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Genshin Impact - Shrine of Depths Location Guide

This is a guide to unlocking Shrine of Depths in Genshin Impact. Read on to learn about Shrines of Depths, the rewards, and how to unlock them.

How to Unlock Shrine of Depths

Use the Necessary Key

Mondstat Key

A Key that corresponds to the shrine you're opening is required to open them. What's a lock without a key?

How to Get Shrine Keys

Clear Domains

Domains offer several rewards. This includes Shrine keys. Clear the domains and reap sweet rewards! Some of these domains include the Temple of the Lion in Mondstadt and the Domain of the Forsaken Ruins in Liyue.

List of Domains

Quest Rewards

Some Shrine of Depths Keys can be obtained as a reward for finishing certain World Quests in Liyue and Monstadt.

List of World Quests

Adventure Handbook Experience Missions

You can also get Shrine of Depth Keys by finishing Adventure Handbook Experience missions. You can obtain one by Chapter 4, which means you have a chance to get high rarity artifacts and weapons early in the game after opening a shrine!

List of Experience Missions

Monstadt Shrine of Depths Keys

Mission/Location No. of Keys
Adventure Rank Ascension 1 3
Temple of the Wolf 1
Temple of the Falcon 1
Temple of the Lion 1
Eagle's Gate 1
New Horizons of Adventure 1
Adventurer's Handbook Chapter 4 1
Adventurer's Handbook Chapter 5 1

Liyue Shrine of Depths Keys

Mission/Location No. of Keys
Adventure Rank Ascension 2 3
The Chi of Guyun 1
The Tree Who Stands Alone 1
Treasure Lost, Treasure Found 1
Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula (AR30 and AR35) 2
Domain of Forsaken Ruin 1
Domain of the Wayward Path 1

What Do Shrine of Depths Contain?


Shrine of Depths usually contain Luxurious chests and may contain several 3 star artifacts and even Primogems! Shrine keys are only used for opening shrines so make sure to collect them and use them when an opportunity opens up! These chests do not respawn, so you can only get them once!

Shrine of Depths Locations

Shrines can be found all over the world of Teyvat. Check our maps below for the Shrine of Depths location in each region.


Mondstadt Shrine_1

Use the waypoint at Stormbearer Mountains, the Shrine can be found to the west of the Anemo Hypostasis.
Mondstadt Shrine_2

This shrine can be found by the lower cliffs in the Starsnatch Cliff area, you can use the Midsummer Courtyard as a waypoint.
Mondstadt Shrine_3

Teleport to the Temple of the Lion and climb above it, once you're up you should be able to see the shrine in the horizon.
Mondstadt Shrine_4

This can be found near the edge of Mondstadt already guarded by some Fatui Skirmishers. Use the waypoint near Dadaupa Gorge.
Mondstadt Shrine_5

From the Temple of the Lion waypoint, head north-west and glide to the wind current. From the top of the wind current, turn to the west and you should be able to spot the Shrine and glide towards it.
Mondstadt Shrine_6

Follow the road towards Springvale, the shrine should be on top one of the cliffs.
Mondstadt Shrine_7

Head north from the Statue of the Seven in Windwail Highland, the shrine is on the other side of a ravine.
Mondstadt Shrine_8

Teleport to the Cecilia Garden domain waypoint and climb the cliff towards the Lupus Boreas boss fight area to find this shrine.
Mondstadt Shrine_9

This shrine can be found in the area between Mondstadt and Liyue. The nearest waypoint you can use is the one near Stone Gate, from there just head east and climb the mountains.
Mondstadt Shrine_10

Use the waypoint in Brightcrown Canyon and head north to find the shrine.


Liyue Shrine_1

Using the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula domain as a waypoint, make your way south then head west. The shrine is hidden in an opening at the base of the tall mountain.
Liyue Shrine_2

You can find this shrine in the area bordering Liyue and Mondstadt. Use the Stone Gate waypoint and climb the mountain east.
Liyue Shrine_3

Use the waypoint to the north of Mingyun Village and head north-east to the water. You can find the shrine by the edge of the lake.
Liyue Shrine_4

Teleport to the westmost waypoint of Bishui Plain and walk to the south of the island.
Liyue Shrine_5

Liyue Shrine 5 Map.png

From the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain waypoint, head south and follow the path to the shrine.
Liyue Shrine_6

Use the waypoint to the south-east of Mt. Aozang, once there climb the mountain north of the waypoint.
Liyue Shrine_7

You can glide to the shrine from the eastern Nantianmen waypoint.
Liyue Shrine_8

From the waypoint between Tianqiu Valley and Dunyu Ruins, climb the mountain to the east to find the shrine.
Liyue Shrine_9

Use the waypoint to the east of the Domain of the Wayward Path and glide south to the lake. Follow the lake inside the mountain to find the shrine.
Liyue Shrine_10

From the Domain of Guyun waypoint you can use Cryo characters to freeze the water to make your way to the southern island. If you have access to the Pearl Galley, you could also make your way from there using the same method.

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