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Gardening System Guide | How to Plant Seeds

Genshin Impact - Gardening System Housing Guide
Gardening Gameplay is the newest Housing System feature in Genshin Impact 2.0. Learn how to unlock the Gardening System, how to plant seeds, and gameplay other information in this guide!

What is the Gardening System?

Gardening System Release Date

Gardening Gameplay will let you plant seeds and harvest items in the Housing System's Serenitea Pot. The Gardening System will be released on July 21, 2021, along with the Genshin Impact Version 2.0!
Housing System & Serenitea Pot Guide

How to Unlock Gardening

Genshin - Seed Dispensary Gadget

How to Unlock Reach Inazuma Reputation Lvl. 3
Complete The Art of Horticulture

To unlock the Gardening System, you have to reach Reputation Level 3 in the Inazuma region, and complete ''The Art of Horticulture'' quest from Madame Ping. This can only be done after Update 2.0!
Inazuma Map Guide

Features in Dreams of Bloom Event

Genshin Impact - Dreams of Bloom Event Guide
The Dreams of Bloom Event is an upcoming Flower Gardening event in Version 2.2 where you complete challenges to obtain flower seeds to plant in your Serenitea Pot!
Dreams of Bloom Event Guide

Gardening Gameplay Guide

How to Grow Vegetables, Flowers, and Local Specialties

Gardening System Guide
1 Obtain different kinds of Seeds
2 Place Fields in the Serenitea Pot
3 Plant Seeds on the Field Plots
4 Wait for your Seeds to grow
5 Harvest valuable items from the Fields

Get Different Types of Seeds

How to Get Seeds

Collecting Seeds

Buying Seeds

You get Seeds by equipping the Seed Dispensary and collecting items in the open world: 1 Item collected = 1 Item Seed collected! You can also purchase seed types you've unlocked directly from Tubby, in the Realm Depot.
List of All Gardening Seeds

Place Fields in the Serenitea Pot

How to Place Fields

Buying Fields

Placing Fields

Gardening Fields can only be bought from the Realm Depot. There are 3 types of Fields, and you can only plant certain Seeds in their respective fields.

List of Field Types
1 A Path of Value: Jade Field
Seeds: Genshin Impact - Mushroom Image Genshin Impact - Sweet Flower Image Genshin Impact - Carrot Image Genshin Impact - Radish Image Genshin Impact - Mint Image Genshin Impact - Valberry Image Genshin Impact - Jueyun Chili Image Genshin Impact - Marcotte Image
2 A Path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe
Seeds: Genshin Impact - Cecilia Image Genshin Impact - Windwheel Aster Image Genshin Impact - Silk Flower Image Genshin Impact - Glaze Lily Image Genshin Impact - Qingxin Image Genshin Impact - Violetgrass Image Genshin Impact - Sakura Bloom Image Genshin Impact - Rainbow Rose Image Genshin Impact - Lumidouce Bell Image
3 A Path of Value: Orderly Meadow
Seeds: Genshin Impact - Horsetail Image Genshin Impact - Snapdragon Image Genshin Impact - Calla Lily Image Genshin Impact - Lotus Head Image Genshin Impact - Sea Ganoderma Image Genshin Impact - Naku Weed Image Genshin Impact - Pluie Lotus Image

Plant Seeds on the Fields

Once you've obtained Seeds and placed Fields in the Serenitea Pot, go to the Field locations and begin planting! The Seed-Planting screen will show you which Field plots are idle, and which Seeds you can plant in them.

Plant up to 4 Seeds in a Field!

Each Field has 4 plots for planting, and only 1 Seed can be planted in a plot. This means that you can only have a maximum of 4 Seeds planted in a single Field at the same time!
Gardening Field Guide

Wait for the Seeds to Grow

Genshin - How to See Seeds Progress
After planting Seeds, you have to wait in real-time for them to grow! Each Seed has a specific required growth time, and you can only harvest that Item once they're fully-grown. The remaining time will be displayed when you approach a Field Plot.

You can clear Fields for new Seeds!

Genshin - How to Clear Field
If you change your mind or plant the wrong seed, you can clear the Field Plot and plant a new one in its place! Note however, that you won't get planted Seeds back if you clear the Field.

Harvest Fully-Grown Plants

Genshin - How to Harvest Plants
Once plants are fully-grown, you can now harvest them and use them to your advantage! You can also start planting new Seeds in its place!

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