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How to Get to the Dendro Hypostasis' Location and How to Beat It

Genshin Impact - Dendro Hypostasis Boss Guide

The Dendro Hypostasis, located in the Sumeru Desert region, is a Field Boss in Genshin Impact 3.2. Check its location out how to get to it, its weaknesses, the best team and characters to use, and how to beat it here!

Dendro Hypostasis Location

Inside a Cavern

The Dendro Hypostasis is inside a cave south of Dar al-Shifa of the Sumeru Desert region. You don't need to complete any quest to unlock it.

Sumeru Desert Map Guide

How to Get to the Dendro Hypostasis

Dendro Hypostasis Arena Walkthrough

  1. Teleport to the waypoint south of Dar al-Shifa.
  2. Jump down towards the curved edge of the cliff.
  3. Continue gliding until you see a cave with plants growing inside it.
  4. Head inside the cave until you see the Dendro Hypostasis arena.

Four-Leaf Sigil Path in 3.4

As of Version 3.4, the cave leading to the Dendro Hypostasis have been lined with a path of Four-Leaf Sigils that make it easier to get to the boss!

Dendro Hypostasis Weaknesses

Immune to Dendro

Elemental Immunity Recommended Elements
Dendro Image
Electro ImagePyro Image

Just like the other Hypostases, the Dendro Hypostasis is immune to its own element. The best characters to use for the Dendro Hypostasis are Pyro and Electro for Burning and Quicken reactions respectively.

It is still important to bring a Dendro character to activate Restorative Piths in its second phase.

Best Team to Fight the Dendro Hypostasis

Best Party for Dendro Hypostasis

Best Party for Dendro Hypostasis
Genshin Impact - Yoimiya ImageYoimiya Genshin Impact - Fischl ImageFischl Genshin Impact - Zhongli ImageZhongli Genshin Impact - Collei ImageCollei

Bring Pyro, Dendro, and Electro

We recommend using a character like Yoimiya or any other Pyro DPS as they can deal Burning DMG to the Hypostasis and can counter certain attacks with Pyro.

Dendro and Electro characters are also needed to activate Restorative Piths which will finish off the Dendro Hypostasis. Bow characters like Fischl and Collei can use Aimed Shots to activate Piths a lot faster.

All the Best Characters to Fight Dendro Hypostasis

Character Merits
Cyno Image Cyno • Elemental Burst refreshes fast and has high constant Aggravate damage which can quickly beat the boss when its core is exposed.
• Able to cleanse the boss once it releases the Restorative Piths.
Yae Miko Image Yae Miko • Able to deal off-field Electro DMG with her Elemental Skill.
• Can cleanse the boss once it releases the Restorative Piths after being hit by Dendro.
Lisa Image Lisa • Able to deal off-field Electro DMG with her Elemental Burst.
• Can cleanse the boss once it releases the Restorative Piths after being hit by Dendro.
Xiangling Image Xiangling • Can efficiently mix her Elemental Burst with an Electro character to inflict Overloaded on the boss.
• Can burn through the boss' vine attacks.
Nahida Image Nahida • Can provide support to activate the Restorative Piths with her skills.
Tighnari Image Tighnari • Able to activate the Restorative Piths with his Elemental Skill.
• Once his Elemental Skill is used, he can use his charged attacks to quickly activate the Restorative Piths.

Character Tier List

Can you Beat the Dendro Hypostasis Without Dendro?

Possible by using Bloom

While extremely tedious, it is possible to beat the Dendro Hypostasis without using a Dendro character. You can do so by using a Hydro character to trigger Bloom reactions and use Dendro Cores to activate the Restorative Piths.

Characters like Kazuha or Sucrose help in bringing the Dendro Cores closer to the Piths.

How to Beat the Dendro Hypostasis

How to Defeat the Dendro Hypostasis

  1. Dodge its attacks when its core is hidden.
  2. Take advantage of the moments in between attack cooldowns to deal DMG to its exposed core.
  3. Once it's almost defeated, it will release Restorative Piths in an attempt to revive itself. It has similar properties to Tri-Lakshana Creatures.
  4. Use Dendro then Electro on all three Restorative Piths to defeat the Dendro Hypostasis!

Weaknesses are Electro and Pyro

Genshin - Use Pyro to Inflict Burning
The Dendro Hypostasis is weak to Electro and Pyro, as the amplifying powers of Aggravate and Burning is easy to achieve with its semi-permanent Dendro status. You can also combine Burning with Electro to inflict Overloaded to deal even more damage to its core!

Elemental Reactions Guide

Hit the Piths with Dendro and Electro

Genshin - Hit the Piths with Dendro and Electro
Once you've depleted the Dendro Hypostasis' HP, it will release three Restorative Piths. Initially, these piths are inactive but it follows the properties of the Tri-Lakshana Creatures.

You need to ''cleanse'' them with Dendro then speed up the cleansing process with Electro!

