Genshin Impact

The Chasm Map Guide and How to Unlock

Genshin Impact - The Chasm Map Guide and How to Unlock

The Chasm is an area in Genshin Impact's Liyue region that was released in Version 2.6. See a map of the Chasm and its areas, how to unlock all of The Chasm, quests found in The Chasm, features and puzzles in The Chasm, enemies and wildlife in The Chasm, and The Chasm's lore here!

The Chasm Maps and Areas

Maps of The Chasm's Surface and Underground Mines

The Chasm Maps

The Surface

Underground Mines

You can click on the map images to enlarge them!

The Chasm area has two maps because it's divided into The Surface and The Undergound Mines. Both areas are available as of The Chasm's release on March 30, 2022.

The Chasm Area Guides
The Surface Underground Mines

How to Unlock The Chasm

The Chasm Unlock Requirements

How to Unlock
All Chasm Areas
Reach Adventure Rank 28+
Complete Chapter 1: Act 3
Complete The Chasm Delvers Quests

The official way to unlock The Chasm and all of its areas is by playing through all of the quests in The Chasm Delvers quest chain. Go to the Adventurer's Guild booth in Liyue and talk to Lan to begin the quest.

You can sneak past the Millelith and enter the Surface without doing the quest chain, but you will need to finish at least ''Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering to explore the Underground Mines.

''The Chasm Delvers'' Quests & Guides

All Quests in The Chasm

The Chasm Quests and How to Unlock

Quest Chains in The Chasm

Quest Chain Included Quests
The Chasm Delvers The Chasm Charters
Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal
Chasm Spelunkers
First Miasmic Contact
Meeting New People... and Foiling Some Bandits
The Heavenly Stone's Debris
Perils in The Dark
Wherefore Did the Spiritstone Descend?
Lost in a Foreign Land Lost in a Foreign Land
Valor's Afterglow Valor's Afterglow
Return by Sundown
The Faint Light Remembered

Standalone Quests in The Chasm

Quest How to Unlock
Chapter 2: Act 4 Archon Quest You will need to unlock The Chasm to fully complete the Archon Quest in Chapter 2: Act 4.
Stolen, by the Rightful Owner Talk to Taliesin in the eastern area of The Chasm after completing ''Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering.''
Says He Who Seeks Stone Talk to Muning in the eastern area of The Chasm after completing ''Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering.''
The Millennial Mountains Talk to Wang in the middle area of The Chasm.
Undetected Infiltration Defeat the Treasure Hoarders at the base of the Bedrock Key near Glaze Peak.
A Cliff-Side Hero's Past Collect the Flower of Farsight at the top of Cinnabar Cliff and talk to Tang Wuchou.
Dimming Mushroom's Call for Help Look for a large, glowing mushroom in The Glowing Narrows area of the mines. You need to play through ''Perils of the Dark'' to access this location.
A Company Vanishing Into the Deep Complete ''Chasm Spelunkers'' and look some Fatui agents in the Underground Waterway area of the mines.
Mycological Investigation of The Chasm Complete ''Perils in the Dark'' and talk to Khedive in the camp southeast of The Glowing Narrows. Select ''So about these mushrooms...'' to start the quest.
Hydrological Investigation of The Chasm Complete ''Perils in the Dark.'' Fish in a Fishing Spot in the Underground Waterway area of the mines to get a strange object and go to Khedive to begin the quest.
Paleontological Investigation of The Chasm Complete ''Perils in the Dark.'' Take a picture of any of the fossils in the mines and talk to Khedive to begin the quest.
The Chasm's Bounty Complete ''Wherefore Did the Spiritstone Descend?'' Talk to either Qi Ding on the Nameless Ruins or Muning on the The Chasm Surface to begin the quest.
The Missing Miner Go to the Underground Waterway area of the mines and look for a large, hollow tree. Go inside the tree and read a Work Handbook to begin the quest.

