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Dori Best Builds and Teams

Genshin - Dori Best Builds and Best Team Comps Guide

Dori is a 4-Star Electro Claymore character in Genshin Impact. Check out Dori's best builds, team builds, weapons, artifacts, talent priority, and our rating of the character in this guide!

Dori's Character Guides
Genshin - Dori Builds and RatingBuild Guide Show Me the Mora ImageSpecialty Dish

Dori Rating and Info

Character Information

C Rank Icon
Voice Actors EN Voice Actor: Anjali Kunapaneni
JP Voice Actor: Tomoko Kaneda

Tier List Rankings

Main DPS Sub-DPS Support Exploration
- - C B

Character Tier List | Best Characters

Dori's Stats

Lvl. 20 Base Stats
Lvl. 90 Max Stats
Stat Base Value
Stat Max Value

Base Stat Calculations

Genshin - Albedo Thinking Emoji Stats indicated above are obtained from Dori's base values. These numbers also exclude the character's equipped weapon, artifacts, talents, or other passive effects that are not innate to the character.
Genshin - Faruzan Thinking Emoji All characters start with 5% CRIT Rate, 50% CRIT DMG, 100% Energy Recharge, 0 Elemental Mastery, 0% Healing Bonus, and 0% Elemental DMG bonus before any additional stats are applied. The table above includes such values.
Genshin - Xianyun Thinking Emoji The Level 20 stats indicated for this character are calculated before their first ascension.

Character Stat Rankings

Dori's Strengths and Weaknesses

Dori's Strengths
• Universal Energy Recharge supporter.
• Helpful to any Main DPS that needs mid to high Energy Recharge.
• Good single target healing.
Full control on Electro application.
Dori's Weaknesses
• Low Energy Particle generation and high Elemental Burst cost, but can be fixed by her passive.
• No multi-target healing.
• Low Elemental Burst damage multipliers.
• Offers a lot of utility to the team, however is a "Jack of All Trades and Master of None" character.

Dori Best Builds

Dori Support Build - Buffer

Best Weapon
Replacement Weapons
Best Artifacts
Artifact Main Stats
Genshin - HourglassSands: Energy Recharge or HP%
Genshin - GobletGoblet: HP%
Genshin - CircletCirclet: HP% or Healing Bonus%
Artifact Sub Stats Energy Recharge, HP%, ATK%, CRIT Rate

This Dori build is best suited for fully supporting the team through Energy Recharge and attack buffs. Dori doesn't deal a lot of damage, so it's best to maximize her healing and ensuring her burst is available off coodlown.

Ideally, you will need around +200% ER on Dori, but it's best to get as much as you can.

Dori Support Build - Burst Uptime

Best Weapon
Replacement Weapons
Best Artifacts
Artifact Main Stats
Genshin - HourglassSands: Energy Recharge or HP%
Genshin - GobletGoblet: HP%
Genshin - CircletCirclet: HP% or Healing Bonus%
Artifact Sub Stats Energy Recharge, HP%, ATK%, CRIT Rate

A general purpose artifact build for Dori consists of simply improving her healing capability and her Energy Recharge. You can use any 2pc. +HP% and a 2pc. +ER% artifact to accomplish this. You will need around +200% ER on Dori.

Dori Support Build - Pure Healer

Best Weapon
Replacement Weapons
Best Artifacts
Artifact Main Stats
Genshin - HourglassSands: Energy Recharge or HP%
Genshin - GobletGoblet: HP%
Genshin - CircletCirclet: HP% or Healing Bonus%
Artifact Sub Stats Energy Recharge, HP%, ATK%, CRIT Rate

This Dori Healer focuses more on increasing her healing capabilities and slightly increasing her personal damage. Realistically, Dori cannot cap the 30k HP limit due to her single target healing. However, this is still a good option if healing is a priority.

Dori Talent Priority

Sub-DPS and Support
1st Elemental Burst
2nd Elemental Skill
3rd Normal Attack

Dori's supportive capabilities primarily comes from her Elemental Burst, so it should be prioritized first. The Elemental Skill should be prioritized next, with the Normal Attack as the lowest priority.

