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This is a guide to all the Geoculus Locations in Genshin Impact. Head out to the field and obtain all the Geoculus to level all the Statues of the Seven!

Statue of the Seven Items
Anemoculus Icon.pngAnemoculus Geoculus Icon.pngGeoculus

Interactive Geoculus Map

Bishui Plain Geoculus Locations

Directory (click to jump to that section)
Bishui Plain Qiongji Estuary
Minlin Sea of Clouds

List and Map of Geoculus

Genshin Impact - Liyue - Bishui Plain Map_Geoculus.jpgEnlarge
Bishui Plain
No. of Geoculus 41

How to Get Each Geoculus
No. Image How to Get
1 Genshin - Bishui Plain Geoculus 1Enlarge In the deepest part of the ruins. Must complete the quest The Chi of Guyun first. Use the Geo Traveler's Elemental Skill and create a platform to reach it.
2 Geoculus_2.pngEnlarge Hidden inside the cave above a Ruins Guard.
3 Geoculus_3.jpgEnlarge Climb the tree.
4 Geoculus_4.pngEnlarge Inside a small cave near the pond with the waterfalls.
5 Geoculus_5.jpgEnlarge Create a scaffold with Traveler's Geo skill on the bridge and jump from there.
6 Geoculus_6.jpgEnlarge Climb a nearby house and jump off and glide from there.
7 Geoculus_7.jpgEnlarge Inside a house, just climb the walls to get it.
8 Geoculus_8.jpgEnlarge Create scaffold on top of some logs to reach the Geoculus.
9 Geoculus_9.pngEnlarge The Geoculus is on top of the roof, you'll need to climb the nearby mountain wall and jump from there to land on the roof.
10 Geoculus_10.pngEnlarge Jump off the nearby tree and glide to the Geoculus in the middle of the path.
11 Geoculus_11.jpgEnlarge On top of a tower, climb the nearby mountain and drop down from there.
12 Geoculus_12.jpgEnlarge Climb the tree on top of the mountain and glide from there.
13 Geoculus_13.jpgEnlarge Up in the air on top of a chest.
14 Geoculus_14.pngEnlarge Jump on top of a rock.
15 Geoculus_15.jpgEnlarge On top of a hill, you can get it by jumping from one of the nearby poles.
16 Geoculus_16.jpgEnlarge Jump on top of the rock.
17 Geoculus_17.pngEnlarge Climb the tower near the Teleport Waypoint.
18 Geoculus_18.jpgEnlarge Up in the air above a bridge, climb the nearby hill and glide from there.
19 Geoculus_19.jpgEnlarge Climb the bamboo.
20 Geoculus_20.jpgEnlarge In between the circular ruins, guarded by a Ruins Hunter.
21 Geoculus_21.jpgEnlarge Glide between the hole to catch the Geoculus.
22 Geoculus_Dihua Marsh_Bridge.jpgEnlarge Swim under the bridge.
23 Geoculus_23.jpgEnlarge Under a gap in the ruins.
24 Geoculus_24.jpgEnlarge Climb the ruin walls around the pond and jump to the Geoculus.
25 Geoculus_25.jpgEnlarge Climb the giant rock.
26 Geoculus_26.jpgEnlarge On top of the rock, you can climb the tree next to it to reach it.
27 Geoculus_27.pngEnlarge Above the rock is a Geoculus, you'll need to use the Geo skill of the main character to create a scaffold.
28 Genshin_Impact_Bishui_Plain_28.jpgEnlarge Climb the tree stump.
29 Geoculus_29.jpgEnlarge Climb the roof of one of the houses in a Hilichurl village.
30 Geoculus_30.jpgEnlarge Inside a wind barrier, climb the nearby hill and glide from there.
31 Geoculus_31.jpgEnlarge Hidden up on a tree on top of a hill.
32 Geoculus_32.jpgEnlarge Climb one of the supporting beams at Wangshuu Inn.
33 Geoculus_33.jpgEnlarge At the very top of the roof of Wangshuu Inn.
34 Geoculus_34.jpgEnlarge Under the bridge exiting Wangshuu Inn.
35 Geoculus_35.jpgEnlarge Use Anemo Skill on the windmill to activate a wind current and use it to reach the Geoculus.
36 Geoculus_36.pngEnlarge The Geoculus is in the middle of the lake being guarded by an Abyss Mage and some Slimes.
37 Geoculus_37.jpgEnlarge Use the pressure plate to activate the wind current.
38 Geoculus_38.jpgEnlarge Climb the tree.
39 Geoculus_39.jpgEnlarge Above the water, climb the nearby log to reach it.
40 Geoculus_40.jpgEnlarge Activate the windmill with Anemo skill and use the wind current tunnel.
41 Geoculus_41.jpgEnlarge Use the Geo Skill to create a scaffold to reach the Geoculus.