Features and Puzzles in The Chasm

Quest How to Unlock
Genshin - The Lost Valley Domain LocationThe Lost Valley Domain Puzzle Solve the Unique Rock Pillar puzzle at the entrance of the cave south of the Domain to unlock The Lost Valley.
Genshin Impact - Unique RocksUnique Rock Pillars You need to make Resonant Quakes from Rock Pillars reach Rock Walls to solve the Unique Rock Pillar puzzles in The Chasm.
Genshin Impact - Use Cage-Shaped Geo Formation to Break Bedrock KeyBedrock Keys Bedrock Keys are large geo formations you will encounter in The Chasm's quests. Use Cage-Shaped Geo Formation to destroy them.
Genshin Impact - Cage-Shaped Geo FormationsCage-Shaped Geo Formations Cage-Shaped Geo Formations are used with Geograna to destroy Bedrock Keys in The Chasm.
Genshin - Glowing PyramidGlowing Pyramids Glowing Pyramids are faint white pyramids in The Chasm. Follow the Glowing Pyramid's tracks to solve the puzzle.
Genshin Impact - Old ChouOld Chou's Treasure Hunt Mini-game where players need to dig for Treasure Chests and avoid bombs or mines.
Genshin Impact - Treasure Map FragmentsTresure Map Fragments Bedrock Keys are large geo formations you will encounter in The Chasm's quests. Use Cage-Shaped Geo Formation to destroy them.
Genshin - Dark MudDark Mud and Oozing Concretions Dark Mud has negative effects on your characters and gives buffs to enemies. Dispel Dark Mud with your Lumenstone Adjuvant to make exploring The Chasm easier!
Genshin - Luminous SeelieLuminous Seelie Luminous Seelie are The Chasm's Seelie variant. Apart from the regular chests you get from leading them to their court, you also get Lumenstone Adjuvant energy by being near them!
Genshin - SpoutrockSpoutrocks Spoutrocks are glowing plates that let your character jump much higher than usual. Use these to explore The Chasm much quicker!
Genshin - LumenlampsLumenlamps Lumenlamps restore energy to your Lumenstone Adjuvant.
Genshin - Mysterious LettersMysterious Letters Mysterious Letters obtained from a secret room in The Nameless Ruins after collecting all 9 Orbs of the Blue Depths.

Enemies and Wildlife in The Chasm

Enemies in The Chasm

The Chasm Enemy Guides
Genshin - Ruin Serpent ImageRuin Serpent Genshin - Floating Hydro Fungus ImageFloating Hydro Fungus Genshin - Black Serpent Knight: Windcutter ImageBlack Serpent Knight: Windcutter

Wildlife in The Chasm

The Chasm Wildlife Guides
Genshin - Bluethunder Weasel ImageBluethunder Weasel Genshin - Lucklight Fly ImageLucklight Fly

Items Found in The Chasm

Artifacts in The Chasm

The Chasm Wildlife Guides
Genshin - Echoes of an Offering SetEchoes of an Offering Set Genshin - Vermillion Hereafter SetVermillion Hereafter Set

Gadgets and Materials in The Chasm

All Chasm Items
Genshin - Lumenstone OreLumenstone Ore Genshin - Lumenstone AdjuvantLumenstone Adjuvant Genshin - LumensparLumenspar
Genshin - StarshroomStarshroom Genshin - MinerMiner's Key Archaic StoneArchaic Stone
Genshin - Orb of the Blue DepthsOrb of the Blue Depths Genshin - Cup of CommonsCup of Commons Genshin - WarriorWarrior's Spear
Genshin - SkyfeatherSkyfeather Genshin - Sundial of AgesSundial of Ages Genshin - Helm of WardingHelm of Warding
Genshin - Flower of FarsightFlower of Farsight Genshin - Frostglaze CrystalFrostglaze Crystal

More Information on The Chasm

What is The Chasm?

Genshin - The Chasm - Mines
The Chasm used to be one of Liyue's primary sources of ores, but mysterious circumstances have caused it to close down.

The road leading to the Chasm, between Lingju Pass and Qingxu Pool, had become overrun with Hilichurl camps and Pyro Abyss Mages.

Intricate Underground Mines

Genshin - The Chasm - Intricate Mines
The pathways of the Chasm's underground mines are intricate and complex, and are treacherous to navigate thanks to recent developments. The mines are not only rich in minerals, but the special environmental conditions have given rise to unique fluorescent plants.

The Chasm's Origins

Genshin - The Chasm - Buy Records of Jueyun Series at Wanwen Bookhouse
The novel called the Records of Jueyun Vol. 6: Hidden Jade is about the Dunyu Ruins, but it talks in part about the origin of the Chasm. You can buy the book at Wanwen Bookhouse in Liyue Harbor!

Created from a Falling Star

Genshin - The Chasm - Falling Star

According to the book, thousands of years before the Archon War, when even Rex Lapis was still a young god, a star fell from the sky and transformed barren plains into a huge and deep chasm full of beautiful jade.

A fragment of this star would also land north of Lisha and the area would eventually become the Dunyu Ruins.

Rich in Ores and Crystals

Genshin - The Chasm - Minerals

Ores from the giant celestial body turned the region to be rich in precious raw materials like ''Glazed Sand Crystals.'' This precious raw material is often used in making Liyue's porcelain.

Because of special, geological conditions, the soil and vegetation in this area have a distinctive color.