Dori Best Artifacts

Dori Artifacts Rankings

Artifact Artifact Bonuses
1st Genshin - Noblesse Oblige Image Noblesse Oblige 2-PC: Elemental Burst DMG +20%.
4-PC: Using an Elemental Burst increases all party members' ATK by 20% for 12s. This effect cannot stack.
2nd Genshin - Emblem of Severed Fate Image Emblem of Severed Fate 2-PC: Energy Recharge +20%.
Genshin - Tenacity of the Millelith Image Tenacity of the Millelith 2-PC: HP +20%
3rd Genshin - Ocean-Hued Clam Image Ocean-Hued Clam 2-PC: Healing Bonus +15%
4-PC: When the character with this artifact set heals a party member, 1 Foam will appear. It accumulates healed HP for 3 seconds, then explodes and deals 90% of the HP healed as DMG to nearby enemies. Max accumulated healing is 30,000 HP, including over-heal. There can only be 1 Foam active, but it stays even if you swap out. Foam CD is 3.5s.

Best 4-Star Artifact for Dori

Artifact Artifact Bonuses
Genshin - The Exile Image The Exile 2-PC: Energy Recharge +20%
4-PC: Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 2 Energy for all party members (excluding the wearer) every 2s for 6s. This effect cannot stack.

List of Artifacts and Set Bonuses

Dori Best Weapons

Dori Weapon Rankings

You will want to use weapons that increase Dori's Energy Recharge or ones that provide teambuffs, ideally both. Favonius Greatsword is Dori's overall best weapon for any build.

Weapon Weapon Information
1st Genshin Impact - Favonius Greatsword Image Favonius Greatsword Base ATK: 454
Bonus Stat: Energy Recharge 61.3%
Skill Effect: CRIT Hits have a 60% chance to generate a small amount of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the character. Can only occur once every 12s.
2nd Genshin Impact - Wolf Wolf's Gravestone Base ATK: 608
Bonus Stat: ATK 49.6%
Skill Effect: Increases ATK by 20%. On hit, attacks against enemies with less than 30% HP increases all party members' ATK by 40% for 12s. Can only occur once every 30s.
3rd Genshin Impact - The Bell Image The Bell Base ATK: 510
Bonus Stat: HP 41.3%
Skill Effect: Taking DMG generates a shield which absorbs DMG up to 20% of Max HP. This shield lasts for 10s or until broken, and can only be triggered once every 45s. While protected by the shield, the character gains 12% increased DMG.

Best Free-to-Play Weapon for Dori

Weapon Weapon Information
Genshin Impact - Forest Regalia Image Forest Regalia Base ATK: 565
Bonus Stat: Energy Recharge 30.6%
Skill Effect: After triggering Burning, Quicken, Aggravate, Spread, Bloom, Hyperbloom, or Burgeon, a Leaf of Consciousness will be created around the character for a maximum of 10s. When picked up, the Leaf will grant the character 60 Elemental Mastery for 12s. Only 1 Leaf can be generated this way every 20s. This effect can still be triggered if the character is not on the field. The Leaf of Consciousness' effect cannot stack.

All Recommended Weapons for Dori

Recommended Weapons How to Get

List of Claymores

Dori Best Team Builds

Best Party for Dori

Dori's primary role is buffing the Main DPS with Energy Recharge and heals. Her low damage multipliers push her towards the role of supportive role of applying or enabling Electro Reactions

Dori Physical Support

Support Main DPS Sub-DPS Sub-DPS
Genshin - Dori Dori Genshin - Eula Eula Genshin - Fischl Fischl Genshin - Rosaria Rosaria

Dori in any physical team will act as the enabler for the Superconduct Elemental Reaction. In this particular build, she will help reduce Eula's Energy Recharge while also providing her with healing.

Dori Spread Dendro Support

Support Main DPS Sub-DPS Support
Genshin - Dori Dori Genshin - Tighnari Tighnari Genshin - Albedo Albedo Genshin - Zhongli Zhongli

Dori can also fit in any Dendro + Electro team comp as an enabler for the Quicken Elemental Reaction. You will have full control of when Electro will apply on the enemy by controlling the tether between you and the Jinni, which helps you trigger Spread much more consistently.

Dori Hyperbloom Support

Sub-DPS Main DPS Sub-DPS Support
Genshin - Dori Dori Genshin - Kokomi Kokomi Genshin - Collei Collei Genshin - Traveler (Dendro) Traveler (Dendro)

Dori can be somewhat used as an Electro Trigger for the Hyperbloom Reaction. Simply move between Dendro Cores with the Hydro Main DPS to trigger the reaction. Dori will need to be stacked with as much Elemental Mastery as possible for this build. Her healing will suffer for this, but it can be offset by another healer.