1. Clear The Chi of Guyun World Quest first


The Geoculus is located in the deepest part of the ruins, but it can only be accessed after clearing the The Chi of Guyun World Quest.

The Chi of Guyun Quest Guide

2. Hidden inside the cave above a Ruins Guard

1 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Bishui_Plain_2A.jpgEnlarge The Geoculus can be found in the northwest area of Qingce Village. You will see a waterfall and a pond in the area.
2 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Bishui_Plain_2B.jpgEnlarge Enter the cave to the right of the waterfall.
3 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Bishui_Plain_2C.jpgEnlarge You will find an inactive Ruins Guard (it will not attack). Look up to see the Geoculus and climb up the cave walls to reach it.

4. Inside a small cave near the pond with the waterfalls

1 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Bishui_Plain_4A.jpg In the same area as the #2 Geoculus above, you will find the #4 Geoculus inside a cave to the right of the pond below the waterfall.
2 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Bishui_Plain_4B.jpg It's easy to miss, but once you see it, head inside the cave to grab the Geoculus.

35. Use Anemo Skill on the windmill to activate a wind current and use it to reach the Geoculus


You can find a little windmill on top of the hill which you can use your Anemo skill on to activate a wind current which you can use to glide up to a Geoculus.

Qiongji Estuary Geoculus Locations

Directory (click to jump to that section)
Bishui Plain Qiongji Estuary
Minlin Sea of Clouds

List and Map of Geoculus

Genshin Impact - Liyue - Qiongji Estuary Map_Geoculus.jpgEnlarge
Qiongji Estuary
No. of Geoculus 23

How to Get Each Geoculus
No. Image How to Get
1 Geoculus_Qiongji_1.jpgEnlarge Climb the tree.
2 Geoculus_Qiongji_2.jpgEnlarge On the tracks inside the abandoned mine.
3 Geoculus_Qiongji_3.jpgEnlarge Use Geo Skill to create a scaffold to reach the Geoculus.
4 Geoculus_Qiongji_4.jpgEnlarge Inside the ruins of the roof.
5 Geoculus_Qiongji_5.jpgEnlarge Use the Anemo Skill on the windmill to activate a wind current and ride it.
6 Geoculus_Qiongji_6.jpgEnlarge Climb the roof.
7 Geoculus_Qiongji_7.pngEnlarge Glide down from the Statue of the Seven to the Geoculus on a rock.
8 Geoculus_Qiongji_8.jpgEnlarge Use Geo Skill to create a scaffold to reach the Geoculus.
9 Geoculus_Qiongji_9.pngEnlarge Go through the tunnel and climb the ledge.
10 Geoculus_Qiongji_10.jpgEnlarge Climb on top of a pillar.
11 Geoculus_Qiongji_11.pngEnlarge Use Cryo Skill to freeze the water and jump to get the Geoculus.
12 Geoculus_Qiongji_12.jpgEnlarge Climb the steep rock near the Teleport Waypoint.
13 Geoculus_Qiongji_13.jpgEnlarge Climb the rocks.
14 Geoculus_Qiongji_14.jpgEnlarge Use the Geo Skill on the wharf to reach the Geoculus.
15 Geoculus_Qiongji_15.jpgEnlarge Under the broken bridge.
16 Geoculus_Qiongji_16.jpgEnlarge Hidden behind the giant rock.
17 Geoculus_Qiongji_17.jpgEnlarge Climb the second floor of a building.
18 Geoculus_Qiongji_18c.jpgEnlarge Blow up the rocks to reveal the entrance underground and defeat the Ruins Guard.
19 Geoculus_Qiongji_19.jpgEnlarge Climb the mountain of rocks.
20 Geoculus_Qiongji_20.jpgEnlarge Use Anemo Skill on the windmill to activate a wind current to fly you to the Geoculus.
21 Geoculus_Qiongji_21.jpgEnlarge Glide across the bridge.
22 Geoculus_Qiongji_22.jpgEnlarge Climb the mountain.
23 Geoculus_Qiongji_23.jpgEnlarge Climb the tree.