Green Meter Indicates the Cleansing Progress

Genshin - Green Meter Indicates the Cleansing Progress
After you hit any of the piths with Dendro a meter will appear below the boss' HP. This indicates the rate at which the cleansing progresses. You need to hit all three piths with a Dendro Attack and hit at least two piths with an Electro attack!

Dendro Hypostasis Attack Patterns

Dendro Projectile Attack

The Dendro Hypostasis will curl into a circular structure, then spew masses of Dendro within a certain AoE. You can avoid this by dodging out of the way once it starts curling into a ball.

It will then enter a cooldown where you can dish out damage on it for a short period of time!

Whip Attack

The boss will gather its shell around it to create a whip to strike at your character! Dodge its attacks as the whip falls on the ground, or simply distance yourself from it within the arena.

After this attack, it will also enter a short cooldown where you can damage it!

Dendro Plunging Attack

The Dendro Hypostasis will restructure its shell into a ball to strike the ground three times and explode once it lands a third time. You can avoid this by looking out for the green indicator on the ground, which will mark where it will land!

You can use Pyro to destroy the ball form right away and be able to deal damage to the Dendro Hypostasis a lot sooner!

Dendro Vine Attack

The boss will create three vines on the ground to strike in your area. It will leave the core vulnerable, so you only need to dodge the vines then strike the core!

AoE Vine Cage Attack

Ways to Deal with this Attack
1 Stay near the core and attack it.
2 Escape towards the edge of the arena

The Dendro Hypostasis will release large AoE vines that will cover the entire arena, then close in the vines until it reaches the center to explode. There are two ways to deal with this, either avoid this or attack the core but risk getting caught up in the explosion at the end!

To escape successfully, watch out for when the boss will go back to the center then release a thin green circle. This indicates the start of the AoE Vine Cage!

Dendro Hypostasis Drops

Dendro Hypostasis Material Drops

Drop Level
Lv. 30+
Lv. 75+
Lv. 60+
Lv. 40+
Any Lv.

Dendro Hypostasis Artifact Drops

Artifact Set Drops
Adventurer Adventurer Berserker Berserker Instructor Instructor
Gladiator Gladiator's Finale Wanderer Wanderer's Troupe

Characters that Use Quelled Creeper

Genshin Impact - Quelled Creeper Image Quelled Creeper
Genshin - Nahida ImageGenshin - Kaveh ImageGenshin - Yaoyao Image

The boss drops the Quelled Creeper ascension material, which is used by Nahida, Yaoyao, and Kaveh. They need a total of 46 Quelled Creepers each to reach the final ascension level!

You can get 2-3 Quelled Creepers every time you defeat the Dendro Hypostasis. The boss drops two of them more consistently, this means you need to beat the Dendro Hypostasis 23 times at most!

Dendro Hypostasis Achievements

Records of the Fall

Achievement Rank Primogem Reward
Records of the Fall Completed AchievementRecords of the Fall 5 Primogems
Objective: Burn the Dendro Hypostasis' vine shell as it is performing a Plunging Attack

This achievement requires you to attack the Dendro Hypostasis using the Pyro element when it turns into a ball and does a Plunging Attack.

The Marvelous Uses of Nitrogen Fixation

Achievement Rank Primogem Reward
The Marvelous Uses of Nitrogen Fixation Completed AchievementThe Marvelous Uses of Nitrogen Fixation 5 Primogems
Objective: During one Dendro Hypostasis Challenge, cause three Restorative Piths to be in an Activated State simultaneously.

This achievement requires the use of an Electro character. Apply the Electro element to all three Restorative Piths after activating them using Dendro!
Achievement List & Rewards

Dendro Hypostasis Boss Information

Dendro Hypostasis Boss Details

Dendro Hypostasis Image
Dendro Hypostasis
Required Resin 40
Adventurer Handbook Description
Code Name: Zayin. A high-purity Dendro entity.
There are significant deviations in behavior between this being and the other Elemental Hypostases, though no one has yet produced a reliable conclusion as to why this is the case.
Land of Lower Setekh, Sumeru

Release Date in Version 3.2

Genshin Impact Version 3.2
Genshin Impact - Version 3.2 - Akasha Pulses the Kalpa Flame Rises
Release Date November 02, 2022

The Dendro Hypostasis was first introduced in the 3.2 livestream and was officially released when Version 3.2 went live on November 2, 2022!

Version 3.2 Livestream Release Date

Dendro Hypostasis in Hypostatic Symphony 3.2

The Dendro Hypostasis is a featured boss in the Hypostatic Symphony: Dissonant Verse event.

The Dendro Hypostasis' attacks are pretty much the same for the most part, the difference is that the Restorative Piths are out from the beginning of the challenge and they have an AoE arena around them.

Depending on the state of these piths, it can slowly decrease your characters HP in the scorched state, heal you in it's normal state, and buff you in it's activated state! See the full guide here:

Rondo of the Forest Corral Guide

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