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Genshin Impact - Characters and Voice Actors

This is a list of playable Characters in Genshin Impact, along with their voice actors and character profiles.

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New Characters!

Yanfei has made her debut in the Zhongli Banner rerun, check out her details below!

Character Rarity Element Weapon
Yanfei Image Yanfei 4★ Fire ImagePyro (Fire) Catalyst
Rosaria Image Rosaria 4★ Frost ImageCryo (Frost) Polearm

Genshin Impact 1.4 Update Summary

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Character Tier List

Genshin Impact - Character Tier List

Learn more about Game8's latest tier list ranking of all characters available in Genshin Impact. Find out our picks for the best characters currently available in the game. Character Tier List

List of Characters and Voice Actors

All Japanese voice actor names are listed in the Japanese order, with family name first and given name second.

List of 5-Star Characters

Character Element Weapon Voice Actor (JP)
Traveler (Geo) Image Traveler (Geo) Earth ImageGeo (Earth) Sword Horie Shun (M), Yuki Aoi (F) (堀江瞬)
Traveler (Anemo) Image Traveler (Anemo) Wind ImageAnemo (Wind) Sword Horie Shun (M), Yuki Aoi (F) (堀江瞬)
Jean Image Jean Wind ImageAnemo (Wind) Sword Saito Chiwa (斎藤千和)
Diluc Image Diluc Fire ImagePyro (Fire) Claymore Ono Kenshou (小野賢章)
Venti Image Venti Wind ImageAnemo (Wind) Bow Murase Ayumu (村瀬歩)
Klee Image Klee Fire ImagePyro (Fire) Catalyst Kuno Misaki (久野美咲)
Mona Image Mona Water ImageHydro (Water) Catalyst Kohara Konomi (小原好美)
Xiao Image Xiao Wind ImageAnemo (Wind) Polearm Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (松岡禎丞)
Qiqi Image Qiqi Frost ImageCryo (Frost) Sword Tamura Yukari (田村ゆかり)
Keqing Image Keqing Lightning ImageElectro (Lightning) Sword Kitamura Eri (喜多村英梨)
Tartaglia Image Tartaglia Water ImageHydro (Water) Bow Kimura Ryohei (木村良平)
Zhongli Image Zhongli Earth ImageGeo (Earth) Polearm Maeno Tomoaki (釘宮理恵)
Ganyu Image Ganyu Frost ImageCryo (Frost) Bow Ueda Reina (上田麗奈)
Albedo Image Albedo Earth ImageGeo (Earth) Sword Nojima Kenji (野島健児)
Hu Tao Image Hu Tao Fire ImagePyro (Fire) Polearm Takahashi Rie (高橋李依)
Eula Image Eula Frost ImageCryo (Frost) Claymore Sato Rina (佐藤 利奈)

List of All 5-Star Characters

List of 4-Star Characters

Character Element Weapon Voice Actor (JP)
Amber Image Amber Fire ImagePyro (Fire) Bow Iwami Manaka (石見舞菜香)
Lisa Image Lisa Lightning ImageElectro (Lightning) Catalyst Tanaka Rie (田中理恵)
Kaeya Image Kaeya Frost ImageCryo (Frost) Sword Toriume Kohsuke (鳥海浩輔)
Barbara Image Barbara Water ImageHydro (Water) Catalyst Kito Akari (鬼頭明里)
Razor Image Razor Lightning ImageElectro (Lightning) Claymore Uchiyama Kouki (内山昂輝)
Bennett Image Bennett Fire ImagePyro (Fire) Sword Ousaka Ryouta (逢坂良太)
Noelle Image Noelle Earth ImageGeo (Earth) Claymore Takao Kanon (高尾奏音)
Fischl Image Fischl Lightning ImageElectro (Lightning) Bow Uchiyda Maaya & Yasunori Masutani (内田真礼)
Sucrose Image Sucrose Wind ImageAnemo (Wind) Catalyst Fujita Akane (藤田茜)
Beidou Image Beidou Lightning ImageElectro (Lightning) Claymore Koshimizu Ami (小清水亜美)
Ningguang Image Ningguang Earth ImageGeo (Earth) Catalyst Ohara Sayaka (大原さやか)
Xiangling Image Xiangling Fire ImagePyro (Fire) Polearm Ozawa Ari (小澤亜李)
Xingqiu Image Xingqiu Water ImageHydro (Water) Sword Minagawa Junko (皆川純子)
Chongyun Image Chongyun Frost ImageCryo (Frost) Claymore Saito Soma (斉藤壮馬)
Diona Image Diona Frost ImageCryo (Frost) Bow Izawa Shiori (井澤詩織)
Xinyan Image Xinyan Fire ImagePyro (Fire) Claymore Takahashi Chiaki (たかはし智秋)
Rosaria Image Rosaria Frost ImageCryo (Frost) Polearm Kakuma Ai (加隈亜衣)
Yanfei Image Yanfei Fire ImagePyro (Fire) Catalyst Hanamori Yumiri (花守ゆみり)