5. Use the Anemo Skill on the windmill to activate a wind current and ride it


Near the cliff you can find a windmill that you have to use the Anemo Skill on to activate the wind current. Once activated, just ride the current up and you'll get the the Geoculus.

18. Blow up the rocks to reveal the entrance underground and defeat the Ruins Guard

1 Geoculus_Qiongji_18a.jpgEnlarge The Geoculus is hidden underground. A bow user can safely detonate the explosive barrel and blow up the nearby rocks.
2 Geoculus_Qiongji_18b.jpgEnlarge The explosion will reveal a Ruins Guard that blocks the way.
3 Geoculus_Qiongji_18c.jpgEnlarge Defeat the Ruins Guard, head to the underground chamber and claim the Geoculus inside.

20. Use Anemo Skill on the windmill to activate a wind current to fly you to the Geoculus


You will need to use the Anemo skill to activate a windmill. Once activated a wind current will appear that you can float on to reach the Geoculus.

Minlin Geoculus Locations

Directory (click to jump to that section)
Bishui Plain Qiongji Estuary
Minlin Sea of Clouds

List and Map of Geoculus

Genshin Impact - Liyue - Minlin Map_Geoculus.jpgEnlarge
No. of Geoculus 37

How to Get Each Geoculus
No. Image How to Get
1 Genshin_Impact_Geculus_Minlin_1.jpgEnlarge Along a cliff, watch out for the 2 Eye of the Storms nearby.
2 Genshin_Impact_Geculus_Minlin_2.jpgEnlarge Climb the huge tree next to it, then glide to the Geoculus.
3 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_3.jpgEnlarge Climb the rock to get the Geoculus on top.
4 Genshin_Impact_Geculus_Minlin_4.jpgEnlarge Inside a cave, accessible from a lake in the Huanguang Stone Forest.
5 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_5.jpgEnlarge On a mountain. It's recommended to glide starting from the Teleport Waypoint at Mt. Aozang.
6 Genshin_Impact_Geculus_Minlin_6.jpgEnlarge Use Anemo skill on the windmill to activate a wind current and use it to get the Geoculus.
7 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_7.jpgEnlarge Glide from a nearby mountain to get the midair Geoculus, but watch for the Ruins Guard when you land.
8 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_8.jpgEnlarge In midair over the chasm. Accessible by gliding from a high place.
9 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_9.jpgEnlarge Glide from a high place again, but watch for the Ruins Guard when you land.
10 Minlin_10.jpgEnlarge Align 3 crane statues to create an upward wind current and fly to the floating island
11 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_11.jpgEnlarge In the gap between the rocks.
12 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_12.jpgEnlarge Along the cliff, accessible by climbing from below or gliding from above.
13 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_13.jpgEnlarge On the rock on top of the mountain. Mind your stamina while climbing.
14 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_14.jpgEnlarge In midair inside a cave. You grab it from the hole above or use the upward wind currents to glide towards it from below.
15 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_15.jpgEnlarge On the roof of a small pagoda. It's recommended to glide from the Mt. Hulao Teleport Waypoint.
16 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_16.jpgEnlarge In midair, a short distance away from the #15 Geoculus. Accessible by gliding from the Mt. Hulao Teleport Waypoint.
17 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_17.jpgEnlarge Over a pond below the #16 Geoculus. Glide from a nearby hill to reach it.
18 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_18.jpgEnlarge On top of a mountain, accessible by climbing.
19 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_19.jpgEnlarge Located along a waterfall, accessible by gliding from the Mt. Hulao Teleport Waypoint.
20 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_20.jpgEnlarge Under the bridge.
21 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_21.jpgEnlarge Under the waterfall, accessible by gliding to the waterfall's basin from #20.
22 Minlin_22.jpgEnlarge Found underwater. You can drain the lake using the nearby switches.
23 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_23.jpgEnlarge On the roof of a small pagoda. Accessible by glding from the nearby cliffs.
24 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_24.jpgEnlarge In midair over the valley, accessible by gliding.
25 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_25.jpgEnlarge On the roof of a house, accessible by climbing the tree next to it.
26 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_26.jpgEnlarge In midair, next to a high mountain. Mind your stamina while climbing.
27 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_27.jpgEnlarge In midair. You can grab this by going through the ruins on the side, but watch out for multiple Ruins Guards nearby.
28 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_28.jpgEnlarge On top of a rocky hill. accessible by using Geo skills to make stepping stones.
29 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_29.jpgEnlarge In midair, accessible by climbing the hill next to it.
30 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_30.jpgEnlarge Underground inside a cave.
31 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_31.jpgEnlarge On the roof of a building next to the water, accessible by climbing.
32 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_32.jpgEnlarge On a rock, accessible by using Geo skills to make stepping stones.
33 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_33.jpgEnlarge On top of one of the Nine PIllars of Peace.
34 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_34.jpgEnlarge Climb the tree on the highest point of Cuijue Slope.
35 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_35.jpgEnlarge On top of a broken bridge. Accessible by using Geo skills to make stepping stones or gliding from the cliffs above.
36 Genshin_Impact_Geculus_Minlin_36.jpgEnlarge On top of the ruins, accessible by climbing.
37 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_37.jpgEnlarge Inside a broken tower at the lowest level.

