Mortals
4 Requiem of the Echoing Depths
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1 The Crane Returns on the Wind 2 Perilous Trail
3 Inversion of Genesis
Chapter 3
1 Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark 2 The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings
3 Dreams, Emptiness, and Deception 4 King Deshret and the Three Magi
5 Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises 6 Caribert
List of Temples
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Temple of the Lion


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