List of All 4-Star Characters

Other Genshin Characters

Character Voice Actor
Genshin - Dainsleif IconDainsleif Tsuda Kenjiro (津田健次郎)

Genshin Impact Character Profiles


Genshin Impact - Yanfei
Voice Actor EN: Elizabeth Maxwell
JP: Hanamori Yumiri
(花守 ゆみり)

Yanfei Details and Release Date

A half-illuminated beast and a higly skilled legal adviser.
She combines adherence to the legal codices and reasonable flexibility to find the perfect balance in her work. She devotes herself into protecting the fairness of contracts in Liyue with her identity as a legal adviser and her experience and methods.
Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Genshin Impact - Rosaria
Voice Actor EN: Elizabeth Maxwell
JP: Kakuma Ai
(高橋 李依)

Rosaria Rating and Best Builds

Rosaria, a sister in Mondstadt's Church of Favonius.
A sister of the church, though you wouldn't know it if it weren't for her attire. An unusual woman with sharp, piercing words and a cold manner.
Her movements are unpredictable. She often leaves without notifying anyone. She acts with some kind of purpose, but others don't seem to know exactly what she stands for.
Source: Genshin Impact Official Website

Hu Tao

Genshin Impact - Hu Tao
Voice Actor EN: Brianna Knickerbocker
JP: Takahashi Rie
(高橋 李依)

Hu Tao Rating and Best Builds

Hu Tao is the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, a person vital to managing Liyue's funerary affairs.
She does her utmost to flawlessly carry out a person's last rites and preserve the world's balance of yin and yang.
Aside from this, she is also a talented poet whose many masterpieces have passed around Liyue's populace by word of mouth.
Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Jennifer Losi
JP: Ueda Reina
(上田 麗奈)

Ganyu Rating and Best Builds

The secretary to the Liyue Qixing. The blood of both human and illuminated beast flows within her veins.
Graceful and quiet by nature, yet the gentle disposition of Qilin sees not even the slightest conflict with even the most arduous of workloads.
After all, Ganyu firmly believes that all the work she does is in honor of her contract with Rex Lapis, seeking the well-being of all living things within Liyue.
Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Khoi Dao
JP: Nojima Kenji

Albedo Rating and Best Builds

Albedo - an alchemist based in Mondstadt, in the service of the Knights of Favonius.
Genius, Kreideprinz, or Captain of the Investigation Team... Such titles and honors are of no consequence to him when there is so much more research to conduct.
The pursuit of fortune and connections cannot hold a candle to his heart's desire — acquiring the limitless, obscure knowledge left behind by previous generations of scholars.
Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Keith Silverstien
JP:Maeno Tomoaki

Zhongli Rating and Best Builds

Wangsheng Funeral Parlor mysterious consultant. Handsome, elegant, and surpassingly learned.
Though no one knows where Zhongli is from, he is a master of courtesy and rules.From his seat at Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, he performs all manner of rituals.
Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Laura Stahl
JP: Takahashi Chiaki

Xinyan Rating and Best Builds

Rock 'n' roll is an avant-garde art in Liyue Harbor and Xinyan is the pioneer in this field.
She rebels against ossified prejudices, using her music and passionate singing to awaken dazed souls fatigued by worldly matters.
Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Stephanie Southerland
JP: Saito Chiwa

Jean Rating and Best Builds

As the Acting Grand Master of the Knights, Jean has always been devoted to her duties and maintaining peace in Mondstadt.
She had taken precautions long before the onset of Stormterror's assault, and she will guard Mondstadt with her life as always.
Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN:Kelly Baskin
JP: Iwami Manaka

Amber Rating and Best Builds

A perky, straightforward girl, who is also the only Outrider of the Knights of Favonius.
Her amazing mastery of the glider has made her a three-time winner of the Gliding Champion in Mondstadt.
As a rising star within the Knights of Favonius, Amber is always ready for any challenging tasks.
Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Mara Junot
JP:Tanaka Rie

Lisa Rating and Best Builds

She is an intellectual witch who can never get enough naps.
As the Librarian of the Knights of Favonius, Lisa is smart in that she always knows exactly what to do with whatever troubles her.
As much as she loves her sleep, she still manages to keep everything under control in a calm, composed manner.
Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Josey Montana McCoy
JP: Toriume Kohsuke