4. In a cave, under the cliff


Use the nearby waypoint and go down the cliff. There are lots of items to mine here too.

10. Align 3 Crane Statues to create an Upward Wind Current and fly to the Floating Island


This puzzle involves aligning 3 statues to gain access to a floating island above Qingyun Peak.

Qingyun Peak Puzzle
1 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_10B.jpgEnlarge In Qingyun Peak, you will find a device that can be activate to generate an Upcurrent.
2 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_10C.jpgEnlarge To activate it, you will need to align 3 crane statues located on different nearby peaks. You can locate them from where you are by spotting the glinting effects.
3 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_10A.jpgEnlarge These crane statues are located on Mt. Aozang, a rocky peak near Mt. Hulao, and another rocky peak near the Qingyun Peak's Statue of the Seven. You can head to these locations in any order.
4 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_10D.jpgEnlarge Head to Mt. Hulao either by gliding from Qingyun Peak or by Teleport Waypoint, climb to the top, then press the Rotate prompt to align the statue.
5 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_10E.jpgEnlarge Teleport to Mt. Aozang and press the Rotate prompt, same with the previous one, until the statue aligns facing Qingyun Peak.
6 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_10F.jpgEnlarge Head to the crane statue near the Statue of the Seven, and press the prompt until the statue is aligned.
7 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_10G.jpgEnlarge Once each statue is aligned, you will see thin rays of light from the statues. All 3 should be pointing to Qingyun Peak.
8 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_10H.jpgEnlarge Teleport back and climb to the stone monument in Qingyun Peak. Press the Activate prompt to generate the Upcurrent.
9 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_10I.jpgEnlarge Jump, use your Wind Glider, and fly upward to a set of floating stone steps.
10 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_10J.jpgEnlarge Head up these steps, jump and ride the next Upcurrent with your Wind Glider to another set of steps to the floating island.
11 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Minlin_10K.jpgEnlarge You will find the Geoculus here, as well as 2 Precious Chests and 1 Luxurious Chest.

11. Found between two rocks


The Geoculus can be found in between two rocks, its hard to see from the air so go down to ground level.

22. Activate 2 switches to drain the water


The water level drops by defeating all the monsters and activating the 2 switch devices.

Taishan Mansion Entrance Puzzle
1 Genshin_Geoculus_Minlin_22A.jpgEnlarge To drain the water and reach the Geoculus, you have to first fight 3 waves of monsters near the first switch. Eliminate the hilichurls and the Cryo Abyss Mage.
2 Genshin_Geoculus_Minlin_22B.jpgEnlarge The next wave of enemies are 2 Giant Hydro Slimes and 1 Giant Cryo Slime.
3 Genshin_Geoculus_Minlin_22C.jpgEnlarge The last wave of enemies are Hydro and Cryo Abyss Mages.
4 Genshin_Geoculus_Minlin_22D.jpgEnlarge Finish off these monsters to unlock the switch and press the Start prompt.
5 Genshin_Geoculus_Minlin_22E.jpgEnlarge The water will partially drain, revealing the 2nd switch.
6 Genshin_Geoculus_Minlin_22F.jpgEnlarge A claymore user is needed here. Break the 3 special rocks to release a Geograna. The first rock is to the left of the Taishan Mansion entrance.
7 Genshin_Geoculus_Minlin_22G.jpgEnlarge Bring the released Geograna to one of the lamps on the platform.
8 Genshin_Geoculus_Minlin_22H.jpgEnlarge The next rock is below the first switch you used to drain the water. Break it and bring the Geograna to the next lamp.
9 Genshin_Geoculus_Minlin_22I.jpgEnlarge The last rock is on the platform itself. Break it and bring the Geograna to the lamp nearby.
10 Genshin_Geoculus_Minlin_22J.jpgEnlarge This will unlock the next switch. Press the Start prompt to drain the rest of the water.
11 Genshin_Geoculus_Minlin_22K.jpgEnlarge Once the water is drained, you will be able to access the Geoculus on a platform, and the entrance to the Taishan Mansion Domain.