Dori Best Constellations

Magicae Lucerna

Constellation and Effects

Dori's Constellations
Genshin - Dori C1 C1 Additional Investment
The number of After-Sales Service Rounds created by Troubleshooter Shots is increased by 1.
Genshin - Dori C2 C2 Special Franchise
When you are in combat and the Jinni heals the character it is connected to, it will fire a Jinni Toop from that character's position that deals 50% of Dori's ATK DMG.
Genshin - Dori C3 C3 Wonders Never Cease
Increases the Level of Alcazarzaray's Exactitude by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Genshin - Dori C4 C4 Discretionary Supplement
The character connected to the Jinni will obtain the following buffs based on their current HP and Energy:
• When their HP is lower than 50%, they gain 50% Incoming Healing Bonus.
• When their Energy is less than 50%, they gain Energy Recharge.
Genshin - Dori C5 C5 Value for Mora
Increases the Level of Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Genshin - Dori C6 C6 Sprinkling Weight
Dori gains the following effects for 3s after using Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon:
• Electro Infusion.
• When Normal Attacks hit opponents, all nearby party members will heal HP equivalent to 4% of Doris Max HP. This type of healing ca occur once every o.1s.

Best Constellations Rating and Explanation

Rating Constellation Effect / Merits
C2 ★☆☆ • Provides additional damage.
• Not as useful since her recommended Main Stats are for HP.
C4 ★★★ • Fully brings out Dori as a high tier support.

C4 is an Amazing Constellation

Dori's 4th Constellation provides an incredibly good buff to the characters connected to the Jinni. A 30% increase to a character's Energy Recharge means more substats that can be invested towards CRIT, ATK, or Elemental Mastery.

Dori Ascension and Talent Materials

Dori Ascension Materials

Mora ImageMora ×20,000
Mora ImageMora ×40,000
Mora ImageMora ×60,000
Mora ImageMora ×80,000
Mora ImageMora ×100,000
Mora ImageMora ×120,000

Dori Talent Level-Up Materials

Daily Domain Drops Enemy Drops Weekly Boss Drops
Genshin Impact - Teachings of Ingenuity Image Teachings of Ingenuity
Genshin Impact - Faded Red Satin Image Faded Red Satin
Azhdaha Challenge Reward
Genshin Impact - Bloodjade Branch Image Bloodjade Branch
Genshin Impact - Guide to Ingenuity Image Guide to Ingenuity Genshin Impact - Trimmed Red Silk Image Trimmed Red Silk
Genshin Impact - Philosophies of Ingenuity Image Philosophies of Ingenuity Genshin Impact - Rich Red Brocade Image Rich Red Brocade

Talent Materials per Level

How to Play as Dori

Dori Elemental Burst Effects

Control Electro Application on Enemies

Dori is a perfect support unit for Dendro reactions since she gives you free control for when to apply Electro on enemies. This will enable your Dendro DPS to consistently deal Spread damage.

When it's time to refresh the Quick Aura, simply run the tether through the enemy!

Provides Energy and HP

Dori's Elemental Burst provides healing and Energy Recharge generation over 12s, with each tick happening every 2 seconds. At max skill level she can provide a total of 15 Energy. At C4, she further enhances a character's Energy Recharge by 30% if their Energy is below 50%!

Even at C0 this drastically reduces Energy Recharge% requirements for the Main DPS, which lets you invest into more offensive Mainstats and Substats!

Dori Passive Abilities

A1 Passive Reduces Elemental Skill Cooldown

Dori's first ascension passive reduces her Elemental Skill cooldown when a character tethered to the Jinni deals an Electro Elemental Reaction. This means that any Elemental character that triggers an Electro Reaction can reduce Dori's E.Skill cooldown!

Having a shorter cooldown will enable Dori to create more Energy Particles for herself, which will help with her high Energy cost. The effect can also occur when Dori is off-field.

A4 Passive Provides Energy for Dori

Simply put, Dori will receive 5 energy every time she uses her Elemental Skill per 100% Energy Recharge. At 300% Energy Recharge, she will generate 15 Energy for herself!

