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Klee's Banner - Sparkling Steps
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Best Wish to Pull

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Not quite sure which of the banners you should pull from in Genshin Impact? Check out our guide on the best Gacha to pull from where we'll show you which to pull from first and which to ignore!

Gacha (Wish) Banner Recommendations

Get the Beginner's Wish First!


One of the current banners, Beginner's Wish, will net you 4★: Noelle from your first 10 pull. On top of that, there is a sale that takes 20% off the cost of Acquaint Fates, making this the best choice for drawing. This banner is limited to 20 pulls, however, so once you pull 20 times it will disappear forever.

Best Characters to Reroll For

Go For Sparkling Steps Next

Klee Banner Sparkling Steps.jpg

After depleting the Beginner's wish, you'll want to try the limited event banner Sparkling Steps. They have a rate up for Klee, a limited 5 star character so do try to get Klee when you can! Sucrose is also a rate up character in Sparkling steps, aside from the main character, Sucrose is one of the easier to get Anemo character due to her rarity.

Another highlight is Noelle, she's a guaranteed character from pulling 10 times in the beginner's wish so this is a great chance to get those Stella Fortunas for Noelle.

Character Tier List | Best Characters

List of Current Gacha Banners

Try our Gacha simulators below to see how you might roll in the real deal!

All Gacha simulators are based on the in-game odds for each character and weapon.

Beginners' Wish

Rating ★★★★★
Rate Up

Sparkling Steps

Rating ★★★★★
Rate Up ★5 :

★4 :

Epitome Invocation

Banner Period: 9/27 16:00 (PST) ~ 10/18 2:59 (PST)

Epitome Invocation.jpg
Rating ★★★☆☆
Rate Up ★5 :
Amos' Bow, Aquila Favonia
★4 :
Favonius Lance, The Bell, The Flute, The Stringless, The Widsith

Wanderlust Invocation

Banner Period: 9/27 16:00 (PST) ~

Genshin Impact -Wanderlust Invocation
Rating ★☆☆☆☆
Rate Up ・None

Gacha Pull Rates by Wish Banner

Beginner's Wish

Rarity Pull Rate
★5 Character: 0.6%
★4 Character: 5.1%
Noelle guaranteed
★3 Weapon: 94.3%

Sparkling Steps

Rarity Pull Rate
★5 Character: 0.6%
Guaranteed after 90 consecutive pulls
★4 Character: Roughly 3.3%
Weapon: 1.77%
★3 Weapon: 94.3%

Epitome Invocation

Rarity Pull Rate
★5 Weapon: 0.7%
Guaranteed after 80 consecutive pulls
★4 Character: 2.1%
Weapon: 3.9%
★3 Weapon: 93.0%

Wanderlust Invocation

Rarity Pull Rate
★5 Character: 0.2%
Weapon: 0.4%
Guaranteed after 90 consecutive pulls
★4 Character: Roughly 2.2%
Weapon: 2.9%
★3 Weapon: 94.3%

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