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Best Wish to Pull | Best Gacha Banner

Genshin Impact - Best Wish to Pull

Not quite sure which of the banners you should pull from in Genshin Impact? Check out this guide to learn the best Gachas to pull!

Best Gachas to Pull Currently

Wish Feature Gacha Rating
Epitome InvocationEpitome Invocation ★★★★☆
From Ashes RebornFrom Ashes Reborn ★★★★★
Immaculate PulseImmaculate Pulse ★★★★★
BeginnerBeginner's Wish ★★★★★
Wanderlust InvocationWanderlust Invocation ★☆☆☆☆

Gacha (Wish) Banner Recommendations

Wanderer is a Strong Anemo DPS

Genshin - From Ashes Reborn Wish
Rating ★★★★★
Period 2024/05/14 18:00 Server Time~
2024/06/04 14:59 Server Time
Wanderer Image Beidou Image Faruzan Image Layla Image

Due to his skills, Wanderer is a strong and agile Anemo Main DPS with a high AoE and Swirl Damage that can damage a lot of enemies.

Baizhu is a Reliable Healer and Shielder

Genshin - Immaculate Pulse Wish
Rating ★★★★★
Period 2024/05/14 18:00 Server Time~
2024/06/04 14:59 Server Time
Baizhu Image Beidou Image Faruzan Image Layla Image

Baizhu can provide both shields and healing, making him an excellent support for your team! His kit also works nicely with most Dendro teams, making him an ideal option for such reactions!

Best in Slot Signature Weapons

Genshin - Epitome Invocation Wish
Rating ★★★★☆
Period 2024/05/14 18:00 Server Time~
2024/06/04 14:59 Server Time
Genshin Impact - Light of Foliar Incision Image Genshin Impact - Absolution Image

Tulaytullah's Remembrance is Wanderer's Best-in-Slot weapon, and is tailor-made for his Skillset. Its weapon skill increases Normal Attack damage, which is Wanderer's main form of damage.

As a healer who can also provide off-field damage, Jadefall's Splendor is Baizhu's best-in-slot weapon. It also gives energy recharge, which is a major benefit in terms of reducing his energy recharge requirements.

Pulling on the Weapon Banner is only recommended when you have an excess of Primogems or Intertwined Fate to spare, and if you have characters who need the weapons on rate-up.

Weapon Tier List

List of Gacha Simulators

Gacha Simulator

Try our Gacha simulators below to see how you might roll in the real deal!

All Gacha simulators are based on the in-game odds for each character and weapon.

All Gacha and Wish Simulators

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List of Current Gachas

All Current Wishes
Genshin Impact - Epitome Invocation GachaEpitome Invocation Genshin Impact - From Ashes Reborn GachaFrom Ashes Reborn
Genshin Impact - Immaculate Pulse GachaImmaculate Pulse Genshin Impact - BeginnerBeginner's Wish
Genshin Impact - Wanderlust Invocation GachaWanderlust Invocation

List of Upcoming Gachas

All Upcoming Wishes
Genshin Impact - Chanson of Many Waters GachaChanson of Many Waters Genshin Impact - Romaritime Meluserenity GachaRomaritime Meluserenity


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