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Genshin Impact - Time and the Wind Quest - Secret Island Location

Time and the Wind is a World Quest in Genshin Impact. Learn how to unlock this Quest and where it is found, as well as its rewards and a full walkthrough for completing the Quest in the Nameless Island.

Time and the Wind Basic Information

Quest Details

Quest Type World Quest
Location Starfell Valley, Mondstadt
Recommended Party Level 35 ~ 40
Quest Giver -

While you can unlock this quest early on by going to the island, the monsters you face will be level 35 and above, so we recommend waiting until your characters are around the same level.

It takes a while to get there, so you want to make sure it's a one-time trip!

How to Unlock

Time and Wind How to Unlock.jpgEnlarge

All you need to do to unlock this Quest is to reach the unnamed island to the East of the very first Teleport Waypoint.

Time and the Wind Walkthrough and Rewards

You reach an uninhabited island across the sea, which home to an enigmatic sundial. Who knows what secret it holds?

Time and the Wind Walkthrough

1 Time and the Wind_Island Map.jpgEnlarge
Head to the nameless island from the very first Teleport Waypoint. It's all the way to East and you need to freeze the water to make a bridge all the way there.
2 Time and the Wind_Sundial.jpg
Investigate the Sundial on the island.
3 Time and the Wind_Notebook.jpg
To the South of the island, you can find a camping spot. Near there is a rock you can break. Once it's broken you can find the Ragged Notebook.
4 Time and the Wind_Time.jpg
As the Notebook hints, you need the in-game time to be between 2 and 5 AM, so go back to the Sundial and set your in-game time to 2 AM.
5 Elemental Vision Sundial.jpg
Switch to your Traveler and use Elemental Vision to follow the magical traces to a Cluster of Wind. Use your Palm Vortex skill to disperse it.
Tip: The quest mistakenly says there are 3 Wind Clusters, but there are 4. You can check how many you have left by using your Elemental Vision on the Sundial.
6 North West Cluster.jpg
The west Cluster of Wind can be found on top of a broken, half-sunken pillar. You might need to use Kaeya to freeze the water under it to reach it with Palm Vortex.
7 North Cluster.png
The north Cluster of Wind is on top of a rock in the water.
8 East Cluster.jpg
The east Cluster of Wind is on top of the stone arches past the Sundial.
9 South Cluster.png
For the last Cluster of Wind, face the Sundial from the front, then climb the right of it. The wind cluster is at the top.
10 Deposit of Wind.png
Tip: This is the last chance to change your party members before the upcoming mini-boss fight!
After you disperse all Cluster of Winds, a Deposit of Winds will appear in the middle of the island. Once again, use your Palm Vortex skill on it.
11 Eye of the Storm_First Encounter.png
Dispersing the last deposit will activate a boss fight with a level 35 Eye of the Storm.
12 After you get the Eye of the Storm's HP to roughly 20%, it will escape towards Mondstadt.
13 Wind Current.png
Use the wind current to fly and follow it back all the way to Mondstadt.
14 Second Sundial.jpg
Change the in-game time to 2AM - 5AM again and use Elemental Vision to see the Clusters of Wind near the second Sundial. This time dispersing them will summon Anemo slimes, so take them out as well.
15 Eye of the Storm_Second Encounter.jpg
Once the Clusters of Wind are all gone again, the Eye of the Storm will appear again for another fight, only this time it is level 40 and it will summon other enemies to aid it during the battle.
16 Henry Morton.jpg
After you defeat the Eye of the Storm, talk to Henry Morton.


Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×500 Primogem Image Primogem ×60 Hero Hero's Wit ×4
Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×6 Mora Image Mora ×60000

Time and the Wind Tips & Strategies

Party of Cryo Members

Genshin Impact - Use Cryo Party Members
To get to the island, you'll need to freeze the water with a Cryo skill. If you have more available, you can use several Cryo party members to speed things up, cycling through them while waiting for the cooldown of the others to finish.

Don't Go at Low Levels

This quest pits you against a level 37 Golem, and the Restless Elemental boss, the Eye of the Storm, two times. The first time the boss is level 35 and the second time it's level 40, despite the fights only being moments apart, so you will want your characters to be around the same level.

If you challenge him too early and retreat back to Mondstadt, you'll have to freeze your way back to the island again. Save yourself the unnecessary trip and only go to the island once your characters are strong enough!

Golem Threat

Other than the Eye of the Storm, there aren't any other enemies on the island, save for a single level 37 golem on the south side of the beach. The rest of the golems won't move or attack you, even if you hit them.

Manage Your Stamina

Manage Your Stamina.PNG
When fighting against the Restless Elemental Boss, it will sometimes perform a powerful attack where it moves in a straight line dealing damage to anyone close by. This is easy to dodge, but you need to have the stamina for it.

Using a Ranged DPS

Ranged DPS.PNG
Since most of his attacks are melee, you can easily deal with this boss by using a long-ranged character like Fischl or Amber to defeat the boss without having to get close.

Treasure Chests and Anemoculus


While on the island, don't forget to open the treasure chests ad collect the Anemoculus to save you the trouble of going back to the island.

List of Treasures

  • Luxurious Chest behind the sundial.
  • Common Chest below the left pillar when facing the sundial.
  • Exquisite Chest on the northern beach.
  • Exquisite Chest on the north-west part of the island where you need to mine some rocks.

Anemoculus Location

The anemoculus can be found at above the stone arches where you found one of the Clusters of Wind, on the eastern side of the island. Float down from one of the pillars by the Sundial and grab it!

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