Sea of Clouds Geoculus Locations

Directory (click to jump to that section)
Bishui Plain Qiongji Estuary
Minlin Sea of Clouds

List and Map of Geoculus

Genshin Impact - Liyue - Sea of Clouds Map_Geoculus.jpgEnlarge
Sea of Clouds
No. of Geoculus 19

How to Get Each Geoculus
No. Image How to Get
1 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Sea_of_Clouds_1.jpgEnlarge Between the mountains near the Statue of the Seven.
2 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Sea_of_Clouds_2.jpgEnlarge Climb the roof of the building under the stone mountain arch.
3 Geoculus_3.pngEnlarge Ignite the Pyro monument to generate a wind current.
4 Use an Anemo skill on the windmill plant.
5 Geoculus_5.pngEnlarge Use a Geo element skill on the Geo monument.
6 Geoculus_6.pngEnlarge Inside the ruins. You can enter from the top floor.
7 Geoculus_7.pngEnlarge Midair, located in Mt. Tianheng.
8 Geoculus_8.pngEnlarge Generate a wind current by using an Anemo skill on the windmill plant.
9 Geoculus_9.pngEnlarge Inside a cave, enter through the side gap.
10 Geoculus_10.pngEnlarge Inside the hole under the foot of the statue.
11 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Sea_of_Clouds_11.jpgEnlarge On the ship, a small distance from Liyue Harbor. Geo skills will be needed here.
12 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Sea_of_Clouds_12.jpgEnlarge Climb the tree branch on the ground.
13 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Sea_of_Clouds_13.jpgEnlarge On the water. You can use Cryo skills to make a bridge.
14 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Sea_of_Clouds_14.jpgEnlarge On a boulder. Can be seen in the open.
15 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Sea_of_Clouds_15.jpgEnlarge On top of a mountain.
16 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Sea_of_Clouds_16.jpgEnlarge On top of the mountain's peak at Guyun Stone Forest. Geo skills may be needed as stepping stones.
17 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Sea_of_Clouds_17.jpgEnlarge On top of the ship. Accessible by gliding to the ship from a cliff and climbing up the central mast.
18 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Sea_of_Clouds_18.jpgEnlarge On top of the mountain. Accessible by climbing, but watch for Ruins Guards.
19 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Sea_of_Clouds_19.jpgEnlarge Located in a broken tower, on a remote island on the eastern end of the area.

1. Between the mountains near the Statue of the Seven

You can find the Geoculus nearby by climbing the mountain near the Statue of the Seven.

2. Climb the roof of the building under the stone mountain arch

When heading to Liyue Harbor, you'll pass by a large mountain arch. There you can find a building wherein if you climb up to its roof you can get the Geoculus.

3. Ignite the Pyro monument


There is an elemental monument where you need to use a Pyro skill to ignite it and generate an upward wind current. Characters like Amber will be useful here.

4. Use an Anemo skill on the windmill plant

These windmill plants require an Anemo skill to activate. The Traveler's Anemo element skill can be used here to generate an upward wind current.

5. Use a Geo element skill on the Geo monument


The Geoculus will appear when you use a Geo skill on the nearby elemental monument. Use the Traveler's Geo skill on this location.

6. Inside the ruins


You can enter the ruins in the Sea of Clouds from its top floor. There are a number of hilichurls in the area, so bring a character that can handle mobs easily.

7. Midair, located in Mt. Tianheng


Look for the horizontal opening on the side of Mt. Tianheng, these will have a pack of hilichurls outside. Once inside, look for the rock with a green ledge.

8. Generate an upward wind current


Similar to #4, you can use an Anemo skill on the windmill plant to generate an upward wind current.

9. Inside a cave


There is a cave where you can enter from the side. This entrance is located just next to the stone steps.

10. Under the foot of the statue


There is a hole under the foot of this statue. The grassy overgrowth may make it hard to spot but this conceals a hole containing the Geoculus.

12. Climb the branch

The Geoculus is just on top of a broken branch which you can climb.

