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Wanderer's Troupe Artifact Set and Locations

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This is a page for the Wanderer's Troupe Artifact Set in Genshin Impact. Read on for comprehensive Artifact Set Bonus information, Individual Artifact Stats, Artifact farming locations, recommended characters, and more!

Wanderer's Troupe Set Bonus

Set Set Bonus
WandererWanderer's Troupe 2-Piece: Increases Elemental Mastery by 80.
4-Piece: Increases Charged Attack DMG by 35% if the character uses a Catalyst or a Bow.

Wanderer's Troupe Rating

Rank Genshin - S Rank Icon

One of the best sets for ranged characters, with the flexibilty of being effective whether it's on a DPS build or a Support build.

The 4-piece set is also great on DPS characters as it will increase the Charged Attack DMG of Catalyst or Bow users. This is perfect if you're using Ganyu or Sucrose as your main damage dealer.

Wanderer's Troupe Recommended Characters

Amber Image Amber • On a 2-piece set, Amber would deal more damage with the boost on Elemental Mastery.
• On a 4-piece set, when Amber aims her charged attack, the DMG is increased.
Klee Image Klee • With the 4-piece set, Klee's powerful charged attacks get become even stronger.
• The bonus Elemental Mastery from the 2-piece set also makes her Pyro DMG do a lot more damage.
Mona Image Mona • Mona on a 2-piece set would boost her elemental mastery which boosts her Hydro DMG.
Ganyu Image Ganyu • Ganyu deals the most damage on her charged attack so having a 4-piece set would further boost that damage.
Yanfei Image Yanfei • Charged attacks are Yanfei's main way of dealing damage, as such the 4-piece set is perfect for her to increase her damage.
Sucrose Image Sucrose • Sucrose's Elemental Mastery would strengthen in a 2-piece allowing her to deal more DMG.
Lisa Image Lisa • The 2-piece set would increase Lisa's DMG when she makes Electro-related Elemental Reactions.
Tartaglia Image Tartaglia • Tartaglia with the 2-piece set will boost Hydro-related Elemental Reactions.
• This also gives freedom in choosing his second 2-piece set bonus.

Full Wanderer's Troupe Set

Wanderer's Troupe Set Images

}Conductor Conductor's Top Hat }Wanderer Wanderer's String-Kettle }Concert Concert's Final Hour
}Bard Bard's Arrow Feather }Troupe Troupe's Dawnlight

Wanderer's Troupe Stats

Pieces Main Stats
Genshin Artifacts - Wanderer Troupe Troupe's Dawnlight HP
Genshin Artifacts - Wanderer Bard Bard's Arrow Feather ATK
Genshin Artifacts - Wanderer Concert Concert's Final Hour HP%
Energy Recharge%
Elemental Mastery
Genshin Artifacts - Wanderer Wanderer Wanderer's String-Kettle HP%
Physical DMG Bonus%
Elemental DMG Bonus%
Elemental Mastery
Genshin Artifacts - Wanderer Conductor Conductor's Top Hat HP%
Healing Bonus%
CRIT Rate%
Elemental Mastery

List of Bonus Stats

CRIT DMG Elemental Mastery
Energy Recharge

Effects with a * can both be a set value and a percentage. For Example: ATK +10, ATK+10%

You can get a maximum of 4 bonus substats on any individual artifact piece by enhancing it. The bonus stats you get will be random and will not include the artifact's main stat.

Once a 5-star artifact has 4 substats, every 4 levels of enhancement will upgrade one of the available substats randomly. You can get a total of 4-5 substat upgrades.

How to Get Wanderer's Troupe

Wanderer's Troupe can be obtained from the following places.


Genshin - Stormterror Dvalin ImageStormterror Dvalin Genshin - Lupus Boreas ImageLupus Boreas Genshin - Geo Hypostasis ImageGeo Hypostasis
Genshin - Anemo Hypostasis ImageAnemo Hypostasis Genshin - Electro Hypostasis ImageElectro Hypostasis Genshin - Cryo Regisvine ImageCryo Regisvine
Genshin - Pyro Regisvine ImagePyro Regisvine Genshin - Oceanid ImageOceanid Genshin - Childe ImageChilde
Genshin - Primo Geovishap ImagePrimo Geovishap Genshin - Azhdaha ImageAzhdaha Genshin - Cryo Hypostasis ImageCryo Hypostasis
Genshin - Maguu Kenki ImageMaguu Kenki Genshin - Perpetual Mechanical Array ImagePerpetual Mechanical Array Genshin - Pyro Hypostasis ImagePyro Hypostasis
Genshin - Hydro Hypostasis ImageHydro Hypostasis Genshin - La Signora ImageLa Signora Genshin - Thunder Manifestation ImageThunder Manifestation
Genshin - Golden Wolflord ImageGolden Wolflord Genshin - Bathysmal Vishap Herd ImageBathysmal Vishap Herd Genshin - Raiden Shogun ImageRaiden Shogun
Genshin - Ruin Serpent ImageRuin Serpent Genshin - Jadeplume Terrorshroom ImageJadeplume Terrorshroom Genshin - Electro Regisvine ImageElectro Regisvine
Genshin - Aeonblight Drake ImageAeonblight Drake Genshin - Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network ImageAlgorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network Genshin - Dendro Hypostasis ImageDendro Hypostasis
Genshin - Scaramouche Boss ImageScaramouche Boss Genshin - Setekh Wenut ImageSetekh Wenut Genshin - Guardian of ApepGuardian of Apep's Oasis
Genshin - Iniquitous Baptist ImageIniquitous Baptist Genshin - Icewind Suite ImageIcewind Suite Genshin - Emperor of Fire and Iron ImageEmperor of Fire and Iron
Genshin - Experimental Field Generator ImageExperimental Field Generator Genshin - Millennial Pearl Seahorse ImageMillennial Pearl Seahorse Genshin - Hydro Tulpa ImageHydro Tulpa

Artifact Strongbox: Wanderer's Troupe

Genshin - Artifact Strongbox: Wanderer Artifact Strongbox: Wanderer's Troupe

Go to a Crafting table and use the Artifact Strongbox: Wanderer's Troupe to convert at least 3 Artifacts into one brand new artifact.

For every three 5-star artifacts you convert, you get one Wanderer's Troupe artifact. You can convert a total of 39 artifacts to collect up to 13 brand new ones!

Artifact Reroll Guide

Domain Reliquaries from Spiral Abyss

Genshin - Domain Reliquary - Tier I Icon Domain Reliquary - Tier I Genshin - Domain Reliquary - Tier II Icon Domain Reliquary - Tier II Genshin - Domain Reliquary - Tier III Icon Domain Reliquary - Tier III

The Domain Reliquary is a reward for clearing a floor of the Spiral Abyss. There is a chance of obtaining a Wanderer's Troupe Artifact from a Domain Reliquary.

Spiral Abyss Guide

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