Kaeya Rating and Best Builds

In the Knights of Favonius, Kaeya is the most trusted aide for the Acting Grand Master Jean. You can always count on him to solve any intractable problems.
Everyone in Mondstadt loves Kaeya, but no one knows what secrets this witty, charming knight has...
Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Laura Stahl
JP: Kito Akari

Barbara Rating and Best Builds

The Deaconess of the Favonius Church and a shining starlet adored by all.
Although the concept of a starlet is rather novel in a city of bards, the people of Mondstadt love Barbara nonetheless.
I owe everything to the city's spirit of freedom. — Barbara, regarding her popularity.
Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Sean Chiplock
JP: Ono Kenshou

Diluc Rating and Best Builds

As the wealthiest gentleman in Mondstadt, the ever-dapper Diluc always presents himself as the epitome of perfection.
But behind the courteous visage burns a zealous soul that has sworn to protect Mondstadt at all costs, allowing him to mercilessly vanquish all who threaten his city.
Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Todd Haberkorn
JP: Uchiyama Kouki

Razor Rating and Best Builds

Some say he is an orphan raised by wolves. Others say he is a wolf spirit in human form.
He is most at home in the wild, fighting with claw and thunder.
To this day the wolf boy can be found prowling the forest, where he and his wolf pack hunt to survive using nothing more than their animal instincts.
Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN:Erika Harlacher
JP: Murase Ayumu

Venti Rating and Best Builds

A bard that seems to have arrived on some unknown wind — sometimes sing songs as old as the hills, and other times sing poems fresh and new.
Likes apples and lively places, but is not a fan of cheese or anything sticky.
When using his Anemo power to control the wind, it often appears as feathers, as he's fond of that which appears light and breezy.
Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Poonam Basu
JP: Kuno Misaki

Klee Rating and Best Builds

Knights of Favonius Spark Knight! Forever with a bang and a flash!
—And then disappearing from the stern gaze of Acting Grand Master Jean.
Sure, time in solitary confinement gives lots of time to think about new gunpowder formulas...
But it'd still be better to not be in solitary in the first place.

Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Cristina Vee Valenzuela
JP: Ousaka Ryouta

Bennett Rating and Best Builds

The few young adventurers that the Mondstadt Adventurers' Guild has always find themselves tangled up in baffling bouts of bad luck.
He is the only active member of his own adventure group, known as Benny's Adventure Team, after all the other members decided to take leave following a series of unfortunate incidents. As a result, the team is currently on the verge of being dissolved.
Being unable to break the poor boy's heart, Katheryne of the Adventurers' Guild has kept Benny's Adventure Team on the books, whilst also hiding from him the fact that all the other members have long since officially left the team.

Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Laura Faye Smith
JP: Takao Kanon

Noelle Rating and Best Builds

Like most of Mondstadt's young people, Noelle always dreamed of being a knight of Favonius when she grew up.
She may not have what it takes to be a knight just yet, but she is learning. Working as a maid at the Knights' headquarters, she is constantly taking notes on what constitutes knightly speech, knightly conduct, and knightly customs.
She holds firm to her belief that one day she will join their ranks — she just needs to keep trying her hardest at everything she does.

Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Brittany Cox
JP: Uchida Maaya

Fischl Rating and Best Builds

A mysterious girl who calls herself Prinzessin der Verurteilung and travels with a night raven named Oz.
Currently serves as an investigator in the Adventurers' Guild.
Through her unique abilities, eccentric character, and (while she would never admit it herself) hard work, Fischl has become a rising star among the Adventurers' Guild's investigators, earning the recognition of all.

Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Valeria Rodriguez
JP: Fujita Akane

Sucrose Rating and Best Builds

An alchemist with an insatiable curiosity towards the world and everything in it. Attached to the Knights of Favonius as an assistant to Albedo, her area of focus is bio-alchemy.
She strives to enrich the world by transforming living things with the power of alchemy.
Granted, the products of her research sometimes prove to be more weird than wonderful — but on the whole, she has made monumental contributions to the field of bio-alchemy.

Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Felecia Angelle
JP: Kohara Konomi

Mona Rating and Best Builds

A mysterious young astrologer who proclaims herself to be Astrologist Mona Megistus, and who possesses abilities to match the title. Erudite, but prideful.
Though she is often strapped for cash and lives a life of thrift, she is resolved to never use astrology for profit... It is this very resolution that has caused her to constantly fret about money.

Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Laila Berzins
JP: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu

Xiao Rating and Best Builds

One of the Mighty and Illuminated Adepti guarding Liyue, also heralded as the Guardian yaksha.
Despite his appearance as a young man, occasional legends about him have been documented in ancient books for thousands of years.
He is especially fond of Wangshu Inn's Almond Tofu.
The reason is that the dish tastes just like the dreams he used to devour.

Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Allegra Clark
JP: Koshimizu Ami

Beidou Rating and Best Builds

Captain of the Crux, with quite the reputation in Liyue.
There are those who say she can split mountains and part the sea. Others say she draws lightning through her sword. Some say that even the mightiest of sea beasts are no match for her.
For those not from Liyue, it may sound like a hearty joke, but those that have sailed with her will say—
No matter what sea beasts there may be, Beidou will be sure to split them all in two.

Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Erin Ebers
JP: Ohara Sayaka

Ningguang Rating and Best Builds

Owner of the Jade Chamber in the skies above Liyue, there are stories abound about Ningguang, with her elegance and mysterious smile.
As the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing, not only does she embody law and order, she also represents fortune and wit.

Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Jackie Lastra
JP: Ozawa Ari

Xiangling Rating and Best Builds

The Head Chef at the Wanmin Restaurant and also a waitress there, Xiangling is extremely passionate about cooking and excels at her signature hot and spicy dishes.
Though still young, Xiangling is a true master of the culinary arts with all the skills of a kitchen veteran. She enjoys a good reputation among the hearty eaters at Chihu Rock.
There's absolutely no need to be nervous if she wants you to sample her latest creation. It will not disappoint. Promise.

Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Cristina Vee Valenzuela
JP: Minagawa Junko

Xingqiu Rating and Best Builds

Second son of the Feiyun Commerce Guild, Xingqiu has had a reputation for being studious and polite ever since he was a young child.
But there is another side to the mild-mannered Xingqiu everyone knows. A daring, adventurous and much more mischievous side...

Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Beau Bridgland
JP: Saito Soma

Chongyun Rating and Best Builds

An exorcist who roams the land with Liyue as his base of operations, evil spirits fleeing wherever he goes. As the heir to a clan of exorcists, he has always possessed abilities superior to most. However, these abilities are not the result of training, but of an inborn trait — congenital positivity.

Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Christie Cate
JP: Tamura Yukari

Qiqi Rating and Best Builds

An apprentice and herb gatherer at Bubu Pharmacy.
Blessed by the adepti with a body that cannot die, this petite zombie cannot do anything without first giving herself orders to do it.
Qiqi's memory is like a sieve. Out of necessity, she always carries around a notebook in which she writes anything important that she is sure to forget later.
But on her worst days, she even forgets to look at her notebook...

Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Kayli Mills
JP: Kitamura Eri

Keqing Rating and Best Builds

The Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing. Keqing has much to say about Rex Lapis' unilateral approach to policymaking in Liyue
— but in truth, gods admire skeptics such as her quite a lot.
She firmly believes that humanity's future should be determined by humans themselves, and that they can even do better than the archons and adepti have done for them. In order to prove this, she works harder than anyone else.

Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Griffin Burns
JP: Kimura Ryohei

Tartaglia (Childe) Rating and Best Builds

Meet Tartaglia - The cunning Snezhnayan whose unpredictable personality keeps people guessing his every move.
Don't be under any illusion as to what he might be thinking or what his intentions are. Just remember this: Behind that innocent, childlike exterior lies a finely honed instrument of war.

Source: Genshin Impact Official Website


Voice Actor EN: Dina Sherman
JP: Izawa Shiori

Diona Rating and Best Builds

The incredibly popular bartender of the Cat's Tail tavern, rising star of Mondstadt's wine industry, and the greatest challenger to its traditional powerhouses.
A feisty feline young lady from Springvale, any drink mixed by Diona's hand tastes delicious beyond belief.
Yet given her extreme distaste for alcohol, is her talent a blessing or a curse?

Source: Genshin Impact Official Website

Upcoming Character Profiles


Voice Actor Yusa Koji (遊佐浩二)


Voice Actor Kakihara Tetsuya

Non-Playable Character Profiles


Voice Actor EN: Corina Bettger
JP: Koga Aoi(古賀葵)

Unknown God

Unknown God
Voice Actor Kugimiya Rie (釘宮理恵)

La Signora

La Signora
Voice Actor Shoji Yui (庄子裕衣)


Voice Actor EN: Brook Chalmers
JP: Takeuchi Shunsuke (武内駿輔)

Lupus Boreas

Lupus Boreas
Voice Actor Kusunoki Taiten (楠大典)


Voice Actor Masutani Yasunori (増谷康紀)

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9 9 Anonymousabout 18 hours

The Unknown God is voiced by the same VA who did Qiqi, Christie Cate - this was confirmed on one of Zach Aguilar (Aether's ENG VA)'s Among Us streams! She said so herself :)

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When will there be a list for bystanders and such? Wanted to know if Helen (the bard in Mondstadt) sounds like Kiyono Yasuno or not


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