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Genshin Impact - Best Wish to Pull

Not quite sure which of the banners you should pull from in Genshin Impact? Check out our guide on the best Gacha to pull from where we'll show you which to pull from first and which to ignore!

Best Gachas to Pull Currently

Wish Feature Gacha Rating
BeginnerBeginner's Wish ★★★★★
The Transcendent One ReturnsThe Transcendent One Returns ★★★★★
Invitation to Mundane LifeInvitation to Mundane Life ★★★★★
Epitome InvocationEpitome Invocation ★★★★☆
Wanderlust InvocationWanderlust Invocation ★☆☆☆☆

Gacha (Wish) Banner Recommendations

Increase Cryo DMG with Shenhe

Genshin - The Transcendent One Returns Wish
Rating ★★★★★
Period 01/05 (After 2.4 Update)~
01/25 17:59 Server Time
Shenhe Image Chongyun Image Ningguang Image Yun Jin Image

Pull for Increased Cryo DMG!

If you're a fan of Cryo Characters, try pulling for Shenhe! Shenhe is a great support that can increase the party's Cryo DMG. She will be especially useful if you have other Cryo characters like Ayaka, Ganyu or Chongyun.

Increase Normal Attack DMG with Yun Jin

If you have a Main DPS who specializes in Normal Attacks like Tartaglia or Yoimiya, maybe consider adding Yun Jin to your collection. Yun Jin's Talents can buff Normal Attack DMG which can get stronger when you have different elements in the party.

Character Builds
Genshin - Shenhe Icon Shenhe Genshin - Yun Jin Icon Yun Jin

Plunge Attack with Xiao

Genshin - Invitation to Mundane Life Wish
Rating ★★★★★
Period 01/05 (After 2.4 Update)~
01/25 17:59 Server Time
Xiao Image Chongyun Image Ningguang Image Yun Jin Image

Pull for Insane Burst DMG!

If you love annhilating enemies with Plunge Attacks, then Xiao is your next Main DPS! Xiao specializes in high AoE Anemo DMG when he unleashes his Elemental Burst. Pair him up with characters like Zhongli or Bennett to increase his already absurd DMG output.

Character Builds
Genshin - Xiao Icon Xiao Genshin - Yun Jin Icon Yun Jin

Get the Calamity Queller for Shenhe!

Genshin - Epitome Invocation Wish
Rating ★★★★☆
Period 01/05 (After 2.4 Update)~
01/25 17:59 Server Time
Genshin Impact - Primordial Jade Winged-Spear Image Genshin Impact - Calamity Queller Image

We don't recommend pulling on Epitome Invocation banners that much because you can get weapons from other sources pretty easily. However, if you're pulling for Shenhe and have Primogems to spare, try to bag the Calamity Queller!

Pull for an ATK-boosting Polearm

The Polearm is not only a brand new Polearm for your collection, but a weapon tailor-made for Shenhe as well! If you have a well-built Xiangling, you can also give her this weapon to boost her damage when off-field!
Weapon Tier List

List of Gacha Simulators

Gacha Simulator

Try our Gacha simulators below to see how you might roll in the real deal!

All Gacha simulators are based on the in-game odds for each character and weapon.

All Gacha and Wish Simulators

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List of Current Gachas

All Current Wishes
Genshin Impact - Epitome Invocation GachaEpitome Invocation Genshin Impact - The Transcendent One Returns GachaThe Transcendent One Returns
Genshin Impact - Invitation to Mundane Life GachaInvitation to Mundane Life Genshin Impact - BeginnerBeginner's Wish
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