In the valley northwest of Liyue Harbor and south of Nantianmen lie many silent, ancient ruins.
One of these areas is known as the Dunyu Ruins. This area is said to have already existed even before the time of the Archon Wars.
According to old legends passed by word of mouth, Dunyu means the land to which beauteous jade flees.
In a past beyond memory, when even Rex Lapis would still have been young, a star fell from the sky into the barren plains west of Liyue. These plains were transformed into a huge and deep chasm in the wake of that star's descent, and jade would emerge from within, beautiful and limitless, and it would become the foundation for a thousand years of industrial mining in Liyue thereafter. Legend has it that when that nameless star fell, a fragment of it broke off and crashed into the rocks in northern Lisha.
As most know, wordless stones harbored soul and spirit, and in manners and times not witnessed by mortal eyes they watched and listened to the ley lines' pulses, the echoes of the alpine springs, and the slow but inexorable movements of the mountains.

But unlike the ordinary but enduring stone of the earth, the fragments of the meteorite that fell from heaven had a proud and agitated temper.
Later, when countless gods and rulers fought over the appointed celestial seats, and the very stars and abyss themselves faded, tragedy and evil embarred the breath of the waters and mountains. The fallen star could bear this no longer, and heedless of the great chasm's persuasions to stay it leaped away, away towards the]
As it returned to the skies, the heavenly jade left behind a deep pit, within which humans would build great cities and mighty fortresses, finding refuge and shutting themselves in with the leftover inheritance of that fallen star.
Over the tumult and storms of the next few thousand years, the redoubts of the Dunyu Valley stood tall and maintained prosperous relations with Liyue Harbor up till 500 years ago. But with the coming of the black calamity and the rise of the Abyss, the residents of Dunyu sealed the ancient city and departed for other lands. None know why these refugees chose to shut the gates of their home, and even the millennia-old adepti and yaksha are silent on this matter.
And so, the sealed fortresses became giant, silent tombs, with naught left in them but the sound of pond water and the wind whistling through empty halls and thusly, too, did they come to be called the Dunyu Ruins by the people of Liyue.

A Place of Battles

Azhdaha and Rex Lapis

Genshin - The Chasm - Azhdaha and Zhongli in No Mere Stone
In the 2.5 Livestream, it was revealed that Azhdaha and Rex Lapis fought in the Chasm before Azhdaha was sealed away. The story between Azhdaha and Rex Lapis was told in Zhongli's second Story Quest, No Mere Stone.

Zhongli Story Quest Act II Guide

The Millelith and the Nameless Yaksha

Genshin - The Chasm - Tenacity of the Millelith Artifact Lore
The Archive description of the Tenacity of the Milellith Artifact set details a different battle that occured in the Chasm. The battle happened between the Abyss, and the combined forces of the Millelith and the nameless yaksha, who defended the Chasm under Rex Lapis' orders.

Artifacts Archive Description
Flower of Accolades Image Flower of Accolades Flower of Accolades
In an age when solemn songs were sung from the clifftops, a meteorite once fell into the Chasm.
Out of the depths of the boundless night sky above, the iron meteorite plummeted to the ground, turning the earth to powdered glaze on impact.

Though human life is fleeting, Rex Lapis personally ordered the Millelith to rush to the defense of the mines.
As the Abyss flooded forth, the Millelith escorted countless civilians to safety.
Miners tell tales of a small number of troops from the rearguard, who remained in the Chasm.
Together with the nameless yaksha, they fought courageously until they, too, made the ultimate sacrifice among the jagged rocks.

In time, the names of both mortals and adepti alike were forgotten. In time, even the mountains and rivers change form.
Yet there will never come a time when their honorable deeds shall be forgotten. Like this gold-leafed flower, they will shine on forever.
500 years on, the harbor city remains as steadfastly peaceful today as the day the disaster was quelled.
And still, the troops wear this golden flower with pride, in honor of the sacrifice made by their forebears.
Ceremonial War-Plume Image Ceremonial War-Plume Ceremonial War-Plume
As a mark of military service, the Millelith use the feathers of high-altitude birds of prey to adorn their uniforms.
These tail feathers are only worn on ceremonial occasions. They boost the morale of the citizenry and fill visiting outlanders with a sense of awe.

It is said that in its inception, this ceremonial custom was inspired by the nameless yaksha.
In the heat of battle, when the yaksha was engaged in fierce combat with the Abyss, some of its plumage was stripped away. The feathers that fell to the ground were seen as a symbol of hope.
In the end, the brave yaksha and fearless citizenry would sink into an exhausted slumber in the dark lair of the enemy. Rex Lapis was moved by their sacrifice and observed a prolonged vow of silence among the low murmuring of the mountain stone.
The people claim that the nameless yaksha that defended The Chasm was not, in fact, under the command of Rex Lapis. Instead, they believe that it was an act of redemption from a longstanding sin... a price paid for cowardice and dereliction of duty.

