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Electric Lamp Puzzle Guide

Genshin - Electric Lamp Puzzle Guide

The Electric Lamp is an Inazuma open-world puzzle in Genshin Impact 2.1. Learn what Electric Lamps are for, how to activate it with an Electrogranum, Electric Lamp locations, and other information in this guide!

What are Electric Lamps?

Watatsumi Island Electric Lamp Puzzle

Genshin - Electric Lamp

These Electric Lamps are ancient stone lampstands scattered across Watatsumi Island. Light up Electric Lamps using Electrograna in a specific order to solve the puzzle!

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Used in Spectral Secrets

Genshin - Spectral Secrets Banner

The Preliminary Investigation part of the Spectral Secrets Event included activating several Electric Lamps before going on Expeditions.

Spectral Secrets Event Guide

Activate with an Electrogranum

Genshin - Electric Lamp

Summon an Electrogranum and approach the Electric Lamp to light it up!

Inazuma Electric Lamp Puzzle Locations

Electric Lamp Puzzles in Watatsumi

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1 - Daily Fortune at Mouun Shrine
2 - East of the Suigetsu Pool
3 - Near the Suigetsu Pool

Mouun Shrine Electric Lamp Puzzle

Electric Lamp Puzzle Walkthrough

You have to light up four Electric Lamps with the Electro Seelie found around the Mouun Shrine to get a Common Chest.
The first Electro Seelie is just ahead under the roof of the shrine.
There will be another seelie on top of the roof.
Two Electro Seelies are right on top of the Torii closest to the shrine.
The Common Chest will appear after you lit up four of the Electro Lamps in the area.

Part of Komaki's Daily Fortune

Genshin - Daily Fortune - Talk to Komaki
You will come across this puzzle if you talk to Komaki in Bourou Village, after you have completed the Divine Plant of the Depths world quest.

All of Komaki’s Daily Fortunes

Light Up the Two Other Electric Lamps

Genshin Impact - Electric Lamp - Luxurious Chest

Solve the Lightning Rod puzzle to the South of the shrine and the Cube puzzle to the North of the shrine for a Luxurious Chest!

Lightning Rod Puzzle Solution

There will be an Electro Seelie moving around the Lightning Rods at certain intervals.

Activate the Pillar to summon another Electro Seelie.
You have to time it so that the two Electro Seelies will be activating two of the three Lightning Rods at one time.
Apply the Electro element to yourself or use a character with an Electro Skill and activate the remaining Lightning Rod at the same time.

Stone Cube Puzzle Solution

Solve the puzzle by hitting the cubes until the sides that are lit up are facing towards the center of all the cubes.
Follow the Electro Seelie until it has gone into an Electric Lamp.

Electric Lamp Puzzle East of Suigetsu Pool

Interact with the Mysterious Pillar near the group of Electric Lamps. An Electro Seelie will appear and reveal a hint on how to solve the puzzle.
Light up the Electric Lamps in the order that the Electro Seelie has shown, using the Thunder Sakura Bough nearby.

Electric Lamp Puzzle Near the Suigetsu Pool

There will be a Bake-Danuki nearby. Follow that Bake-Danuki until it turns into an Electric Lamp in between two others.
Activate the Electric Lamps using Electrogranum from the Thunder Sakura Bough nearby.

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