Lisha Geoculus Locations

Directory (click to jump to that section)
Bishui Plain Qiongji Estuary
Minlin Sea of Clouds

List and Map of Geoculus

Genshin Impact - Liyue - Lisha Map_Geoculus.jpgEnlarge
No. of Geoculus 11

How to Get Each Geoculus
No. Image How to Get
1 Geoculus_Spirit.jpgEnlarge Located underwater. You will need to drain the water by triggering the switches, and then by gathering the 3 Seelies around the wind barrier. Unlock a challenge to defeat 4 giant Hydro slimes within 60 seconds.
Afterwards, you can open the Luxurious Chest to generate an upward wind current to grab the Geoculus above.
2 Genshin_Impact_Geculus_Lisha_2.jpgEnlarge Located above the Pyro elemental monument on the ruin's pillars. Accessible by gliding from a high point.
3 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Lisha_3.jpgEnlarge In the ruins, located at the top of a half-destroyed tower which you can climb up to.
4 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Lisha_4.jpgEnlarge In the ruins. Watch for Ruin Guardians in the vicinity.
5 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Lisha_5.jpgEnlarge In the ruins as well, accessible by climbing. Watch for Trasure Hoarders in the vicinity.
6 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Lisha_6.jpgEnlarge On top of a machine located in the coal mine. Accessible by climbing.
7 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Lisha_7.jpgEnlarge On top of the cliff next to the waterfall.
8 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Lisha_8.jpgEnlarge Inside a hilichurl house. Watch out for the Pyro Abyss Mage inside.
9 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Lisha_9.jpgEnlarge In midair. Use Geo skills to make stepping stones or glide from the nearby tower.
10 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Lisha_10.jpgEnlarge On the roof of a hilichurl house, accessible by gliding from the cliffs above. Watch for hilichurls in the area.
11 Genshin_Impact_Geoculus_Lisha_11.jpgEnlarge On the highest point of the ruins in Qingxu Pool.

1. Complete the puzzle

Drain the water


The Geoculus in the area is surrounded by a wind barrier and is underwater.

To drain the pond, use a Pyro attack to light the four flame monuments and then activate a Geo monument.

Follow the 3 Seelies back to their nest


After the water has been drained, you'll need to find 3 Seelies and follow them to their nest.

Two are found inside the ruins with the Geo monuments, and one is found in the ruins next to the huge stone structure.

Collect all the spirits and open the treasure chest to open the wind barrier. Opening the treasure chest will create a wind current that allows you to catch the Geoculus in the air.

Uses for Geoculus

Upgrade Statue of the Seven

statue of the seven

Geoculus is the equivalent of the Anemoculus in the Mondstadt area, it is found in the Liyue area instead. It can be found in the wild and by exploring just like the Anemoculus.

It is used to level up the Statues of the Seven in Liyue to increase your stamina and claim rewards.

There are 130 total Geoculus to find and collect.

How to Level Up Statues of the Seven

Needed to Complete Nine Pillars of Peace quest

Stone of Remembrance_Banner.png

Each time you level up the Statue of the Seven, you will be awarded with a Stone of Remembrance used for the Nine Pillars of Peace quest.

There are 9 Stone of Remembrance to collect. Completing the quest will reward you with a 5-star artifact.

Nine Pillars of Peace Quest Guide

Geoculus Resonance Stone Gadget

Geoculus Resonance Stone.jpg

The 1.1 Update has added a new item that will help you find any Geoculus you're still missing.

How to Unlock Geoculus Resonance Stone

Reputation System Banner

You can unlock the blueprint for Geoculus Resonance Stone by reaching City Reputation Level 2 in Liyue.

City Reputation System

How to Craft Anemoculus Resonance Stone

Resonance Stones Materials
Genshin Impact - Geoculus Resonance Stone Image Geoculus Resonance Stone

In order to craft the Geoculus Resonance Stone you need the following materials.

The Cor Lapis and Glaze Lily are local specialty items that you can only find in Liyue.

Liyue Local Specialties

How to Use Geoculus Resonance Stone

Oculus Resonance Range.pngEnlarge

Once you have the item crafted, go to your inventory to equip it and use it.

It will then pull up the map and show you an approximate area where you can find a random Geoculus you haven't found yet.

Oculus Resonance Stone

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Okay so I’m missing 2 of them. I’ve went through and double checked every location given here. I noticed that for number 37, there is no pressure plate there for me. I went to the exact location and there’s no geoculus, and no pressure plate. I also noticed that number 19 for Sea of Clouds was not there when I went to the island for the first time. I don’t know if I’m glitched or if my game is bugged...

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