Refund Character and Weapon Materials

Genshin - Dori Character Exploration Talent

Being an experienced merchant, Dori has a chance to refund Character and Weapon Ascension Materials when she is used for crafting.

Dori Talents (Skills)

Normal Attack: Marvelous Sword-Dance (Modified)

Talent Description
Performs up to 3 consecutive strikes.
Charge Attack
Drains Stamina over time to perform continuous spinning attacks against all nearby opponents. At the end of the sequence, performs a more powerful slash.
Plunge Attack:
Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Attribute Effect (Lvl 1)
1-Hit DMG 90.20%
2-Hit DMG 41.1%+43.1%
3-Hit DMG 128.40%
Charged Attack Spinning DMG 62.50%
Charged Attack Final DMG 113.00%
Charged Attack Stamina Cost 40.0/s Max Duration

Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon

Talent Description
Directs a Spirit-Warding Lamp to fire off a Troubleshooter Shot at opponents, dealing Electro DMG. After the troubleshooter Shot hits, it will create 2 After-Sales Service Rounds that will automatically track opponents and deal Electro DMG.

Attribute Effect (Lvl 1)
Troubleshooter Shot DMG 147.3%
After-Sales Service Round DMG 31.6%
CD 9s

An Eye for Gold

Talent Description
After a character connected to the Jinni triggers an Electro-Charged, Superconduct, Overloaded, Quicken, Aggravate, Hyperbloom, or an Electro Swirl or Crystallize reaction, the CD of Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon is decreased by 1s. This effect can be triggered once every 3s.

Compund Interest

Talent Description
When the Troubleshooter Shots or After-Sales Service Rounds from Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon hit opponents, Dori will restore 5 Elemental Energy for every 100% Energy Recharge possessed. Per Spirit-Warding Lamp: Troubleshooter Cannon, only one instance of Energy restoration can be triggered and a maximum of 15 Energy can be restored this way.

Unexpected Order

Talent Description
When Dori crafts Character and Weapon Level Up Materials, she has a chance to refund a portion of the crafting materials used.

How to Get Dori

Pull from Any Active Banner

All Current Wish Banners
Genshin Impact - Epitome Invocation GachaEpitome Invocation Genshin Impact - Wanderlust Invocation GachaWanderlust Invocation

Dori is available at a normal rate on all Wish Banners except Beginner's Wish. This means you can get her from Wanderlust Invocation, and Epitome Invocation.

All Wish Banners Guide

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Dori In-Game Information

Released in Version 3.0 Phase 2

Dori was officially released as a playable character during the first phase of Version 3.0 on September 9, 2022.

Dori Voicelines

Thoughts About Dori

Character In-Game Thoughts
Genshin Impact - Alhaitham ImageAlhaitham She's sharp and always keeps an eye out for herself. She knows how to take life by the reins and make her dreams a reality. I'm not condoning her actions, but just because we stand on different sides doesn't mean that I can't appreciate her attitude towards life.
Genshin Impact - Collei ImageCollei I ran into her once on forest ranger duty. She pulled out a bottle of fruit juice from her bag that looked really tasty, as if she somehow knew I was thirsty... Fortunately, Master was there, and he stopped me from spending all of my hard-earned Mora in a moment of weakness...
Genshin Impact - Dehya ImageDehya Ah, the famous merchant. I've heard that her prices aren't cheap, but is it true that she can get a hold of anything you want? Hahaha, then I should start talking to her, 'cause uh... some of the supplies we mercs need are impossible to get anywhere else on the market, no matter what you're willing to pay.
Genshin Impact - Kaveh ImageKaveh Dori is the owner of the Palace of Alcazarzaray... Excuse me? Mine? No, don't be ridiculous. I know full well that it doesn't belong to me... I know, I know, but... argh, please, let's not go there!
Dori is a shrewd one. She knows how to coerce others into doing things for her. I, uh... For, ahem, various reasons, I now owe her a large sum of money. It all got quite complicated in the end, but... A-Anyway, I wish she'd show me a little mercy, and stop making my life a misery for the sake of Mora. I swear, she doesn't seem like a bad person at heart, so... I just don't understand, how did she turn out like this?
Genshin Impact - Layla ImageLayla Oh... D-Dori... ahem... I took the plunge and bought something from her once. She looked euphoric as I was settling the bill — I think she assumed I was some sort of mega-rich person. Kept relentlessly sending product ads to me in the mail afterwards. Ugh... biggest mistake of my life! I paid such a huge price for it... 'cause not only did I spend all of my scholarship money in one go, but for most of the next year, I had to survive mainly on cheap vegetables, and I couldn't buy textbooks unless they were on sale...
Genshin Impact - Nahida ImageNahida The first thing she said when she saw me was "Nice palace. How much?" Of course, I couldn't possibly sell her the Sanctuary of Surasthana. But still, her question had me stumped. I thought about it long and hard, but I still can't figure out how much Mora it's worth...
Genshin Impact - Nilou ImageNilou The big-spending merchant Dori has watched me dance before. I remember that she talked with Mr. Zubayr once, and then never came back. Did something happen? ...Huh? She wanted me to go on tour around Teyvat? No way, Mr. Zubayr definitely would've refused for me! ...Ahh, please tell me he has...
Genshin Impact - Tighnari ImageTighnari The renowned Lord Sangemah Bay is none other than Dori. I became acquainted with her through a previous research project. It had required very rare materials, and the only way I could get them was through her and her mysterious supply network. Uh...never you mind what I was buying and what I was researching, thank you very much!