Whatever the truth of the matter, the yaksha that had once soared through celestial heights had now returned to a free existence amongst the clouds.
As for the soldiers, trapped in eternal slumber in the depths of The Chasm... their legend continues to evolve with the flow of time.
Orichalceous Time-Dial Image Orichalceous Time-Dial Orichalceous Time-Dial
A hardy timepiece powered by sunlight and moonlight, capable of capturing rays of light even on the darkest of days.
When Liyue was threatened by a pitch-black malice, this time-dial helped the soldiers to remember the warmth of the sun.

In the course of fighting side-by-side with the yaksha, these mortal soldiers could not escape being contaminated by karma, or harmed during the slaughtering.
To avoid being consumed by the darkness of constant killing, the Millelith soldiers used this timepiece to silently mark the passage of time during each battle.
They fixed a unified marching pace and schedule so that one squadron of mortal soldiers would take the battlefield as the one before them retreated.
This cycle of advance and retreat continued all the way to the depths of the Chasm, where yaksha and valiant soldiers both fell.

100 years later, this timepiece was unearthed by a miner. Its bronze surface sparkled in the bright starlight.
Urban legends tell of a collector of curios wearing black robes, who roamed the market streets one day, buying up Orichalceous Time-Dials and paying a generous sum for each one.
Some sellers queried him, curious to know what his reasons were, but he deftly deflected all their questions with an array of excuses and other verbal tricks.
As for what this individual's true motive was, perhaps only the unyielding forward march of time can finally deliver a issatisfying explanation.
Noble Noble's Pledging Vessel Noble's Pledging Vessel
When the Millelith was first founded, Liyue was still a savage and dangerous place.
The elders of towns, villages, and tribes would pledge oaths of allegiance with a golden cup.
As a show of loyalty to Rex Lapis and duty to their countrymen,
They selected valiant soldiers from all regions. These soldiers became known as the Millelith.

They would go on to take up arms with a yaksha in battle, fighting from the rearguard. They too drank from that golden cup.
It was a final toast to the benevolent and majestic Lord of Geo. With their gaze fixed ahead of them, they stormed into the abyss.
Hundreds of years later, a conceited adventurer retrieved the cup from the depths of The Chasm and washed away the imperfections.
Miraculously, the cup remained whole and untarnished by the passage of time. The pitch-dark of that subterranean realm had failed to remove its radiance.

Yet more centuries passed. Eventually, the people of Liyue tri would tell tales of an era of catastrophe and a nameless yaksha,
Tales of how heroes from disparate heritages and different lands united under a single banner against the Abyss... Inevitably, the tale would touch upon the cup, and how the blood of those that went before remained clear and spotless as the day it was spilled.
General General's Ancient Helm General's Ancient Helm
The commander who fought together with the nameless yaksha fell in the line of duty,
As did the handful of his compatriots who fought alongside him.
To ensure that the afflicted civilians could safely escape, and to maintain their honor in the eyes of the Lord of Geo, The helmet-clad troops of the front line took the lead, pointing their spears towards the Abyss and charging into battle.

Disaster arrived in the land of glaze, and a horde of ancient foes came surging forth.
At the order of Rex Lapis, the yaksha fought a bloody battle against the warped creations of the Abyss.
The fight went on until the last drop of blood had soaked into the battlefield and all that was impure had been cleansed.
As the tide of the Abyss receded, the glaze sands shone gloriously once more,
But when the gloom that had filled the skies above The Chasm had finally dissipated, the yaksha disappeared without a trace.
As for the general and his men who left their helmets on the battlefield, they rest there in peace forevermore.

Present Situation in The Chasm

Sealed Off by the Qixing

Ministry of Civil Affairs Noticeboard

Noticeboard Location

The Ministry of Civil Affairs in Liyue put up an announcement at the Noticeboard in front of their establishment announcing that the Chasm mines had been closed due to an accident.

They offered temporary unemployment, medical, and food stipends to the affected workers. Shops affected by the closue of the mines were also given tax exemptions and deductions.

Mining is Prohibited

Shizhuang the Strong NPC Location

Shizhuang the Strong

South of Lingju Pass Location

Talking to Shizhuang the Strong near the south of Lingju Pass will reveal that the Qixing sealed the mines after Shizhuang's team had dug up ''something very strange.'' Shizhuang said that everyone who had seen the ''very strange'' thing had fallen into a coma, and he had not seen the thing himself.

Jobless Miners

Genshin - The Chasm - Qian the Miner NPC at Liyue Harbor
You can find the NPC Qian walking around near the southern Teleport Waypoint in Liyue Harbor. He is one of the miners who lost their jobs after the Chasm was closed off.

Climate Conditions in The Chasm

Esther About the Chasm

Esther, a researcher in Dragonspine, mentioned that the Chasm's weather conditions differs from the rest of Liyue, like Dragonspine and Mondstadt. Esther can be found near the Teleport Waypoint north of Wyrmrest Valley.

While the Chasm doesn't have the Sheer Cold of Dragonspine, the mines do have oozing concretions that pose its own type of danger.

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