Dori's Thoughts About Others

Character In-Game Thoughts
Genshin Impact - Alhaitham ImageAlhaitham About Alhaitham
He once came nosing around, asking my minions some questions to see what he could find out. Like I said, those Akademiya people are just pig-headed and dishonest. Why should I take the risk of others prying into my business? Right, my young apprentice?
Genshin Impact - Alice ImageAlice About Alice
Alice's range of eccentric novelties knows no end! Which makes her by far my best supplier, hehe. Ahem, now that I've told you my trade secret, I think you should catch up on your tuition fees, hmm? C'mon, pay up!
Genshin Impact - Cyno ImageCyno About Cyno
You could say I know him. After all, I was the only merchant in all Sumeru who could acquire the full range of Genius Invokation TCG merch for him! Not bad, huh? I've gotta admit, it's pretty rare to see anyone from the. Akademiya like him... independent and with a good head on his shoulders. Plus, he's never been one to haggle over prices.
Genshin Impact - Dehya ImageDehya About Dehya
I hire her to help escort my caravans from time to time. After all, she's got the muscle, and her price is reasonable. When it comes to cost-performance ratio, she's always the best pick.
Genshin Impact - Kaveh ImageKaveh About Kaveh
Ah yeah, he's one of the Kshahrewar people that I work with. Unlike the more closed-minded people at the Akademiya, he actually has his own dreams that he's fighting for. I, for one, really respect that. I secretly lent him some Mora — and I mean a LOT of Mora — to build my Palace of Alcazarzaray. One thing's for sure — without Dori the benevolent benefactor, Kaveh would not be where he is today, hehe.
Genshin Impact - Kirara ImageKirara About Kirara
She delivered several orders to me when I was stocking up on goods from outside of Sumeru. Her service is great, and her prices are low. Oh, I think she's into pretty accessories, and I happen to have some handmade Sumeru specialties on sale! Wanna buy some as a gift for her? I can give you a discount!
Genshin Impact - Nahida ImageNahida About Lesser Lord Kusanali
In Sumeru, Lesser Lord Kusanali has very few believers. Hmm? Am I one? Heh, if she's willing to pay me, I'd be her loyal believer for all eternity.
Genshin Impact - Nilou ImageNilou About Nilou
She's a good dancer, but definitely not making the most of her time by staying in Sumeru... I mean, it's a complete waste of her talent. If I took her on tour across all Teyvat, do you have any idea how much Mora I'd rake in?
Genshin Impact - Tighnari ImageTighnari About Tighnari
He loves learning as much as I love Mora. I heard he makes a lot of little interesting gadgets, but he refuses to partner with me to mass produce them. He always says he's too busy with work, but really it's just an excuse. 'sigh' A shame, really... We could make an absolute fortune!
Genshin Impact - Zhongli ImageZhongli About Rex Lapis
Before Rex Lapis parted from this world, I'd say a little prayer every morning: ''O great God of Wealth up above, please bless my day with more Mora to love.'' But uh, now, I guess I just pray to myself... ''O divine Dori right here and now, please bless my day with more Mora to count!" Hehe..

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